The Best Standing Desks in Canada

Everyone that works at a desk, whether in an office or at home, knows how uncomfortable it can be after 8 or more hours of sitting for most of the dayIf you’re suffering from a stiff neck, tired legs, and feeling that afternoon slump we all know too well, a standing desk might help. 

Standing desks, sit-stand combination desks, or adjustable desks are essentially what their name implies – Desks designed towards getting you standing more during the workdayincreasing blood flow, helping posture, and alleviating stiff joints. 

There are countless options, and it can be overwhelming when there are hundreds of different brands to choose from. Whether you want a static desk set at one height or a fully electric desk that remembers multiple height ranges, the list we’ve compiled below can help you choose the best for your needs and budget. 

Our top picks

How to choose a standing desk

  • Size  An expensive electric-motor standing desk won’t be of much use if it doesn’t fit inside the room in the first place. Make sure that you’re choosing a desk that’s the right size for your space.
  • Design – Is it a static one-height desk, or interchangeable between sitting/standing? While colour and design may not be a high priority for some if it matches your décor why not opt for an aesthetically pleasing one as well.
  • Height Adjustability  Having the proper height for a standing desk is important not only for ease of use but also for your health. If your desk is too high or too low, your arms or neck may end up strained.
  • Quality – Build quality varies greatly between brands and types. A desk can be made up of a mixture of particleboard, bamboo, real wood, or even glass-tops that can be written on with dry-erase markers. The quality of your standing desk is determined by the material you prefer and choose – Which also affects the price ranges. 

Why trust us

With a wealth of information and a multitude of options regarding standing desks, it can be tricky to pick one that works best for you. Our team has spent over 15 hours reviewing and selecting the best standing desks in Canada based on 4.0 stars and above Amazon reviews, and trusted comparison sites like TechRadar and Wirecutter. 

Best IKEA Standing Desk

IKEA Bekant Sit/Stand Desk

Being able to raise/lower your standing desk at the touch of a button is a snap with the IKEA Bekant series sit-stand desk. The desks come in different colours and sizes to accommodate your workflow space and can even be combined if you wish to use multiple desks at once in an office setting. The lowest height is 22-inches, while the tallest position is 48-inches, which should be plenty enough for almost everyone.

The Bekant has a built-in cable management system on the bottom of the desk, which is a welcome feature as most sit-stand desks do not. The tabletop has a stain-resistant material that makes it so that you don’t have to worry about any coffee stains or scratches marring the surface as you use it. Just a quick wipe down with a wet cloth is all you need.

According to reviews from IKEA’s own website, or review blogs like BTOD, an issue that seems to come with the Bekant is that there can be stability issues at mid to high range heights. To mitigate the issue on this desk or on others, always ensure that the hardware is tight, and nothing is loose or unstable.

  • Electric raise/lower buttons.
  • Moderate price.
  • Cable management system.

  • 48 inches is the tallest height.

Best bamboo standing desks

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

At a modest base starting price, the well-known Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is one of our top picks for an all-around good entry point into the world of adjustable sit-stand desks.

If the light bamboo colour isn’t your cup of tea, there is also a darker tone available that can add a beautiful contrast to any workspace or home office. The sustainable material is treated with a UV-cured, water-based polyurethane coating that makes it a smooth, easy to clean surface you don’t have to worry about scratching or damaging.

Framewise, the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is a sturdy metal base that functions with a dual-motor – one in each leg. It can handle up to 350-pounds which is on the higher end of weight limits as far as most standing desks go in this size and price range. For those who want to match their décor or office, it’s available in black, white, or silver. There’s also an alloy variation for a small extra cost.

The desk comes with a black programmable electric console that features seven different buttons. There’s the power button, an M button to put the console into programming mode, two buttons to manually adjust the desk, and four buttons that set your desk height. Programming the desk is fairly straight forward with the options that appear on the OLED screen, including an anti-collision sensitivity function, brightness for both the screen and buttons separately, minimum height, maximum height, etc.

Able to hold multiple monitors, a laptop, and whatever else you need to place on your desk space – the Jarvis Bamboo desk has you set.

  • Inexpensive.
  • High weight limit.
  • Can be wobbly at higher heights.

