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It has been proven that writing down plans, ideas and thoughts throughout the day helps to improve productivity much better than typing them out on a cellphone or computer. It can be explained that the human brain perceives information differently when it is handwritten on paper. Whatever the reason is, notebooks and organizers are favoured for their ability to keep track of appointments, breaking down tasks, planning a whole month or even a year ahead and gathering ideas, all in one space.

Nevertheless, despite their convenience, there is no such thing as an organizer that fits every need and taste preference. While writers might look for an organizer that allows them to keep track of tasks and ideas on the same page, teachers and lawyers might need something completely different-strictly structured planners with included calendars. Some others require extra pages for journaling, the feature to track habits development or finances flow.

Nowadays, most companies consider a variety of clients and offer organizers that differ according to their needs. When we were working on this buying guide, we also made sure to include not only best organizers found on the market, but consider narrower requests as personal planners, planners that help to increase productivity, keep track of goals, meetings as well as important dates and achievements. Thus, we want to believe that no matter what profession you are in, whether you prefer sharp lines and structure or empty spaces to plan your day, you will find an organizer that will suit your taste and needs.

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What to look for in an organizer

  • Monthly or yearly – Most planners are designed to oversee one year. However, there are some options that are focused on a few months only. The advantage of monthly planners is they are usually much thinner than yearly notebooks. However, you would have to purchase a whole bulk or buy a new one for each month.
  • Dated or undated – As with yearly organizers, most of them come fully dated. And yet, there are planners that come with clean lines and pages that you can date yourself. It is more convenient than academic planners that begin at the beginning of the year because you can start planning despite the current month and date.
  • Style and size – Statistically, doctors and chefs prefer pocket-size planners, while office workers look for larger notebooks to keep on the desk. Depending on your profession, lifestyle and taste inclination, you might want a compact planner with the minimum number of pages that will fit into a purse; or an aesthetic one that can stay on your office desk. Additionally, a planner you open and write in daily should inspire you with its aesthetic and layout. After all, you will use it for a year or even longer; thus, make sure its design is attractive and suits your style preferences.

Best day planner

Leuchttrum1917 weekly planner and notebook

Leuchtturm1917 weekly notebook features a separate box for everyday planning on the left and a ruled page for notes on the right. As one customer noted, you can tell a lot of thought went into the notebook: it’s very well put together and has a lot of convenient features like a layout that can be utilized in many different ways.

The planner from the German brand also features a flat opening. Unlike many other notebooks, you can open this one flat, so you can draw and write under any angle without worrying about the spine of the book. This yearly organizer also has space that allows you to plan out the year 2023 and write down thoughts on future projects. Besides that, it includes such details as phases of the moon, official holidays in 58 countries, a gusseted pocket in the cover, project plan, stickers for labelling an extra booklet for anniversaries and addresses.

  • Convenient weekly planning.
  • Yearly outline.
  • High-quality hardcover.
  • Some customers noted that depends on the used ink, it might be see-through.

The High-performance planner

This is the perfect marriage of a planner and a journal, according to one customer. With this planner, make sure to take a few minutes every morning to set up your goals. The High-Performance organizer is not the smallest notebook on the market; however, it is filled with features you wish to have, but most notebooks lack. At first, you can plan out the whole day hour by hour and write down plans as well as capture achievements. Updated calendar layout allows you to plan in advance. The notebook has sections for writing down wins, lessons and gratitude at the end of each day. You can even score yourself in such areas as courage, productivity, personal development, and finance management. Overall, the planner is designed to help you achieve productivity, stay more focused during the day and plan and prioritize more efficiently.

The only inconvenience many customers found with this organizer is that it is available in a bundle of six, where each book is designed for 60 days only. Thus, you either have to purchase the whole bundle at once or buy as months are passing by. However, due to it being the best productivity planner, such a little disadvantage plays a very insignificant role.

  • Daily organizer.
  • Morning and evening reflection pages.
  • Weekly and monthly review pages.
  • Available in six different colours.
  • Large notebook, inconvenient for travelling.
  • Have to buy a new notebook bi-monthly.

Moleskine Classic 12-month 2021 hard-cover weekly planner

Moleskine is the brand that for decades connects owners of their notebooks to quality of materials, artistic simplicity of design, and convenience for everyday use. If you are looking for a minimal, classy yearly planner this Moleskine organizer is an ideal option for daily, weekly and monthly planning. Professionals from many industries prefer Moleskine classic planners for their convenient monthly layout, weekly horizontal outline for efficient days planning, and extra pages for each day that you can use to write down notes, thoughts and ideas. Known as the best planner for business owners, the Moleskine planner is simple enough to limit distractions in the forms of quotes, unnecessary blocks and sections, yet full of beneficial features.

