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The Best Desk Organizers in Canada

You do not have to be a neat freak to understand (and appreciate) the positive consequences of a well-organized office desk. Clutter is distracting. Distraction causes inefficiency, which at the end of the work day can turn into irritation. Hence, desk organization is not only folders, stands and shelves, but also a direct input on productivity. Getting rid of clutter, leaving only essentials allows you to quickly reach for that pen, a notepad or an important file whenever you need it.

Organizing your workspace is a significant step towards a more effective work routine. Yet, clearing up once, and dividing papers on a newly bought file organizer, is not enough. What you want is to create a system. A system where desk trays and organizers do not only hold your supplies, but provide quick accessibility and cleanliness of the desk.

While most office spaces often provide organizing supplies, it is the home office desk that requires thought-through arrangement. However, different types of professions require specific holders and organizers. For instance, an artist might find useful this FURNINX Bamboo Multi-Functional Stationary Holder  while an accountant would not need so many drawing supplies slots. At the same time, such organizers as this Staples Metal Mesh Super Sorter and Mission Max Bamboo Wood Desk Organizer are universal options that would satisfy both a fashion designer and a student.

Considering all previously said, we came up with the list of best office organization products in Canada, including not only desk organizers or file holders, but also organizing accessories and drawer slots.

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Our top picks

What to look for in desk organizers


There are a few options on the market where the most popular are acrylic, wood, plastic and metal. Based on your office décor, choose a wood desk organizer if you prefer a timeless, elegant look. The only downside is wood trays or stands can be more expensive.

Clear acrylic stands are more casual and fit well into minimal office setups. However, if you like to store a variety of supplies in one tray, a transparent organizer might not be the best option: even a little mess will be noticeable. As to mesh metal organizers, which can be found at most offices, those are traditional stands that last for years to come.


It makes sense that a desk organizer should not occupy the majority of your workspace. But, besides the footprint of a tray, make sure to check the capacity. If you only require a notepad and a pen to assist you during a workday, then a slim, compact tray is more than enough. However, if you use multiple files, note sheets, colourful pens, then a minimalist narrow, compact tray is not for you. Look for desktop shelves, organizers with drawers of tiered stands.


The design does not only stand for the appearance and aesthetic of a desk organizer. It also includes ease of organization. The design combines slots, shelves and holders. Think about items that you constantly reach for during your workday. Is that your phone or a pen? Consider desk organizers with small slots to store your gadget and writing supplies. If you deal with papers, and multiple office supplies, you might consider an organizer that offers enough slots and sections to store them all.

Best wooden desk organizer

Workspace Monitor Stand

Dimensions: 4.25″ x 20″ x 9″

Anthropology is the place to go to look for affordable luxury home décor. They offer both trendy and unique pieces, and this versatile ash wood organizer (that can also serve as a monitor stand) is one of those items. The organizer offers a stylish mid-century-inspired curvy design and a few slots. If you use it to raise a computer screen, then long and wide slots can be used for files. However, if your screen does not need a lift, keep the organizer in a standing position and store notepads in long compartments and pens and scissors in narrow ones.

Although this is not the most spacious desk organizer out there, the design is so attractive and unique, it definitely can add some sense of style to your workspace. A satisfied customer, who loved this stand for her home office noted how versatile it is. She suggests mounting it on the wall as a shelf or laying it on its side and using it as a laptop/monitor stand. Beautiful, simple design, and super nice that you can adjust the sections with “dividers” that you can slide in, she added.

According to other reviewers, the bottom section fits a compact size keyboard and drawing tablet with no issues.

  • Aesthetically pleasing ash wood.
  • Versatile.
  • Enough to store both notepads and small supplies.
  • One side is closed off which makes it less attractive.

Best mesh desk organizer

Staples Metal Mesh Super Sorter

Dimensions: 9-1/2″ x 12-1/4″ x 8-1/8″

Staples metal mesh sorter is your classic office organizer that gets the job done. Despite its ordinary appearance, the stand is the key to eliminating paper clutter on your desk. It is a durable sorter for organizing papers, note sheets, magazines and files. Seven sections allow you to separate and keep within reach important documents and newspapers.

The main part we love about this desk organizer is its effortless, casual look that easily fits into any office décor from a minimalist to traditional inspired. As a customer noted, this mesh sorter keeps him organized and looks neat on the desk.

  • Durable metal construction.
  • Ideal for sorting out files.
  • Clean simple appearance.
  • Bends easily.

