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Best Heating Pad for Dogs and Cats in Canada

While most dogs and cats are perfectly fine throughout their lives without needing any additional heat sources, some benefit greatly from pet-designed heating pads for dogs and cats. These top-rate heating pads for pets are perfect for when your pets need more warmth, whether it’s during the night in the winter, you have a naked sphynx cat, or a small dog that’s always shivering. You might be looking to help outside strays that may need somewhere safe to sleep as well. 
In our list below, we’ve helped to take the guesswork out of what would suit your situation best and what the best quality for your money is. We hope that we can help keep your best friend safe and warm! 

If you are looking for a comfortable bed for your furry friend, check out our buying guide for the best dog beds in Canada!

Our top picks

What to look for in a heating pad

When looking for a heating pad for your pets, there are many different factors that can influence how warm your pet will be. We felt considering the following factors before shopping will help you pick the perfect bed or heating pad for your furry friend.

  • Size/Thickness: Not all pet heating pads are created equally. Some have a thicker design, others are thin, and some don’t come in an array of sizes for both cats and dogs – which can be particularly tricky if you have a large breed that needs the extra space. Be sure to carefully read the dimensions of each product and determine the measurements beforehand. It might seem obvious, but also be sure to consider the size of your pet! It sounds like something you would automatically think about, but they might end up being bigger than you think and the heating pad you see might look big enough – but ends up too small. 
  • Safety Features: All good pet pads or beds worth buying will have multiple safety features built-in. This includes auto-shutoff and timers to protect against any overheating, or chew-resistant components to make sure your pet doesn’t bite into any dangerous wires or cords. 
  • Waterproofing: If you’re intending on your heating pad or bed to be outside, be sure that the one you’re looking at is waterproof or at the very least, water resistant. Whether it’s a little rain, snow, or even the pets accidentally knocking over a water dish – you don’t want anything interfering with the wires or heating pad that can cause a hazard. 
  • Features/Settings: Features may or may not be the most important to all users, but features or settings to watch for are timers, adjustable different temperature settings, and whether or not they are electric at all, as self-heating/warming ones are not. 

The best overall heating pad in Canada

Toozey Pet Heating Pad

The Toozey pet heating pad comes in multiple sizes and has fantastic ratings from Amazon users and from other trusted peer-review sites that focus solely on pet products. 

Seven layers of protection keep your pet safe while using this heating pad, and the temperature is adjustable six different degrees from 30-55, ensuring that no matter the size or fur length of your pets that they can get comfortably warm without overheating. The timer function also provides four different auto-shut off ranges from four hours up to a full 24-hour day. It also includes a timer LED that will change depending on how much time you have left. 

A soft PVC envelope design with UL-certified heating wire and waterproof plus flame-retardant materials help with the additional safety, while the intelligent temperature sensor ensures that no overheating will occur. 

The dual-resistant cord stands up against chewing and biting from both dogs and cats, and the outer layer is removable and washable. If the inner pad does get dirty, just wipe it down with a damp cloth and try not to get it wet or soaked. 

Overall, it’s perfect for the winter months, dogs/cats that need extra heat, older pets that have arthritis and other joint issues, and even pregnant pets to keep them warm and comforted. 

  •  Great value and quality.
  • Waterproof. 
  • Multiple sizes. 
  • Some users have states it doesn’t get warm enough / size wasn’t as they thought. 

Best heating pad for dogs

RIOGOO Heating Pad

The RIOGOO pet heating pad comes in three sizes, from Medium to Extra-Large, with the medium size being best for cats, while the large and extra-large are perfect for most breeds of dogs, though it is worth noting that the extra-large still might not be big enough if you have a breed that is larger than a golden retriever sized pet. 

One to twelve hours are available for an automatic power off timer, and a seven-layer protection design with UL approved safety and a temperature sensor all work together to avoid any overheating or accidentally leaving it on. The temperature is also adjustable from 26-celsius to 55-celsius, to ensure that you’re not overheating your pet depending on their breed, fur, etc. 

There is a one-year guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied after trying it out, which is a decent benefit. Top-rated reviews of this heating pad are from satisfied pet owners stating that their cats and dogs all love this one and some have even gotten multiple purchases for separate rooms in their homes.  

  • Automatic power-off safety features. 
  • Multiple sizes available.
  • Great price. 
  • XL size might not be large enough for some breeds.

Best heating pad for cats

Furhaven Pet Pad

The pros of a self-heating pad for pets include not worrying about overheating, electrical hazards, or having to keep an eye on them. The Small size of this heating pad works perfectly for cats and can be placed on a couch, the floor, a chair – wherever your cats regularly prefer to lounge around the most. 

The small size of 22” x 17” should be more than enough for most cats, and even if they are somehow larger than the pad itself, the heating effects will still be entirely effective. The interior of the heating pad is made from an insulating polyester fiber batting core, which is thicker and lighter than other material, holds its shape, and resists mold and mildew. 

This heated pet bed is available in an array of colours, including grey, cream, espresso, and a brown or silver leopard print. It’s also among the easiest to keep nice and clean looking, as you can just throw it into the washing machine on a delicate cycle and low heat and suddenly it looks good as new.


  • Multiple colours are available.
  • Self-warming.
  • Machine washable. 
  • Small size may not be large enough for all breeds of cat or smaller dogs.

Best heated dog or cat bed

Amazon Basics Seal-Heating bed

Amazon’s Basics line makes a lot of decent products for budget prices. The Amazon Basics heated dog or cat bed is an ideal purchase to try and is top-rated for good reason. 

