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Essential School Supplies From Kindergarten To University

I used to anticipate the end of August for one exciting reason: school supplies shopping. To be fair, back in my elementary and middle school years planning supplies shopping was near to planning an event. My sister and I wrote lists of essentials and a few days later spent the whole afternoon at the market selecting anything from pencil sharpeners to piles of notebooks and new backpacks. And school did not have to be exciting, yet the beginning of it, accompanied by shopping for supplies always was.   

After the summer holidays, it is the anticipation of finding that perfect new coat, and stacking on sharp pencils, crisp lined notebooks, tablets and laptops that brings students of all kinds back to shopping malls. However, if choosing the right school supplies either for yourself, your kids or your students is a stressful activity you do not look forward to, online stores, full of choices and convenient shipping options are for you.   

What is important to remember when shopping for school supplies is that not every pen is worthy of purchase and not every backpack would work for every kid. That is why we decided to separate our shopping list and create two sections where parents can easily find the best school supplies for their kindergarten-age kids, and for high schoolers and college students. Speaking of the latter, those supplies can also be bought for and used in most office environments 

What To Look For

Essentials list

There is no argument against the benefit of a shopping list. On the contrary, a finalized shopping list can take away the unnecessary stress of forgetting some important elements. We suggest you start with organizing your already existing items such as notebooks, pens and devices, and writing down what else you need to buy for a new school year.   

If you are planning school supplies shopping for your kids, a list would also help with remembering their preferences be it certain style, size or even theme-inspired items. Finally, after you wrote and organized required school supplies, you could continue with choosing where and how to shop for them.   

Buying options and money-saving tips  

After you finalize your school supplies list think about what is the most convenient way to shop for you and/or your kids. For instance, if you’re shopping for all of your kids who attend different schools, you might consider shopping in bulk. That is where office supply stores and even such places as art supply warehouses can be useful. After all, shopping in bulk surely would save you time and even some money than buying each item individually. The only downside to shopping in bulk is the lack of creative options. You probably won’t find unique designs or even styles you might have seen on Instagram. Most of those places offer durable essentials, yet if that is what you are looking for in large quantities, there is no better option.   

At the same time, online retailers, and we do not only speak of Amazon, but also smaller brands, can have cute, playful, and designer school supplies. Speaking of unique and trendy school supplies you can also find them (maybe before buying online in case you want to see them in person) at local stores. More and more locally based boutiques present not only clothes or artwork, but also smaller items like notebooks, pens, sharpeners, folders and other supplies you could find useful at school. Another point to make here is that designer school supplies can be an ideal gift choice for a student you know, considering of course you are familiar with their taste and preference.   

One of those online retailers that offer significant savings on school supplies is Shopper+. Make sure to check their selection of such essentials as pencils, sticky notes, refill papers, and more.   

As a tip to save some money on school supplies, check out clearance racks a few weeks after school season begins. You can find discounts on trendy pieces because trends change every seasons, and stores typically do not like keeping them any longer on shelves. Even if you buy more than enough you can always leave them for the next school year.   

Finally, check all your previously used notebooks. Most likely they are not completely used, and as a recycling, sustainable option you can pull out used pages and keep the notebook for the following year. Another sustainable tip to mention here is using electronic devices instead of paper notebooks. However, this tip applies more to college and university students than to younger pupils.   


Stocking on writing supplies, especially if you have a few kids to send to school can be more expensive than expected. That is why buying guides like this one are the ultimate solution. We make sure to compare prices and find not only the best-rated products, but also include budget-friendly options for every category. Overall, comparing prices is a good habit to acquire: it can take a few minutes of your time, yet save you a decent amount of money.   

Availability (shopping in advance)

Surely, nobody thinks about buying school supplies at the beginning of summer. However, the earlier you begin, the higher the chance that the essentials you would need are still in stock. Especially if you are buying trendy items: we recommend purchasing those ahead of time. The risk is that the closer it is to a new school year the more online retailers might be out of stock and you would have to look for other places to shop.   

