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The Best Leggings in Canada

Our top picks

Let’s be frank, anyone who wore leggings at least once can no longer imagine life without them, for it is one of the most comfortable bottoms. Depending on the style and colour of the leggings you choose, you can wear them to work, yoga classes, outdoor activities or just around the house. Such versatility allows leggings to be a comfortable alternative to jeans, slacks and trousers.   

If only a few years ago fashion stylists kept saying that leggings were only meant to be worn in gyms, the current season’s trends (and the pandemic) started dictating different rules. Since reasons to dress up are limited, and the number of people working from home keeps expanding, leggings experienced a triumphal return to runways and closets. Through the last year, leggings were seen not only on people running daily errands or working out, but also on street style social media influencers who elevated such simple pieces of clothes by wearing them with blazers, heels, oversized shirts and loafers.   

Shopping for a pair of good quality leggings, however, might not be as easy as wearing them.  That is why we’ve researched through a variety of brands and reviews, and selected the best leggings in Canada that would fit any lifestyle and need. We’ve included leggings for yoga, jogging, leisure time and work, so you can find your perfect pair regardless of your goals.  

What to look for in a pair of leggings

  • Fit: Surely, there are such leggings as one-size-fits-all. However, if you want a pair that fits your body shape and height ideally, it makes sense to pay attention to factors as length, waistband rise and overall fit. Also, make sure to check the brand’s size guide because every company that produces athletic clothes might have slightly different measurements for different sizes.   
  • Material: Even though the first thing you want from the fabric is durability and breathability, depending on the activity you engage in, make sure the pair of leggings you wear are not transparent; thus, they have to be made from a fairly thick material. When you pick a pair of leggings to wear to work or around the house, the best material to consider is a mix of cotton and spandex, while for working out nylon fabric is the most durable and resists tearing when overstretched.
  • Style: With a variety of colours and prints available for any taste and activity it does not limit you to wear black leggings only. Black leggings are useful to wear to work pairing it with derby, loafers or high heels and a long button-up shirt, while sets of leggings and sports bras in funky prints are perfect for yoga, Pilates and other types of workouts. That being said, when buying leggings consider your lifestyle and/or style preferences. 

Our methodology

We made sure to invest our time (close to 15 hours) to research the top leggings in Canada. As a mom-to-be and a writer working from home, I spend most of my time wearing yoga pants. That is why creating this guide, we also made sure to base our decision on real-life experiences and include a variety of needs from leggings for workouts to those you can wear to the office and stay comfortable while still looking sharp.   

We created this guide by choosing products from wellknown brands that create athletic attire, as well as those who offer casual types of leggings that could be worn anywhere. Secondly, we also based our decision on other buying guides’ opinions and reviews from customers who are professional athletes and who simply wear leggings regularly.   

Best affordable leggings

TnaCHILL Atmosphere Hi-Rise 7/8 Legging

The name says it all: those are the best cotton leggings for chilling on a couch. (Certainly, you can also wear them to a gym.) They are made of soft cotton jersey fabric that feels pleasant against the skin and suitable for a variety of activities. As one customer noted, the fabric is light and very comfortable: these are the only cotton leggings that she has found that she likes. She tried a few other brands over the years but decided to stick with TNA.   

Those TnaCHILL leggings are also high-waisted and feature a wide waistband for ultimate comfort: that fact also allows you to wear cropped tops and still feel comfortable. They come in 30 different colours so you can pick a few (after all they cost only $25), and mix and match them with different outfits.   

  • Soft cotton fabric.  
  • Light waist support.  
  • Customizable length.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • As per some customers, knees loosen after a few wears.

Best SPANX leather leggings

SPANX Ready-to-Wow Faux Leather Leggings

If you are looking for fashionable leggings that pair well with boots or high heels then those faux leather from SPANX can help to create an edgy look. Surely, they might be at a high price point, but as one customer noted, she tried various other cheaper brands but nothing came anywhere near close.