According to a customer, the paper is premium and writing on the pages is a dream compared to lower quality journals/calendars. As for other useful tools, the planner includes time zones, international measurements, dialling codes and universal holidays calendar.

  • Classic minimal design.
  • Ideal for outlining months, days and weeks.
  • Lie flat opening.
  • As per some customers, they found it inconvenient that the calendar is placed at the beginning of each month.

Best cheap planner

Little More daily organizer planner

The name speaks for itself: The Little More is not only a compact, affordable planner that can help you to keep track of your tasks and appointments, but also a smart-looking organizer that is used widely by nursing students, moms and anyone who needs a planner that would fit into any purse. The pages in the planner are undated; therefore, you can start planning any day of the week. It includes sections for habits, notes, gratitude, and task planning.

The Little More planner is made with high-quality paper that allows you to use most inks without it leaking through the page. It also features a soft vegan leather cover that looks minimal and elegant, thus suitable for most users. Besides daily pages, the planner includes monthly overview and review pages. As some customers noted, daily pages give you the ability to plan by hours as it includes lines from six am to nine pm which so far makes it the best hourly planner. (However, if your activities take past nine in the evening, it might be a little inconvenient.)

  • Stylish minimal look.
  • Convenient compact size.
  • Ideal to transport around.
  • Undated.
  • Might not be enough space for too many notes.

Best stylish planner

Bloom daily planner, 2023 hardcover calendar year goal & vision planner

One of the best cute planners we found is ideal for those who prefer not only an efficient organizer, but also a colourful, stylish cover. Besides the floral cover, the inner side is not less attractive. The planner includes purpose and values worksheets, goal settings, weekly planning, monthly spending tracker, pages for notes and more. Each month allows you to write in details and plan in such categories as personal growth, health, fitness, career, finances and others.

Based on customers’ reviews, the planner helped them achieve a more balanced, productive lifestyle. As one of them noticed, she loves the section for weekly notes/tidied the space at the bottom that allows her to record workouts and water intake.

  • Stylish feminine design.
  • Includes calendars/monthly planning/daily scheduling.
  • Includes goals and lifestyle/habit tracking sections.
  • One of the planners that includes water intake tracking.
  • Some customers noted that weekly space is not as roomy as they would like it to be.

Best planner for teachers

Clever fox planner – weekly & monthly planner

Clever Fox planner specifically designed to help you achieve ultimate productivity and checkmark your daily goals. In fact, as one customer noted, not only the cover is gorgeous, and the pages are nice and heavy, but she also loves the habit tracker and that all 12 monthly pages are together at the beginning. This organizer combines goal-setting pages, scheduling, list-making, and colourful stickers to help to separate and track each day’s tasks. You can define and break down plans for each week and month or set up long-term goals. Besides that, the journal can help to improve habits with a vision board, daily rituals, and gratitude sections. For example, the goal section is separated into a few areas: relationship, career, finances, and personal development.

What we also love about this planner is that it is the best undated planner. Unlike most organizers, you can start using this one any time without waiting for the beginning of a new year and wasting pages. Teachers especially prefer this organizer because it allows them to break down tasks, weeks and ideas while keeping all necessary information in the same place.

  • Undated planner.
  • Includes vision board/goals/mind-map sections.
  • Weekly view.
  • According to some customers, it was overwhelming and unnecessary to have so many sections in an organizer.

Best small planner

Lemome 2021 planner

Lemome pocket planner is a compact, functional, stylish organizer that includes a two-year calendar, and daily planning. It also has multiple convenient features as a pen holder, inner pocket, two ribbon bookmarks and elastic closure. The planner is preferred by many travelers for its mini format that allows them to carry it in any purse or pocket. With this organizer, you can plan as you go and stay productive wherever you are.

It is a very attractive planner; well organized, according to one customer who likes having a month at a glance and then spaces in the daily version to write more details, like an address, itinerary or an appointment. Besides that, the planner is made of leather and shows a classy, minimal appearance.

  • Functional design.
  • Includes monthly tabs/daily organizing/two-year calendar.
  • High quality leather material.
  • Compact size.
  • The pen holder might be too big for some pens or pencils.