Another reason to plan your shopping ahead of time is the shipping timeframe. If most people are buying notebooks, iPads or backpacks at the same time from the same online retailer, the chance is you would have to wait for your purchase longer than expected.   

Best school supplies for kindergarten or elementary school

Most likely a kindergarten tutor will provide you with a list of required supplies, but where to buy them is up to you. Check out the following supplies where most of them we found on Amazon. You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices and your child will find them easy to use.   

YOUSHARES Colored Pencils Case for 220 PCS

Whether your child is into drawing or a kindergarten tutor asks for all supplies to be organized in one case, this Youshares can solve the problem of losing pencils. The case offers a large capacity with five layers. Two of those layers are on both sides of the case. Meanwhile three layers in between have elastic holders for organizing up to 220 coloured pencils or 145 gel pens or 72 markers.   

Despite its large capacity, it is a fairly compact and lightweight case made of practical Polyester Oxford Fabric. The material is known for its durability: it won’t rip apart easily and is waterproof. Long-lasting wearability can also ensure that your child will take this case from kindergarten to elementary school.   

Based on a review, a customer who strongly recommends this case says that it is compact for the number of items it can hold. It is sturdy and appears well-made. If the case were viewed as a book, she continues, the inside leaves are firm and each is attached by fabric to the binding which makes the pages easier to turn and access to put in and remove pencils or pens. The inside covers are a bit harder to access because of the fabric from the zipper. The pockets on the outside are convenient for refills or whatever is not too wide, she added.  

Another customer got this bag for her five-year-old. She organized all his colour pencils and he brought them to school and keeps them in there. It holds a LOT of pencils, crayons, etc. Definitely a great bag to keep all those colour pencils organized, she concluded.  

  • Large capacity.  
  • Durable material.  
  • Can be used by both young and older students.  
  • Some found elastics too tight.  

Professional Pastel Color Pencils for Drawing, Sketching and Coloring Books

Of course, there is nothing better for your kids than budget-friendly Crayola pencils (and here you can find a pack of 100), yet we want to show you this set from Art-n-Fly online store found on Amazon. As a satisfied customer noted, these oil pencils are amazing and you can’t beat the price. They go smoothly and blend well. They don’t smudge as some pencils do.  

Those high-quality pencils offer vibrant, long-lasting colours. Due to the oil colour base, those sketching pencils are more pigmented than other brands and as a result, each sketch turns out without a waxy film. That being said, if you are into sketching as much as your kid, you both can enjoy these professional-grade art pencils.

  • High-quality.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Smooth and smudge-free drawing.  
  • As per some reviewers, colours are not as bright as Crayola pencils. 

STAEDTLER Pencil Sharpener, Premium Quality Sharpener with Screw-on Lid

What your child needs to go along with pencils is a sharpener. With 29,216 reviews and almost five stars, we did not see any other sharpener that could beat Staedtler. It offers a high-quality metal sharpener with a screw-on lid that prevents accidental opening.   

A customer who has 4 kids who go through pencils and pencils and crayons like mad, keeps ordering those sharpeners. His kids need to sharpen no less than 20 pencils a day. Usually more. They have at least eight different sharpeners and only one was pretty good until they tried this one. Wow, it is amazing, he says. And it is easy enough for kids to use. Plus, it screws closed so he hopes that will mean fewer pencil shavings accidents all over the floor.

  • Durable material.  
  • Assorted colours.  
  • Compact size.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Although the picture on Amazon shows two sharpeners, you only get one per package.  

Elmer’s Disappearing Purple and Clear Re-Stick School Glue Sticks

Typically, craft is an important part of the kindergarten routine. Whether it would be gluing a paper flower on a postcard for Mother’s Day or arranging colourful pieces of paper into an artwork, your child will need a lot of glue. If your kid goes through glue sticks like her kids, then this 7-pack is for you. For all those cut-and-paste paper projects or silly popsicle stick crafts that start to occupy every space of your home, these glue sticks will work until your kids scribble out all the glue from them, she added  

Those Elmer’s glue sticks apply smoothly and dry quickly. And while a mess-free desk is an attractive perspective, what matters the most to parents is the non-toxic formula of the glue. It is safe to use at home and in a classroom alike.   