Best desk organizer tray

Simple Houseware

Dimensions: 10.9″ x 13″ x 8.8

According to The Strategist, the first step to organizing a workspace is to group and categorize things. 

When files and office supplies keep piling up and start cluttering your desk, productivity drops. To avoid it, this three-pack stackable letter tray is the first and most important step toward a well-organized workspace. It is also one of the best budget-friendly desk organizers on our list.   

Besides an attractively low price this organizer offers the versatility of easy categorizing: place files on the bottom, notepads in the middle and small supplies like sticky notes, and pens on the top section. Some customers noted they also prefer diving into urgent, midterm, and long-term papers from the top to bottom. Doing that helps to avoid stress looking for an important file, and keeping your desk neat.   

Another customer noted that these Simple Houseware bins are a million times better than the cheap plastic ones you can get elsewhere, they come with plastic feet for the bottom of the legs that you can use to lock them together after you stack them.  

And of course, the design is sleek and simple, which means the organizer goes with every office interior décor.   

  • Stackable design.  
  • Universal size to hold A4 size paper.  
  • Sturdy steel silver mesh body.  
  • Might feel a bit flimsy.  

Best desk organizer tray

Mission Max Bamboo Wood Desk Organizer

Dimensions: 13.38” x 9.08” x 5.90”

Paper-only organizers are great for those dealing with a variety of printed files (or handwritten drafts). However, for those who mainly need to organize a little bit of everything, both papers and supplies, there is the Mission Max All-in-One is a bamboo office organizer. It offers storage areas for notes, pens, and clip holders.   

As one satisfied customer noted, he needed something large enough, but professional and neat, to fit all his stationery. Everything is easily accessible and there are sufficient compartments to hold all his daily used items.   

Another customer added that she was looking for an organizer because she has a very large desk. While she was a little hesitant at first to buy this one, it seemed like a little bit more money than she wanted to spend, she is happy she bought it. The small boxes in the front are the perfect size for paper clips, tacks, and rubber bands. Pens, pencils and scissors can be sorted in the back row, and she has been using the middle for a tape dispenser and USB storage devices. 

  • All-in-One design.
  • Ideal for organizing an office, home or classroom.
  • Made from sustainable material.
  • Not ideal if you have a lot of files to organize.

Best acrylic desk organizer

Russell + Hazel Acrylic Weekly Dry-Erase Calendar

Dimensions: 24″ x0.25″ x 10″

Instead of suggesting you a standard acrylic desk organizer, we found this stylish, eye-catching calendar/holder from Russell + Hazel. Keep in mind that you would also have to purchase Russell + Hazel Acrylic Wall Valet  , Acrylic Pencil Block , Acrylic Wall Hook to make it a complete set.   

Overall, it is designed to maximize your workspace.   

Mount your calendar and desk accessories to the wall and organize not only notepads, pens and other small supplies but also your daily tasks and deadlines.   

Besides functionality, this organizer is a minimal, yet glam-looking item that would fit into modern office decor. The Russell + Hazel collection uses clear acrylic which highlights instead of overpowering your office space.   

  • High quality acrylic.
  • Sophisticated, minimal look.
  • Easy to clean with damp cloth.
  • Expensive.
  • Parts are sold separately.

Best desk shelf

Widousy Desktop Bookshelf

Dimensions: 13”24” x 6.7” x 13.8”

If your desk space allows, we recommend you get this Widousy desktop shelf. Made of natural wood, it is an eco-friendly organizer that would not only help to arrange books, but also be a stunning centerpiece in your workspace. Speaking of space, some customers noted they use this shelf to organize the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Overall, it is an ideal storage option for books, office supplies, small decor, or even plants.   

This Widousy shelf is also a multi-functional unit. It contains two separate pieces that can be pushed together to create a small shelf rack or pulled apart to create a longer shelf. Besides, you can set those pieces together at any angle to fit your workspace.  

A satisfied customer said the shelf was very easy to assemble. He added that it is a great steal of a deal for about $30, although, it is smaller in person than it looks online. 

  • Comes with tools and instructions to assemble.  
  • Multi-functional unit.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Smaller than expected as per some reviews.  

Best minimalist desktop organizer

Yamazaki Home Tower Desk Bar

Dimensions: 3.8” x 9.6” x 4.4”

Unlike the previously mentioned desktop shelf, this Yamazaki desk bar is designed specifically for small workspaces. Inspired by “small-space living” in Japan, Yamazaki Home creates functional products aiming to elevate the quality of your work routine.   

