Setting up Your Home Office: Tips, Products, and Ideas

Your home office should be a comfortable and quiet space with all the features and devices that are important for your workload, such as a good laptop, a comfortable chair and table with a good height, a printer (if necessary), notebooks at an easy reach, especially for meetings and while you do your tasks. Your WFH space should have everything that boosts your productivity and prevents you from leaving the workspace too often.

There is a sea of options for each WFH situation and taste. If you like to stand while working, it is easy to find a large variety of standing desks. If you work with paper and print documents, there are many high-quality definition printers. If saving your back is the main concern, you can easily purchase ergonomic yet affordable office chairs.

In our guide, the main focus is to provide you with not only product ideas for different home office setups, but also give you tips on how to get the most out of working from home and what to look for when creating the right WFH environment.

Our top picks

How to set up your home office


What do you need in terms of devices, space, features, and tools in your home office to ensure high productivity? This information will determinate the best room in your house. If you don’t have enough space, the size will also define the furniture sizes. Have all these dimensions before investing in desks, chairs, printers, so you avoid money and time waste.


It is not easy to work and participate in online meetings in a noisy space. If possible, choosing the quieter room to set the home office will avoid stress and ensure a good workflow. If you don’t have this option, investing in noise-cancelling headsets can be an effective choice.

Internet signal

A faulty internet connection can be a big trouble and disrupt your meetings, as well as your daily tasks. An Wi-Fi booster can be a great solution on the coverage, especially when the router can be far from your workspace.


Comfort is key for a successful work from home experience. This isn’t essential for your productivity only but also for your posture and health. A comfortable office will increase your productivity and boost your performance. One study by Herman Miller, one of the most praised office chair brands, a consistent, comfortable setup can increase job satisfaction by 9% and productivity by 16%. The right home office setup will enable you to stay hours at work without feelin neck or back pain, as well give you peace of mind to calmly focus on your tasks.

Gadgets and tools

Some companies provide employees with computers, desk, chair, mousepad, and everything they need to work. In case you are free to choose your own appliances or devices, look for high-quality options. It is important to guarantee a fluid, hassle-free workload. From keyboards to stationary items, you don’t need to spend tons of money to make your WFH setup cozier and more organized.

The best office desk

Foxemart Writing Computer Desk

Size: 50D x 100.1W x 74.2H centimeters

With five different colours to appeal to most tastes, the Foxemart computer desk is lightweight, has adjustable leg pads, extra fixed steel brackets and a triangular junction designed to ensure more stability, and accommodate uneven floors, which also allows to support heavy weights and many appliances.

Easy to set up, you just need to attach the legs and struts quickly to use it. Good sized and well made, the desk is made of a thick MDF with scratch-resistant, anti-collision and waterproof design, protecting consequentially the office desk surface from the daily wear if eventually there are any water or coffee spills.

Modern and versatile, this computer table can suit many spaces (large or small sized). However, in case you also need a screen or printer, this is possibly not your right choice since the product won’t have enough space for everything.

Moreover, the manufacturer provides customer support after the purchase, so if you have any problem with the desk, you can contact Foxemart to get their assistance within 24 hours.

  • Well-made.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great for smaller spaces.
  • 5 colour options.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It doesn’t have a drawer.
  • Not ideal if you have multiple devices (printer, laptop, screens, etc.)

Rolanstar Computer Desk

Size: 54.9D x 119.9W x 77H centimeters

The Rolanstar desk comes in two colours: black and rustic brown. Versatile, it comes with a wooden drawer to store everything needed, from paperwork to pens, headphones, mousepad, glasses, and other items, making it easy to access all your daily stuff.

With a retro industrial design of rustic veneer finish and metal frame, the desk not only shows an unique look but also features (engineered wood and metal) that guarantee durability and stability. With a neutral colour scheme and simple design, this computer desk matches a variety of decor styles.

Easy to assemble, the product has four adjustable feet designed for easy leveling on uneven floors and protect floors from scratches, and comes with four corner protectors provided to cover the table corners. It’s two shelves are also great to have things at an easy reach while keeping everything organized.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Good sized.
  • Affordable.
  • Adjustable shelfs.
  • Drawer.
  • Without drawer.

