Essential Kindergarten Supplies for Canadians

When it comes to school (and Kindergarten especially) you want your kids to be the best prepared they can be for success – and be able to do so as easily as possible! It’s time to start preparing school supply lists with everything they’ll need. 

We’ve got you covered with our list of essentials collected below – all the must-haves curated to ensure that they’ll be well-stocked, including a few nice to have items that can help ease everyone into that big first step of starting school for the first time! 

The early school years are filled with a lot of crafting, colouring, and otherwise getting to explore creativity with hands-on learning. For our list below, we’ve organized everything into their own categories such as top-rated backpacks, crayons, markets, and more.

Essential kindergarten supplies

Toddler backpack with lunch bag

This fun backpack and lunch box combination pack is a great deal for your wallet and for making life easier without needing to purchase multiple items, and they match design-wise which is great for making sure lunch and backpacks don’t get mixed up if you have multiple children to get ready for school with. 

All pieces are easy to clean and wipe down in case of messes and spills, and the zippers are durable and reinforced to protect against most things that children can throw at them. There are multiple designs available, all including their own lunch bag and extra pouch. The inner pocket makes it easy to carry any books and supplies your child needs, and the side pockets can carry a water bottle or other supplies easily. 

  • Backpack and lunch bag combo.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • May not be large enough.

Telena kindergarten adjustable backpack

The Telena backpack is 100% polyester, making it easy to clean with a quick wipe down. It has plenty of space for all of their needed school supplies, with a large main zippered pocket for books, side pockets and pouches on both sides help with water bottles or snacks. 

It is waterproof, durable, and the joints and zippers are stitched and reinforced to help curb any damage that can happen from anything kids can throw at it. It isn’t recommended for machine washing but a quick wipe or a handwash makes it easy to keep clean when needed. It comes in multiple colours and designs that your children are sure to gravitate towards. 

This backpack can also be used for camping or sleepovers as well. The dimensions are approximately 11.02″Wx5.12″ Dx13.39″H 

  • 100% polyester.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Not for machine wash. 

MountianTop toddler backpack

This polyester backpack by MountainTop measures in at 8.3 x 4.7 x 11.8 in, weighs 0.28 kg, and is durable and lightweight – making it wonderful for kindergarten or day trips, such as going to the zoo or grandparents house. 

The breathable mesh cushion on the back fits the curve of the spine, allowing it to be comfortable on your childs back and the straps help distribute the weight evenly. There is even an included detachable chest strap as well if you want to make sure everything is snug and secure. A personalized name label inside the backpack allows this to be returned to the proper owner if it is ever lost. 

This backpack comes in multiple colours and designs, and has a front pocket, top loading inner pocket, and side pouches to easily carry water bottles, snacks, or other supplies that you may need such as tissues or hand sanitizer. 


  • Multiple colours.
  • Durable.
  • Padded shoulder straps and breathable back padding.
  • Can be smaller than expected – be sure to check the dimensions

VASCHY backpack

VASCHY backpacks are durable, wonderfully designed, and have unique designs/colours that are exclusive to their brand. The zippers are easy to open and close, it has a front pouch, side pouches, and a main pocket. 

The sides are great for a water bottle or other supplies, and it measures in at 1×4.3×14.6inch/28x11x37cm(WxDxH),weighs 0.77LBS. It is a decent size that can easily carry your childs notebooks, pencil case, lunch, and more. The material is a water-resistant polyester, which can be wiped down or handwashed to ensure it stays clean and looking its best after being used every day. 

VASCHY has a one-year warranty as well, if anything has a defect or stops working well within that time, such as faulty zippers or etc. – they will do their best to rectify any issues or mistakes. 

MCWTH 3D rabbit pencil case

This adorable 3D pencil case not only looks great but is durable and sturdy enough to handle every day wear and tear from children, while being soft enough to not accidentally cause any problems with your child using it either. 

It has a lot of space inside to include pencils, markers, and pencil crayons. It may also hold a few erasers as well. It fits well into backpacks and with the 3D design, it should stand out and not get mistaken or lost during any hectic days. 

The dimensions for this will fit any standard crayons and markers and can also hold small safety scissors as well. The material can be wiped down easily if anything spills on it and the zippers are reinforced to ensure durability, while also staying smooth while being zipped and unzipped to avoid snags.

