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The Best Cat Litter Mats

An important item that new pet owners can tend to overlook while creating their new pet checklist is something like a cat litter mat to help curb the spread of cat litter around the home. It’s especially important when you have multiple cats or allergies. They can save you time with cleaning, and overall improve the state of your home. 

Cat litter mats are an often-overlooked purchase when you’re planning on owning a cat or already have them, but once you have one or a few mats – it’s hard to go back. The overall cleanliness and time spent cleaning your home is leaps and bounds better. 

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Things to consider when purchasing a cat litter mat

When it comes to getting a cat litter mat, keep these factors in mind: 

Size – Bigger is better when it comes to cat litter mats; the more litter it can catch, the less it will track around your home. A lot of pet owners also use multiple smaller mats and a rug such as a longer runner style to cover more ground. Depending on what size of cat litter box you have, the space you have to place everything in your home, and whether you have multiple cats – are all factors for size to consider. 

Material – The material can be important for how your cats like it, if they can destroy it easily, if it can be washed, etc. factors like that. Some materials can even cause a big mess, such as using a runner carpet that has black fuzz that can get all over your cat’s fur and stick like Velcro. Most proper cat mats will be an easy to clean material and made to size for your space. 

Washing – Depending on which fabric and mat you choose, especially if you’re using rugs alongside your cat mats – washing is an important factor that can be easily overlooked. Something you can throw into the washing machine and dryer are ideal, or even hand washed mats you can wipe down or toss into the tub and then hang dry. 

Best Cat Litter Mats

Pieviev cat litter mat trapper

This double layer honeycomb design allows the cat litter to fall through into the ‘pocket’ and easily poured back into the litter box or thrown into the trash with the rest of the litter. 

A soft EVA material is good for any cat paws, and the double-layered honeycomb traps more litter than other mats that may just have simple shape cut-outs. It is also waterproof and can be hosed down outside or in the bathtub if any liquids get onto it. One caveat about this mat is that since it is sewn on three of the sides, if something is particularly stuff in the corners, it may be harder to get out. 

Premium durability is mentioned in the description of this cat litter mat and most reviews agree, though a few have said that their cats have managed to scratch up part of their mat before. Overall, it seems to be a sturdy, easy to clean, and helpful cat litter mat worth trying out for yourself. 

  • Easy to clean.
  • Holds a decent amount of litter.
  • Durable. 
  • May be harder to clean for some, if there are liquids that get inside the mat. 

Pawkin phthalate free litter mat

If you’re looking for more of a regular cat litter mat that resembles an entrance rug, this wonderfully designed rug comes in an XL size that should fit under most litter boxes. 

This phthalate free cat litter mat is a good fit for most homes and cat litter box sizes. It’s easy to clean with a quick vacuum or shake outside. It’s not for anyone that is particular about getting 100% of their cat litter cleaned from this mat, as the design and material will lock in some litter. But for the most part, it does its job well. 

Pawkin has a 100% money-back guarantee as well if you’re not satisfied for any reason, so there is no harm in giving this cat litter mat a try if you’re curious.

  • Nice design.
  • Easy on cat paws.
  • Phthalate free. 
  • Can be more difficult to clean. 

Caseeto honeycomb litter mat

Another honeycomb washable mat on the list, this one by Caseeto has the additional benefit of handles that allow you to pick it up and dump the cat litter much easier. It is also a thicker material that most reviews have noted is fantastic and durable against their cats’ claws and stains. 

It is made from high elastic EVA materials and is soft with a bit of a spring, much like a yoga mat. It’s gentle on cat paws and good for older cats that may have joint problems and need a softer surface near their litter box. The bottom layer is anti-slip and waterproof, but some owners have stated that if you have a very rambunctious cat, it can still move sometimes.
Overall, a great mat and highly recommended. 

  • Large sizes.
  • Great design with handles.
  • Waterproof bottom.
  • Easy to clean. 
  • If you have active cats, they can move this mat around. 