The best standing desk

SHW Standing Desk

Size: 61D x 24W x 28H centimeters

The SHW Standing Desk can be a good choice for people who like to work both standing and sitting from time to time.

Although with a compact surface, the product is well done and designed to make your life easier during a home office, from 28″ to 46″ (71.1 cm to 116.8 cm.) The desk comes with two hanging hooks, cable management organizer and a multi-purposed center drawer – differentials that make your life easier. Regarding the mobility, its fluid design allows you to easily move the desk space from one place to another, with four lockable wheels.

Affordable, this desk is perfect for normal everyday use. Due to the small-to-medium workspace, this is not the ideal desk if you have multiple devices. But it is wide enough to accommodate two monitors on the smaller end, a keyboard, mouse, and other small items. There’s also additional storage in the attached drawers, which tackles some potential space issues.

  • Sitting or stand options.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Drawer.
  • Hanging hooks
  • Pricey.
  • Not ideal for people with large equipment.

The best footrest for under desk

AMERIERGO footrest for Under Desk

With two adjustable heights for improved comfort (elevation of 4.3 inches with an additional 2.2 inches) and ergonomic support, this is a useful choice for anyone who wants to reduce work-related leg and back tension. Soft and well made, with a breathable cover to avoid overheating, this footrest provides a smooth support to your feet and body.

Versatile, the footrest can also be used in your sofa or bed, while lying down or sitting. Lightweight (1.49 pounds) and good sized, the product is easy to carry everywhere at home or even outside (if you have a deck, for example).

Easy to clean and washing machine ready, you only need to remove the cover unzipping and that’s it. This is an important feature for such a product considering the footrest stays on the floor and you put your feet on the top of it while using it.

  • Ergonomic curve.
  • Washable.
  • Versatile.
  • Hard to keep feet in place without slipping off cushion.

The best office chair

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Desk Office Chair

Comfortable for a long day of work, sitting for many hours, this chair has pneumatic seat-height adjustments to fit each type of person (short or long legs) and heights. The pneumatic controls let you raise or lower your seat and rock back in your chair — or remain firmly sitting up straight. You choose. The adjustable office chair helps to promote a comfy seated position, which is important considering that you probably work for a few hours.

I have this chair at home (me and my husband), and we never had any issues. Easy to use, the gently curved back of the chair provides mesh-only sections for enhanced breathability. An important information for users is that the office chair allows a maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds, so it is better check your weight before buying one.

Its dual-wheel casters are useful helpers if you like to keep in movement in a smooth-rolling mobility while work – which is my case, for example.

Easy to assemble, the office chair has its instructions included. Good sized, improving the user experience, with a large back, the chair measures 25.2 inches deep by 24 inches wide by 35.6 to 40.3 inches high.

  • Adjustable.
  • Wheels.
  • Good sized.
  • Lightweight.
  • Thin cushion.

The best desk organizer chair

Mesh Desk Organizer

Size: 33.7 cm L x 33.0 cm W x 22.9 cm D.

If you work with papers, books, notebooks, and need a extra help to organize everything, a strategic organizer with enough space can be a great investment. Besides space-saving, the Mesh organizer is designed with a drawer – essential if you have many documents or papers. Some other features are: two side load letter trays, a tray with a 3 compartment drawer, a upright section with five compartments, file folder and letter organizer.

Useful, and easy to assemble, this organizer could be useful not only for workers but also students at different ages.

When you work from home it’s important to save space, and as you can see this is not a large organizer, but it is way complete at the same time.

Although it’s good sized, its dimensions may be more or less suitable based on your available desk space.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Practical.
  • Comes with drawers.
  • Fragile.

The best paper shredders

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper

Size: 32.51 x 18.54 x 40.39 cm; 3.76 Kilograms

This product has more than 4.5 stars on Amazon, and 100,000 reviews, which is quite a good enough indicative of its quality.

Paper shredders are an important yet overlooked appliance for most people working from home. If you deal with confidential documents at your home office, they’re even more essential.

