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The Best Cat Litter Boxes in Canada

When it comes to keeping our homes clean for ourselves and our pets, a good cat litter box can go a long way – especially if you have multiple cats or kittens running around the house or apartment. Odour control, cover or uncovered – or even cat litter robots that automatically clean it for you, are available within Canada and choosing which works best for your household and cats can be a tough choice. 

Our guide below lists the top-rated cat litter boxes in Canada that can help make your decision much easier. 

Our top picks

How to choose the best cat litter box

When it comes to choosing a cat litter box (or boxes if you have multiple cats) can be difficult with how many options there are currently on the market. When looking for a new cat litter box, keep these in mind:  

Size/Depth/Shape – While you can just grab any litter box and call it good enough, do take a few minutes to ensure that you’re getting the right size for your cat. They can grow to be large, and a small litter box won’t cut it. Make sure that it isn’t so low they can fling litter everywhere easily, but not so high that they can’t get into it. Three high sides and a lower entrance point is perfect.  

Covered or uncovered – While a lot of owners see no real difference, it has been said that an uncovered box is better for your cat, especially if they have any asthma, so they aren’t breathing in concentrated dust and smells. It is entirely up to your preference, and your feline friend – some cats like them covered, others will refuse to use a covered litter box.  

Automatic or regular – Regular litter boxes are cheap, easy to purchase, and can last a long time. If you don’t like scooping litter on a regular basis and everything that goes along with it – you can get automatic ‘litter robots’ that are self-cleaning litter boxes that do the hard work for you. 

They are pricey and do have drawbacks, such as not agreeing with the type of litter you’ve purchased or if your cat gets sick. Clumps can get stuck and cleaning them can be a headache. 

How many you’ll need This is dependent on how many cats you have or if it’s just the one. Multiple cats require multiple litter boxes, and the rule of thumb is one box for each cat, plus one. If you’ve adopted two cats, you should have three boxes around your home. Some cats can also be picky and need to use two boxes to go about their business. 

The best affordable cat litter box

Catit cat litter box

This inexpensive and well-designed cat litter box is top-rated and a great purchase for any new cat owner, or if you’re looking to get a new box. 

The removeable lid makes it harder for your cat to kick out litter when they’re burying, and when they jump out after they’re done their business. It’s easier to clean, and the base box is stain resistant. It does come in two sizes, a Small and Medium that should be a good fit for most cats. Unfortunately, it may not fit for large breeds of cat. 

  • Easy to clean.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Durable.
  • May not fit larger cat breeds.

Best self-cleaning cat litter box

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Box

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable automatic cleaning litter box without wanting to spend for the well-known gigantic Litter Robot – this PetSafe ScoopFree Auomatic Litter Box has you covered. It’s also a good way to test if your cat will be skittish around sounds around their boxes, in case you did want to upgrade later. 

This automatic cat litter box takes all the work out of litter boxes. You simply have to replace the bottom litter tray and toss out the old, used one after a few weeks. A neat addition to this one is that it has a health counter and motion tracker that allows you to track and see how often your cat uses the box. 

The crystals may not be liked by all cats, so that is one big caveat of using this system. 

  • Automatically removes waste.
  • Self-cleans for weeks.
  • Easy to switch out litter trays. 
  • Replacement trays can be pricey over time.
  • Some cats may not like the crystals. 

Best litter box for messy cats

Nature’s Miracle High Side Litter Box

This large, hooded box is perfect for messy cats that always seem to kick their litter all around your home. It’s easy to clean with the hood popping off without any trouble, and the high sides make it perfect to keep litter in instead of being trailed out or kicked around. 

It has a non-stick surface and an antimicrobial protection that helps keep odours and bacteria growth at bay, which is perfect if you don’t need to or don’t scoop the litter box that often. It’s a decently large box that should fit most sizes of cats, with the caveat being that some very large breeds may not. 

  • Good size.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Antimicrobial protection inhibits bacteria growth. 
  • Scooping the corners can be difficult.  

Best cat litter box for odour control

Nature’s Miracle Cat Litter Box with Odor Blocker

Another Nature’s Miracle product, this cat litter box has high sides to help against litter being kicked out, and the corner design is great for when you want to place your cats litter box into a corner without litter falling into crevices you can’t reach when cleaning. 

It’s top rated for odour control, as with the other box it features a non-stick surface and an antimicrobial protection that helps against bacteria and other issues. The non-stick coating alone makes it much easier to clean, which in the long run always helps against odours as there’s no fighting with caked on litter. 

The size is decently large that will fit most breeds of cat, and the size makes it great for messier cats and litters that tend to track around the house. It is pricier than other litter boxes, but it is top-rated and worth the cost. 

  • Large size.
  • Non-stick coating.
  • Great design. 
  • Pricier.
  • May be harder to scoop into the corners. 

Best cat litter box for small spaces

Hidden cat litter box

This unconditional plant container looking litter box is a highly rated litter box for small spaces, and for keeping litter contained without tracking as much around the home – which if you have a smaller space, you know how frustrating it can be. 

