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The Best Bread Makers in Canada

We’ve selected the best bread makers in Canada, as well as listed their pros and cons, main specs, and what to look for in a bread machine. 

Store bought bread never compares to a fresh loaf of bread. Bakery bread is delicious, but costs can add up. Making bread yourself is a rewarding task, but if you do it by hand, it can be a laborious, time-intensive task. Sitting between all three of these vertices is using a bread machine for all your doughy demands. You can have a fresh loaf ready to go when you need it, without the skill or time required to do it by hand, at a cost that can be even cheaper than Wonderbread per loaf.  

However, whether you are a master baker or a newbie, getting the right bread machine for you can ensure you get what you want from your bread machine.

Our top picks

What to look for in a bread maker

Modes of operation: A bread machine is an automatic machine with different modes and different goals. Different types of bread or dough require different kneading, rising, and baking cycles, so you should consider what your favourite types of bread or dough-based food are and your diet when looking into a bread maker. A classic loaf of white bread will require significantly different steps than a loaf of gluten-free bread, since the kneading process will not aim to create gluten with the latter (obviously). Bread makers can also make doughs for pizza and pasta, as well as unexpected foods like cakes and even jam. Bread machines will also typically have controls for crust colour and size of the loaf you are making. We consider the different modes perhaps the most important aspect of the bread machine, as it will either provide you with different opportunities, or confine you to what is possible with each unit. 

Features: There are a bunch of different features that will improve the baking experience. The most common is delayed start, which will let you load the ingredients in a machine and have the machine start at a programmed time, so you can have a fresh loaf when you wake up or come home from work. Other features include different kneading blade configurations (including multi-blade and folding-blade configurations) or warming features that keep your finished loaf warmer without overcooking it.  

Size: The size of any appliance will generally impact the space required to use and store the unit, but with bread machines, size most likely corresponds to the size of the breadbasket as well. This will impact the size of loaf the machine will be able to produce. Units will have size controls, that will usually be able to produce a smaller loaf (around 1 lb) to larger loafs at 2lbs and up.  

Noise: Some machines are noisier than others. The unit my mom used when I grew up made all sorts of grunts, clicks, and beeps. If you are sensitive to the noise, this may detract you from some units, and we tried to signal when we saw complaints of this nature.  

Price: Prices fluctuate between under $100 and above $300-400 for some bread makers. Since some users will want a bread machine to try to save some money in the long term, price is an important consideration. The more you spend, the more features you are likely to receive.  

Warranty: Some units will come with a warranty, but this may vary if you shop online whether than at a brick-and-mortar store. Since you will be spending a chunk of cash on a bread machine anyway, considering the warranty offered by the manufacturer could keep your bread baking in the long term, since these electrical units are exposed to moisture and heat, which is not the best pairing in the best of times.  

Best bread maker under $130

Cuisinart Compact Automatic Bread Maker CBK-110

The Cuisinart Compact Automatic Bread Maker is a strong bread maker with a compact footprint. While it might not be the best metric for the quality of a bread machine, this model is the best-selling bread maker on Amazon, with a high-user score to boot. 

With a compact footprint around 26 x 33 cm, this unit is perfectly suited for most countertops. However, the Cuisinart CBK-110 is almost a foot tall, which means this unit primarily produces tall but narrow loaves.  

The Cuisinart CBK-110 features many automatic settings and features for a customizable experience. The Cuisinart CBK-110 has 12 automatic pre-programmed menu options for making different types of bread including white, French, whole wheat, sweet bread, and gluten-free breads, as well as dough options for both artisan and regular dough, and other settings including jam, packaged bread mix, rapid bread, cake, and a mode just for baking. 3 different crust shade settings allow you to further customize your bread to have light, medium, or dark crust. 3 different bread sizes allow you to bake loafs between 1 and 2 lbs in weight.  

Users reported that use of the Cuisinart Compact bread maker is easy and intuitive. You can set and forget the Cuisinart CBK-110, with display alerts and beep sounds that can alert you when to remove the kneading paddle, add mix-ins, and when the baking process is complete. The unit features a lid with a viewing window and interior lighting so you can monitor your bread. The LCD display can indicate how much time is left in the process, which cycle the machine is currently in, and what options you selected. There is also a 13-hour delay timer, so you can get your fresh bread when you want it.  

Users find using the Compact Automatic Bread Maker from Cuisinart easy and the bread it produces delicious. Users find most of the settings produce excellent quality bread, including their gluten-free loaves. However, some users found this machine was noisy, with some strange sounds that were heard during its use. Some users also complained about the recipe book, which produced some subpar and users found the recipes often needed adjusting through trial and error. The unit does not feature easily replaceable parts like the kneading paddle, so hopefully the 3-year limited warranty has you covered for anything that might go wrong with this unit.  

