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How to Make Your Tent Last Longer

Your tent is an investment. Maximize your tent’s lifespan with this guide.

The Best Camping Chairs in Canada in 2024

Whether camping, barbecuing, fishing or relaxing in the backyard, do so in comfort with these camp chairs.

Hiking Guide: Getting the Most out of Day-hiking and Backpacking

Hiking can be the best way to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. This guide will help you get started.

The Best Hiking Boots and Trail Shoes for 2024

Boots and shoes are perhaps the most important piece of gear for any hiker.

The Best Headlamps and Lanterns for Summer 2024

Visibility is important when the sky turns dark. These headlamps and lanterns will illuminate your summer.

The Best Water Treatment Systems for Backpacking

Even when the water is clear, bacteria and protozoa may be hiding near.

The Best Sleeping Pads in Canada

Sleep is important, especially when camping. Stay well rested with the best sleeping pads in Canada.

The Best Hiking Backpacks in Canada

Hiking backpacks are an important thing to have for a hike. That’s why we created this buying guide.

The Best Hiking Socks in Canada

A good pair of hiking socks will keep your feet nice and comfortable during any season.

The Best Hammocks for Camping in Canada

Hammock camping can be one of the most comfortable ways to enjoy the outdoors.

The Best Windbreakers in Canada

Windbreakers are the perfect jacket to wear for your outdoor adventurers.

The Best Sleeping Bags and Quilts in Canada

The best thing after a long day in nature is a good night’s sleep.

The Best Camping Stoves in Canada

If you want to take your camp cooking to the next level, then a camping stove is the appliance for you.

best camping tents in Canada

The Best Camping Tents in Canada

Camping is one of the best ways to get into nature, but without the perfect tent – your trip can go downhill fast.

best ammunition brands in canada

The Best Ammo Brands in Canada

Using trusted ammunition is essential to any sport involving guns. Here are the best options for Canadians.

The best coolers in Canada

The Best Coolers In Canada

Looking to keep your drinks cold all summer? This cool guide will help you pick the best cooler.

pocket knife canada

The Best Pocket Knives of 2024

A quality pocketknife can be one of the handiest tools in many situations.