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Best Dog Car Seats and Seat Belts in Canada

When it comes to travelling with our furry best friends, we always want the best for them. Car seats, seat belts, and other pet-friendly ways to travel are always a great way to keep your pet safe, comfortable, and also to keep them better situated so that they aren’t in the way or a hazard to yourself while driving.

Long distances, trips to the vet, and getting to the dog parks are made more safely with these dog car seats and seat belts below. In our list we’ve picked the top rated and safest car seats, booster seats, and seat belts for your dogs while they are in the car. 

Our top picks

What to look for in dog car seats and seat belts

When you’re shopping for a first or new dog car seat and/or safety bed while in the car, keep these features and inclusions in mind:  

Size – This one goes without saying since it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to get a car seat that is too small for your large breed of dog, but it also goes the other way in that you don’t want to get a car seat for your small dog that is supposed to fit a larger breed, as they might get hurt if they have too much space to move around in the vehicle outside of their seat area. 

Comfort – Some dogs prefer more plush accommodations, and some enjoy a firmer base to lay and sit on while in the vehicle. It’s always good to ensure that fabric is removeable and easy to wash and wipe down when necessary. If you’re looking for a car seat/booster seat that is more from A to B, waterproof, and isn’t necessarily for comfort first, there are styles like that. There are also ones that are more like a dog bed with straps that will safely and snugly fit into your car and will be comfortable for your pet, most are now washable and easy to clean.  

Safety features – Safety features are of course some of the most important, if not the most important since it pertains to the well being of our furry friends in the car. Not all car seats for dogs are created the same way, as some have multiple buckles, straps, and seatbelts, along with the design of the seats themselves. Multiple models will have them up as a booster seat, raised up around window height – while others will be seated down onto the actual seat, much like a dog bed.  

Installation methods – Most installations are as simple as wrapping the belts around the seat or buckling into the seatbelts themselves. Some are set to be more placed directly onto the seats and still buckled in. The ones that are raised up higher as a booster seat along the lines of window height tend to have more support and extra security to ensure that they stay correctly during sharper turns, braking, and other such vehicle things.  

Best car seats for small dogs

BurgeonNest car seat

A cozy and practical car seat/booster seat for your smaller dogs, this one from Burgeon Nest has you covered. Dogs that are around 15lbs and smaller will love this bed and be able to lay down comfortably without it being too big or too small. The best part of this product is that it’s washable and just as simple to dry, whether you leave it to hang dry or have it tumble in the dryer on low. There are pockets on the side as well that can be helpful for leashes, bags, etc. and one reviewer has said that having the dog seat next to them has helped with dropping credit cards or keys, etc. and instead can put them safely into the pockets on the side for holding when needed. 

It is also dual purpose, as it can be used as a pet bed whenever it needs to be moved or washed/taken out of the car. There are several colours to choose from, and unlike some of the other car seat/booster seat styles, this doesn’t need to lie completely flat to work correctly and it will fit into any seat whether it’s the backseat or the front.  

  • Washable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reviewers say that their dogs love being in this bed. 
  • Can slide on leather seats.
  • Could be more stable. 

Best car seats for medium – large dogs

Wuglo car seat

If you need a more stable dog car seat in the vehicle, this adjustable seat from Wuglo may be what you need. Extra stable and safe with four belts, anchoring, and adjustable, with reinforced walls makes this a solid choice. There are four horizontal and four vertical bars that keep the seat in place even during sharper corners and turns, even sharp brakes without shifting too much or making your dog feel uneasy. 

This dog seat is 100% waterproof to help spills, accidents, and wet dog paws do less damage to the back seat of your vehicle. Hair, scratches, and other dirt are mitigated with the material of the car seat, and for most dogs they comfortably can fit and stay within the box without any troubles. It’s quick to install and is easy to attach to the backseat, and the front seat with strap attachments. If you aren’t fully satisfied with the product as well, Wuglo offers a 100% refund guarantee. 

  • Extra stable with four belts and anchoring.
  • Easy to install.
  • Waterproof.
  • New material chemical smell in some orders.
  • One of the rods may be stubborn to get in place. 

Best seat belts for small dogs

Mighty Paw Dog seat belt

The Mighty Paw Dog seatbelt is made from regular human seatbelt material is reliable and secure, while not fraying or being susceptible to chewing and other dog issues, such as biting from a puppy and pulling from bigger dogs. The anti-tangle design is great for those that constantly turn around and get excited in the car without the potential safety risks of them freely roaming around in the car. 

All of the hardware included in this seatbelt are all metal, won’t rust or break apart from tugging and pulling. It comes with a metal carabiner clip made of aviation aluminum that is capable of withstanding over 850+ lbs of force, while the tangle-free swivel attachment keeps your dog from getting tangled up while moving around or turning in their seats. 

This harness seatbelt has an adjustable length for your dogs and is made from durable nylon, so whether they want to lay down, turn around, stand, or sit down, it can be easily adjusted the length from 16 to 26 inches for their comfort.

  • Tangle-free design.
  • Adjustable length.
  • Buckles into seatbelt.
  • Some reviews have noted that it could be longer.

Best seat belt for large dogs

iBuddy dog seat belt

This dog car seat belt can be extended from 24.3” to 29.9”, to keep your four-legged friend happy and safe in the vehicle, even during sharp turns and sudden stops without any damage. The seat belt clip is applicable with most cars and is highly recommended, for additional support and to ensure that your dog doesn’t accidentally slide forward off the seat during driving and other fast movements. 

A 360-degree swivel snap carabiner ensures no tangling when your pet moves around, and the elastic buffer belt, the buffer dampening design keeps your dog from choking or otherwise getting moved around too much while the vehicle is moving. Anti-slip and adjustable strap and superior buckle won’t loosen over time that gives your pet room to move around and staying without any issues. 

  • Comes in a two-pack.
  • Durable.
  • Fits most cars and larger dogs.
  • May not last too long, especially if your pet pulls a lot.

Our methodology

For this article we used the top rated and reviewed dog car seats, seat belts, and booster seats for pets that are safe, worth looking into, and won’t fall apart or break easily, while also not breaking the bank. Some are created to be more comfortable like a dog bed and others are more practical and easier to clean, like for beach trips or every day walks/transports. 

Questions about dog seats and seat belts

Are car seats safe for dogs?

Yes, car seats are safe for dogs as long as they are used as intended, are the right size, and don’t move whenever the car comes to a sudden stop or sharp corners. Most are very safe, have anti-tangle designs so that your dog can safely move around, sit down, and lay down without any issues or hazards. 

Does one size fit all for dog booster seats?

No, one size doesn’t fit all for dog booster or car seats, as they can be a danger if it’s too large or too small for your dogs size. One too big could make them get injured at a sudden stop and something too small may of course cause them discomfort or they won’t be properly fitted in case of accidents.

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