Standing pencil cases like this cute cat design one is great for classrooms and colouring at home or while out and about. The sturdy case holds up well against most wear and tear daily and can be wiped down easily. The material will need some time to dry if it does get wet though, as it’s more of a canvas material compared to a softer PVC like some other pencil cases. 

Standard sized pencils, crayons, markers, small pencil sharpeners, and erasers will all fit in this case without issue, including small scissors. Zippers and stitching around this case are reinforced to help prevent any tearing or bending problems that could occur from tiny hands opening and closing it constantly, and the zippers are durable as well. 

It can be handwashed or wiped down gently with a cloth and some warm, soapy water. 

Dinosaur spaceship pencil case

This dinosaur pencil case comes in three different colorways and will hold any standard crayons, pencils, markers, and everything else your child will need in kindergarten. It is a bit smaller/shallower than other pencil cases but it does the job and is well designed. 

The zippers and stitching are reinforced, and the material is easy to wipe down whenever there are accidentally spills or issues during the day. 

Tokidoki milk pencil case

The Tokidoki designs are always a treat, this one being a fun upright milk carton! The material is soft and easy to wipe down, while the zippers and stitching are reinforced to ensure that it will last throughout the days. 

It won’t hold a ton of pencils and markers, but the important ones will fit and any longer markers or crayons will fit in this pencil case very well, that may not fit in other smaller styles. It is a squishy type pencil case that can be squashed or put underneath other thing by accident and still maintain its shape once back to the proper position. 

It’s ideal for children and adults alike, with the authors note here that I myself own this specific pencil case myself and it is fantastic. It has also held up well against pets and children alike. 

Tokidoki popcorn pencil case

Another Tokidoki case, this fun popcorn designed case is a ‘flat case’, not an upright one. It can fit a plethora of crayons, markers, and pencils. Smooth gliding zippers and squishy material make this perfect for children and adults alike that want a case that will keep their supplies safe while being thrown into a bag. 

The material is the same as in their other cases, which is a very soft and sturdy material that’s easy to wipe down when needed and lasts well against everyday wear and tear within the classroom and at home. Any other supplies such as pencil sharpeners, erasers, and paintbrushes can fit in here as well without any trouble. 

Bentgo kids lunch box

As most parents know, lunch containers with multiple spots for different foods are amazing at keeping things in order (for as long as that lasts) and packing your child’s lunch for school is no different. It makes getting lunches together easier before school and takes the stress out of otherwise needing different bags or containers since they go together. 

This style has a few different colours and designs available to match your child likes and makes it easier to ensure that they don’t accidentally end up with the wrong one after school or if it gets lost, it can be found easier. It’s easy to keep clean with soap and water and is dishwasher safe. 

Sistema to go lunch box

This Sistema to go lunch box is another bento style lunch box that will pack easier into backpacks before school and separates foods and snacks easily into their own little compartments. Veggies, sandwiches, chips, packaged cookies, etc. – everything fits in nicely here and can be moved around for the best arrangement. 

The material is durable, BPA-free, and is easily washed in the dishwasher or by hand without a fuss. From top reviews, it seems to be durable, withstand scratches, and doesn’t have a tendency to stick or have food stay caked on. 

Fenrici soft lunch box

A lunch bag for all of your kid’s food to get put into if you don’t like the bento styled boxes, this soft case lunch bag will keep their food cool or hot, and will hold up against stains or spills. The soft material can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth and the fun design makes your child excited for lunch and snack times! 

It will keep foods hot or cold with the insulated design and the reinforced stitching around the bag makes it ideal for accidentally being tossed around or thrown around without any issues. 

Shark container Lehoo lunch box

Another bento style box with individual containers, this fun shark container lunch bag helps store all of their food without spills or leakage issues. The smaller containers are great for keeping dips for chicken nuggets and it all can go in the same container. It’s easy to open and close, and is durable for keeping any scuffs or drops causing minimum damage. 

There are multiple colours and designs to choose from, and the sizes are perfect for small hands to reach everything without any problems. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher or handwashed in hot soapy water, and the material doesn’t seem to stain as easily as other similar lunch containers. 