The pair has a slimming effect due to a wide waistband and perfect positioning on the body. Another customer noted that, no matter what you do they are not see-through, they are comfortable, high wasted and they hold in the lower belly for a more flattering look.   

  • Strong nylon material.
  • Fashionable edgy look. 
  • Ideal to wear with boots and high heels.
  • Give a flattering look to the belly and waist.  
  • High price point.
  • Might not be the best leggings for anyone shorter than 5’7. 

Best butt lifting leggings

Honey Sculpt leggings

Honey Sculpt leggings have the perfect amount of compression that keeps your body well-shaped, yet does not make your moves uncomfortably restrained. Instead, high-quality innovative fabric that is designed in honeycomb pattern provides maximum support for working out and comfort for wearing them on a daily basis.   

Overall, wearing these leggings creates a slimmer contour of the lower body, while enhancing curves and hiding the appearance of cellulite. As the brand promises, these leggings do not only visibly lift butt and highlight the right part of your body, but they were tested and withstand different levels of pulling during yoga, fitness, jogging and other types of workouts. 

  • Thick durable material.  
  • Comfortable contouring.
  • Ideal for both working out and casual wearing.  
  • Because of the honey comb texture, these leggings are not the best option for the office or dressier types of outfits  

Best fleece lined leggings

NYFC Warm Fleece Lined Leggings for Women

Winters in Canada are cold and quite extended. Thus, it would be depressing and unnecessary to wear bundles of snow pants, heavy parkas and Sorel boots all the time. If you still want some fashionable experience and look for a pair of pants that would not only go well with combat boots and wool coats on days when cold is bearable, then fleece-lined leggings might be the right choice.   

The NYFC leggings are also designed to provide figure-shaping support. The fabric is thick and stretchy enough to sit snug around your hips and legs, so the pants move along your motions without you constantly having to pull them up. The only complaint a few customers had is that they feel too short in the legs and are not ideal for tall people. 

  • Fleece-lined 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex fabric.  
  • Slimming effect.  
  • Hand wash only.  
  • Not ideal for tall people.

Best maternity leggings

SPANX Mama Look at Me Now Seamless Leggings

With extra fabric in the belly area, those leggings grow with you. The waistline goes over your baby bumpand a comfortable elastic keeps pants on so you can be active without feeling uncomfortable in your clothes. Besides stretching, the waistband can also shrink back so you can always keep on wearing those leggings even after pregnancy.   

Seamless fabric on hips and thighs creates one solid line that smooths silhouette, plus the absence of unnecessary details and funky prints allow you to wear those maternity leggings with any top from a hoodie to a button-up shirt.   

  • 91% Nylon, 9% Spandex durable comfortable fabric.  
  • Leggings that grow with the baby bump. 
  • Seamless sides.  
  • Might be too high in the waist if you wear them after pregnancy.  

Best high waisted leggings

Nike Women’s Yoga Luxe 7/8 Tights

Whenever a person needs reliable sports gear, Nike is one of the brands to trust in. These yoga tights are also made from durable, moisture-wicking fabric which makes them an ideal pair for casuawear and workouts. Nike Infinalon fabric provides infinite comfort no matter the type of movement you do.

Because they are made of thinner than usual, but more durable yarns, they have a stronger compressive feel on the body while feeling lightweight at the same time. These leggings are also designed with minimal seam lines to create a smooth appearance and a tight high-rise wide waistband for a body-hugging feel. As one customer noted, usually leggings are a bit loose on her in some places, but these hug her everywhere and leave no loose material.  

The only concern some people have is that, for workouts with bands, the fabric can start to peel/rub off under the bands. 

  • Moisture-wicking fabric.
  • The simple design allows many outfit options.
  • Compressive high-rise waistband.  
  • The fabric might not be so durable for certain types of workouts.  

Best workout leggings

Gym Shark Vital Seamless Leggings

Gym Shark leggings are made for you to have a high performance during workouts, be it weight lifting, fitness or yoga. They combine high-waisted design, moisture-wicking fabric and seamless sides so every movement you make would be done in ultimate comfort.   

