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The Best Wireless Headsets in Canada

Headsets are really the full package. Excellent sound for listening to music or immersing yourself in your favourite games or TV shows? Check. A microphone so you can voice chat with teammates of both the office and the battlefield? Check. What about noise cancellation, voice controls, or cushy comfort?  There’s numerous headsets with the above features that are worth checking out. Now, combine these features with powerful, low-latency wireless connection, and you got a versatile companion for both work and play. But which wireless headset will work best for you? We made this guide so we can help figure that out for you.  

Read on for our reviews of the top wireless headsets in Canada.

Our top picks

What to look for in a wireless headset

  • Aesthetics: In our research, we found that are two primary uses for wireless headsets were gaming and workplaces. Often, we found the target demographic for each wireless headset informed the aesthetic of the headset heavily. The gaming models featured futuristic sleek designs whereas models more designed are minimal and understated. While at the end of the day, aesthetics come down to personal preference, if you are going to have Zoom meetings with the executives, it might be worth getting a pair of headphones that match your professionalism.  
  • Battery Life: With anything wireless, you should probably consider the battery length and charge time. The longer the battery life, the less you need to think about ensuring your headset is charged.  
  • Comfort: Whether you are gaming or working, you can reasonably expect to wear your headphones for an hour or two sometimes. Opting for a headset with thick foam headphones and a comfortable headband will make wearing your headphones for longer periods so much more pleasant.  
  • Connectivity: There are numerous ways that a headset might connect to your computer or console: Bluetooth, USB dongle, or  wireless systems including Xbox Wireless. Whatever method that will be strongest for your use will vary on how you plan to use it. For example, Bluetooth may be great for office settings but might not provide enough low latency for gaming sessions.  
  • Microphone: Where is the microphone or microphones situated on the microphone? What is the recording quality? Does the microphone have noise cancelling features to reduce background noise?  If you plan on voice chatting with your headset, microphone placement is important. 
  • Sound Quality: On the other end of thingshow do the headphones sound? Is call quality strong? Is there enough bass for listening to music? Is there noise cancelling features included in the headphones? These factors can heavily impact how nice the listening experience is with a headset.

Best wireless gaming headset

Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset 2nd Generation

Logitech is a name that is trusted by professionals, whether for gamers, creatives, or business. The Logitech G PRO is a great wireless headset for gamers in particular. This model consists of the award-winning PRO gaming headset with the freedom that wireless provides. 

The Logitech G PRO is a well built, with all black construction including comfortable foam, aluminum and steel frame and high-quality leatherette ear cups. The build quality is determinate in both the longevity and comfort of the headset, and the G PRO excels in these regards.  

Sound wise, the Logitech G PRO is excellent for gaming, featuring advanced pro-G 50 mm drivers for a large diameter for more in-depth audio, and DTX Headphone:X 2.0 Surround sound gives depth and direction to your field of sound – so you can easily pick out footsteps, distant explosions, and other cues. The Logitech G Pro Features Blue Vo!ce mic technology, makes your voice clearer with audio effects programmed including noise reduction, compression and a de-esser. With Logitech G HUB software, you can also program your own audio and voice settings.  

Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology, is designed for strong performance with low latency and a long battery life. With a rechargeable battery that provides 20+ hours of game time, you can fit several sessions in with only once charge. 13+ m of 2.4GHz wireless range gives you more than enough range for whatever uses.   

Users overall find this mic is solid yet pricy, however whether the Logitech G Pro is suitable for you will depend. Users do compliment the sound quality (even with the lack of low end) but despite Blue Vo!ce tech implemented in this model, the microphone is still lacking. Low latency makes this a solid headset for gaming.  

Some users online reported that they found these headphones comfortable, in thanks to the padding, but others find these not pleasant to wear for hours, and factors like hair, glasses or ears might make these headphones less comfortable for prolonged use.  

  • Solid sound quality, optimal for gaming but adjustable for other uses too. 
  • Excellent battery and range, and strong low latency performance. 
  • Good build quality, for a durable headset.  
  • Not comfortable for all users, and so users with glasses or other facial accommodations might not find this comfortable. 
  • Expensive choice overall.  

Best budget headset (under $100)

Infurture H1 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you’re willing to veer off the beaten trail to save money on your headset, these headphones from Infurture are a strong choice. With active noise cancelation, immersive sound, and a comfortable design, these headphones are truly a bargain.  