This 24-inch sized dog or cat pet bed is self-heated, so you do not need to worry about electrical mishaps, or fussy wires. Instead, a foil layer is nestled in between the plush layers, warming up as your pet lays on the bed, utilizing their own body heat, like a Mylar ‘space blanket’. Faux Sherpa fleece and a supple corduroy outer layer make for a wonderfully comfortable bed for your pets.  

This pet bed has a lip all around the outside so that your pets can lay their heads on it without injuring their necks or heads, especially if they’re the type that sprawls as they sleep or curls up. 

As a note – Amazon has no description about it being washable or not, so many users will just do a spot wipe whenever it gets dirty. However, there are many reviews from users that simply put it in their washing machine on a delicates load, dried it on low, and had no issues. That being said, machine wash at your own discretion. 

  • Good price.
  • Self-heated means no electric concerns.
  •  Great quality. 
  • The 24-inch size may not fit all breeds  

Best heating pad for outdoor dogs

K&H Outdoor Pet Heating Pad

If you have an outdoor dog or are taking care of rescues or strays that stay outside, this heating pad is great to ensure a safe and warm winter and evenings for them. It comes with a free fleece cover as well with your purchase. 

A steel wrapped cord ensures safety against the elements outdoors, as well as any damage your pup might do while it’s plugged in, such as a chewing. The thermostatically controlled heating pad will automatically adjust to their body heat, allowing them to stay warm without overheating. 

This pad is ideal for sheds, barns, and other sheltered areas where your pets reside and sleep or hang out. It has been tested and certified to ensure safety, however it is worth noting that while this pad is water resistant, it is not waterproof, and should be checked regularly to maintain the original state. 

There is a one-year limited warranty included as well in case anything does happen and reviews have stated that the customer service is fantastic. 

  •  Fantastic ratings/reviews from owners.
  • Safety certified. 
  • Automatic temperature changing.
  • May not be as large as anticipated/does not suit all dog breeds.

Best orthopedic pad

Furhaven orthopedic pet bed

While not a heating pad or heating bed, this orthopedic pet bed/lounger was worth mentioning as it features a true orthopedic medical grade memory foam core, ultra-plush fabric, and a machine washable removeable outer later. Perfect for aging or arthritic dogs or cats who need to rest often on a pliable but firm soft surface. 

The contoured form allows them to rest their head comfortably while the flatter middle helps to ease pressure points on your pets bones and joints. Ultra-plus faux fur lines the entire bed, and the orthopedic foam core is dense but stays contoured and soft enough to lay on without making your pet uncomfortable. The ergonomic form factor provides enhanced support for their neck, back, head, joints, and hips as they lay down, sprawl, or cuddle up with their favourite toys. 

Three different colours and six different sizes ensure that you can find a fit regardless of what size or breed your dog is, whether they’re a Chihuahua or a Great Dane. 

  • Amazing shape retention and design.
  • Removeable and machine washable cover.
  • Great for joints. 
  • Pricier.
  • Does not heat.

Our methodology

When looking for that perfect source of warmth for your cuddly companion, how warm and comfortable the pet pad or bed is will just be one factor your should look at. We heavily considered other factors, like cost of the pad, quality of the components, and availability within Canada.

To craft this buying guide, we compared top-rated heating pads available easily within Canada, researching how effective they were through reading verified user reviews on Amazon, backed up with Fakespot Review Analysis, as well as reviews from our peer websites. We only considered products that have an average online score of 4 stars or higher. 

Frequently asked questions about pet heating pads

How can I tell if my pet is cold?  

Dogs and cats have similar behaviors if they are cold, such as shivering, acting anxious, or slowing down.  

If your cat has cold ears, paws, or the tip of their tail is cold – then they are more than likely uncomfortably cool. As well as if they’re trying to cuddle into you for warmth more often or into the blankets. (Some cats are generally very cuddly, so this is more in addition to regular behaviors/anything that is new.) 

Dogs may pant, shiver/shake, and may show signs of weakness such as not being able to get up from laying down or not being able to move in general at all. Always keep an eye on your pets and if it’s cold outside for you, it’s cold for them! Their paws are very sensitive and if you must go for long walks in the winter, look into purchasing some pet-safe booties to ensure they don’t get frostbite or worse damage. 

Are heated pads pet safe?  

Yes, heated pads and beds for pets are safe. Reputable brands have tested and made heated beds specifically for pets. Don’t use your own personal heated blanket on your pets any higher than the low or medium setting as they can easily overheat compared to us – Pet heating pads are made with a much lower subtle heat. Be sure never to leave any heated blanket, bed, or pad on overnight in case of any sort of hazard. 

How much electricity will a heated pad use?  

Most pet beds or pads take up literal cents if they’re left on for an entire night, on average 12 hours of run time would equal maybe two to three cents. It is a very small margin of electricity use. 

How to make sure my outdoor pet is safe sleeping outside? 

Provide your outdoor pet with plenty of safe shelter space, and that they have protection from the sun, wind, and snow. Be sure there are no poisons or other such trouble they can get into while they’re out there, and as well make sure that they are vaccinated and protected against parasites such as ticks, mites, and other uncomfortable bugs that can harm them while they’re sleeping outdoors.

Heated pads can be great if they aren’t a hazard to be kept on for long. There are many heated pet beds/pads that have a silver inner lining that just heats up due to the pets own body heat that will keep them warm and diminish any worry about leaving on an electrical pad. 

Where can I get a pet heating pad? 

Pet heating pads will be available many places that sell pet supplies and bedding, from pet stores including Petland, PetSmart and Pet Valu, to generic big brnad marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart. 

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