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The Best Whiteboards And Bulletin Boards

Whiteboards are widely used in office spaces, conference rooms, and even home offices for those who want to organize their schedule or brainstorm freely without using tons of paper or electronic devices. Overall, if you wish to keep track of quick notes and meetings on a whiteboard, even a miniature desktop version of it can help with that.  

Moreover, we decided to combine two types of organizing boards in one list. Besides brainstorming on a whiteboard, you might also find a bulletin board useful. Although many people switch from paper invoices, notes and letters, there are still those who prefer physical documents in front of them rather than electronic copies.  

There is something about pinning a note, picture of your cat, a polaroid image of a friend or even an inspiring quote to a bulletin board, and keeping it in front of your eyes. Writers often prefer bulletin boards as a plot organizing map. Meanwhile, designers and artists would appreciate a space to attach and arrange sketches for an upcoming collection or artwork. Same to say about students. Many refer to bulletin boards as a primary, visual source which assists in getting ready for tests by allowing them to navigate between important notes and outlines in one place instead of constantly opening tabs and forgetting half of the information.   

Finally, we do understand how confusing it might be to pick the right white bulletin boards for your work or studying space. That is why we made sure to select boards for various requests like best whiteboards for general use, magnetic dry-erase boards, cork boards, large and small, as well as budget-friendly and professional whiteboards. Check our buying guide, including reviews and pros and cons, below.

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How to choose whiteboards and bulletin boards


Dry-erase boards, just like bulletin ones, are available in a few different materials. First, we will take a look at whiteboards where one of the most popular materials is porcelain. Porcelain whiteboards are favourite among teachers and office workers because of their durability and scratch resistance. Besides, it is easy to clean.   

The second one is tempered glass boards. They are more expensive than other boards, yet just like porcelain boards, they are impressively durable.  

Another one is melamine. Made out of resin-infused paper, melamine boards are inexpensive and fairly resistant. Their only downside is the ease of staining. That is why melamine boards are not the best choice for anyone who is planning on constant writing and erasing on a board.   

Finally, the last type is painted steel. Painted steel dry-erase boards combine multilayer coating, durability and much lower price than glass whiteboards, and unlike melamine boards, they are not so easily stained.  


While we will talk about some standard bulletin boards further, our top choice is a magnetized whiteboard. Having a magnetic dry-erase board allows you not only to write, draw and erase but also attach invoices, notecards, sketches and other important papers. Basically, it allows you to organize anything you wish to have above your work desk in one space, without the necessity of buying both white and bulletin boards.   

Among boards which we mentioned earlier, only porcelain and steel boards are magnetized.   


It might be obvious, but we have to mention it anyway: the size of a white/bulletin board directly depends on the available office space you have. It would not make any visual sense to purchase a small size board for a large conference room. At the same time a large board would inconveniently occupy most home office spaces. Gladly, there are variations of sizes on the market. Generally, dry-erase or bulletin boards can be found from small desktop-type models to large wall boards where size is typically somewhere between 12 to 9 inches or 98 to 48 inches.   


Just like making sure that a board would fit in and not overwhelm your office space, it is crucial to choose the right mounting style. Are you planning on transporting a board for presentations from your workspace to a conference room? Get a mobile board that comes with a frame on wheels and can be easily rolled around a workspace or a classroom.   

Some whiteboards come with double-sided Velcro strips. Those strips make it possible to mount boards to walls without causing unnecessary damage, which is especially useful if you are renting a place and are not allowed to drill holes.   

Fortunately, most white/bulletin boards usually come with the required hardware set, needed for mounting, so all you have to do is find a proper place and provide a pair of handy hands.   


The final factor you want to consider is additional features which make a whiteboard more functional. The one we suggest paying attention is a storage ledge. Having a space for markers and erasers does not only allow quick access to those essentials, but also spares you from cluttering your desk.   

Another feature is a reversible board. Surely, it might not be the case with every board, but if you are already buying a mobile whiteboard, why not look for the one with a reversible side? Basically, with such a board you get double the writing space, which is convenient, especially during a presentation or a class.   

Also, if you are buying a whiteboard to plan your week and keep track of deadlines and appointments, take a look at a calendar-style dry-erase board.   

Audio-Visual Direct Frosted Glass Dry-Erase Board Set

Sophisticated and clean in its appearance, this Audio-Visual Direct dry-erase board brings a modern touch to any office or study space. As a customer who was looking for a whiteboard for her home office rightly noted, most whiteboards look too industrial or institutional. This one, however, looks stunning in her office. Most people won’t recognize it as a whiteboard. The posts provided add very sturdy support, she added. Dry erase markers easily erase without any residue or ghosting left on the surface. If you are creative, it could be backlit with LED strips. She highly recommends this product as it is the best glass dry-erase board out there.  