  • Smaller footprint allows this compact unit to fit in most spaces.  
  • 12 automatic pre-programmed bake modes with 3 crust colours and 3 size settings allows you to customize your bread how you want it.
  • Features include several different alerts and 13-hour delay cycle.  
  • Some users reported this machine can be noisy.
  • Subpar recipe book.  

Best budget bread maker

Hamilton Beach 29885C Bread Maker

If you are looking for a budget-friendly bread maker, the Hamilton Beach 29885C Bread Maker is an excellent choice if you look to save some money on buying bread. With all the bells and whistles at such an affordable price, this is an excellent starter bread maker.  

This Hamilton Beach bread maker has countertop dimensions around 40cm x 25cm, and a height of around 25cm, meaning this unit is small but not compact, and the breadbasket inside produces more traditionally shaped bread.  

This Hamilton Beach bread maker features 14 different automatic cook settings for different uses includes pre-programmed bread modes for regular, French, whole wheat, sweet, and gluten-free breads, express settings for 1.5 lb and 2 lb loaves, individual settings for mixing dough, mixing artisanal dough, rising bread, and baking, and additional settings for cake and jam. The Hamilton Beach 29885C has 3 settings for crust colour: light, medium, and dark, and has 3 different size functions from 1 lb – 2 lb. There is also an automatic keep warm function after the bake cycle concludes.  

Users that reviewed this unit generally found the Hamilton Beach 29885C easy to make bread with. The programmable LCD display allows you to control a variety of the bread maker’s features, including the different settings and delay timer. The bread pan is non-stick, removable, and dishwasher safe, so it is easy to clean. This unit features little suction cups on the bottom of it to help keep it stable on the countertop.  

Overall, users found this machine performs beyond its budget price.  There are a few things that users commonly complained about: despite the suction cup feet, this unit still wobbles when in use. Another thing users were frustrated with is despite a listed 5-year warranty, many users who purchased via Amazon were left high and dry if their units had problems – although this may be on Amazon instead of Hamilton Beach.  

  • 14 different bake settings, 3 crust colour, and 3 different size settings for customizable and diverse use.
  • Non-stick, removable, and dishwasher safe pan.
  • Its inexpensive price versus quality makes this a very strong budget choice.  
  • Despite suction cup feet, this machine still rocks and wobbles.  
  • The 5-year warranty is anything but guaranteed. 

Best affordable bread maker

Oster 2 lb Bread maker with Expressbake & Sunbeam 2 lb Bread maker with Gluten Free Setting

In our research, these two bread makers popped up on many lists and received many positive reviews. Funnily enough, these bread makers are extremely similar since Oster and Sunbeam are under the same corporate umbrella. Price, features, and layout are identical, so you can find whichever one is cheaper or more available in your area. Whichever of these two you receive, you will get a solid, budget bread maker with a solid list of features. 

One of the only differences of these units is that the Oster unit is a few centimeters larger in each dimension, coming in at a compact 34cm x 30cm, and a height of 33cm.  

Making bread with either of these units is remarkably easy. Just press the menu select button to access modes for different bread types including Basic, French, Whole Wheat, Sweet & Gluten Free breads, different bake settings including Quick, Express Bake 1.5lb & 2.0lb and alternative modes including Dough, Pasta Dough, Jam, Bake & Cake. Each setting is coded with a number that will be indicated on the menu. Once this feature is entered, you can input the crust color with settings from Light, Medium, Dark or Rapid and Loaf Size with sizes including 1.0lb, 1.5lb, 2.0lb. You can also program delay time that can be set up to 15 hours. Once the bread is finished, there is also 1 hour of warming afterwards. 

These units feature non-stick hobs and bread pans and while the breadbasket is easy to clean, but not dishwasher safe. The unit features a window for viewing your bread as it bakes. The LCD display is minimal, showing where the unit is for each stage of the bread making process. 

Overall, users have found that the machine can work great to make bread and other doughy delights once the recipes have been figured out. One factor that users have not been fans with are the recipes: these are described to not have enough liquids and often result in dense bricks. We suggest experimenting with other recipes or adding more water into the included recipes to try to counteract these dense results. Additionally, some users have critiqued the durability of these units.  

Best large bread maker

Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Bread Machine

One of the best reviewed bread makers on the market, the Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus is a dependable machine that produces delicious loaves. While on the expensive side, this unit is packed with different settings and features, designed for excellent quality bread. 

