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The Best Lap Desks & Laptop Stands

If you started noticing neck or back pain after a day at the office, it might be time to bring in a laptop stand. A laptop stand combines a few beneficial factors for your health, vision and productivity. Elevating your device to eye level can help to maintain a proper posture. Moreover, it prevents developing pain in your shoulders and neck and not being uncomfortable is key to a productive day.   

Another reason why a laptop stand is one of the best purchases you can make for your work or study routine is the ability to complete tasks at the comfort of your bed or couch. Particularly in this guide, we prepared quite a few options that are steady no matter how soft the surface is. 

With such an abundance of choices of lap desks and laptop stands on the market, we made sure to narrow them down to make your shopping process easier. We included various options from the best overall laptop stands to lap desks with cushions, to trays that can be used for work and breakfast in bed alike.   

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Our Top Picks

What to look for in laptop stands and lap desks

Height:  The most important factor is the height of the laptop stand. Overall, you want a laptop stand that raises your device so that your eye level is 1-2 inches below the top of the screen. There is an easy way to find out how much height adjustment you would need. According to NY Times Wirecutter experts, you should place your laptop on a stack of books until the top of the screen is about one inch above eye level. Then, you would have to measure the height from the bottom of your laptop to top of your desk.  

Quality/sturdiness:  Your laptop is an expensive gadget, therefore the stand that would hold it for several hours every day should be sturdy, made of quality material (think solid wood, metal), and would not wobble every time you touch a keyboard. Yes, it might be tempting to buy the cheapest laptop stand, but considering the amount of time you would use it and the weight/size of your laptop it only makes sense to pay more for a high-quality holder.   

Adjustability:  Based on your workspace setup, preferences, and habits, choose the laptop stand that has adjusting flexibility. For instance, a stand for those who prefer switching between standing and sitting positions will differ from a stand for those who work or study lounging on a couch. Thus, a fixed-height laptop is not an option that would suit every single user.   

Also, keep in mind stands that offer tilt angle and height adjustment, especially if you are doing different types of work. Such stands are more versatile whether you use them for handwriting, typing or drawing.   

Design:  A laptop stand is the centerpiece of your workspace. Thus, even if you are not ready to spend $200 on an acacia wood stand that surely is an attractive, unique item, look out for lap desks or stands that resonate with the aesthetic of your office or bedroom (if that is where you study or work). To put it shortly, every time you look at it, it should not distract you from work, and yet should not disturb your inner aesthetician because of a design that does not match the desk (or bed sheets).   

Size:  Size factor matters not only to make sure it fits either a 15- or 17-inch laptop, but also if it does not crowd your main desk. If you have limited space whether in your office or apartment, a wide and tall laptop stand with storage compartments might not be the right model for you.   

At the same time, a compact stand that can only fit a laptop can look somewhat lost on a large office desk. Besides, if space allows, we highly recommend you get a laptop stand with slots for other electronic devices, a pen compartment, a mouse pad and storage for notebooks.   

Best laptop stand overall

obVus Solutions – minder Laptop Tower Stand

The obVus laptop stand is all about making your workday as efficient as possible. What makes it unique is the ability to adjust the height: change your position from sitting to standing as frequently as you need. It is a known fact that to maintain a good posture, especially during spending several hours in front of a computer, you should keep the screen at eye level. Hence, using this obVus Solutions stand is a solution indeed to save you from back and neck pains.  

Besides the health benefits, this laptop stand also offers reliability. The stand is made from strong, durable material. It is sturdily built, which means you do not have to worry about your laptop falling off. And, despite its sturdiness, the stand is easily collapsible and can fit in a backpack or messenger bag in case you want to take it to the office.   

According to Wired Magazine, while it offers you switching between siting and standing, it takes some muscle power to change the height and angle.  

And as per a customer’s review, the only reason he did not give it 5/5 on everything was that it takes a little strength to adjust both hinge points. If this is for a person who is small or weak, they may have to leave it in a position or get some help, he added. (Though for most people this probably won’t be an issue.) He uses both iPad and Macbook Air on the stand and it works great. 