Of course, what we especially love about this board is the glass material. Yes, it is one of the most expensive boards on our list, yet considering nonporous material, it is worth it. Glass whiteboards resist streaking, which melamine or porcelain boards are often prone to. This glass board is also impressively smooth to write on and easy to erase.  

Another customer noted that this Audio-Visual Direct whiteboard provides a great writing surface and feels very sturdy because of the six mounting points. Tempered glass is great as a writing surface because you can leave something on it for weeks without worrying about being able to erase it cleanly. It came with a template which was very useful for installing it and took out the guesswork, he noted.  

Speaking of mounting, the board comes with metal mounts and anchors. Based on most reviews we read through, it is a rather easy to hang whiteboard, which is also astonishingly sturdy. You do not have to worry about accidentally breaking it because even if it happens, Audio-Visual Direct offers a lifetime guarantee.   

Finally, this glass whiteboard comes in five different sizes (from 17.75 x 23.62 inches to 39.5 x 59 inches), although keep in mind that the bigger the board the higher the price would be. Besides a range of sizes, you can pick from clear, frosted, and opaque finish options. The only issue clear boards have is they are more reflective than opaque finish boards. However, if you have a frosted or clear board on a white wall, or use it in small to medium-sized conference rooms, the viewers should not have issues with what you wrote or drew during your presentation.

  • Minimal, sleek design.  
  • Lifetime guarantee. 
  • Nonporous glass material.  
  • Size/finish options.  
  • Expensive.  

Officeline Ultra-Slim, Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board & Accessories

If all you need is a sturdy, simple, and affordable whiteboard for brainstorming or presenting your ideas, Officeline Magnetic Dry Erase is the best option out there. Despite the low price, the quality of this board is quite high. This magnetic whiteboard offers high clarity and a scratch-resistant surface.   

Besides, it is durable, yet compact dry-erase board that comes with useful accessories such as three magnets, a whiteboard pen, pen tray, and eraser. However, you do not have to stick with the essentials included with the board. Any dry-erase markers can be used on this Officeline Magnetic whiteboard.   

You probably have already guessed it from the name, but we want to mention that this whiteboard is not only for writing on it. Its magnetic surface allows you to easily attach papers, assignments, invoices and other notes and documents to the board.   

Finally, to speak of the looks, yes it might not have that polished, shining appearance of the glass board we mentioned earlier, yet a silver, aluminum finished frame in combination with a white, clean middle, adds a professional, minimal aesthetic, to any office space.

  • High clarity. 
  • Scratch resistant.  
  • Lightweight and durable.  
  • Magnetic. 
  • The eraser and marker (included) were not of the best quality. Some users suggest you purchase them separately.  

Metal Framed Magnetic Dry-Erase Board by ArtMinds

Unlike those who often present ideas and projects, teach or require lots of organizational space, you might be among those who simply want to write down daily tasks or even grocery lists. That is when a small whiteboard becomes useful. You do not have to hang it (unless, of course, you want to) and you can simply lay or stand it beside your computer. Having a whiteboard so close to your workspace allows you to take quick notes, brainstorm, write down appointment details or plan your day. Besides, if for instance, you need to write down a meal plan for a week or a shopping list, you can simply hang it on a fridge. This whiteboard has a magnetic back that does not require extra hardware for mounting it.   

This framed magnetic dry erase board from ArtMinds is ideal for quick organizing. It is not only a compact (11″ x 14″), easy-to-use writing surface for planning and scheduling, but also can serve as a bulletin board for photos and notes, reminders and more. A customer noted she puts her board on the freezer door and it’s great for reminders. Her fridge’s door is white and it looks like it belongs there.  

Another customer added that this was the perfect size for her refrigerator to jot her shopping list on. Before she goes to a store, she just takes a pic of it.  

  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Includes two magnets and a marker. 
  • Magnetic backside. 
  • Compact and lightweight.  
  • Some magnets on the included marker are weak.  

Magnetic Whiteboard Mobile Dry Erase Board

For those who are constantly moving around a classroom or have to bring a presentation from an office to a conference room, there is no better way than the WEYOUNG Mobile Dry Erase Board. This whiteboard features a rounded base, five lockable wheels and a unique design. Essentially, it is portable and stable: you can easily move the board around without straining yourself. Add to it adjustable height up to 78.5 inches and you get yourself a whiteboard that is customizable to your presentational needs.   