Best 60-inch standing desk

Vari Electric ProDesk – 60 inches

Varidesk has been around since the beginning with originally making standing desk converters and branching out to make full-fledged standing desks over the years just makes sense.

There are only two sizes to this electric sit-stand desk, the original 30-inches by 60-inches, and the newer 30-inch by 48-inch. There are multiple colour options for the desk top to match most office or home colour schemes including black, white, butcher block, dark wood, and reclaimed wood laminate. The base colour will match whichever top you choose – white top/silver frame for example, and a slate grey for the darker tones.

The desktop features an indentation in the back, allowing you to clean run cables and wires without taking away too much space from the full desk size. The set-up of the whole desk is rather straightforward and is easier than most to put together, according to Amazon reviews. Varidesk claims it can be done in five minutes, but most say that it takes more around 20 minutes, so just be aware of that.

The weight limit for the ProDesk is 200-pounds for the 48-inch desk and up to 250-pounds for the 60-inch, which is relatively on par with other desks in this range and will easily manage multiple monitors and more, if need be. The five-year warranty is a bit under the mark compared to other longer warranties but is still peace of mind for years down the road.

  • Easy assembly.
  • Good stability.
  • Expensive.
  • The stability bar can get in the way.

Best standing desk for the office

EffyDesk Business Office Sit-Stand Desk

A built-to-last, Canadian designed standing desk made for the office is always worth mentioning, and the EffyDesk is no exception.

Coming in three different sizes and styles, we have the Home Office Desk that supports up to 220-pounds. A height range of 27.6-inches to 45.2-inches, and whichever width selection you prefer from 39-inches to a large 70-inches of space. In the middle is the Business Office Desk that supports up to 300-pounds, has a height range of 23-inches to 49-inches, and has the same width options available. Last but not least is the Executive Office L-Desk that can hold up to an impressive 330-pounds, has the same height range as the previous model, and the width options are from 42-inches to 70-inches.

Easy to assemble, and with a quiet electric dual motor in the stainless-steel frame, the EffyDesk is ideal for offices and not having to worry about annoying your co-workers as you switch from sitting to standing whenever you need.

Square-reinforced columns/legs and a 3-stage segment piece assure that unlike a lot of other desks, it won’t get wobbly or lose stability at any height range. The Business Office Desk may be a better choice for those that are in the shorter category since it has a lower minimum range, just to keep in mind.

With an 8-year guaranteed warranty, free shipping within Canada, a 30-day trial (if you don’t like it, you can send it back and get a refund), and same-day customer service help if you have any issues, the EffyDesk is a great choice for anyone that wants to support local business and get a good product.

  • Canadian made.
  • Great warranty.
  • Pricier than its competitors.

Best standing desk with shelves

Safco Muv Stand-up Adjustable Height Desk

Being a known brand for the last 50 years, Safco has made multiple other products for the office or home, including tables, seating, shelving, etc. Their customer service and attention to detail and care have made them a review favourite. 

The Muv line of standing desks stands out from the crowd (no pun intended), for being different, having included shelving under the main desk top, and for being mobile – placing the unit on four swivel casters, two of which lock for peace of mind/security. 

One caveat of the Muv is that the standing desk height range is from 35-inches to 49-inches tall, meaning that if you’re of shorter stature, you might have a difficult time adjusting everything to be a proper height. Its design is less meant as a sit-stand, and more so just for always standing while working. 

The work surface is a modest 29-inches by 19-inches, which is enough space for a laptop or monitor and a few other odds and ends – but not much. The frame is a durable powder-coated steel, and the decorative molded side panels function both as a nice design and cable management. The built-in keyboard shelf extends outwards 10-inches and retracts under the work surface of the desk so that it won’t be in your way when it’s time to stop working for the day. 

It comes in a grey, cherry, or medium oak finish with a matching frame colour, so regardless of what your office or space may look like, chances are there is a colour match for you. Safco also prides itself on customizing anything you desire so if you were really keen, you can even send in your own textile to make as a topper. 

  • Easy set-up.
  • Compact.
  • Can wobble a bit at taller heights.

Best small standing desk

Tresanti Adjustable Desk

Standing out from the pack in both finish and price, the Tresanti Standing Desk is a winner in the aesthetics department and won’t break the bank. 

