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The Best Cat Litter in Canada in 2024

Cat litter is one of the most important products for your feline friend – and yourself. Not all litter is the same however, and any pet owner that has used poor cat litter can attest to how awful that can be. For this list, we have compiled together the best cat litters in Canada that fit every budget and need, including common concerns such as scent control or dust.

Our top picks

How to choose the best cat litter

When it comes to choosing a new or different cat litter, keep these in mind: 

Material/ingredients: While it makes sense that ingredients and type of litter should be the first thing you look for – it can be difficult to determine what’s good for your cats and what’s just buzzword material that is more for owners than pets that use it. Crystals and other such litters can be alright, but a lot of cats don’t like them and find it uncomfortable to use, and they can also be poor at scent control.

Unscented clay is heavy but amazing for being odour absorbing and superior clumping. Lightweight cat litter is also great when you must carry large amounts up any stairs or when cleaning the litter box. According to PetMD, there’s also biodegradable cat litter, which is a possibility if you’re concerned about your cat ingesting litter.

Scent control: Scent control is more for us than it is for our cats. Be sure to get a litter that has strong scent control, but it is recommended to steer clear of scented litters that are strong. Unscented litters are best. Cats have incredibly sensitive noses and a scent that might be pleasantly soft for us can be extremely potent to your cat, especially with their faces being so close to their litter.  Clay litter is great for absorbing scents.

Dust: Cat litter dust can be awful. Most litters now are generally better for dust control, though there are varying degrees – even batches can be dusty depending on how it’s manufactured. Overall, it can be frustrating to get litter that is supposed to be 99.9% dust-free and instead it makes a cloud in your litter room. Check reviews and try a few litters if you need to.

Costs vs weight: Some litter is more expensive based on brand or weight, and some are worth the price while others – not so much. Pure clay litters can be very heavy and expensive, but last for a much longer time. The price vs weight and length of use time is worth taking note of.

Clumping or non-clumping: Clumping litter is generally the most used litter as it’s much easier to clean, keep clean altogether, and lasts longer until you need to fully dump the litter and start fresh. Non-clumping litter is a preference for some cats and owners, and there’s nothing wrong with it – it just can take more diligent cleaning.

Personal preferences: Just like humans, cats have personal preferences as well. If there’s a litter you try and your cat refuses to use it or has accidents outside the box, try switching up the litter. Either the material or scents could be putting off your feline.

Best cat litter overall

Boxiecat Premium

Boxiecat is one of the top-rated cat litters in Canada and for good reason. This clay cat litter has superior clumping abilities, scent control, and can last for weeks before it needs a full changeover.

The dense clay makes quick work of any waste, making it stay on the top layer, making cleaning a snap and lasting longer all together once it’s cleaned. It’s 99% dust-free and should help with any tracking around the house or apartment. Some cats may track more litter though, however – if they have particularly fluffy paws or etc. where particles can get stuck since it is a fine granulated type of litter.

Waste becomes rock hard and stays at the top and ammonia blocking is fantastic for scent control. It’s veterinarian recommended as well as being top-rated from many owners, along with a Cat Fancy Editor’s Choice award.

Their 28lbs. sized bags are easier to open and can be fully resealed as of recently, which is useful and a nice update to their brand.

It is scent-free, and a single bag will last two cats for a full month. Their own descriptions state that Boxiecat is an alternative clay-based litter for any owners that wish to have the unmatched clay benefits, but with a more allergen friendly and dust free experience.

  • Unscented.
  • Lasts for weeks before needing a full changeover.
  • Superior clumping.
  • Pricier.
  • Can be very heavy in larger sizes.

Best clumping cat litter

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Ultra litter

Dr. Elsey’s premium cat litter is another cat owner favourite, along with top reviews. It has fantastic odour control and lasts a long time if cleaned often.

This clay-based litter is unscented and is great for any multi-cat households. The hard clumping medium grain clay makes cleaning up very simple and keeps moisture from reaching the bottom of the box – keeping it cleaner for longer.

Low dust with the 100% bentonite clay formula is wonderful, while the granule sizes are mixed between fine and larger to work the most effectively. The multi-cat formulation makes it perfect for those who have multiple cats in their home as well.

  • Unscented.
  • Superior odour control.
  • Great dust control. 
  • Dust control can be inconsistent depending on batch. 

Best cat litter for smell

Arm & Hammer Slide Cat Litter

If you’re looking for a great cat litter that can work well against smells and works well with automatic litter boxes and litter robots, Arm & Hammer’s Slide litter could be just the ticket for you.

This litter will keep your home odour free for up to a week or more, depending on often you clean / need to, and the Slide formula ensures that nothing gets caked onto the litter box or stuck on the bottom so that you don’t have to scrape or fight with anything – it’s especially helpful with litter robots and other automatic litter sifter boxes.

They claim a 100% dust-free litter, which according to reviews is mostly correct, though like all cat litters, it can depend on the batch and how they manufacture it – some can be dustier than others. But overall, it appears to have a great dust-free rating.

The plant-derived particles in the litter ensure no crumbly clumps when you’re scooping, allowing for a much cleaner litter and happier owner + cats. 

  • Unscented. 
  • Works perfectly with litter robots / automatic litter boxes. 
  • Great for multicat households.
  • May not always be 100% dust-free depending on the batch.