The WEYOUNG Mobile Dry Erase board (measures 40 x 28 inches) has enough room for writing down notes, lecture points or present quick drawings to accompany your presentation. It comes with flipchart hooks, an elastic clip and a marker tray. Instead of writing, you can hang presentation materials on a flip chart hook or paper clip. For easy organization you can keep dry-erase markers on the attached tray to avoid a mess in the classroom.  

As a customer noted she loves this Glass/Magnetic whiteboard. It is a high-quality purchase. It came very well packaged with framed edge guards banded vertical and horizontal, outer and inner cartons and foam protection. It is sturdy and looks very nice for her home office.  

The sleek surface is not the only feature we love about this board. It is also magnetic, so you can attach invoices, notes and documents to it. Speaking of attaching to the board, you get six magnets as a part of a set. (Plus, three markers, one eraser and 25 paper pads.) 

  • Smooth and easy to wipe surface. 
  • Flexible and stable stand.  
  • Height adjustable.  
  • Versatile.  
  • Expensive.

U Brands Contempo Magnetic Monthly Calendar Dry Erase Board

Some people brainstorm on paper and need a whiteboard to organize their hectic schedules. For those professionals or even busy parents and students, we have this U Brands Contempo calendar and dry-erase board. A satisfied customer noted that as life gets busy being a working mom of, she needed something to help her keep on track with appointments. She came across this easy-to-use whiteboard. She highly recommends if you like her need to get organized.  

Whether you use this calendar board for office or personal purposes it helps to organize tasks, and keep track of appointments and deadlines. The calendar is divided into columns and lines for each day of the week. The bottom section is a space for quick notes.  

Besides easy task organization, the board features a stain-resistant surface that is easy to clean. You can use any dry-erase markers; however, the calendar comes as a set with four ultra-fine-tip markers and an eraser. All those essentials have magnetic strips, so you can attach them to the board after filling up your week.   

  • Easy weekly organizing.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Comes with an eraser and makers.  
  • Some people get disappointed that this is not a “magnetic” calendar that sticks to the refrigerator, but a magnetized calendar you can stick things on 

Audio-Visual Direct Black Glass Dry-Erase Board Set

In the beginning, we mentioned another Audio-Visual Direct board, and this one is also one of the best glass boards, except with a shiny black surface. Unlike standard whiteboards, a blackboard offers a more unique appearance. Even though it is a blackboard it has nothing in common (except colour) with old-fashioned chalkboards.  

The style of the board is modern and sleek and can serve not only as a surface for writing notes and organizing schedules, but also as office décor. Especially if your office is finished in a minimalist style.   

The Audio-Visual Direct Glass Dry-Erase board is sturdy and easy to clean. The nonporous glass surface is nonabsorbent, which means no matter what colour marker you use, the board will always be clean without any residue.   

Glass boards are durable, and this blackboard is not an exception. It is intended for long-term use resisting dents and scratches. And, even if something happens to the board, it comes with a 15-year warranty. The board comes with an accessory tray, marker, and magnets. As soon as included white marker dries out, you can purchase either the same one or any other dry-erase marker that would appear on a black surface. The Audio-Visual Direct blackboard comes in a selection of sizes, (2 x 1.5, 3 x 2, 4 x 3, 6 x 4, and 8 x 4 feet). 

  • High quality nonporous glass. 
  • Sophisticated look. 
  • Various sizes. 
  • Durable and long-lasting.  
  • Pricier than most boards.

Best Combination Board

Quartet Magnetic Combination Board with Curved Frame, Cork/Dry-Erase

Contrasting to the blackboard we talked about previously, this combination board comes at an unbelievably low price. The Quartet combination board is a half corkboard and half whiteboard. It is loved and chosen by students as well as freelancers, teachers and writers. This two-sided board can stand or hang above your workspace helping you in planning each week (on the whiteboard) and pinning precious polaroid, important papers and notes (on the corkboard). As per customers’ reviews, many of them say it has helped them “visualize things so much better.”  

One of those customers bought this to write down goals and use the corkboard as her vision / “to-buy” board. It does exactly what she needed it to and it looks cute. The Quartet board comes with little stickies to mount on your drywall. There was no damage to the wall when she removed it. 

Another important factor is that the whiteboard side is also magnetic. In case you fill up the corkboard side with papers and still need some space, you can pin more documents on the magnetic part.   

This board is also fairly compact (measures 17 x 23 inches) and lightweight, so you can easily transport it around the office or classroom. Of course, you can also hang it either horizontally or vertically above your work desk to keep all important files in one place. The board comes with self-stick pads which make mounting an easy task. Besides self-stick pads, it comes with a dry-erase marker and two magnets so you could start using it right away without buying extra items. 