With an affordable price point that outshines itself, this desk is perfect for normal everyday use. The workspace size is small but wide enough to accommodate two monitors, a keyboard, mouse, and other small items. A bonus is that there’s additional storage space in the attached drawers. 

Three USB ports are a nice added touch, allowing you to charge your phone or other devices while working. The height of the desk is easily adjusted by controls that are on the right side of the desktop. The desk will even let you know the current height as it moves up and down, and the buttons are glass as opposed to regular physical buttons, and it can be locked into position at whichever height you choose. 

The height is adjustable from 29-inches to 47-inches, meaning that it might be a bit taller for those who are in the shorter spectrum of height. There is also an appreciated cord management system that makes it easy to have a neat and clean workspace. 

  • Unique glass top finish.
  • Affordable.
  • None.

Best combination sitting/standing desk

VertDesk Sit-Stand Desk

The VertDesk v3 is one of the most talked-about sit-stand desks on the market. Built in the US, with German manufactured electronics from Laing Innotech, the build quality is better than what you’d find with some other desk builds at the same price point. 

Worth noting is that as of early 2021, all VertDesk v3 desks come standard with voice control for height adjustments, making it even easier to raise and lower your sit-stand desk as needed for whatever your preference is. The height range is 27-inches to 47.5-inches, fitting most ranges. If you’re shorter it might be a bit tall at the lowest end. 

There are 304 different desk size options (yes, you read that number right) anywhere from a 30-inch by 36-inch desk to a massive 30-inch by 84-inches. With 11 different desktop finishes and three frame colours to choose from, the opportunity for matching whatever décor you have is there. 

Featuring a gyroscope technology, the VertDesk can detect not only hard objects but also soft ones for collision – which is a unique and welcome feature that most desks don’t have. Another welcome change is that with the voice control functions, you don’t even need to be in the app or use it for the desk to register your favourites – Just tell your device which pre-recorded command you have it set for, and it will move to the desired height. 

  • Good warranty.
  • Noisy motor.
  • Clumsy button controls.

Best 36-inch standing desk

Ergonofis Shift Desk 2.0

With a 300-pound weight limit, a 10-year warranty, and both a Canadian-made design + manufacturing process, the Ergonofis Shift Desk 2.0 is a beautiful premium standing desk. 

Customizable height settings at a range from 24.5-inches to 50-inches, this one made it as one of our top choices easily. A unique soft-touch laminate matte top that’s anti-fingerprint, antimicrobial, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant is an added welcome breath of fresh air in the sea of standing electric desks without. 

 A child-lock addition and anti-collision system will give anyone peace of mind while using the one-touch adjustment keys at home, whether you have kids or not. Pets wandering underneath or even dropping something and retrieving it yourself won’t be any source of stress. The travel speed of the Shift is 1.5-inches per second and includes adjustable levelling studs under the feet for added stability and assurance. Additionally, every size of the Ergonofis desk comes with a wire management kit, allowing you to clip loose cables underneath the desk and in between the frame brackets. 

It comes in three sizes, starting at 24-inches by 48-inches, a large 30-inches by 60-inches, and if you need even bigger space – there is a monster 36-inches by 72-inches desk available. Another bonus is that if you’re not satisfied with your desk, Ergonofis will allow you to return your desk within 30 days for a full refund, and it includes free shipping within Canada. 

  • Canadian made.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • 15-minute assembly.


Best L-shaped standing desk

iMovR Lander L-Shaped Standing Desk

With more size and colour combinations than other standing L-shaped desks, (literally thousands), the iMovR Lander L-Shaped Standing Desk is a no-brainer if you have the budget to spend on it. 

Very quick one-person assembly, good warranty/customer service, solid desktop, and a frame that doesn’t lack in the stability department makes this one of the best L-shaped standing desks around. Assembly and disassembly can take only ten minutes if you follow the instructions, and the top is durable. It can get scratched up if you treat it too roughly though. 

According to reviews and posts on Reddit, one of the best features of this standing desk is the stability is top-notch. It doesn’t wobble or move at all, except for at the highest height. Unlike other desks that have a fully electronic system, the i-MovR Lander moves via a paddle with three buttons on the underside. 