It’s possible to choose from a 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper to a 24-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper, based on your requirements. For big companies, depending on the segment, a powerful one would probably be the best choice. For a home office, the 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper can probably fit to your daily use.

Lightweight and quieter, this is an affordable machine (less than $50) which shreds paper into strips measuring 3/16″x 1-27/32″. Fast, it has three-minute continuous run time with 30 minute cool down cycle with an overheat LED indicator. For increased safety, it will stop working if something gets stuck – so you can unplug it and remove whatever got stuck in it before it continues.

Convenient, the 4.1-gallon bin with see-through window easily determine when bin is full, being quite easy to empty with the lifting handle.

  • Affordable.
  • Good sensors.
  • 5 options.
  • Overheating.

The best lap desk

Lapgear home office

If you’re always on the go and need to work everywhere such as at the airport, hotels, etc., and can’t guarantee that you will have a desk for your laptop, a lapgear, or lapdesk, can be a great investment.

Cushioned to provide enough comfort to the user, this lapgear has dual-bolster cushion conforms to your lap, keeping you cool and comfortable. Good sized, the surface dimensions are 21.1 x 12 inches with device ledge.

Versatile, it has a phone slot to hold you phone vertically (slot dimensions = 5″ X 0.75″), and a good sized mouse pad area (5″ X 9″) to allows to each user a fluid workload with enough space. And to ensure your laptop is protected, the air flow provides ventilation, ensuring that your computer won’t overheat.

  • Lightweight.
  • Up to 15.6 inches.
  • Cushioned.
  • Affordable.
  • It isn’t made of a material that prevents your device from slipping off.

The best USB flash drive

Netac 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Useful for everyone, from students to workers, having a USB flash drive with enough memory space is very important to save important, personal documents.

The Nenac has a USB 3.0 flash drive with read/write transfer speeds up to 90MB/s(R) and 30MB/s(W). Easy to use, you don’t need to install any software, just simply plug into the USB port of computer or other devices and that’s it, and can be used with all the brands of PC, Laptop, TV, Car, Audio.

Compatible with Windows XP/ 7/ 8.1/ 10, Linux and Mac OSx10.3, the Netac 3.0 memory stick supports any digital data, such as music, video, photos, movies, manuals, software, etc. With six capacities, the USB is available from 32GB to 256GB, and it’s small enough for you to carry it anywhere e.g. bag, wallet or even pocket.

  • From 32GB to 256GB
  • Compatible with any brand.
  • Don’t need to install any software.
  • Compatibility issues.

The best desk watch

LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clock

A watch can be a good ally to during a workday, especially if you prefer to stay away from your phone during work. With two colours of numbers, white and blue, it’s easy to read from a long distance when necessary. Another important feature is that the screen is dimmable so you will not be disturbed by the bright light of the clock during the night.

More than a traditional clock, the Liorque clock is versatile and allows to turn on 15 FM radio stations(76.0MHz-108.0MHz). You can listen to music, news, talk shows, the weather report, and more. The Liorque alarm also has 9 mins of snooze function, preventing people from going into deep sleep again. You can also choose a buzzer or radio stations as the alarm sound.

In weekend mode, the alarm clocks will never ring to disturb your sleep.

  • Affordable.
  • Snooze function.
  • Radio Stations.
  • USB.
  • Lights to hard on the night.

The best power bar

TROND Surge Protector

Your home office will require many plugs to power all the essential appliances for work. The Trond strip provides a massive outlet expansion with 13 AC outlets, and 4 USB charging ports (17W total USB output), enough power and charging for up to 17 devices from a single wall outlet. Maxpower: 1875W (125V~15A).

Flat and easy to use in large or small rooms, this power bar is made of 14AWG pure copper; the 5-foot extension cord is heavy-duty and has better current carrying capacity (15A). Convenient, you only need to plug what is essential to work (or any other time and place, like the living room.)

With 4000J surge protection, it safeguards your TV, computers, phones and office equipment from potentially damaging power disturbances. A concern when you need to turn on many devices at home at the same time.

  • Affordable.
  • Convenient.
  • Up to 17 devices.
  • 13 AC outlets, and 4 USB charging.
  • Fragile, according to some users.