With a footprint of around 27 cm x 45 cm, and a height of 32 cm, this unit is large and can take up a lot of counterspace. The benefit with longer units like the Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA is that they can usually make larger and longer loaves of bread.  

The Virtuoso Plus is a versatile machine that features fifteen different settings, ranging from different styles of bread including white, whole wheat, European, multigrain, and sourdough starter; bread for different diets including salt-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan; two different rapid-bake settings for white and whole wheat; and settings for just dough, cake, and even jam; and finally, 3 programmable or “homemade” settings. On top of all the different settings, there are 3 different crust settings (light, medium, and dark), however these are only applicable for 4 of the included settings. There are no size options for this bread machine. 

In terms of how the bread maker works, there are features that improve the performance of the Virtuoso Plus. This unit features double kneading paddles to improve how thorough the mixing step is. Double heaters on both the top and bottom of where the bread sits that encourages even baking of the bread. Both the paddles and the bread pan are non-stick for easy cleaning and removal. There is an LCD display which details all the relevant settings and the real time. There is a built-in delayed start timer, which allows you to start baking bread up to 13 hours later. Another factor we like is the window in the top that allows you to monitor the baking process.  

Overall, users are very impressed with the build quality, the features, and the results. One reviewer commented about the quality of the unit, stating that “[t]he machine feels heavier, the lid closes solid, the steel feels thicker.” However, there are some things users have brought up. One thing is the noise, which users have stated is a persistent, metallic buzzing while kneading. One other factor that some people are not sold on is the high cost of these units. Overall, this is quite a great bread maker once you have been making bread and are looking to upgrade.  

  • 13 different settings for different styles and types of bread, including multigrain, whole wheat, and sourdough starter.
  • Double heater and double kneading paddles for consistent performance.
  • Large number of features, including delay timer and real time clock.  
  • Loud during the mixing/kneading process.  
  • Expensive.  

Best compact bread maker

Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery Mini Bread maker

Zojirushi Home Bakery Mini is a more compact, high-quality bread maker with a strong performance. While producing only 1-lb loaves, this unit is perfect for single people or couples. 

The Home Bakery Mini features a very small footprint of around 28cm x 20cm but is tall, at around 30 cm. This limits the loaf size but is excellent for users with limited counterspace. 

The Home Bakery Mini features many programs for bread customization and different settings for different types of baked goods. The Menu settings include Basic, French, dough, cookie/pasta dough, cake, jam, and quick bread. There are controls for crust control (regular and light) and texture controls (Regular, firm, and soft). A quick baking cycle allows for cooking bread under 2 hours or less. There is a 13-hour delay timer if you wish to wake up to fresh bread. Only one size of loaf will be the number one thing that you will need to account for, but the loaf it produces is of good size for sandwiches or toast.  

While the features included are not as extensive as some of Zojirushi’s other bread makers, this unit still includes enough to be attractive for most users. The LCD display is limited with a timer and indicator of each setting but is easy to navigate. The unit has a small viewing window on the top so you can see how your bread is developing. Other external features include convenient cord storage, and a sturdy handle makes storing the bread maker in a cabinet or on the countertop easy. Included is a recipe booklet, and both a video and booklet for instructions.  

Overall, some users really enjoy the smaller-statured Zojirushi bread maker for its ease of use and quality of bread. How compact this unit is makes it a strong choice for users with smaller spaces. There are some flaws users have reported, but nothing we’d constitute as a dealbreaker. Some users have noted a difficult to remove mixing blade. Other users have noted the machine start to squeak during the mixing stage.  The unit has a 1-year warranty which will likely cover these issues if they became problematic.  

  • Small stature makes this a perfect machine for smaller kitchens or cupboards.
  • Many different preprogrammed modes, with 2 crust settings and 3 textures.
  • 13-hour delay cycle.  
  • Some users have difficulties removing paddles.
  • Some users have noticed a squeaking sound in the mix cycle.  

Best bread maker for sourdough bread

Zojirushi BB-CEC20BA Home Bakery Supreme

The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme is a strong bread maker with many features that make it stand out from other bread makers. One feature of note is the sourdough starter function prepares sourdough starter in just over 2 hours.  

The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme is a larger unit, with a footprint of around 33cm by 48cm. This Zojirushi bread machine features 7 pre-programmed settings, including white bread, wheat bread, dough, jam, cake, quick bread, the aforementioned sour dough cycle, and 3 different home-made cycles, where users can program their own settings. There are three crust control settings: light, medium, or dark. If you wish to bake bread at a certain time, there is a delay feature which can start the up to 13 hours. 