These glue sticks offer the best adhesion. We tried other brands from the dollar store but they don’t compare. Great for arts and crafts! 

  • Come in a pack of seven.  
  • Non-toxic formula.  
  • Mess-free application.  
  • Some found those glue sticks too small. 

Sanford Paper Mate Pink Pearl Premium Erasers

Sanford PaperMate erasers are favourite among most students. They are soft, yet durable, and easy to maneuver on paper. What most reviewers love about those erasers is the soft pliable rubber elastomer compound’s ability to rub on paper without tearing it. While we put those erasers into the category of stationary for younger students, even professional artists often make PaperMate their choice.  

What we especially love about this particular product is the complete package of twelve erasers. If you have a few kids, or a child who continuously draws, you won’t have to run to a store every time they are out of erasers.   

Based on a review by a parent of a daughter who is sketching throughout the day, the “smudge resistant” advertising caught her eye and she decided to buy it for her little artist. The girl is quite the perfectionist, she added, so any little mistake and she’d tear out the paper and start a new one. The customer brought home a box of PaperMate curious to see if they would live up to the smudge-resistant claim. Her daughter did not believe she’d see any difference from the other erasers but agreed to give them a try. To her surprise, the little artist came into the room with a smile and a big thumbs up. “These work!” she told her mom.  

Now she recommends the Paper Mate Pink Pearl eraser to anybody who wants to get things erased properly. 

  • Easily removes pencil marks.  
  • Durable and soft rubber.  
  • Twelve pieces in a package. 
  • None. 

Westcott Classic Kids Scissors

Those small and durable Westcott scissors are designed for tiny child’s hands. They feature molded symmetrical handles which allow for either left- or right-handed use with no struggle.   

They are sharp enough to cut through paper and even thin fabric, but also safe for your kids to use for crafts.  

Based on a satisfying review, a customer noted she only allowed her children to use those scissors after showing them how to. If you have two or more children and you leave the room that they are in for just a moment, beware! She did that once with her children and they gave each other charming little haircuts.  

These scissors have a screw instead of a rivet holding them together which is awesome, noted another customer. The other scissors they had were too stiff and hard for little hands to use.  

  • Designed for small hands 
  • Durable material  
  • Budget-friendly  
  • Might feel too small for older kids with bigger hands  

Mountaintop Backpack for Pre-School and Kindergarten Kids

Although this Mountaintop backpack is fairly compact, it can fit all the essentials your child would need for a day at a kindergarten. It is made of durable material, with mesh side pockets for water bottles and a padded back for comfortable carrying.   

A satisfied customer noted that her 22-month-old daughter loves it. She wouldn’t take it off. The big pouch fits her travel potty, on-the-go activity book with crayons, an outfit, underwear, socks, and a snack. The smaller pouch fits smaller snacks like granola bars. The side pouches can fit a water bottle (not a big bottle because of the travel potty inside). It’s very good quality, she finished.  

Another customer bought this backpack for her son to take to pre-school and on road trips. It is big enough for his bento box and a couple of books or toys plus they keep some special snacks in the front pouch. Her son is almost three and has no problem opening the zippers on this backpack which is a bonus so he can get into it when they are in the car or sitting on a plane. Also, she likes that it has a chest strap so it does not fall off his shoulder. 

  • Zipper closure and buckle for extra support at the front.  
  • Comfortable padding.  
  • Includes name tag.  
  • Not suitable for A4 size paper.  

Crayola Construction Paper

Some kindergartens do provide kids with certain craft supplies, while others ask your child to bring some basic items. Colourful construction paper is one of those essentials that kids use for crafts in kindergarten and elementary school.   

Crayola construction paper package offers ten colours for creative freedom of your child and 480 sheets in total so you would not have to worry if your little student runs out of craft material. As per many reviews, it pairs perfectly with Crayola Washable Markers.