Lifting the paddle raises the table and pushing down lowers the table, while the other buttons include Bluetooth, an alarm, and favourites. It can be set for four favourite height positions, which stop adjustments as soon as you hit one of those heights. 

Taking the edge off the cost, there is a lifetime warranty on the frame, a ten-year warranty on both the moving parts and electronics and a five-year warranty for the tabletop. 

  • Arrives 90% pre-assembled.
  • High-tech features.
  • Long warranty.
  • Expensive.

Best cheap standing desk

Autonomous SmartDesk

The Autonomous’ SmartDesk comes with an attractive base starting price makes it great for the home office, work office, and for whatever your budget might be. 

With an adjustable height range of 28-inches to 46-inches, this standing desk is one of the best for nearly every height, which is nice when a lot of desks don’t cater to those shorter or taller. According to reviews, the stability holds up well making the industrial-grade stainless steel isn’t just for show. 

The desk and all of its parts are packed well, making it so that everything arrives safe and sound. Assembly for the SmartDesk is straight-forward and takes an hour to an hour to an hour and a half, and the only point of issue seems to be that there’s a bit of awkward access for the holes, and while there are quite a lot of screws, they slide into the base without issues. 

One of the perks of the SmartDesk is how fast it moves between adjusting heights, making it one of the fastest desks all around. There’s a 5-year warranty on the electronics, which according to reviews should be held onto as the electronics manufacturer TiMotion sometimes needs replacing. 

  • Fast height adjustment speed.
  • Stability issues at top heights.

Best standing desk for home/work

FitDesk Sit-to-Stand Adjustable Desk

This sturdy sit-to-stand adjustable desk available from several Canadian retailers is a good choice for anyone needing a standing desk for everyday use or the home office. 

For a non-electric, gas-piston powered standing desk the FitDesk is a good, affordable step for anyone that’s looking to dip into the standing desk pool without going all the way into the deep end if you’re unsure about adjustable tabletops. 

The durable powder-coated frame and laminate tabletop are easily assembled in about ten minutes, making it one of the easiest to go from box to working order in no time flat. Built-in wheels and adjusters make for easy placement on nearly any surface around the home or office. 

It’s height adjustable from 29-inches to 48-inches, suitable for nearly any height unless you’re at the ends of the tall or short spectrum, usable for sitting or standing when you need to switch. The gas piston-assist makes it so that you can easily adjust heights with one hand, without the need for cranks that other manual desks have, and without worrying about electronics breaking. 

An additional bonus is the built-in cord management tray and access panel. 

  • Affordable.
  • Ideal for small spaces.
  • Non-motorized.

Best standing desk for gaming/streaming

Evodesk Standing Desk XE

Two primary components of the EvoDesk Standing Desk is that it’s designed with a concave edge on the side so that you can position yourself closer to the desk comfortably, and an EvoGuard coating across the entire desktop that’s textured similarly to hard-surface mouse-mats, in theory negating the need for a mouse pad altogether, depending on your mouse of course. 

Putting the EvoDesk together will take around an hour with a second person, making this a bit more of a time sink than some other electric desks. A few user reviwes on Reddit have said that the majority of screws don’t fit well into the countersunk spots they’re supposed to, same with the mounts/brackets. Making the assembly a bit frustrating. 

With a sturdy base that doesn’t wobble too much at any height, and can handle a decent amount of weight the EvoDesk is a safe choice for gamers that need to place a lot on their desk, or just need to adjust between sitting and standing more often than not, or after long periods of time like during streams. 

There’s a vanity cover that stretches the entire length of the desk, making cable management and hiding cords easy. The rear cut-out for wires is large, making access for thick cables a breeze and the cover flap that covers the cut-out is removable. 

  • None.
  • Screws can end up misaligned.

Best standing desk under $1000

Energize Compact Standing Desk

With an affordable US-made standing desk, the iMovR Energize Standing Desk is a solid bet for your wallet. 

The Energize model features iMovR’s standard ergo-contoured, 3D-laminated tabletop, and the Cascade model includes the built-in SteadyType keyboard tray. With a lifetime warranty on the frame, 10-year warranty on the moving parts and electronics, and a five-year warranty on the tabletop itself, it’s a solid peace of mind if anything happens you’ll be covered. 