This particular model has about twenty different colours to pick from, thus you can have a few different options to go with printed or colourful sports bras and sweatshirts. 

  • Moisture-wicking durable 58% Nylon, 32% Polyester, 10% Elastane material.  
  • Seamless contouring pattern. 
  • Supportive waistband.  
  • 20 colour choices.  
  • Not budget-friendly.  

Best Amazon leggings

90 Degree by Reflex High Waist Power Flex Tummy Control Leggings

Reflex High Waist is all you want from a pair of plain leggings to wear on daily basis. They have a slimming waist and hip effect due to stretchy, durable fabric and a thick waistband. As one customer noticed, these tights almost feel like better quality than Lululemon’s, except definitely not as stretchy.

Some observed that leggings snug and hold you well, at the same time not being see-through, which is an important factor if you are wearing a cropped top with them. The material is nice enough for it to be breathable but thick enough to prevent those camel toes when hip thrusting.   

Besides that, the leggings have a hidden waistband pocket where you can carry your credit card, smartphone, or house keys when running some quick errands.   

Those 90 Degree leggings are available in 20 different colours, so you can always pick the right one for your wardrobe or get a few different ones and experiment with outfits.   

  • Durable 87% Nylon 13% Spandex/88% Nylon 12% Spandex power stretch fabric.
  • Hidden waistband pocket.
  • Slimming high waist effect.
  • 20 colour options.  
  • As per some customers, you might want to take a close look at the size guide because they vary from other brands. 

Best Lululemon leggings

Lululemon Align Leggings

Who doesn’t like Lululemon? Founded in 1998 in Vancouver as a yoga wear brand, they became popular and loved by anyone who chooses an active lifestyle. Whatever clothes they make, the main focus is on quality and comfort. Even though they started as yoga wear, now you can find plenty of styles for running, cycling, training and other types of exercise.   

As for their Align leggings, while they were designed for yoga, as one customer noted, these leggings are soft and comfortable to lounge around the house. But if you plan on wearing them out, you need a long shirt; the fabric is not thick enough. Those leggings are known for their lightweight buttery-soft feeling on the skin, which is ideal for leisure time or light workouts.  

Another feature is a high-rise waistband. According to another customer who bought these leggings while 19 weeks pregnant, she had a hard time shopping for comfortable maternity leggings for her height: most had awful saggy crotch areas. She added that normally she wears size eight pre-pregnancy, but going sized up to a 10 and at nearly 20 weeks these were the most comfortable maternity/not actual maternity leggings she had found. 

  • High rise waist. 
  • Hidden waistband pocket that fits a card or a key.
  • Buttery-soft fabric.
  • Peels easily.

Best everyday leggings

Aerie crossover leggings

Just like anything else that comes from Aerie is comfortable and cozy; these crossover leggings are ultra-light with soft support and a weightless touch. The fabric is buttery-smooth, and even though it is almost weightless on the skin it is thick and dark enough so you can wear them with cropped tops. Other than that, they are a versatile pair that can be worn to work with a button-up shirt and around the city with sweaters, hoodies and jackets. Like one customer noticed, those leggings give you the curves you want and make your body look right. Even though she loves all aerie leggings, these are her favourite pair. The leggings have a crossover waistband: a v-seam made to fit your waist and hips in all the right ways and prevents underwear from showing when you bend.  

Another customer who is an athlete and an avid weightlifter is always looking for leggings that would fit her athletic build. She bought Lululemon, and they constantly fall at the waist. She bought these and loves them for the gym or any other activity. Overall based on customers’ reviews, the material type we can easily call those the best comfortable leggings. 

  • Lightweight smooth 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane fabric.  
  • Crossover waistband.  
  • Ideal for daily wear.
  • Collects lint and fuzz easily.  

Best leggings with pockets

Hyba leggings

While there are plenty of leggings with side pockets on the market, we find this Hyba from Reitmans a bit different: they do feature a side pocket on the leg, but unlike any other, it comes with a zipper. Thus, no matter if you put a credit card or a phone in there you do not have to worry about it falling out.   