  • Standard (12′ x 9’ size). 
  • Ten colors of quality paper. 
  • Versatile.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • None. 

Bento Lunch Box for Kids

The versatility of this Bento box is astonishing. We left it as a part of a kindergarten supply list, but the truth is told, students of all ages can find it useful. Besides proving portion control with five sectors for fruits, sandwiches, crackers, cheese and more, this Bento box is leak-proof. The seal is tight and requires proper aliening of the lid, keep in mind that if you decide to purchase the box for younger children who do not have enough strength yet, they might need help to close this Bento box.  

The quality of this lunch box is something most parents brag about. It is made of durable BPA-free plastic, and most importantly, maintains the fresh flavour of the food you put inside. Other parents say that it also holds freezing temperatures well, so they buy a few of those Bento boxes, prepare kids’ lunches in advance and store them in a freezer.   

Another aspect you want to consider is the size. This Bento box measures 9″ x 6.75″x 1.75, and some lunch bags might not be spacious enough to fit it in. However, if your child only takes a backpack, fitting this lunch box should not be an issue.   

  • Leak-proof lid.  
  • BPA-free durable plastic.  
  • Spacious.  
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The seal might be too tight for little kids.  

Best school supplies for highschoolers and college students

We do not doubt that you can easily pick up a few lined notebooks and a set of pens at your local Dollarama or Walmart. (If not check out this guide we created based on the best pens.) However, for this section, we decided to focus more not only on ordinary essentials that every student needs, but also on items that many do not even consider. Among backpacks and binders, you can expect to find a locker organizer, a cell phone sanitizing device and other useful, interesting supplies to take into a new school year.   

JanSport High Stakes Backpack

We are not the only buying guide that thinks this JanSport backpack is one of the best ones for high schoolers. TeenVogue is convinced: “this lightweight backpack can go just about anywhere: under your plane seat, in your locker, or strapped onto your bike rack. It’s flexible but heavy-duty, which is why so many people (from high school to graduate students) swear by it.” The bag fits a ton, based on various reviews and the padded shoulder straps throughout help make it strong enough to hold all your textbooks.  

Based on another review, a student loves this brand and has never been unhappy or dissatisfied! The bag was exactly as described and it looks great, he added. He never had one tear. This has been his favorite brand for several years: their selection of sizes and designs is amazing.  

The bag is made of durable material, and satisfied comments like this only prove the promised durability. This bag is the best in the world, noted another student. Of course, that is subjective, but the first one of these lasted her twelve years. It took her through school and university and also into work. She also uses it for running as it is very comfortable.  

  • Padded shoulder straps.  
  • Available in various colours and prints. 
  • Durable and long-lasting.  
  • Quite tight for 13” laptop.  

AmazonBasics D-Ring Binder – 3 Inch

There is no easier way to organize all lectures and assignments in one place than in a spacious binder. A binder for school or college does not have to be extravagant or expensive. The simpler it is, the fewer distractions you would have on your study desk.   

That is why we suggest this AmazonBasics 3-inch binder (which comes in a pack of two). It is durable, minimal and can hold up to 600 sheets of paper. As a satisfied customer noted, those are good binders. He likes how there is a plastic cover (pocket) to be able to label the front back and side of the binder. There are also pockets to put papers on the inside of the back and front cover. They open and close well, and hold paper perfectly. Overall, he is pretty impressed with AmazonBasics products: they do not seem to be cheap or low quality compared to other store brands. 

  • Spacious binder.  
  • Two interior pockets.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Durable and lightweight.  
  • As per some reviews it fits A4 paper perfectly, which means edges are not properly protected. 

Amazon Basics 8-Tab Plastic Binder Dividers with Pockets

We won’t talk much about this particular product except that proper binder dividers make all the difference in organizing your assignments. By separating all your papers, pages and lectures you can easily find the required essay or assignment at the beginning of a class.   