Hilroy duotang folders-25pack

Hilroy is known for their notebooks, duotang folders, and other school supplies since most of us can remember. Their quality is established to be good and that hasn’t changed. These easy-to-use folders/covers are great for keeping any hole-punch papers in their place or for any other loose papers that need to be kept safe. 

Exercises, writing, and artworks can be brought home safely and securely. The paper outer layer is decently thick enough to withstand markers and being doodled on and writing their names on without turning mushy or breaking. 

A 4-pack of Hilroy lined exercise books makes for an easy notebook to doodle in, write in, and otherwise have fun in class during kindergarten. The paper is sturdy and can hold up against markers, though there will be bleed-through. 

Classic books for all Canadian kids, these have stood up well to the test of time and are still the same as always. They’re amazing for the value, amount you receive, and the quality considering that they are some of the cheapest exercise books you can find around. 


Kindergarten writing lines practice paper notebooks

These writing books have thicker lines with a dotted line in the middle, allowing your children to learn to write letters easier and start on their journey into learning more. These have decent paper quality and work with markers, crayons, and pencils alike. 

There will be bleed-through for wet markers, but the paper is good enough to handle erasable pencil crayons or pens as well without falling apart or turning to mush like some notebooks in a similar fashion. They are cheap, worth the cost, and come in multiple quantities if needed. 

Composition notebook dinosaurs

These composition notebooks have the same practice lines paper as other notebooks, but this comes in a cute design that has multiple options available. 

The paper is smooth and sturdy against pencils, erasable pencils and pencil crayons, and will bleed-through with markers but will hold up fine still without becoming too mushy or destroyed. Pages can be easily taken out without damaging the book or the writing/drawings you may want to pick out and put onto the fridge, for example. 

It’s great for notes in class or for exercises such as beginner lettering and other crafts. 

Pre-sharpened beginner pencils

These pre-sharpened beginner pencils are perfect for beginning kindergarteners that are learning to or going to be learning how to write letters and numbers for the first time. They help small hands learn to grip better by being a triangular shape, along with being larger which assists as well. 

They are pre-sharpened but not so sharp that your child should injure themselves, but do take pre-caution anyways as with all things, and make sure that they aren’t a danger when they arrive. They can be sharpened in regular pencil sharpeners just as easily and they do sharpen nicely without much breakage. 

12-pc rainbow pencils anti-break

These rainbow pencils have a regular grey HB lead in them, but the paper wrapping is a fun rainbow colour that children of all ages will love (and some adults as well, let’s be honest – they’re really cool!) 

These are easily sharpened in regular pencil sharpeners and have an anti-break thickness to them, to better help against any accidental breakage and any possible injuries that could occur with snapping lead. They’re eco-friendly and safe for kids as they’re wood free – made from paper! They’re non-toxic and if you dislike them, you can contact the seller and they will refund without issue. 

3-pack pencil grips

If you’re wanting to add an extra grip while your child learns to write, these pencil grips are the perfect addition to most regular pencils and they even can stretch over triangular ones that create more of a grip and stability. 

These come in a pack of three, made from non-toxic material that won’t fall apart or become slippery, even if they’re used after snack time. They stay up on all pencils, markers, and pencil crayons so that they fit and will last all year. They can be torn or ripped with effort, so do be careful about that.

12-count multiple styles pencil grips

This 12-count of pencil grips comes in multiple styles and colours instead of just one singular type if you aren’t sure which your children will like best or work best with. They’re affordable, durable, and fit regular sized pencil crayons and pencils without a problem. 

They might be able to fit over slightly larger pencils as well, though the flexibility of the pencil grips depends on the batch it seems, more than an overall uniform set style. They’re inexpensive and work great in case they get lost throughout the year or if you’re a teacher that may want to keep a few in the classroom for students. 

4-pack manual sharpener, multicoloured

This 4-pack of coloured pencil sharpeners works great for any regular sized pencils or crayons. They come in multiple colours and have a closing lid along with a storage bin so that pencil shavings don’t need to go everywhere like they do with standard other metal manual sharpeners. 