The Hyba leggings are made of stretch jersey, and while they might not be the best option for workouts, they are an ideal pair for wearing with casual shoes and jackets to school or around the city. According to one customer, these leggings are high waist that sucks in all the jiggly bits. She got her usual size; it fits snug but comfortable. Thus, she wears these more for running errands than workouts. 

  • Comfortable, thick 90% Cotton, 10% Elastane fabric.
  • Patched zipped pocket.  
  • Ankle length: ideal for casual outfits.  
  • Not a perfect working out pair.  

Best leggings for men

Men’s HeatGear® Armour Leggings

Most of the time men look for leggings that would be a base layer to wear underneath short during training. Made from Super-light HeatGear fabric those Armour leggings deliver superior coverage. Plus, they are lightweight and thin enough to wear comfortably underneath training shorts. To say more about the material, it is made to wick sweat and dry fast, so no matter how intense your training is, your body temperature should stay at the proper level. The anti-odour technology fabric also prevents the growth of odour-causing microbes.   

These leggings’ design is very ergonomic: seamless high abrasion areas ensure comfort during movements, and a wide, exposed elastic waistband prevents them from sliding down. Another convenient feature is a drop-in pocket on the right side for easy storage. As one customer noted, he usually is not a fan of compression clothing and has not worn much of it. But these have changed his mind; they feel great and are comfortable. Also, he likes that they have a pocket for an iPhone.

  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Durable sweat-wicking material.  
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Side pocket.  
  • Not recommended to wash on anything but gentle cycle and air dry.   

Best compression leggings

Old Navy compression leggings

Compression socks and leggings became a part of workout attire for one fair reason: because of the applied pressure, they help to stimulate blood circulation, thus prevent varicose. Those Elevate compression leggings are made from a smooth, breathable medium compression jersey that stretches four waysjust enough for necessary comfort and hold while you are training.

The leggings are super breathable, not too heavy, and stay up during workouts; it is nice not having to pull them up several times while working out. To other features, those leggings have elasticized high-rise waistband that keeps the tummy under control and allows you to wear them with cropped tops, and breathable nylon mesh panels at thighs and calves that provide extra ventilation.

  • Smooth and breathable jersey material.  
  • Ideal for both, workouts and daily running.  
  • Four ways of stretch and compression.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • The fabric is a little transparent.  

Best leggings for the office / for work

UNIQLO Extra stretch Leggings Pants

UNIQLO is known for producing clothes that are comfortable, simple, and both casual and professional oriented. The same applies to those leggings pants that combine comfort and style. Because of such details as back pockets, waistband and a button, they, even though feel like leggings, do not look like such. We find those the best leggings to wear as pants. They look professional enough to style them with blazers and button-up tops for work, yet at the same time, they can be worn with casual sneakers and hoodies.   

According to a reviewer on the UNIQLO website, she has a little bit of a belly and hates when it feels the slightest bit tight. These pants are stretchy everywhere, does not matter what position you sit in.

  • Extra stretchy fabric.  
  • Professional appearance.
  • Quick-drying DRY technology.
  • Two back pockets.
  • Come in four different colours.  
  • Unless you are 5’8 and taller you might have to tailor the length of those pants. 

Best denim leggings or jeggings

No Nonsense Women’s Denim Legging

According to many reviewers, these No Nonsense jeggings are not just a jean pattern printed on normal leggings; they have a jean-like texture. These jeggings are durable and go fine through the regular wash.   

The pair features two back pockets, a narrow waistband, contrast stitching and comfortable stretchy fabric that highlight curves without revealing unnecessary details. You can easily style them with blazers, sweaters and blouses as well as heels or sneakers. The only complaint a few customers had is that these are not high enough in the waist. Thus, unless you are wearing a longer top make sure not to bend too low.   

  • Versatile style.  
  • Stretchy, thick 78% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 3% Spandex material.  
  • Machine wash.
  • Narrow waistband.  
  • Make sure to check the size guide; some customers had to go either size up or down from their regular one.  