Those eight insertable tabs are designed for easy customizing of your school binder. But that is not the only fact we love about AmazonBasic dividers. Each divider comes with two pockets for storing loose papers. Each divider is a two-tone site which also looks stylish. (Something to consider if a binder you picked is ultra-simple in colour and design.)

  • Two pockets on each divider.  
  • Easy organizing solution. 
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • As per some reviews tabs do not stand out in between sheets of paper.

S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Copied from the Rank-it original article

The best-insulated water bottle, period; it is lightweight and fits in a standard car’s cup holder, according to a satisfied Amazon reviewer. The S’well bottle is slightly more expensive than the Hydro Flask one. However, since 2010 when the brand was established, it acquired many admiring customers and for good reasons. We name this bottle the most stylish water bottle for its slick, sophisticated appearance, choice of colours and patterns that can satisfy any taste.  

Yet, besides overall looks, this 18/8 stainless steel material is durable, BPA-free and ensures to keep your drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours. With three-layered insulation, you can take iced chilled water hiking, and it will stay the same refreshing cold. In fact, many customers noted that besides the attractive features we have listed, the S’well bottle is the coldest water bottle on the market. Also, as one customer suggested you can keep hot tea or coffee in the car during cold Canadian winters.  

  • Aesthetically pleasing design.  
  • Three-layer insulation.   
  • Durable BPA-free, stainless-steel material. 
  • Pricier than most of its competitors. 

Indigo Spiral Notebooks Set of Five

If you do not want basic refillable paper, check out those spiral notebooks from Indigo Chapters. Each notebook features a lightweight and slim design along with three-ring binder holes. For those who want to add some colours to their studying routine, those notebooks come in five pleasant tones. Satisfied customers say that colours help to categorize school subjects.   

As per another satisfied reviewer, she loves those notebooks. The covers are cute and simple and they’re overall very good quality, she added. The only aspect that bothers her is how the margin line is on the wrong side when the page is on the left side. She finds it difficult to make the notes look organized and neatly formatted.  

  • Five colours.  
  • Slim and lightweight notebooks.  
  • Currently on sale.  
  • Fits three-ring binder.  
  • Not refillable like separate piles of paper.  

Yonzone Big Capacity Pencil Case

Some students manage to write all lectures with one pen, while others need a selection of colourful pens and highlighters. In that case, to organize all your writing supplies, Yonzone pencil case might be a helpful solution. It offers a large capacity of one main pocket for pens and pencils, side pockets for small objects like coins or erasers and mesh pockets for sticky notes earphones.   

The Yonzone pencil case is made of extremely durable and waterproof Oxford weave fabric which means it can be the only pencil case you need throughout school years. As per many reviews, students do not only use it for pencils but also as a makeup bag, travel cosmetic bag, office supplies organizer and more.   

What is most attractive about this case is that Yonzone offers twelve monthly money-back guarantees and a lifetime service, which is, as known, as a sign of high quality.

  • Large capacity.  
  • Premium material.   
  • Multi-functional.   
  • Ideal gift for any student. 
  • It might be too big for you if you do not use that many pencils and pens. 

Nota Medium Weekly Planner

While Google Calendar is a convenient and efficient way to keep track of your tasks and appointments, nothing can beat a good old-fashioned planner, especially if it looks as stylish and minimal as this Nota organizer. It features an earth-tone linen cover and lined-bound weekly agenda. 

Unlike many other planners, Nota has both month-per-spread and weekly spread views so you could not only oversee your day-to-day agenda but also plan ahead.

  • Month/week spread.  
  • Stylish, minimal design. 
  • Neutral, linen cover easily can get dirty.  

JR.WHITE Fine Point Bullet Colored Pens

One of the most common issues students have with gel pens is bleeding ink. It does not only ruin the back side of a page but also can get smudged on already written notes.   

Those high-quality pens from JR.WHITE are known for their no-to-minimal bleeding and fast drying. Besides, the package comes with twenty-four colour options so you could neatly and creatively organize each subject and make studying easier and more aesthetically pleasing. The tip of each marker is 0.4 mm fine which makes writing on tightly lined pages effortless.   