The plastic is sturdy, the fit isn’t too tight or too loose, so little hands can open it themselves and put it back without needing too much effort. These kinds of sharpeners can tend to crack if dropped too much or if something happens, such as they get crushed in a backpack by anything heavy. 

Handheld cute mouse manual pencil sharpener

An adorable design shaped like a little mouse, this manual pencil sharpener has a handle turn style and the moving parts are deemed safe for kids and use. 

Regular sized pencils and crayons fit in here no problem, and there is minimal breakage or tearing like some sharpeners can do. It isn’t that large and while it won’t fit in a pencil case, it can be taken to and from school or even left there to be used every day. 

Cat paws erasers

A fun design compared to the standard erasers are these adorable cat paw erasers that come in multiple colours and are stored in their own little plastic case that has a large cat paw as well! They’re non-toxic, don’t leave too much of a mess, and work decently well against most regular pencil marks. 

They can also be used as counting tools to keep kids entertained and focused without losing interest so quickly. There are a lot included in this pack, though the number isn’t always consistent. For the cost and quality, plus the case that comes with them – it’s a worthwhile purchase to check out. 

Pentel polymer erasers

A classic eraser, these polymer erasers are great for erasing pencil marks and even some pencil crayons, depending on the brand. They come in a pack of 3, with other options available to get more or less if you’d like. They are non-toxic, durable, and work well without leaving a slew of eraser shavings like the classic pink rubber erasers. 

They fit well into pencil cases and last a long time, even with daily uses against pencil marks, paper, and other things children might try to erase while they’re learning and creating at school. 

32-pack animal erasers for kids

This 32-pack of assorted animal shaped erasers are a fun treat for adults and children alike to sort through and use. The erasing capabilities of these can depend on the shape of some of them, but overall, they do work well against regular HB pencil marks and erasable pencil crayons

60-pack Crayola pencil crayons

Crayola needs no introduction. This 60-pack of pencil crayons will keep your children stocked all year round and then some, through kindergarten and beyond. These are pre-sharpened and are made with wood from well-maintained and taken care of forests that preserve resources. 

The thick but soft leads are made to resist breakage and they’re sharpened easily with any regular pencil sharpener, manual or automatic. 

Crayola erasable pencil crayons

Like Crayola’s regular pencil crayons, these have a soft lead that’s great for colouring, avoid breakage, and are the brand we all know. These, however, differ in that they’re erasable! 

If you’re looking for an added line of defense against wall writing or other incidents, these colour pencils have your back. They are available in multiple size packs and are slightly more expensive than the regular crayons. They work just as well and are vivid. 

Crayola ultra-clean washable markers

Another in the washable category that’s perfect for kindergartners, these washable markers are a great choice. The colours are vivid, long lasting, and the markers themselves can withstand a decent amount of dropping and being pushed against paper before they really break or show issues. 

These are washable, making it easy to get out of clothes and other fabrics that they might find their way onto – and most importantly, easier to get off of skin when children inevitably decide to use themselves as a canvas. 

Mr. Sketch washable scented markers

If you have never used Mr. Sketch markers, especially these scented ones – you’re in for a treat. These were well-known (and still are) for their scents and bright, vivid colours. The best part is that these now come in a washable form as well! 

Easier to clean out of fabric and off skin and hair, these markers have a chisel tip that allow for thick and thin lines to be drawn. Great for writing, colouring, and drawing all the same these are a fun addition to any pencil case. 

90-count Crayola construction paper colours

With a 90-count of colourful construction paper, you won’t need to restock for awhile whether at home or at school! 

These fun Crayola sheets are sturdy and work well for crafts. Glue, tape, bending, folding, drawn on with markers, etc. these can handle it all without having too many issues such as turning into a mushy mess. They’re easy to tear for children, along with being cut by safety scissors. They can be used for paper airplanes, making hats, and any other papercraft your child will most likely do during schooltime. 

Crayola black-sheets construction paper

To really make gel markers or bright vivids stand out, these all black coloured construction paper sheets are the go-to choice! 

Just as durable and wonderful as regular Crayola construction paper, but instead of a rainbow of colours they are all just pure black. Black paper is great for Halloween crafts and for creating a great contrast for any other building and drawings you may use them for! 