There are many design choices in the Home Bakery Supreme that might make it an attractive choice for you to make. The unit features a window for monitoring your bread. The LCD display indicates the amount of time left for your bread, and the options you have selected. This Zojirushi machine includes double dough kneading blades. The baking pan is non-stick for improved cleaning. The Home Bakery Supreme has a host of safety features, including auto-shut off features, and a 10-minute power failure back-up.  

Overall, this is a strong bread maker that users have been very happy with the results. However, there are a few criticisms of this machine. Some users were not happy with initial results but adjusting or changing the recipe to account for Canadian flour (which has more protein and will cause more gluten during the kneading process) might improve your results. Compared to another powerful Zojirushi bread maker that made this list – the Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus – this unit only has heaters on the bottom, so the bread typically comes out with a paler top. Another slight flaw is that after the kneading process, the dough might be pushed over to one side and might need levelling, otherwise the result might be lopsided.   

  • Many different settings, including sourdough starter feature among settings many other types of bread.  
  • Double dough kneading blades.
  • 13-hour delay timer.  
  • The unit does not have top heaters, so the top of loaves may be paler.  
  • The kneading blades can shift all the dough to one side, leading to uneven loaves if not corrected before the bake cycle. 

Best convection bread maker

Cuisinart CBK-200C Convection Bread Maker

The Cuisinart CBK-200C is a strong option for a bread maker with a convection fan to improve cooking. This bread maker produces great results, with the most pre-programmed options available.  

With a footprint of 31 cm and 46 cm, the Cuisinart CBK-200C is a larger unit with a rectangular breadbasket that is conductive for typically shaped and sized loafs. 

The Cuisinart CBK-200C features an impressive 16 different pre-programmed options. This includes pre-programmed bread options like white, whole wheat, French/Italian, sweet bread, low carb, and gluten-free; rapid settings for white, whole wheat, French/Italian, sweet bread, last minute loaf, and a quick bread or cake setting; and extra features for kneading artisan dough, giving extra bake time for a loaf, and for making from jam from scratch. These pre-programmed settings have additional settings, including 3 crust color settings and 3 sizes between 1 and 2 lbs, for a total of 100+ different configurations. The CBK-200C features a convection fan that circulates hot or warm air throughout the machine during certain cycles and improves the evenness of the baking and the bake time.  

The construction of the Cuisinart CBK-200C includes features that make it a very interesting option for those looking at a bread machine. The Cuisinart CBK-200C features a digital display that indicates your menu selection, selected crust color, selected size, where in the baking cycle the unit is in, and current baking time. There is a 12-hour delay timer. Audible tones will indicate when your bread is done, or when to add-in mix ins. The breadbasket itself is both removable and non-stick, for easy cleaning.  

Users typically find this an effective bread maker with strong performance, but there are some downsides. One of the main downsides of the Cuisinart CBK-200C is how loud the audible alarms can be. Another factor is that some users have had questionable longevity. Certain components like hinges or the lid seal can wear down and deteriorate due to the plastic construction. Overall, there are some very interesting features with this convection bread maker, but it will not be for everyone.  

  • Many pre-programmed settings at 16, as well as crust control and size settings.  
  • Convection fans improves warming, baking and consistency in certain settings.
  • 12-hour delay timer.  
  • Audible alarms can be too loud for some users.  
  • Some plastic components are not very durable.  

Best bread maker for gluten free bread

Breville BREBBM800XL Bread Maker

This large, sleek bread maker from Breville is a powerhouse. Whether you are making white bread, a rustic crusty loaf, or a gluten-free bread, this machine excels, especially for the latter.  

The BREBBM800XL features 13 different menu settings for different types of bread or mode of operation – including bread options including basic, whole wheat, crusty loaf, sweet breads, yeast-free, and gluten-free breads. Other modes include rapid bread, dough, pizza dough, pasta dough, jam, and a mode for only baking. There are 9 different memory settings if you want to program your own bread making settings. Additionally, you can control the shade with 3 different shade settings, or the size of loaf, and four size settings – ranging from 1 lb to 2.5 lb. This Breville bread maker also features a delay start. 

The Breville BREBBM800XL features a vibrant LCD that conveys a large amount of information, including the stage that the bread maker that is currently in, the amount of time remaining, and the programmed settings. Another unique aspect of this bread machine is the collapsible kneading blade, which after it kneads the dough, folds into the machine so there is no hole due to the blade sticking into the loaf as it bakes. Another cool component with this unit is the dispenser that allows the insertion of different ingredients into the bread as it bakes – whether that be seeds, nuts, dried fruit, or cheeses.  