  • Durable material.  
  • Height adjustment.  
  • Ergonomic design.  
  • Easily collapsible.  
  • Takes some strength to adjust hinge points.

The best lap desk for college students

LORYERGO Lap Desk with Cushion & Wrist Rest

Although there is no doubt you are more productive at your desk, time after time (think fatigue, rainy/snowy days) it is so tempting to stay in bed, and complete work projects or school assignments with a pillow behind your back. For those types of days, a lap desk becomes a convenient solution. This particular laptop tray from Loryergo has plenty of attractive functions that contribute to comfort during work hours.  

The first feature is the wrist pad. If you spend hours typing or even using a mouse, you probably have noticed how sore your wrist might get at the end of the day. The soft supportive pad helps to avoid wrist aches and also prevents your laptop from slipping off. A customer who bought this for her kid to use for the online school said it is a perfect lap desk. It is sturdy and the wrist support is very effective.  

Loryergo lap desk comes at a standard size of 21.5-inches x 14.3-inches. That means you can fit a 15.6-inch laptop with mouse space, and a 17-inch laptop without a mouse. Speaking of the space this lap desk offers, it also has two storage slots for a tablet and a cell phone. Students especially find it useful: even if you do not own a laptop but use an iPad for your studies, you can always put the tablet in a designated slot and place a separate keyboard on a tray.   

Besides using this lap desk as a laptop stand you can also give it a try as a writing or drawing board. Two bolster cushions on the bottom of the board create a right angle for convenient typing and writing. Although we would not suggest using this cushioned lap desk on your actual work desk (it can slip because there is no grip on fabric cushions) it is an ideal helper when you work or study in bed, on a couch or floor.   

Among those features that are attractive enough to buy this laptop stand, here is one more. The tray comes with a portable handle allowing you to easily carry it wherever you go.  

  • Sturdy, ergonomic design.
  • Extra slots for table and phone.  
  • Mouse pad is included.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Some reviewers noted that the slots are not deep enough. 

Best lap desk with storage

Rossie Home Acacia Wood Lap Desk

Sophisticated, durable and spacious, those are three epithets that describe this Rossie Home lap desk. The acacia wood desk offers large interior compartments where you can store supplies like notebooks, pens and chargers. Three compartments are designed to fit and organize all your go-to items. But the organization is not everything you can expect from this lap desk.   

Rossie laptop stand is made of acacia wood that has a silky and smooth finish. The craftsmanship of this miniature desk is outstanding. Combining functionality and aesthetics this lap desk exceeds expectations, as per many reviewers.   

Besides aesthetics and convenient storage compartments this laptop stand has a cushion on the bottom which makes it comfortable to hold it on your lap. And speaking of comfort, it opens on a hinge, meaning the Rossie Home lap desk won’t spill out if tipped over. Even if you knock the desk over, the magnets are strong enough to hold the lid to prevent opening.   

And lastly, if you have a 17-inch laptop the stand might not be right for you. But, for a 15.6-inch or small device, it is an ideal stand.   

  • Premium wood material.  
  • Three internal compartments. 
  • Adjustable elevation.  
  • Might feel heavy.  

Best lap desk for gaming

Couchmaster® CYBOT – Ergonomic Lap Desk

As per IGN Magazine, “This Couchmaster CYBOT lap desk gives you a little battle station for the couch. It puts cushions on either side of you and stretches a desktop surface between them, giving you room for your laptop and a mouse.” 

If you are an active gamer and like to use your laptop for playing, (while staying in the comfort of your couch or bed) it is the right lap desk to meet all demands. The Couchmaster Cybot comes with cushions that can be easily adjusted or removed. This makes the Couchmaster Cybot different from other laptop stands. The cushions help to keep your gaming station stable while taking the weight off your legs. Another feature gamers would love to hear about is wrist pads that provide some additional comfort and relieve pressure.  