Best large planner

JStory monthly planner

Jstory offers a few different sizes of their craft paper monthly planners; however, we decided to focus on the large size version. It is an ideal planner for anyone who prefers simple layouts and the ability to have appointments, calls and important dates in front of your eyes all on one page. The planner is made from high-quality craft paper and includes undated pages with squares big enough to write down important tasks, meetings and plans. As one customer observed, the planner does not have any numbers preprinted into the calendar, so if you want to start your week on the 20th of the month, you can.

It is one of the favourite planers among office workers and parents. Another customer said it is not as cute as other smaller planners that already come personalized, but the simplicity is so refreshing. You can use the space for exactly what you need, which for her was simply a monthly planner that can fit all daily and weekly tasks in the box.

  • A simple design you can customize.
  • Low price.
  • Undated planning.
  • Does not include such features as a calendar, holidays, and helpful planning tools.

Panda Planner Pro daily planner

As one customer marked, using Panda Pro planner she can effectively plan, label, and organize her year in advance, upcoming and current months, and strategically plan a current day; all while keeping her goals present. It has been a favourite planner for many. Each page in the organizer includes a morning review with affirmation and gratitude lines. It also has a focus section and end-of-the-day reflection. Besides lines for tasks, you can find daily priorities and hourly schedule sections. The Panda Pro planner also includes an overview of each month for setting up goals and taking notes.

Overall, the planner promises a solution to the lack of productivity and assistance in achieving your goals. It is designed to improve productivity and end procrastination through well-thought details that include habits tracking, space for thoughts, ideas and tasks builder. According to customers’ reviews the planner suits many professions and personalities: high-school and college students, moms, teachers and others. According to other reviews it is one of the best planners for people with ADHD: it outlines organizing strategies that can be of value to anyone who wants to improve their organizational skills.

  • Designed to increase productivity.
  • Includes sections for self-reflection/monthly planning/scheduling.
  • Comes with access to a membership site with a mini video course about procrastination and productivity.
  • Some customers found too many sections unnecessary and unsuitable for their lifestyle.

Best grocery planner

Meal Planner – track meal plans weekly

If you find yourself overwhelmed in a grocery store with no clear ideas about what meals to cook this week, then you need a meal planner. The best kitchen planner is the one that can support you in generating ideas for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, in preparing grocery shopping lists and as a result saving money and time during shopping. This meal planner has both: an adorable, bright cover and a convenient functional inside layout. The undated journal has pages on the left dedicated to weekdays, where you can plan meals from Monday to Sunday. On the right page, there are two sections: one is for meal ideas for the upcoming week or a special holiday, and the second one is for a grocery shopping list. In that case, having in front of your eyes both, a weekly plan and a shopping list, you do not have to worry about forgetting important ingredients.

The meal planner is especially useful if you have a family. It is much easier to do quick grocery shopping for a single person. However, if you have a few people in your household, a small child who perhaps still does not eat adult food, then a weekly meal/grocery planner is a practical tool to have.

  • Convenient layout.
  • Ideal for planning for the whole week.
  • Affordable.
  • Some customers noted the pages do not have enough space to write more ideas.

Best bullet journal notebook

Scribbles That Matter A5dotted journal

Scribbles That Matters was identified as the best-designed bullet journal according to Amazon. It features a vegan leather cover that prevents pages from falling apart and keeps your ideas and thoughts protected wherever you take it. The journal opens up to 360∘ flat, so you can write under any convenient angle without breaking the spine of the book. The A5 size is perfect for portability for carrying it in a backpack or a purse so you can plan on the go and keep track of your plans and appointments. The pages are made of 160 GSM thick paper that won’t let any ink leak through; you can use pens, markers and colour pencils to make the process of journaling more interesting. Considering the quality of the notebook, we also find it is the best cheap bullet journal: it comes at an affordable price. While there are some cheaper options on the market, they don’t compare in quality to the Scribbles That Matter one.

Using a bullet journal can improve productivity, tack healthy habits development and help with efficient planning. As one customer noted, she has ADHD and read that bullet journaling can be helpful. So naturally, she hyperfocused on researching bullet journals for a week straight by comparing specs on Amazon and watching YouTube videos. She finally settled with this one and it did not disappoint.

  • High-quality pages.
  • Vegan leather softcover.
  • Flexible pen loop.
  • Expansive back pocket.
  • Some inks do not dry well on pages coating.