Frequently asked questions about leggings

Where to buy the best leggings in Canada?   

Probably the two most popular destinations for leggings shopping in Canada are SportCheck and Lululemon. However, you can also find a variety of styles at Aritzia TNA, Walmart, Uniqlo, and Amazon.   

What’s the average price for a pair of leggings in Canada?   

Based on our research, the average price for a pair of leggings in Canada varies between $50 to $80. However, while price depends on the material, performance, and other features, some styles come at a cost higher than $100.  

Why buy leggings?   

Leggings can add extra comfort to your everyday routine when you do not feel like wearing pants. Besides that, leggings are the best bottom choice for working out, running, and yoga practices. They move along with your body and allow you ultimate performance whether you train or do grocery shopping.  

What to wear with grey leggings?  

Grey colour is one of the basic ones that can be worn with any other. If you are wearing grey leggings to work, they can be paired with a plain white oversized shirt and colourful shoes (for example, Klein blue). When you are wearing grey leggings to school or running errands, they can easily be paired with sweatshirts, which can come in both neutral tones or brighter shades (orange is one of the best combinations with grey). And, when you choose a sports bra to go with grey leggings, pick a printed one that has grey as one of the main colours or pair it with any top in shades of blue, yellow or pink.    

What to wear with black leggings?   

Anything. There is no such thing that would not go well with plain black leggings. You want to wear a dress, but the length feels more like a tunic? Put on a pair of black leggings and heels or combat boots, depends on the occasion. Travelling via plane, taking a long drive? Put on a pair of black leggings, white sneakers, an oversized sweater and add a coat for a chic, yet comfortable outfit. When it comes to work attire black leggings are the best: they can imitate skinny pants and be easily styles with tailored shirts and blazers (just make sure the top you wear comes a bit below the hip line). As for watching a movie on the couch, wear black leggings with wide comfortable tops and high socks for the most comfortable home attire.   

How to wear printed leggings?  

If with grey or black leggings there are no obvious difficulties when it comes to styling, with printed leggings it is not that easy. After all, the funkier the print, the harder it is to match it with another one. The two simplest ways to wear printed leggings are: wear it with the top in the same printed fabric when it comes to workout attire, and/or when you wear it elsewhere combine it with a top in one of solid colours that can also be found in the print.   

Why are leggings so popular?  

Leggings are more comfortable than slacks or jeans, they are also versatile in terms of layering and activities you can wear them to. The popularity of leggings can be explained by the fact that they are no longer worn to the gym exclusively. Leggings look fashionable with both sneakers and heels and can be paired with a variety of tops.   

Who makes the best leggings?  

While there are different types of leggings for different activities, overall, what makes the best pair is a quality material that should be breathable, thick and stretchy (if we talk about yoga pants for working out the material should also be moisture-wicking), and the fit be right for your body type.   

What underwear to wear with leggings?  

Unless you are wearing an oversized top that covers your bump, it is best to wear seamless, thin underwear with leggings.   

Are leggings bad?  

The only harm leggings might cause is to prevent normal blood circulation if you are wearing a pair that is way too tight in the waist and legs. Other than that, leggings are bad only because they are way too comfortable and after wearing them you no longer want to wear anything else.   

Why are leggings so comfortable?  

Leggings are made of stretchy fabrics like nylon or a combination of cotton and spandex. Thus, no matter if you are running on a treadmill, or relaxing on a couch, leggings stretch along with you without preventing any motions   

What are jeggings?  

Jeggings, aa word, is a combination of jeans and leggings. In fact, they are stretchy pants that look like jeans, that are as comfortable, stretchy and tight as leggings, but made with fabric that imitates denim texture.   

What are the best shoes to wear with leggings?   

The beauty of leggings is that they can be styled easily with most tops and footwear. If we would look at current trends, and put aside a simple combination of runners and leggings, then the best shoes to wear with leggings going for a coffee or doing grocery shopping are sneakers and loafers. If you wear leggings to work then a block heel boots or shoes can also be an option.   

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