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Best Retractable Dog Leashes in Canada

When it comes to walking our four-legged best friends, we want the best for them and for ourselves as owners. A well-trained dog can do very well with a retractable leash and safely use one as you go for walks, especially in open areas. We’ve compiled our list to include the safest and top-rated retractable dog leashes in Canada, so that you don’t have to!

Whether you have a new puppy, adopted a dog, or are looking for harness/leash suggestions – we have you covered! 

Take all the stress away from shopping for a retractable leash and check below for our reviews, pros and cons of each leash, and recommendations. 

Our Top Picks

How to choose a retractable dog leash


Some retractable leashes have heavier handles that can make walks more of an exercise than they need to be for your arms and hands, and it can also cause harm to yourself or your dog if they are pulling or decide to run off at something that catches their attention. This may not be an issue for you specifically, but it is a factor to keep in mind.  

Tangle-free ability

Not all retractable leashes come with a tangle-free ability and is a very important feature to look for. Retractable leashes are prone to getting tangled and can become a hazardous danger to owners and their dogs if the lead gets caught in anything.  


Most retractable leashes are made from a nylon style lead that retracts, while the actual handle portion is typically made from plastics and even stainless steel or other hard materials. Different retractable leashes exist, but many are the same type of material. A nylon or similar for the leash cord, and a hard plastic with stainless steel parts attached. 

Be sure to choose ones that have good reviews on being stable and built well.  


This category ties in with the material section above, as some are more durable than others. If used properly most retractable leashes should be durable enough to handle years of walks. These kinds of leashes are not typically built for dogs that pull or lunge the lead as hard as they can, keeping the lead taught and prone to breakage or burns if your hands are in the way. 

TUG 360-Tangle Free Retractable Leash

This 360-swivel and tangle-free highly rated retractable leash is top of the list when it comes to positive reviews from dog owners. The TUG retractable leash has a 360-degree swivel to prevent any tangles and other hazards from happening, lowering the chance that the leash gets tangled on itself or otherwise.

It is advertised as tangle-free and the reviews from most owners back up that claim positively. The handle itself is heavier than some other top-rated retractable leashes on the market, which may lead to tired arms or hands. It is very sturdy, made from hard plastic and small stainless-steel parts to prevent rusting or any issues in water/rain.

It comes in multiple colour choices and the leash section itself is a flat nylon material. Ambitious puppies and stronger dogs can chew through this though, so do be cautious when using this leash with your pup, and like all retractable leashes – that they’re trained properly before using to diminish injury chances.

  • Multiple colours.
  • Multiple sizes.
  • Tangle-free.
  • Heavy handle.

Emperor Pets 16ft Leash

If you’d like a long retractable leash, Emperor Pets has their 16-foot lead available. The nylon is strong, and the handle isn’t awkward or heavy to use for longer periods of time. 

There are multiple colours available and the nylon leash itself has a reflective strip in the middle to allow for safer walks at nighttime or when it’s darker more often, such as in the winter. The leash clip itself is stainless steel, and it is a 360-degree swivel, tangle-free lead. An easy ‘one button lock and release’ mechanism makes it handy to just simply change button positions to switch between locked or unlocked – allowing your dog more or less freedom, depending on the circumstance. 

An anti-slip handle, scratch-resistant ABS plastic outer shell, and a one-button lock and release function make this easy to use for any pet owner, and works best with well-trained dogs. 

  • Strong leash section.
  • Embedded reflective light strip.
  • Tangle-free.
  • Locking mechanism could be better.

EC.TEAK Retractable Leash

With a 26-feet long lead, this retractable leash is perfect for outings to a beach or if you live near large parks or fields and want to let your dogs run around, but still be safer on a leash. The nylon tape material is made from the same manufacturers as seat belts, so it is very sturdy. 

One button braking to lock/unlock the lead makes it easy to use and good for your hands without any problematic injury or strong jerking motions. The TPE handle is anti-slip grip and isn’t too heavy for longer walks or play times outside. 

The company also allows for full refunds if you’re not satisfied, so it is worth looking into if you’re interested in getting a long retractable leash. It works better for smaller dogs and they recommend that you don’t use this leash for any dog over 110lbs, maximum. The middle portion of the leash tape does have a reflective layer to make it easier to see your dog as they’re out at nighttime or when it’s evening.

  • Lightweight handle.
  • Long lead.
  • Options available between tape or cord style lead. 
  • Locking/unlocking mechanism could be better.

SENYE Retractable Leash

This retractable leash goes up to 16-feet in length and comes in a multitude of colours to choose from. As almost all leashes of this kind have, it is a one-button lock/release mechanism. A TPE ergonomic handle make it easy on the hands and help with any slipping problems. 

The leash ‘tape’ style is touted by the company to be strong and made for larger dogs, and is incredibly sturdy. The collar/harness clip attachment is stainless steel to prevent rusting and includes a 360-degree swivel to help against accidental tangling or issues. 

Like all retractable leashes, this one is recommended for calmer dogs and ones that are trained to not pull as much on their leads to ensure more safety and less chances of injuries, to your dog, yourself, and others. User reviews for this one are positive, with a few owners stating that they did have some issues with the locking mechanism – so that is something to keep in mind as well. 

  • Smooth.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple colours available. 
  • Larger/stronger dogs can still break the lead.

Our methodology

For this article, our team considered our experience as dog tutors, as well as top-rated customer reviews and information from other trusted peer-reviewed websites that focus on pets and pet related products. We considered all budgets and also different sizes and breeds of dog for each leash. 

Questions and answers about retractable dog leashes

When and where to use retractable leashes? 

Retractable leashes can be used safely if they’re used with a well-trained dog that does not pull and is a calm walker that understands and follows commands. The best places for using retractable leashes with your dogs are in open areas where the chance of the lead getting tangled is very low, such as a beach that isn’t too crowded or an open field, for example.  

Are retractable dog leashes safe? 

Retractable dog leashes can be used safely if you’re using it with a well-trained dog that isn’t pulling, knows commands, and is a calm walker. They’re a lot safer as well when being used in open areas such as beaches or open fields where the cord cannot get tangled. 

The reason they’re not as safe compared to other styles of leash is that the cord is generally not made from material that’s sturdy, the cord is thin, and the handle can be uncomfortable/can break with pulling from dogs. They can also get caught on objects, encourage pulling, and the cord can cause rope burn or worse if caught against skin.  

Retractable leash vs regular leash: Which one to buy? 

Regular dog leashes are easy to find at every pet store, come in different materials, and vary between 4-6 feet and are the standard for most pet owners. Regular leashes and long leads are recommended over retractable leashes – unless your dog is properly trained and if you’re in an open area where the cord cannot get tangled or caught.  

Are long leads better? 

Long leads are great for allowing your pet to wander around with a lower chance of the lead getting tangled or causing injuries compared to extendable leashes that have very thin material that can cause rope burns and skin lacerations. Long leads come anywhere between 10-feet and 100-feet lengths, and while that extra material can become a hazard if not used properly, it’s general safer than extendable leashes.  

Why are retractable leashes controversial? 

Retractable dog leashes are controversial because they can cause injury to the owner, others, and to dogs. It can encourage pulling as dogs learn that pulling extends the lead as they walk. In high traffic areas, they can be especially dangerous, which generates a lot of discussion online on whether people should use them with their dogs. 

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