The Infurture H1 Headphones feature a slick, minimalist design. Users find these headphones definitely very comfortable. However, the price point does reflect some build sacrifices that impact durability.  

Users have expressed surprise at the sound quality that you get for so little. No low end is something many people have complained with their headphones, and Infuture has listened to these criticisms, shaping the EQ range to be bass heavier with these headphones. The active noise cancelling aspect of these headphones are also very effective.  Where the price robs you in utility is the microphone, which is quiet but likely workable. 

People have reported that they are very happy with the battery life these headphones have. The listed 40 hours does seem to be a little on the high side for the price point, but overall, these headphones do last very long.  

Users overall find these headphones great. For the sound and battery results you get with this, it is likely you will be impressed. But the durability and microphone are not optimal for all.  

  • Strong sound quality with a defined base frequency. 
  • Inexpensive – the cheapest headset on this list.  
  • Comfortable.  
  • Durability is suspect. 
  • Microphone is quiet and makes this not ideal for voice calls.  

Best headset for Xbox

SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset – Integrated Xbox Wireless + Bluetooth

The SteelSeries Arctis 9X features large earcups, and black headband lined with green accents, for a sleek look designed for gamers. With a steel construction covered with athletics-inspire foam for comfort, these headphones even look serious. 

The sound quality of the headphones is strong with a neutral character; however, some users feel that these headphones lack in the low-end department. The built-in Windows Surround Sound makes it easy to be spatially immersed in your game. The Microphone features noise cancelation for improving call quality. You can also connect via Xbox Wireless, or to Bluetooth both separately or concurrently so you can listen to your discord call or your tune while not mixing out the game’s audio. With controls for calls, music, channel mixing and EQ cycling on the gaming headset, making changes on the fly is ridiculously easy. 

With an impressive 28-hour battery life, these headphones can last for many hours of gaming. 

Overall, users seem to find these a strong pair of headphones for serious gamers on the Xbox. There are some flaws that seemed to pop up, however. The durability of the product compared to price is not ideal. Sound quality is great for games but can be subpar for music, some genres more than others for the lack of bass response. However, for its incredible battery life and a design that puts gamers first, this is a great headset for Xbox gamers 

  • Solid special sound, but a little on the quiet side. 
  • Extremely long battery life. 
  • Not as durable as you would hope for this headset’s price tag. 
  • Lacking on bass.

Best headset for PlayStation 5

PULSE 3D Wireless Headset

If you are looking for the best Wireless headset for gaming on the PlayStation, the Pulse 3D is by far the best. Made by PlayStation for PlayStation, this is an incredible headset for computer gaming too.  

With large, spherical headphones and a double arched headband, this headset looks very modern and sleek. The refinedness of this design makes it an uber comfortable headset to wear for a multi-hour game night. Many other headsets for gaming will have a boom mic to pick up your audio, but this headset features dual hidden microphones positioned to pick up your voice and your voice only.  

The Pulse 3D is specifically designed to make the most of the PlayStation 5’s advanced 3D audio, which in combination with Tempest 3D AudioTech, created truly immersive soundscapes.   

You can attach wirelessly to your PS4 and PS5, as well as Windows and macOS via the adaptor. We appreciate the inclusion of a 3.5mm jack for listening the old school way if you want. With controls for muting the mic, controlling the master volume and balancing in-game audio all on the device, changing controls on the fly is easy. Finally, 12-hour charge is enough for most people to get a few gaming sessions in without charging, but unfortunately is on the low end of the headsets in this list.  

Users seem to find these headphones great for gaming and a delight to wear, although some users thought this headset was a little on the larger side. This headset does not provide audiophile sound quality but is strong for gaming scenarios. Some people also found the buttons on the unit themselves cheap feeling and not consistent, but overall, users were very happy for what they got at this price. 

  • Comfortable fit strong for multi-hour gaming sessions. 
  • Strong gaming performance with low latency.  
  • Battery life is on the low side. 
  • Buttons seem cheap and perform inconsistently.  


Best wireless headset for working from home

Microsoft QXL-00016 Surface Headphones 2

The Microsoft QXL-00016 Surface Headphones 2 is also the best wireless headset for video conferencing. 