Another aspect is that those pens can make a great gift to a special student (or an artist) you know. They are widely used (based on reviews) by office workers, teachers, homeschoolers, illustrators, comic artists and of course high school and university students. 

  • No-bleed pens. 
  • 24 Vibrant colors.  
  • 0.4mm fine tip.  
  • Great gift idea.  
  • The point is much smaller than expected, based on some reviews. 

LockerWorks 3 Shelf Hanging Locker Organizer

I ask myself the only question: why is that back in my high school years I did not buy one of those locker organizers. The constant struggle with disorganized notepads, textbooks, change of clothes and cosmetics could be solved with one simple tiered item.   

This particular hanging organizer is also adjustable from 20 to 38” in height x 6” wide x 9” deep. Besides that, you can easily convert it from two shelves to three, depending on the size of your locker. As a satisfied reviewer noted it is exactly as pictured and it has worked wonders for keeping her son organized. His locker only had one shelf so everything used to be one big unorganized stack and he struggled to find what he needed for each class. Since putting this organizer in his locker, he has had a much easier time finding exactly what he needs.  

The hanging organizer is designed to hold the weight of essentials and extras you might need through school years. It is made of heavy, durable polyester with sturdy steel brackets which allows the organizer to hold shape along with heavy binders and other supplies.   

Besides large compartments, for notes and textbooks, the LockerWorks organizer features mesh side pockets for chargers, hair brushes, cosmetics, writing supplies and other small items.   

  • Adjustable length and width.  
  • Easily convertible. 
  • Versatile. 
  • None.

BIC Wite-Out Brand Mini Twist Correction Tape

There are many wite-outs on the market and it is nearly impossible to pick the best one. That is why we selected this set of BIC Wite-Out for two reasons. The first one is a compact and convenient design that makes it easy to store in your pencil case and hold in your hand while fixing writing mistakes.  

The second one is tear-resistant film-based tape. The second reason is especially attractive: making mistakes is already stressful enough and if your wite-out constantly tears it only adds to the aggravation. It features an integrated twist cap guard that prevents tearing.   

  • Compact and convenient design. 
  • Tear-resistant.   
  • Dries immediately.  
  • As per a review, you can’t open the case and so if the tape stretches out there is no way of putting it back on the wheel. 

Mr. Pen- Inclusive 15 Pcs Geometry Set, Compass & Protractor Set

Algebra and geometry are not the easiest subjects, but with proper tools, they can get less complicated. The Mr. Pen set contains fifteen pieces that are easy to handle and navigate. The set includes a compass, a divider, two pencils, a pencil sharpener, mechanical pencils and a pack of led, eraser, ruler and protractor with a swing arm.   

As per one reviewer, she liked this set because it offers lots of handy stuff. The compasses were smaller than expected but worked well. One of them holds a fine liner without a problem, which was great. She is pleased and would recommend this set.  

To mention some main features of the included items, for instance, compasses, they are easy to handle, and meant for both drawing (Extra Lead one) and geometry (One Study). The protractor is designed with a swing arm to make drawing angles and arcs more accurate. Overall, based on positive reviews every item included in the set is useful during classes and students who bought it for high school also took it to university.   

  • Complete geometry set.  
  • Quality, durable materials.  
  • Versatile.  
  • The squares are very small. 

PhoneSoap Wireless Charger and Sanitizer

Do not overthink all the germs that pile on your or your kid’s smartphone, otherwise, you will get grossed out. But seriously, instead of worrying about germs, simply place a device into this sanitizing box and expect it to kill up to 99.9% of germs.   

This wireless box with Qi technology is designed not only to get rid of microbes (using UV light), but also to charge Apple and Android smartphones.   

What we love is how compact this sanitizing box is: you can easily fit it into a backpack or a locker.   

  • Kills up to 99.9% of germs.  
  • Includes wireless charging.  
  • Compact.  
  • Pricey.  

Yoobi Mini Highlighters

We added those Yoobi highlighters mainly for how cute they are. Those mini markers come in a pack of ten, vibrant and stunning colours that you can use for school assignments, highlighting while reading or even having fun creating some art.   