Besides comfortable cushions, this stand has other gamer-oriented features. One of them is a slot on the right side: you can place your phone or a tablet.  

The second feature is a ventilation grille. It lets your laptop pull up the fresh air and stay cool, especially during continuous gaming sessions.   

  • Vacuumized cushions. 
  • Ventilation grille.  
  • Ergonomic design. 
  • Side pockets for accessories.  
  • Some customers noted that the stand would be better if it came with Velcro to attach the table to the cushions. 
  • Expensive.

SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand for Bed

SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand for Bed

You might be having breakfast in bed or working under the comfort of your duvet, in both cases you need a stand that offers flexibility and stability. That is when the Saiji laptop stand comes to assist you in working, drawing or even eating.   

The Saiji stand is adjustable and that is one of the most important features. Use two auto-lock buttons to change the height to your convenience. Overall, you can choose from five different heights from 10.6 – to 15.4 inches.   

Additionally, the stand can rotate to four different angles (from 0°-36°). And, even if you tilt it to the maximum to have a better viewing point, the non-slip leather surface (that also fits an 18-inch screen) would prevent your device from slipping down.  

As for other convenient features, the Saiji lap desk has a tablet slot and foldable legs.  

  • Multifunctional tray.  
  • Foldable and easily transportable.  
  • Adjustable height and angles.  
  • Expensive.  

Best lap desk for writing

Amazon Basics Adjustable Laptop Tray Table

This Amazon Basics tray is simple, and affordable, yet gets work done whenever you decide to finish a project while sitting on a couch or staying in bed. According to Hollywood Reporter, this Amazon Basic stand offers flexibility, first of all. You can tilt it into a book stand or a functional on-the-go workspace. Moreover, give it a try as an extended riser that turns your desk into a standing one. 

You can pick from two available sizes where medium size measures 11.8 inches long by 20.5 inches wide or a large option 13 inches by 23.6 inches.   

Lastly, the tray comes with a detachable mouse and notebook slip pad. That way you can customize your workspace by adding or removing devices.   

  • Foldable legs for easy transportation.  
  • Versitile and user-friendly.  
  • Adjustable height and surface angle. 
  • Durable and lightweight.  
  • Some customers noted that depending on the surface the tray might feel flimsy.

Best lap desk for mouse/ best lap desk for working from home

LapGear Home-Office Lap Desk With Device Ledge, Mouse Pad, and Phone Holder

The LapGear pillow lap desk is a favourite among Amazon reviewers. Almost 3,000 reviews from satisfied customers say that this stand is useful for working from home. It can be used while staying in bed or sitting on a sofa. Dual-bolster cushions conform to your lap keeping your skin cool and comfortable.  

It is extremely comfortable with the generous double-bolster cushioning system, a tray that also comes with a built-in mouse pad and a phone holder. The latter one is especially useful when you need a cellphone for a conference call. Place your phone in a slot and keep working and taking notes on the side.   

The only thing you have to remember when buying this lightweight laptop stand is that it is designed to hold up to 15-inch devices only.   

  • Lightweight and user-friendly.  
  • Includes phone slot.  
  • Comfortable cushions.  
  • As per some reviews stuffing on the bottom gets flat. 

Best laptop stand for desk

Samdi Laptop Stand Wood

Samdi laptop stand is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, noted a satisfied customer. Style and functionality are always a plus! He bought two of them two separate laptops to sit on each side of a monitor. Very sturdy and well crafted, he added. Works exactly as described and is worth every dollar spent.   

It is a universal type of stand that fits most laptops. At the same time, the Samdi stand is ergonomically designed so you can sit with a proper posture. Place this laptop stand on your work desk and enjoy both the sleek, sophisticated design, wood texture and convenient viewing angle. 

Another factor we love about this laptop holder is the built-in air breathing slots network. And, besides those breathing slots, the stand has one designated opening for cables to keep your desk free of clutter.   

  • Ergonomic design.  
  • Elegant, minimal design.  
  • Built-in air breathing slots. 
  • As per some customers the stand feels wobbly.  