The best headsets

Leitner LH270

If you work from home, you probably have online meetings quite frequently. So, investing in a high-quality headset is almost mandatory, and will be useful to guarantee your effective communication.

High-tech, the Leitner headset comes in three options (single ear, dual ear, on-ear). Easy to use, it simultaneously connects to your computer and desk phone via USB and phone jack. More than that, if you need to leave the office while you chat with your co-workers, the headset has a 350 foot range, which allows you to go to any other room keeping a high-quality sound.

Flexible and lightweight, with an adjustable headband, it’s also cushioned with an ergonomic design plus adjustable headband providing enough comfort to its users. The volume adjustment is easy to set, and the ultra noise-cancelling blocks out background noise so your callers will hear you and only you – which is way important in a working from home routine – especially if you house has kids, dogs, and you need to focus.

The headphone is compatible with Avaya, Yealink, Cisco, VoIP and 99% of Desk Phones and PC’s (USB and Phone Jack)

  • 350 foot range.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Ultra noise-cancelling.
  • Pricier than many headsets.

The best printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2850

Ideal to print envelopes, paper (plain), glossy photo paper, this Epson printer can have a big size in case you need to leave the printer on the top of your desk (‎56.64 x 37.59 x 25.91 cm; 7.2kg). On the other hand, it’s high-capacity ink tanks makes you save, not investing in expensive ink cartridges since the included Epson’s exclusive EcoFit ink bottles makes filling easy and worry-free.

According to the brand, it is possible to save up to 90% with replacement ink bottles vs. ink cartridges (1) – that’s enough to print up to 7,500 pages black/6,000 colour, equivalent to about 90 individual ink cartridges.

The components included in this printer are: EcoTank ET-2850 all-in-one, manual, power cord, 1 bottle of 502 Black (127 mL) and 1 bottle each of 502 Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (70 mL) (2)EcoTank ET-2850 all-in-one, manual, power cord, 1 bottle of 502 Black (127 mL) and 1 bottle each of 502 Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (70 mL) (2).

  • Lightweight.
  • Possible to save up to 90%.
  • High-quality colours.
  • Pricey at the time of purchase (although money-saving in the long run.)

Questions and answers about working from home

How to decorate a home office?

As we spend many hours a day working, nothing better than creating a comfortable place with high-quality furniture, nice decoration, and appliances that ensure a fluid and productive workload. Additionally to a fast internet connection, organizers, a cushioned, ergonomic office chair, there are many personal details that improve the working experience (flowers, portraits, wallpapers, souvenirs, etc.). Some people prefer a straightforward, aesthetically clean environment, whereas others prefer to have more elements that make them feel good.

Your position and the company where you work can also affect how your office decoration looks like. For example, if you’re an executive at a more formal business or industry, you may have less room to play with colours and decoration, whereas someone who works in the creative industry may have more flexibility to express their personality through office decoration.

How to set up a home office?

All the products we cited in this guide are easy to assemble. To make your life easier, we tried to bring convenient options mixing what we considerer important in a home office: efficiency, comfort, versatility, and organization.

How to organize a home office?

The best way will depend on your working routine, and tasks. If you need a printer, it is essential to look for a desk with enough space for your computer, printer, mouse, second screen if necessary, and with all the features that will ensure your productivity. In mine and my partner’s case, we both work from home. As he needs a printer, his desk is bigger than mine. I have a second screen, he doesn’t, but a medium desk is enough for me. For my personal organization, as I like to write everything, having a desk with a drawer is essential to save my newspaper, calendar, pens, and etc.

What are the best tips for a small WFH space?

The best tip in this case is to look for intelligent furniture. Things that are small but with multiple purposes, like drawers. My office at home is in my bedroom, and although we don’t have too much space here, we realized that our bed side would work for us. Our priority was silence, and to be far from the kitchen. My tip is to know your priorities, and figure out what room in your house would be the most suitable in your case. When you don’t have a large space, you need to consider both your work and your home routine.

Where to buy home office furniture?

Ikea, Costco, BestBuy, Home Depot, Superstore, The Bay, and Walmart are safe spots for Canadians to find furniture for their WFH setup.

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