This desk bar is an ideal organizer for minimalists. The steel-and-wood-veneer stand looks sleek and offers simple, yet practical organizational balance. Based on reviews, the stand is best used for writing utensils, glasses, smartphones and other small objects. As a satisfied customer said, to him, any product that helps you get organized, keep things tidy is a big advsantage. The Home Tower Desk Bar is one of those products for him.  

Another reviewer noted she used to leave her mobile and pens all over the place and would waste minutes trying to locate them. Buying this Desk bar has helped her form a habit of putting the phone, her smartwatch and other valuables on the Tower Desk bar so she knows where to look for them afterwards. 

  • Stylish, minimal design.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Ideal for small spaces.
  • Not designed for large objects or papers.

 Best desk organizer for artists

FURNINXS Bamboo Multi-Functional Stationary Holder

Dimensions: 11.7” x 8.15” x 3.62″

If there would be one organizing station only for every crafter or artist (especially those working with markers, like fashion designers or illustrators), it would be this Furninxs Bamboo pen organizer. Think about it, you get fourteen compartments and a detachable drawer to organize pens, markers and pencils based on shades and hues, or simply make your desk look presentable and finally stop losing your drawing supplies.   

What makes it special is fourteen open and tilted slots. You won’t have to worry about five markers falling out only because you pulled out the one on the bottom. A customer, who is an artist noted that she uses the stand to organize acrylic fine liners. It works perfectly for her. It is well-made and comes completely assembled. It would fit a few hundred pencils easily, she added.  

The second-best fact about this desk organizer is that it does not require assembly. You can expect to receive an integral frame and four individual wooded boards where boards can be inserted into a frame. That is, it. It is a straightforward manipulation and you won’t have to worry about gluing, screwing and arranging details according to instructions. This factor directly affects the next one which is a flawless appearance.  

Due to the absence of screws, the Furninx organizer looks neat and polished. Bamboo as a furniture material is not only durable but also looks minimal, and classic and resonates with most home decors, whether it is eclectic or a modern one.   

Finally, if you no longer need this stand for your desktop, make a quick transition and use it in the bathroom for makeup brushes.   

  • Large capacity.  
  • Does not require assembly.  
  • Multipurpose. 
  • As per some reviewers, if you use long brushes the slots might be too shallow.  

Best office drawer organizer

SimpleHouseware Drawer Organizer Tray

Dimensions: 9″ x 12″ x 2″

So, here is an idea. If, for instance, you purchased a previously mentioned desktop organizer, and want your desk drawer to match, head to Ikea and pick one of those bamboo kitchen utensils trays. However, if you are looking for something smaller, that was specifically designed to fit most desk drawers, and at the lowest cost possible, look no further.   

The SimpleHouseware has a no-frills, minimal and sturdy organizer for just $15 (the original price is $20). The design is space-saving with six removable dividers. So, in total, you can create nine smaller compartments or leave three large ones. Is there anything better than customizing your workspace according to your preferences? We do not think so. Customizing this compact drawer allows you to easily store notes, staples, scissors, erasers and other supplies.   

A satisfied customer noted how pleased he was with the ability to customize his drawer. There is a place for a white-out, mini stapler, and Exacto knife so he can open all his Amazon packages, pens, pencils, sharpener, eraser, sticky notes, white out, lighter, matches, measuring tape, batteries. (He had many exclamation marks in this review; thus, we could tell how exciting it was for him to use it.) “Just what I needed,” he said.   

  • Customizable compartments.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Clean, simple look.
  • As per some reviews the material feels cheap (well, after all it is a cheap organizer, so what is the problem?)

Best desk organizers with drawers

NEOLETEX Bamboo Desktop Organizer

Dimensions: 12.9” x 9.4” x 10.2”

Bamboo seems to be one of the most preferable materials for desk organizers, but it is not surprising at all. Bamboo is cheaper than other woods, yet it is durable, easy to clean, eco-friendly, and it looks classy and minimal at the same time.   

This particular organizer from Neoletex combines four tiers of storage and a classic appearance that goes not only go with traditional interiors but also with minimal and modern homes.  

As a customer noted she was amazed at how much stuff can be put in this desktop organizer. The drawer has become a junk space for small things. She could not believe just how much it could hold. It is beautiful and very sturdy. For a while, she needed someplace to put her laptop on top of something. The only thing near her chair was this bamboo organizer. It held the weight of her laptop with no problem. She may be buying a second one for the other side of her recliner.   