Best laptop stand for couch

GUIFIER Laptop Table Stand Desk with USB Cooling Fan

If you are worried about your laptop overheating, it might be the right time to get a special stand with a built-in fan. For instance, this Guifier laptop stand comes with a cooling fan and hollowed-out swirl shapes for better heat dissipation.   

Besides, the Guifier laptop desk is made of high-quality material and finished with Natural Eco-friendly and sturdy bamboo board. Bamboo is not only a more environmentally-friendly material, but it also looks appealing in any setting, whether you work, read, draw or serve breakfast to bed.  

Speaking of drawing, the adjustable tilt angle (choose from four angles) allows you to find the most convenient tilt of the board whenever you decide to switch from a keyboard to a pencil. Basically, this stand can serve as a compact version of an easel.   

And lastly, the Guifier stand comes with a convenient cup-groove and a small drawer for storing a phone, sticky notes and a pen.   

  • Foldable and easily portable. 
  • Versatile.  
  • Built-in fan.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Some customers noted the fan did not work when USB was plugged in.  

Best laptop stand for a minimalist

STONE PAPER laptop stand

According to Wired Magazine, “This stand is made from one sheet of recycled stone paper (which is made up of stone waste from the mining industry), and it’s meticulously folded to give it an accordion-like design.” It is also waterproof. The Wired Magazine team purposely spilled coffee on it and were able to wipe it up without a wrinkle or stain left behind.   

But, a sustainable way of production is not the only fact we love about this Stone Paper laptop stand. Besides a unique look, the stand, which won the International Forum Design Award 2021 is also astonishingly lightweight and easily portable.  

A satisfied customer said she loves how easy it is to fold it up and put it away. She lives in a small space and wouldn’t want another big, clumsy piece. This stand that you can fold at the end of the workday, throw in your bag and carry home from an office, or simply hide in a drawer is an ideal solution for a limited workspace.   

 Although the stand is made of recycled stone paper, it is impressively durable. It can handle a hundred times the weight of the product, promises the brand. 

  • Waterproof. 
  • Lightweight.  
  • Durable.  
  • Eco-friendly.  
  • Not ideal for devices larger than 15-inch.  

Why trust us

 As content writers we spend hours not only researching the best products for you, but also staring at our laptops. Which is one of the main reasons we understand the importance of a quality laptop stand that contributes to a proper posture. Thus, when we were selecting stands to assist you in your shopping, we only chose items we would buy ourselves.  

But, besides our own opinion, we created this guide based on other trusted buying guides’ conclusions, (NY Times Wirecutter, The Strategist and others). Next, we analyzed customers’ reviews and only added laptop stands that earned at least four stars.  

Lastly, we did not only pick laptop stands for an office environment. We made sure to include a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. We covered up such requests as budget-friendly and sustainable laptop stands. We also included lap desks that are convenient to use not only for typing but also for writing and drawing.   

Frequently asked questions

What is a lap desk?  

A lap desk is a portable, compact desk set on the lap. While they come in various shapes and sizes, what unites them all is a bottom cushion that takes the weight off your lap and elevates your device closer to eye level.   

Why use a laptop stand?/why do I need a laptop stand?  

A laptop stand can prevent hunching back, and pain in shoulders and neck by elevating your screen to eye level. Hence, improving your work ergonomics can increase your overall productivity.   

How to build a lap desk?  

Surprisingly it is not a very complicated task to DIY your own lap desk. Yes, it might look simpler than the one you would buy, and probably would not have any extra compartments, but it will get the job done. Feel free to reuse leftover wood and fabric. Add a foam board. Staple or glue fabric on the foam board and place the piece of wood (previously cut into the same shape as the foam board) on the foam. Overall, if you have never done a project like that, this article might be helpful: 

Where can I buy a lap desk?  

You can buy a lap desk at Indigo, Amazon, Wayfair, Canadian Tire, and even Etsy.   

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