Gorilla Glue disappearing purple for kids

These glue sticks from Gorilla glue are designed for kids and won’t leave them glued to anything like their regular brand of adhesives! This glue turns from a nice purple shade to clear once it is fully dried so that it’s easy for them to see when it is dry on a project or on paper. 

They’re non-toxic to the extent that glue can be, but still warrant caution during use to ensure that they don’t ingest the sticks by accident or on purpose. These glue sticks don’t have any horrible chemical smell to them and they don’t discolour anything they end up on, such as clothing or backpacks. 

Elmer’s washable white school glue

A staple in most homes and classrooms, this white school glue is easily peeled off of skin if (and when) it gets onto small hands and works well for paper crafts and other crafts that involve glue – both for children and adults alike! 

This glue is non-toxic, doesn’t stick to what it’s not supposed to for the most part – as in it’s easier to clean up from clothing and the like than other glues can be since it is formulated for kids to use – and overall has no gross smell or deterring chemicals. 

Elmer’s colour changing school glue

If you’re looking for a cool upgrade to regular glue to keep your children entertained during school or at home while doing crafts, Elmers has a colour changing glue available now! There are two kinds as well, from a purple and pink shift to an orange and yellow one. 

This glue in particular is great for making slime and creating slime crafts at home or at school with adult supervision and cleans up well without being overly sticky or awful to use and clean. 

Scotch kids scissors-blunt edges

These scissors from Scotch brand are great for children 3+ and are perfect for anyone that’s starting school for the first time, whether it’s pre-school or Kindergarten. 

They have blunted edges to ensure that there are no accidents and the edges themselves of the scissor part that cuts are dull to make sure they don’t cut skin. They can cut paper and construction paper and things such as Scotch tape, but are otherwise great for children to use. The handles and holes for children to put their fingers through are designed that they shouldn’t get stuck accidentally or pinch themselves by accident as well. 

3-pc safety scissors for kids

If your children tend to lose their supplies or break them at school, this 3-pack of safety scissors is a perfect choice to go for. They are dull enough to not break skin or hurt, but enough to cut regular and construction paper. 

They come in multiple colours in this pack and the handles are adjusted to fit kids hands without any pinching or issues. Safety features also ensure that they can’t be accidentally used or open by being flung into a pencil case or backpack. 

Maped rabbit scissors

These cutely designed scissors are shaped like rabbit ears with a cute rabbit face being the middle piece, changing up the usual design of scissors, while remaining safe and secure for children to use. They are for 3+ year olds to use and the plastic blades are reinforced with fiberglass to ensure a lasting use while remaining safe. 

They are durable and cut through construction paper well enough. There are two colour options, a purple and white and a green and white feature. 

Indoor shoes

Mayzero indoor runners

These Mayzero indoor runners are great for gym class and everyday fun around the classroom. They come in a large plethora of colour options, so there is sure to be ones that your child loves! 

Ranging in size from Children 1 to 13.5, there should be a size that works for your children and fits comfortably before they grow out of them faster than you can blink. The quality is wonderful, the designs are all eclectic enough that any colorway you can think of is there, and they have easy adjustable Velcro to readjust during the day and to easily take them off/put them on without much adult help needed. 

Jan & Jul indoor knit shoes

For a shoe that your child can simply slip on or off themselves with minimal adult help, these cute breathable shoes are slip-on and the knit fabric is stretchy and snug to little feet. 

They come in multiple colours and designs, with sizes ranging from 5 toddler to 13 little kid. Their sizing chart is available in the listing and these are also machine washable. The knit fabric makes it so that they can be worn comfortably with or without socks, with no blistering or irritation if they are bare feet while wearing them. 

If you have children that like to wear shoes but not socks, these might be a good idea to check into! 

DREAM PAIRS toddler indoor shoes

Coming in with sizes 1 to 13 Little Kid, these cute sneakers have multiple designs and colours available with easy to adjust Velcro for small hands to do themselves with minimal adult help needed. 

These sneakers are reminiscent of skating or basketball style sport shoes, they are lightweight, have cushioned insole for additional comfort, and the rubber outside can resist scuffs and wear and tear easier plus have a good grip for running around on different types of flooring without slipping, including gymnasium floors or classroom tiles. 

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