While there are plenty of cool features included in this Breville bread maker, there are some flaws or criticisms users have brought up. The major one is some users have noticed flakes of the coating inside the bread pan being scraped off during the kneading process and into the dough. This is hugely problematic, as you do not want to eat the inside of the bread pan in your bread. This seems to be a result of the paddle scraping against the bottom of the pan, and while this problem seems rare, you should stop using your machine if this happens and try to adjust the paddle or contact the seller. Another user has suggested is that the recipes provided do not consistently result in amazing bread, and users who have experimented with other bread recipes have found improved results.  

  • 13 different bread or dough settings, with 9 different memory settings you can program yourself.
  • Four size settings allowing for loaves up to 2.5 lbs.
  • Collapsible paddle means you do not have bread with holes on the bottom. 
  • Some noticed flaking of the interior coating of the bread pan, suggesting scraping of the paddle against it. 
  • Some were not satisfied with the provided recipes. 

Why trust us

If you are looking for a bread maker, there are many different features or specifications that can alter your experience greatly. We considered a multitude of factors in crafting this list, including preprogrammed and customizable settings, construction, size, and price, among others. Most bread machines will be able to produce decent loaves of bread of different varieties, although some experimentation might be needed for optimal results for you. In 2024, many of these units can work well for breads for different dietary restrictions, and often include settings for gluten-free, and less often, vegan bread, but if you have a particular goal for this in mind, it is worthwhile looking into this feature specifically. 

We put over 20 hours researching different bread makers, and only chose the models with strong reviews from users and publications alike. We only considered bread machines with aggregate online scores of 4 stars or higher. 

Frequently asked bread maker questions

How is bread made? 

The process of baking bread of most varieties requires at least four stages. First, the ingredients of bread are mixed together: flour, water and yeast are universally present in all types of bread, with other ingredients commonly found include salt, sugars, and fats of some kind.  

The next process is kneading, where the dough is pushed, pressed, and folded to give the dough its structure. When dough is kneaded, some of the proteins in the flour come together to form long strands of gluten, which gives bread its doughy soft texture. This stage is extremely important, otherwise your bread will not have the texture of bread.  

The next step is where the bread rises, where the yeast really comes into play. The yeast, which is a live bacteria, starts to break down starches in the flour into sugars, where it produces CO2 and alcohol as a by-product. The CO2 will get trapped in the gluten structure, rising the dough in the process, and the alcohol will evaporate in the baking process. This process not only creates the fluffy texture of bread but contributes greatly to the development of the flavour.  

Finally, the bread is baked, which turns the bread from an inedible dough into a delicious loaf. The baking process creates the crust and crumb of the bread and transforms starches even further into sugars.  

How do bread makers work? 

Breadmaking is a time-intensive, hands-on process. Bread makers attempt to do all the different components in sequence automatically.  A bread maker is an electric oven that holds a tin. That tin connects via axle to the bread maker, which powers a small paddle that mixes and kneads the ingredients until the result is an elastic dough. Then, the paddle will stop for the rising phase, and then, depending on the machine, you may hear the paddle spin again for a proving phase before the oven turns on to bake the bread.  

What’s a good price for a bread maker? 

Bread makers can cost between $100 and $400 dollars, but you do not need to spend near the upper side of that range for a good bread maker. You can expect to pay between $100 and $200 for a quality model.  

How to make bread in a bread maker? 

Since bread makers are automatic, you just need to add the right ingredients and follow the instructions. Ensure the recipe you are following is suitable for using a bread maker, as some types of bread may be incompatible with your machine,  

Do I need a bread maker?  

Not at all! Breadmaking from scratch is a labor-intensive process, so if you want to cut down a few steps and make the process way easier, a bread maker is the number one thing you will need. However, there are some who will enjoy the process or product more if done by hand.    

Why do bread makers require bread machine yeast?  

Bread machine yeast, or rapid-rise yeast, is favoured for bread machines due to the increased speed of the rising process. However, very few, if any, bread makers actually require rapid-rise yeast, and some swear by other forms of yeast like active dry yeast and instant yeast, due to improved flavours that other types of yeast may provide.  

Can I make pizza dough with a bread maker?  

Yes! Bread makers can make pizza dough, if the machine has a functionality that stops before the baking cycle starts.  

What else can I make with a bread machine? 

Bread makers can help you make anything that involves a dough, like cake, pizza dough and homemade pasta. Some bread makers have settings for making jams and marmalades.  

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