Fresh Step litter trapper mat

This cutely designed cat litter mat was made to look like a happy cat face, which can be a nice change of pace as far as cat litter mat designs go. A durable rubber that catches and traps stray cat litter, this cat mat from Fresh Pet does what it’s supposed to. If you want to get the whole system as well, they offer a litter box and cleaning set. 

The mat can move around if you have a fast cat or one that likes to play with anything on the floor, so it is worth noting that it can slip around and be moved. It should fit well for most cat litter box sizes and do well at keeping the floors cleaner around your home. 

  • Cute cat design.
  • Durable.
  • Good size for most litter boxes. 
  • Can slip around.
  • Maybe be difficult to get every piece of litter cleaned out. 

Gorilla grip XL cat litter mat

If you’re looking for a large cat mat that has multiple colours available as well as sizes, the Gorilla Grip XL cat litter mat might be what you’re looking for. The soft rubber is great on cat feet and catches most stray cat litter pellets and gravel that otherwise end up all over your home. 

It does come in multiple sizes from Small to Jumbo, and 16 different colours – there is sure to be a mat that matches your décor and/or your cat’s litter. The deep grooves and mesh capture and trap the litter in and can be easily cleaned by vacuum and shaking it out. It is hand-washable and allowed to be air dried. 

Durability and thickness seem to be great, though a few reviews have said that their cats did manage to tear up the material. 

  • An array of colours available.
  • Soft on cat paws.
  • Durable.
  • Multiple size options. 
  • Some reviews show poor durability. 

Fresh Kitty foam mat

A foam mat style cat litter mat may be more to your liking and décor around the home, especially if you have a smaller space. This foam cat litter mat is very soft and has grooves to catch any cat litter that ends up outside of the box (or boxes if you have a multiple cat household) and is very easy to clean. 

It comes in a 40” x 25” size, which should be more than enough to use around most cat litter boxes, and it can easily be vacuumed or shaken out for cleaning. It can be washed by hand and left to air dry in case of accidents. Three designs are available, including a black damask print, blue chevron print, and a plain blue colour. 

Durability is fine and it is a soft, thick material that’s soft on cat paws and legs, especially if you have an older cat that may have problems with rougher textures. If you do have rambunctious cats however, this foam material can be torn up – so, just keep an eye on your pet if they have tendencies to tear at rugs or carpets. 

  • Decorative designs.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Large size.
  • Some cats can destroy the foam material easily.  

Our methodology

For this article, we chose the top-rated and reviewed cat mats around the internet, from Amazon and other trusted peer-review websites, to ensure a mix of needs and ranges are met for any pet owner, or soon to be pet owner looking to getting a new cat or cat litter mats. 

Frequently asked questions

Is a litter mat necessary? 

Having a litter mat isn’t necessary exactly, but it can do wonders for keeping stray litter from gathering up around your home, make cleaning easier, and all around keep things clean everywhere. It also helps to keep your cats’ paws less full of litter as well. The right type of cat litter also helps in what kind of cat mat you may need. 

Do microfiber cat litter mats work? 

Yes! Microfiber is very soft on your cats’ paws and the fabric itself helps to lock in any litter that falls onto it. Microfiber is also easy to clean as it can be machine washed – however, the downsides are that it can soak up scents easier as well and either need to be replaced more often or washed often. 

What is the best way to keep litter from tracking? 

Laying down multiple cat litter mats or a runner carpet from their cat litter box helps to keep litter from tracking. Bathmats, carpets, and anything that you can put down that’s big enough they can’t simply jump over is the key. 

How to clean a cat litter mat? 

Depending on the type of cat litter mat you have, it can be as easy as shaking out the litter outside or into a garbage bag, and then tossing it into the washing machine. Others may need to be shaken out and then wiped down if they can’t be machine washed. Vacuuming also helps quite a lot. 

Inevitably a cat litter mat and any rugs will need to be replaced at some point, since most materials will absorb scents that will lock in. 

Where to put a cat litter mat? 

A cat litter mat should be placed in front of your cat’s litter box (or boxes if you have multiple), and be sure to cover as much ground as you can between their box and the door or area they’re going to. A lot of owners have success with a cat litter mat and then a small rug runner that leads from the mat to the door, just to get the extra stray pieces of litter. 

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