The storage this organizer offers is ideal to hold smaller supplies on the top, the middle is designed for papers and files, and the bottom can be used for a book, a notepad and your phone.   

  • Does not require assembly.
  • Ideal for office/bathroom/vanity station.
  • Space-saver design.
  • Stylish, minimal appearance.
  • Expensive for bamboo organizer as per some reviewers.

Best desk magazine stand

Sooyee Nine Slot Gold Magazine Holder

Dimensions: 10.2” x 7” x 6.9”

(As a writer, who is also an old soul when it comes to paper magazines and books, I like to keep them on my desk for a quick read or aesthetic purpose. If you are on the same page and want to organize New Yorker, Vogue, NUVO and other issues neatly beside your computer, this stylish stand might help.) 

Sooyee magazine desktop stand has nine slots for a planner, a book or as we said a stack of magazines. It is made of high-quality iron wire welding which makes the stand sturdy and durable. You won’t have to worry about it tilting under the weight of the newspaper.   

Besides durability, the gold surface is electroplated, that factor makes it both decorative and anticorrosive. Add some elegance to your workspace with a shimmer of a golden touch.  

You also do not have to use this stand for magazines only. Based on many reviews, customers prefer to stack notebooks, mail, folders, files and even a tablet in those slots. A satisfied user noted that as a teacher of three different grade levels, she has multiple clipboards and notebooks. These slots are wide enough to hold them all (instead of stacking them on a corner of her desk). They do not hold loose paper very well (too short), but a sturdier file folder is fine. Anything to make things just a bit more accessible is good. 

  • Sturdy and durable frame.
  • Elegant design.
  • Nine slots.
  • Anticorrosive surface.
  • Does not hold loose paper very well.

Best cable clips

SOULWIT® 3-Pack Cable Holder Clips

With over 13,000 reviews and four and a half stars on Amazon, those Soulwit cable clips had to make it to our list. Based on one of those reviews, a customer tried a dozen different cable management solutions to present three different cable types off the end of his LR end table. Each stayed stuck for a short time, then fell off. He even tried a spring-loaded gripper version to avoid adhesion difficulties. That was just a pain. After reading the adhesion reviews of these on Amazon, he thought he would give them a try and they worked as advertised.   

The package includes three cable holders, for your iPhone, laptop and tablet chargers. The most attractive factor about those clips is, besides the low price, of course, high quality 100% silicone, which is anti-static, flexible, and non-toxic.  

As soon as you insert the cable into a slot, you won’t have to worry about it falling out. That prevents mess and unexpected disconnection of your gadget from a charger. You can insert such cables as computer, audio, USB and network cables. Basically, anything smaller than six millimeters.   

  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Work on most surfaces like glass, wood, marble and other.
  • Suitable for cables smaller than six millimeters.
  • Hard to remove. 

Why trust us

As content writers, we spend hours at our desks both at the office and at home workspaces. It does not matter if some of us prefer ‘creative messiness’ and others minimum items on our desks, what we know and understand is the importance of a well-organized desk which contributes to productivity. That is why, choosing those products to make your shopping experience smoother, we only picked those items that we use or would use by ourselves.   

We also made sure to see what other buying guides like The Strategist, The Spruce, and HGTV say about desk organizing tools. Further, we analyzed best-rated and reviewed desk organizers, drawers’ organizers and other accessories, and selected those that earned at least an average of four stars on review aggregators.   

Finally, we focused our attention on covering most requests that users have when buying desktop organizers. That is why we have such a broad variety of choices on our list. We included holders, stands and trays for minimalists, artists, office workers, writers and many other professions. We also covered both high-end products as well as budget-friendly options.

Frequently asked questions about desk organizers

What is a desk organizer?  

A desk organizer is typically an open tray (sometimes a box or a shelf-like stand) that is divided into small and big compartments. It is designed to hold writing, drawing and other office supplies as well as files and papers.   

What to put in a desk organizer?  

Any small items and supplies that you use every day at work can be stored in a desk organizer. Start with separating your pens from pencils and paper clips from metal binder clips. Also, some desk organizers are designed not only to hold supplies but also papers and notepads. Besides, if you have an organizer with designated slots, you can place your smartphone in one of them as well.   

How to organize your desk?  

While you should keep your computer at the center of your desk, the rest of the organization is up to your preferences and imagination. We suggest you leave only essentials within the reach of your dominant hand. In the organizing tray group similar items together. If you use a lot of paper or have to keep important files near, add a tiered stand with a few slots for documents.   

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