There are 22 colours available for the desktop, and three colours for the frame including silver, black, or white. The standard base has a height range of 27-inches to 45-inches, the XT Base is 22-inches to 48.5-inches, and with added height extenders you can add an additional six inches if need be. The range is great for every height, and the desk stays solid throughout regardless of where you stand. 

The weight capacity is 265-pounds, easily holding multiple monitors, keyboard, and whatever else you want to place on the top. Worth noting is that it’s a laminate finish, so to make it last be aware that leaving hot or cold drinks on the surface might make it warp after a while. 

  • Good warranty.
  • Can be wobbly when adjusting the height.

Best standing desk converter

PrimeCables Adjustable Ergo Riser

If a full standing desk isn’t in your budget or space is a concern – try a standing desk converter. A converter is an adjustable unit that goes on top of your already existing desk or table. The PrimeCables Standing Desk converter can hold multiple monitors or a decent amount of weight without fuss and can be adjusted within 22 different heights. 

The frame is high-grade steel while the actual desk riser is constructed from eco-friendly particleboard. There are embedded groove holds to hold phones and tablets if need be and has a large surface for a desk converter – enough for two monitors and whatever else you’d like to place that fits the extra space. 

With a gas-spring powered system, it’s easily raised or lowered with one hand and there’s no assembly required. Just straight out of the box, onto your desk, and you’re on the way with a new sit-stand configuration. 

  • Easy assembly.
  • Holds plenty of weight.
  • Affordable.
  • Can shift and slide slightly when being raised or lowered.

How we picked the best standing desk

For this particular buying guide, we wanted to find a standing desk for every height and budget, whether you’re working from home or at an office. We combed through Amazon reviews, trusted source reviews, and worked to include something for everyone. 

Frequent standing desk questions

What are standing desks, and how do they work? 

Standing desks are a type of raised desk that is suited for standing while working, as opposed to sitting. Depending on your needs some are adjustable for both sit-stand functions, and others are purely static tall desks that cannot be adjusted. 

Are standing desks good for you? 

Used moderately, standing desks are beneficial for overall health. Standing all day, like sitting, can be detrimental to health so while they are good for you overall, make sure you take breaks and ease into standing more often. 

How long should you stand at a standing desk? 

If you’re going from a sedentary work style that entails sitting all day, ease yourself into standing starting with 30 to 60 minutes a day and gradually increase it from there. You may want to experiment with different time intervals to find the one that’s best for you.  

Are standing desks overestimated? 

Standing desks are not a miracle health worker, however, they do promote moving around a bit more at work and alternating between sitting and standing can be beneficial to those that have lower back pain and neck/shoulder tension, including making sure that your legs get proper blood flow. 

What are the standing desk benefits? 

Standing desks are great for blood flow, reduced back pain, can improve mood and energy, boost productivity, ease tension, lower your risk of heart disease, and lower your risk of weight gain and obesity. 

Standing desk vs. sitting: Which one is best? 

Both have their benefits and should be used interchangeably as too much sitting or standing has been proven to not be good for overall health. There is no best one, it all comes down to your personal preference. 

How to stand at a standing desk? 

Always adjust your standing desk to elbow height while standing to prevent any injuries to your arms and hands. Watch your posture by keeping your neck tall, shoulders relaxed, and keep your knees slightly bent so that they’re not hyper-extended or your joints don’t lock. 

Where can I buy a standing desk in Canada?  

You can find standing desks at any number of Canadian retailers, such as Staples, Walmart, IKEA, Structube, Amazon, Wayfair, Costco. 

Do you burn calories at a standing desk? 

Yes, slightly more than you do while sitting. Harvard Health reported that researchers found most people burn around 80 calories per hour while sitting, and 88 calories per hour of standing. 

How tall should a standing desk be? 

To get the best ergonomic benefit from a standing desk, try to get one that matches your elbow height while being seated, standing, and eye level of your monitor. If you’re around 5’0”/152cm to 6’5”/195cm aim for a desk that has the range of 22-inches to 60-inches. Most desks will cover those ranges (or close to them), so try to find one that matches your needs. 

Other standing desks

Here are some standing desks that didn’t make the cut for the top-rated desks list, but should still be considered as honourable mentions:

  • Lian Li DK-05F 
  • NewHeights Elegante XT (ideal for anyone looking for a premium option)

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