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Maria Kossman is an essayist, and content specialist at Her writing appeared in a variety of fashion magazines. When she is not focused on reviewing and writing, she spends time exploring coffee shops, English literature and antique malls.
best song recognition apps
Category: Apps

“What Song is This?” The Best Apps to Identify a Song’s Title

Hearing a song on the radio and want to add it to your own playlist? Have a tune stuck in your head?

how does the AirTag work
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How the Apple AirTag Works and Why Buy One

A small, round-shaped AirTag tracker is designed to locate stolen, misplaced luggage or other items.

how does amazon student prime work
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Amazon Prime Student Canada: How Does It Work, Eligibility, Price, And More  

An Amazon Student membership provides access to the best deals, free shipping and more.

best sofas in a box in canada
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The Best Sofa-in-a-Box Brands in Canada 

Read to find out all your need to know before buying one for yourself.

how to choose an internet plan
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How to Choose an Internet Plan  

With so many internet plans available, read to find out how to choose the right one for your home or business.

comparing skims and Spanx shapewear
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SKIMS vs Spanx: How They work, Pros and Cons, and More

Shapewear compresses and smooths curves, reduces size and creates a sleek silhouette. We compared two leading brands.

how do air purifiers work
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How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Polluted air can be life-threatening, but can an air purifier help with that? Find out here.

air fryer
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Are Air Fryers Worth It? Here Are The Pros and Cons 

Air fryers display more advantages than disadvantages: The convenience and healthy factors outweigh any negative one.

best book shops edmonton
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The Best Book Shops in Edmonton

Independently owned bookshops add vibrancy and heartwarming touch to the community.

timeless winter style
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Timeless Winter Style: Canada Appropriate Coats, Boots and More (Women’s Edition) 

Fierce winter does not mean a lack of style.

furnace repair edmonton
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The Best Furnace Repair in Edmonton 

If your furnace breaks in the middle of cold months, call one of the best furnace repair services in Edmonton.

best luxury bags worth the investment
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The Best Luxury Bags Worth the Investment 

Designer bags come at a high price. But buying a timeless design and high quality means a luxury bag can become a favourite accessory or heirloom to pass down through generations.