  • Compact and light weight.  
  • Versatile.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • The frame feels cheap.  

SEEBYCLO Pin board from Etsy

We love Etsy for an abundance of DIY, artisanal, unique items and this bulletin board caught our attention as one of those stylish, yet not-so-mainstream pieces. It is an aesthetically pleasing organizing solution which comes in six colours and offers up to nine sets.   

Depending on the number of important notes, sketches and pictures you wish to keep above your workspace, you have the flexibility to choose several sets. To understand the way it works, you can look at this organizing board as Lego pieces. The minimum you can get is two sets in the same colour. (Each board is 11.8″x11.8″.) However, if at some point you decide you need more space to pin notes, you can always purchase more sets in different colours and mix and match them on the wall.  

As per a satisfied customer, these are exactly what he has been looking for to hang up his enamel pins and polaroid pictures. They are well-made, customizable, and really pretty, he added.  

Satisfied customers use those felt, soft boards, to organize not only notes, but also sentimental items like photos, postcards, newspaper clips, and even jewelry. It does not matter how many boards you order, each set comes with clear pins, 12” of Hook and Loop Fastener Tape.  

Moreover, the aesthetic of those practical boards is both minimal and trendy. As per reviews we read, customers find a use for those SEEBYCLO bulletin boards not only in their office but also in study, bedroom, living room and even nursery.   

  • Stylish design.  
  • Customizable. 
  • Available in six colours.  
  • None.

Wigley Framed Wall Mounted Corkboard

Another stylish board on our list, and this one is a symbol of simplicity and elegance if such can be applied to a bulletin board. As one satisfied customer noted, the Wigley corkboard is even more beautiful in person.   

This framed bulletin board is an ideal solution if you want to organize notes, sketches and papers in a presentable, neat way. The Wigley bulletin board features a white linen fabric padded pin board (24×40 inches), which alone gives it a natural, yet luxurious look. The frame (1 inch wide by 1.5 ” deep), although made of plastic, has a subtle gold finish that adds to the sophisticated design of the board. As per satisfied reviewers, many of them take this corkboard further than office organizing. Some hang it in a hallway, kitchen or home library.   

For your convenience, the Wigley board comes with metal D-ring hangers attached to the back of the frame. (You can hang it either horizontally or vertically.)    

The only thing to keep in mind, as per a customer’s review, she loves the look of this board, but wishes the cork was thicker. However, it still works for what she needed it for.   

  • Sophisticated design.  
  • Ample organizing space.  
  • Versatile.   
  • Expensive.  

Why Trust Us

Our main focus is to provide you with options, tell in a simple way about different products, their pros and cons and be as transparent as possible. That is why we spend numerous hours researching the market. For this particular topic, we based our list on the opinions of other buying guides (BobVila, The Strategist), as well as customers’ reviews.   

Besides selecting whiteboards and bulletin boards approved by others (and those we would buy for our own offices and homes), we made sure to cover various requests. We included whiteboards on budget as well as high-end ones. We selected whiteboards and bulletin boards suitable for a home office, student dorm or conference room.  

Finally, all selected products not only meet users’ expectations but also earned at least four stars and a worthy reputation among freelancers, working parents, writers, accountants, students and many others.   

Questions and answers about bulletin boards and whiteboards

What is a whiteboard?  

A whiteboard is a cleaner, more user-friendly, modernized substitution for a classic chalkboard. It is usually made of melamine, glass or porcelain and as it comes from a name, it is typically white. Whiteboards are made for any type of dry-erase markers, which makes them versatile whether you are writing, drawing, outlining, planning a schedule or presenting an idea.   

What is a bulletin board?  

A bulletin board is often made of corks or sometimes felt. It is a framed pad which is soft enough to pin papers to it, yet sturdy to hold the shape and weight of notes, sketches, images and documents. It is widely used among artists, students, writers, office workers and anybody else who is in need of proper paper organization or wishes to create a mood board.   

How to remove permanent markers from the whiteboard?  

Although it might seem like a crucial mistake, using a permanent marker on a whiteboard is an easy-to-fix one. Simply colour over the accidental writing with a whiteboard marker and wipe it off. Both stains should come off easily.   

Besides, you can always try to rub Windex, alcohol, vinegar, hand sanitizer, or nail polish remover (the one that contains acetone) on a stained part of a whiteboard.   

How to clean a whiteboard?  

There are special sprays and cleaners for whiteboards which you can use once a week for a quick clean-up. However, if you do not feel like making an extra purchase, you can always use warm soapy water, window cleaner or peroxide. The only warning we have to make is to stay away from wax-based cleaners. They make the surface of a whiteboard hard to work with, leaving a film-like residue. 

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