What’s important in a headset for the office? Active noise cancellation, excellent sound, a comfortable fit and bonus features to boost productivity? The Microsoft QXL-00016 Surface Headphones 2 brings all that and more, for an experience that will make your workday so much easier.  

With it’s all black, minimal design, the Microsoft Surface 2 looks incredibly slick. While some headsets are thicker for the internal components, these feature thick cushioned earcups that are lightweight and breathable for all day comfort.  

With high-quality Omnisonic sound, you can enjoy high clarity in music, podcasts, or important Zoom meetings. The thick earcups provide a solid seal for outside sound which is boosted by 13 levels of active noise cancellation. With 4 microphones on each earcup, this headset is designed to bring powerful call clarity and noise cancellation. 

One of the strong selling points is that you can pair this headphone is connection to multiple devices at once, through Bluetooth or Swift Pair with your Windows 10 PC.  

Users in Microsoft’s ecosystem also see more strong benefits: Microsoft 365 users can enable additional controls for Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.  Another point users will like: the long battery life that last up to 18 hours for music or 15 hours of speaking.  

Users found these quality headphones for those not specifically looking for gaming headphones. The sound is optimized for music, podcasts, and calls. Strong noise cancellation and build quality makes this a strong option for office use. However, some users were not entirely thrilled. One felt overwhelmed with the difficulty of controlling and connecting these headphones, stating “you shouldn’t really need to learn how to use headphones”. Perhaps they pack a little too much tech, but the capabilities these headphones have are important to note.

  • Strong sound for music and podcasts.
  • Great for calls thanks to noise cancelling microphones and strong clarity. 
  • Not the most user-friendly set-up and controls.   
  • Expensive.   

Best wireless headset for office use

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Workspaces benefit from removing distractions, and noise can definitely be a large distraction to many. The Bose QuietComfort 35 is a strong way from removing distractions, in thanks to a comfortable fit and handy noise cancellation.  

The Bose QuietComfort35 features a sleek, smaller construction, in either white, grey, or black. In opposition to bulkier gaming headsets, the QuietComfort 35 are ideal for video conferencing in professional settings. In addition to their slick design, they are reportedly well designed and very durable.  

The sound quality is strong like Bose is so renown for, with a volume-optimized EQ that is good for most kinds of music and great for voice calls. While many headsets feature a boom to receive your voice, this headset features two noise-rejecting microphones on the side. This is a little bit of an odd placement: even with the technology that went into these microphones, picking up your voice in non-quiet environments is not ideal. However, for the office, these will work greatly. Bose QuietComfort feature Alexa compatibility so you can change the song verbally, access information, and even more handy applications. Finally, one of the strongest features regarding this headset is the noise cancellation for a better listening experience, even in noisy areas.   

There are other strong features of this headset, including a battery that can hold 20 hours of charge per charge. The Bose Connect app allows you to control various settings, including noise cancellation, music sharing, controlling the Bluetooth settings, and more.  

Users typically have found that these headphones are strong for their sound quality and their noise cancellation. While the microphone is not ideal, it is suitable enough for office use.  

  • Strong noise cancelation.  
  • Sound quality is strong. 
  • Good battery life.  
  • The microphone is not ideal for all situations, like calls in noisier areas.  
  • High price point.  

Our methodology

We found in our research that wireless headphones were usually for either gaming or office use. Between these two purposes, factors that will generally improve the experience includes how durable and comfortable the design is, how solid the mic and headphone quality is, and the connectivity and battery that the headphones use. We looked for headsets that excel in most of these aspects for our buying guide.  

We put over 15 hours in researching different wireless headphones online. We only considered models that had an average online rating of 4 stars or higher.  

Frequently asked questions

How to wear a wireless headset?  

Typically, you will want the earcups positioned fully over your ears with the band going over top of your head. This provides optimal positioning for comfort, sound quality, and voice reception for a wireless headset.  

Are wireless headphones okay for gaming? 

In the past, wireless headphones were hit or miss for gaming situations due to the inevitable source lag that wireless connections carry. However, nowadays these wireless connections are less 

Are wireless gaming headsets more expensive? 

Wireless technology is a buzzing concept – so you can expect to pay more than a similar wired headset.  

Are wireless gaming headsets heavier than wired ones? 

Since wireless headphones are powered by a battery of some sort, increasing the weight slightly.  

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