About Us

Welcome to Rank-it.ca!

Rank-it.ca was created to help you make better decisions when shopping. From toothbrushes to hotels, you can find reviews for basically anything on the internet, which can be amazing but also overwhelming. So, how do you organize all that information and make sure you pick the best option Our website was created to answer this question. That’s why we’ve decided to compile the best gear and devices for your daily life in unbiased product guides, so you don’t have to go through a sea of online reviews and compare dozens of products yourself.  

We want to serve people as best as we can, and we try to show it in every possible way, from our in-depth research to our clear comparison standards, taking into consideration the best options to satisfy a range of needs.  

How we review and compare products 

At Rank-it.ca, we believe passionately in simple, independent buying advice. We know how hard you work for each cent you make, and we want to provide you with the most consistent options.  

To help you figure out what to buy, we have an intensive research process that may include user reviews, expert interviews, tester analysis and scientific articlesFor each review, we compare dozens — often hundreds — of products, which sometimes take us weeks. We also carefully fact-check our articles and do our best to provide you with data-backed information. 

We also take into consideration that our personal views may affect how we review and rank some products, so we will make it clear whenever we express a more particular view. Our goal is to be as transparent and coherent as we can, so you can understand our picks even when you don’t agree with them.  

To brands and manufacturers: in an effort to maintain our commitment to being a 100% unbiased source for our readers, we would prefer to test products that we purchase whenever we can. While we would be glad to receive your product, we want to make it clear that that is in no way a guarantee that we will review it for our website, or that any such review would be favourable to you or your product. Thank you. 

How we make money  

While browsing our website, you will find affiliate links to online retailersWhenever you choose to buy something through one of these links, we may get an affiliate commission from the retailer. These referrals don’t cost you anything, but they support our work and allow us to keep creating useful, unbiased buying guides for Canadians.  

Our main priority is earning your trust, so we will never recommend something based on a retailer suggestion or because a brand told us to do so. The products we list on Rank-it.ca are researched and selected by our editorial team regardless of our commercial partnerships. Actually, we don’t make any money if you return a product you ordered after clicking on one of our links. It’s a simple yet effective rule: We are happy if you are happy. We want you to enjoy our articles and have us as your go-to product review tool in Canada, and we will only be able to achieve that if our readers are satisfied with what we do.  

How do I suggest a product review?  

If the product or service you’re looking for isn’t on our website yet, please feel welcome to emailtweet or DM us anytime. We will be glad to hear what you have to say. Our editorial team loves to discover product categories and to create brand new buying guides and shopping tips.