Best water tracker/weight loss journal

Hello New Me daily food and exercise journal

Whatever you are trying to do, eat healthier or lose weight, Hello New Me journal can assist in those needs. The 90 days journal motivates you every 30 days to determine and form new habits, cross each day as you accomplish new habits, enjoy tracking changes, and finally welcoming new you.

Each day is divided into sections where you can write down meal planning for breakfast, lunch, dinner and track water intake. Besides that, there is space for recording exercises, cravings and overall moods. As one customer observed, what she likes about this book is that it does not focus on weight loss. It focuses on self-esteem, body positivity, and feeling good and healthy. For instance, the page for Day 1 is titled “My Starting Point”. It includes a woman figure, and one can write down their measurements. In addition, below that woman figure, there is a note “I am gorgeous the way I am! But here’s what I’d like to improve….” The same page is also found at the end of the book to compare with your starting point, and has a line where you can write down habits you wish to continue to practice.

  • Water intake tracker.
  • Meal planning/recording sections.
  • Compact and easy to take along with you.
  • Does not include weekly or monthly check-ins/measurement pages for comparison.

Best bullet journal kit

Feela dotted bullet journal kit

Feela dotted notebook set comes with one notebook in a bright orange colour, 15 colours of fine liner pens, five pieces of reusable stencils, six sticker sheets, four washi tapes, and one black pen. Overall, you will receive a full kit of essential items to help you organize a bullet journal. As per a satisfied customer, it is a useful starter for bullet and dot journaling and good value for the price. With a variety of ink colours and a few sticker sheets you can turn the process of thoughts capturing, meetings reminder, day planning into something more entertaining than writing tasks with a plain black pen.

The only disadvantage a few customers noted is that unless you use all parts of the kit and fully decorate your organizer with stickers, stencils and tape, you do not need that many items in the kit.

  • Full set that includes a notebook, stickers, pens, and stencils.
  • Hardcover and thick paper.
  • Elastic closure and inner pocket.
  • Depends on ink usage it might leak through pages.

How we picked the best journals and planners

We selected organizers and bullet journals that earned at least four Amazon stars and many satisfied reviews. Also, we tried to cover a variety of requests and needs and added journals for weight loss, daily planning, business organizing, travelling and more. We also analyzed what other buying guides (Simply Frugal, The Strategist, The Spruce) suggest and made our conclusions to offer you the list of planners that we hope would meet your needs and satisfy preferences.

Frequently asked questions

How does a planner work?

A planner is a helpful tool that can improve your productivity, thus help to achieve better results in career, health, personal growth, and other aspects of your life. It does not matter whether you choose a bullet journal style or an academic type; a planner is designed to collect tasks, help with tracking habits, reminding about important dates, appointments and more. Overall, a planner usually includes space to write down tasks for each day, a calendar for every month and extra space for notes and plans.

What is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is a system designed to organize schedules, to-do lists, tasks and brainstorming all in one notebook. The method requires only a notebook with clear pages and a pen. However, many people prefer using colourful inks, markers, stickers and other supplies to make the process more entertaining.

Which habits to track using a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is a way to organize days, weeks and months and, after all, track your achievements and progress. Thus, you can include such sections as habit tracking, school, career, finances, and health. Among a few habits that people prefer to track using a bullet journal are no phone time, mediation, self-care routine, exercising, healthy eating and water intake.

What’s the average price for a planner?

You can find an organizer for as low as $20. However, if you want an organizer that includes not only days, but also monthly calendars, habit trackers, pages for notes and more, if paper quality and material of the cover is part of the request, then be prepared to spend closer to $50.

Can a planner make you more productive?

It certainly can. When you write down goals, daily tasks and have them in front of your eyes, the list keeps you more organized and productive. Plus, it brings a somewhat of satisfaction to checkmark completed tasks throughout the day. Besides that, knowing that all meetings, appointments, ideas and important dates are collected in one place, you can be more confident about staying on top of punctuality and productivity.

What are the types of planners?

There are two types of people: those who prefer a separate planner for every aspect of their lives, and those who choose to keep it organized in one journal. If you belong to the former group, then you might find such types of planners useful, like personal, finance and budget, health/workout/dieting, and another one specifically for work-related meetings and tasks. However, if all you want is one solid planner to oversee all parts of your daily routine, then a bullet journal or a daily planner might be the right choice for you.


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