Those markers feature an ergonomic triangular grip and compact size that can easily fit into a backpack or pencil case with your other writing supplies. Unlike many other markers on the market, those Yoobi ones are non-toxic so you do not have to worry even if your kids get their hands on them for their drawing projects.   

  • Versatile. 
  • Ten colours. 
  • Non-toxic.  
  • Mini size for easy storage. 
  • Due to a smaller size, you run out of ink much quicker than with standard markers.  

Dell Latitude 7490

Whatever it is you bought for high school can be also taken to college. Yet, one more item that can be useful on campus is a laptop.   

Copied from the Rank-it original article 

Notebooks such as the Dell Latitude 7490 put productivity first and foremost. Aimed mostly for business, they’re also top-rated laptops for university students looking for a computer that offers speed, a comfortable keyboard designed for hours of typing, and an impressive battery that lasts 9 hours.  

The left side of the Latitude 7490 houses two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI out, and a Thunderbolt 3 port. Right side has a Noble-branded security lock slot, a third USB 3.0 port, Ethernet, SD and SIM readers, and a headphone jack. Everything that should be needed for most tasks.  

A 14-inch matte touch-screen display offers solid and crisp colours, though it could be brighter according to several reviews from LaptopMag and TechSpot.  

If security is something that concerns you, the Latitude comes prepared with additional log-in measures such a smart-card reader, fingerprint sensor, and IR webcam for Windows Hello logins, Intel’s vPro technology also allows for remote tech support should you ever need it.  

A bonus is that it passed 15 MIL-SPEC810G tests, which the military uses to test durability, which is a roundabout way of stating that it can handle high temperatures up to 60-degrees Celsius / 140-degrees Fahrenheit, survive extreme humidity, and endure shocks, vibrations, and particles like dust settling in.  

  • Reasonable battery life. 
  • Durable.
  • The underside can get warm. 

Why Trust Us

Yes, we write buying guides, but more than that we are vivid shoppers. The years when we, just like you, used to shop for school supplies, are not that far back. We still remember the thrill of it and put as much enthusiasm into creating this list of best school supplies that we would use ourselves. Saying all this means one thing, we understand the concept of successful shopping, where we know what to look for and how to save time, money and energy.   

As with any other shopping guide, we base our list of best products on three factors. (And this one is not an exception.)  

The first one is the overall rating of each product. We include only those that earned at least four stars and thousands of positive reviews from students and their parents of all ages and grades.   

The second one is based on what other buying guides have to say and offer (Good Housekeeping, Teen Vogue and others). Many of them had a chance to test the best products on the market and we trust their conclusions.   

The third one is the categories we selected. We do not only give you an idea of what school supplies are considered the best ones, but make sure to cover various requests such as budget-friendly options, supplies for high schoolers, university students, and kindergarten attendees, as well as suggest products of different categories such as water bottles, pens, pencils, sharpeners, highlighters, notebooks and more.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What school supplies do I need for university?  

While it would depend on the number of classes you attend (speaking of extra supplies) and whether you prefer typing your lectures on a laptop or writing them down on paper, there are some general school supplies that all students find useful. Stock up on pens and pencils, A4 lined notebooks, highlighters, an organizer, binders and a stapler. Those supplies can help to easily organize each lecture and assignment, which eventually can make a significant impact on studying and preparing for exams.   

What school supplies do I need for high school?  

School supplies you would take to university are pretty much the same as you use during high school. You would need binders, A4 lined and grided notebooks, highlighters, markers, pens and pencils and of course a backpack and a lunch box. Add a ruler, some sticky notes, an eraser and a pencil sharpener, and you are all set for school.   

Where to buy affordable school supplies?  

Of course, there is no other place like Amazon when it comes to fast shipping and affordable prices, yet there are other places where you can shop for budget-friendly school supplies. Think of retailers like Walmart, Staples, Dollarama, and Michael’s during their sale season.   

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April 14th, 2023

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