Best lightweight cat litter

Purina Lightweight

If you are in the market for a lightweight litter that is much easier to carry and use, especially in bigger bulk sizes – Purina’s Lightweight formula is a clay-based litter that is up to 50% lighter than other cat litter brands, and it lives up to that claim.

99.9% dust-free, depending on the batch, and designed to work well with a multiple cat household, this litter is great for owners that need a lot of litter but don’t want to keep lifting extremely heavy litter, or for owners that need a lighter weight litter in general. It’s also great for fosters or cat rescues that need large amounts around to change and use.

It’s a natural clay material with a deodorizer system to keep ammonia and other odours at bay. This litter (and most others) should be at least three inches in depth in the litter boxes, and be sure to scoop daily or at least every few days if possible to keep it fresher for longer.

  • Unscented. 
  • Ammonia-blocker stops odours for up to 2 weeks.
  • Easy to carry.
  • 50% lighter than other litters.
  • Can track dust prints and litter.

Best cat litter for allergies

Boxiecat Pro

Boxiecat Pro is just like their premium litter, except with an added probiotic that helps keep the litter box and litter cleaner on a microscopic level, 24/7.

If you’re an allergy sufferer (just like the author of this article), then you know how important it is to keep the litter boxes clean, along with everything else in your home. Boxiecat Pro helps you maintain that with their probiotic blend, as cleaner cat paws equals a cleaner home.

Exactly like their other formulas, the flat top clumping helps trap ammonia odours and bacteria, and not crumbling while cleaning, helping to keep your home or apartment fresher and odour free, along with easier cleaning all around.

Akin to having a fresh litter box each time you scoop, the dense clay based litter makes cleaning easy with the hard clumps that stay at the top, ensuring that (as long as you have poured enough into the box), that ammonia and other waste won’t generally reach the bottom, which can mean no more annoying scraping or hard cleaning.

  • Unscented.
  • Natural probiotics help keep litter boxes clean.
  • Mostly dust-free.
  • Superior at clumping.
  • Pricier than other litters.
  • Very heavy bags to carry/lift.

Best unscented cat litter

Fresh Step Simply

Fresh Step has a Simply Unscented litter that ensures zero scents or fragrances at all in their litter, and user reviews are all pleased with the odour blocking capabilities of this brand of litter.

The ClumpLock technology allows for easy scooping and cleaning without crumbling, and should stay decently off of your cats paws for less tracking and dust around your home. The odour neutralizer in this litter is activated charcoal, which is a great odour blocker and eliminator.

Recommended by vets, it’s perfect for any cat or owner that’s allergic to scents and added fragrances, even if they’re not listed in other brands and litters that say they’re unscented but do include some level of scent.

It fights odours on contact which can lessen having to scrape and clean your litter boxes often. They’ve also helped support 1,300 shelters across the US and they donate a lot of their products to rescues and shelters over the year, so if you want to support a brand that also does well – this is a good one.

  • Unscented. 
  • 99.9% dust-free.
  • No added scents or fragrance at all. 
  • Pricier than other litters. 
  • Very heavy to carry/pour.

Our methodology

For this article, we’ve compiled the best cat litter available in Canada using top rated comments, other trusted peer sources, and personal use and experience. They were all chosen with dust control, odour control, and budget in mind – along with general cat preferences as well, so that there should be at least one choice fit for any user and pet owner that is looking to either purchase a new brand of litter, or are first time cat owners.

Common questions about cat litter

What does cat litter do? 

Cat litter is a necessary item to have when owning cats, as it functions as a bathroom for them. It absorbs all their waste and then is easily disposed of into the garbage. 

What is the best type of cat litter? 

The best type of cat litter is subjective based on the owner and your cats’ preferences. Clay is a time-tested favourite material for litter, that is the main ingredient in most cat litters regardless of brand. There are some plant-based materials and silica crystals, etc. that do exist but some of those aren’t recommended generally. 

Non-clumping vs clumping: What’s the best cat litter? 

Non-clumping cat litter simply doesn’t clump together with urine or other waste, whereas clumping does. Clumping litter is much easier to clean/keep clean, and generally tends to last longer before it needs to be changed over fully. 

Is pine pellet cat litter better than regular litter?  

Pine litter can be used safely with cats if it is guaranteed to be treated to remove the phenol. Phenol is extremely toxic. A lot of owners don’t like to take the risk and use normal clay-based litters. Cats also may or may not like using pine pellets either, so it’s generally up to your personal preference along with what your cat will use.  

How often do you fully change cat litter? 

Cat litter boxes can be fully dumped and changed over after a few weeks, depending on what kind of litter you’re using. Some need to be changed over every few days. It also depends on how often your cat uses it and how many you cats have + how many litter boxes you have in your home. Another factor can be allergies – either yours or your cats. 

Where to put a cat litter box in the house? 

Depending on how much space your have in your home – whether a house or apartment – most owners put litter boxes in the bathroom or in a storage room. Make sure that it is away from where their food and water are, and that they have enough space. A bathroom might be too humid and can cause issues, just to keep in mind.

Can cat litter affect your health? 

It is extremely rare, but it is still recommended as a precaution for anyone pregnant, or if your immune system isn’t great. Toxoplasmosis can occur breathing in cat waste and litter, though it is very rare. If you clean their boxes regularly, and wear a mask while doing so if that helps – you should have no problems. 

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