The litter box is more expensive but is a large capacity and has top ratings. There is a one-year warranty in any case, whether you or your cat decide they enjoy it or not. There is a filtered vent system that helps with dust and odours, and the size ensures that nearly all cats will fit. 

  • Large/Extra large size.
  • Looks fantastic and can be DIY’d to better suit your space.
  • Great design. 
  • Pricier.
  • Some cats may not like enclosed litter boxes.

Best cat litter box for multiple cats

Petmate open litter box

When it comes to having multiple cats, it can be expensive ensuring that you have enough of the necessities, such as litter boxes – especially when some can be up there in price. 

This durable, inexpensive, and easy to clean simple litter box is great for a multi-cat household, as they’re easy to replace if they get damaged and they won’t break the bank right off the bat. You can upgrade as needed and keep these if you need to – also perfect for fostering or rescues. 

The only caveat of this box is that they are on the small side, so you may want to get a different size available if you have larger adult cats. 

  • Inexpensive.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Small size.

Best large cat litter box


These are expensive litter boxes but are worth every penny if you need a durable, long-lasting box that can stand up to everything – including large cats. 

They’re stainless steel that is odour-proof, stain-proof, non-stick, and easy to clean. Given the material and build, they can and will last indefinitely which means you’ll never have to buy another litter box again. Unlike other plastic boxes that can sometimes be porous and hold odours, that won’t happen with these metal boxes. 

The sides could be higher, but as far as they go, they’re on par with most other litter boxes and they hold up very well against cats kicking litter out or tracking it as they jump out. 

  • Amazing quality and durability.
  • Stain-proof.
  • Odour-free.
  • Can be used indefinitely. 
  • Expensive.

Best litter box for senior cats

Senior cat litter box

If you have a senior cat that is having trouble getting into their old litter boxes, there are senior designed ones that still allow them to do their business with dignity and without trouble. 

The Kitty Go Here senior box has a low entry lip, and the sides are higher to catch stray litter that might get kicked around. It’s available in multiple colours and two size choices. It’s a simple polypropylene plastic, much like basic cat litter boxes you find everywhere. 

Another great use for this specific box is kittens, and cats that may have had surgery and shouldn’t be jumping or otherwise exerting themselves. Durability is sound and it will last for years if well taken care of. 

  • Low to the ground for arthritic, etc. cats, or any cats that can’t cope with a traditional litter box. 
  • Two sizes to choose from. 
  • Pricier than other boxes.

Our methodology

For this article, we chose the best cat litter boxes based off top Amazon user reviews, along with other trusted peer-review websites, and our own personal use. Comparing prices, uses, and reviews was how we chose our top list. 

Questions you may have about cat litter boxes

What are the types of cat litter boxes? 

There are several types of cat litter boxes available, and they all do the same job – it just comes down to your preference, and the preferences of your cat (or cats, if you have more than one) 

The most common type is the open box that’s just a somewhat shallow plastic box for cat litter that you can scoop out and replace if/when necessary. A covered box is the same, just with a domed top for your cat to fit inside without being too cramped. There are even automatic litter robots you can buy that scoop the litter box for you!  

Do cats prefer open or closed litter boxes? 

While the preference towards open or closed boxes is more so for us humans than it is for them, a lot of cat’s dislike closed litter boxes – as they like to be able to see if any predators are coming in a more open setting. The smell might be contained more with a closed box, but it can also be harmful to your cat, especially if they have asthma or breathing issues.  

How do I keep the litter box from smelling in the house?  

The type of cat litter you use determines a lot, along with the type of litter box, and how often you scoop + fully deep clean it. Litter types/brands such as BoxiePro work to eliminate odours for longer periods of time, while also keeping your space cleaner. 

Why do cats pee outside the litter box? 

There are multiple reasons for this – They might not like the litter they’re using, they might have a hard time getting into their litter box if it’s high up or too small of a size. First and foremost, always check with your vet to rule out any medical issues. 

 How to clean cat litter boxes?  

Scooping litter boxes daily or every few days is the ideal way to keep your home smelling fresher and to keep things clean for longer. A deep clean is recommended every three to four weeks, when you change out the litter completely. Avoid using anything caustic such as bleach or ammonia and opt for plain white vinegar if you don’t want to use detergents.  

How to train a cat to use the litter box? 

If you have a kitten that isn’t litter trained, they catch on quickly. Some may take weeks, but they tend to emulate their mother and even without, the instinct to dig and use the bathroom in loose soil, etc. is a built-in instinct. 

Make sure to use non-clumping litter for kittens as it has less granule clumps, so they don’t accidentally ingest anything dangerous. 

If you’re trying to litter train a kitten, be sure to show it where it is, and even put your kitten in the litter box several times a day. Place it where they tend to soil, and they will pick up quickly what they’re supposed to do.  

Where to put a cat litter box? 

Cat litter boxes should be put out of the way and out of common areas, such as storage room or bathroom if that’s the only spot in your home. Cats don’t exactly need the same privacy we do but it is better to keep it contained in a place that won’t get litter and bacteria tracking around as easily. 

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