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The Best Men’s Winter Boots in Canada

Canadians across the country know that the most important way to be cozy throughout whatever our winters throw at us is to bundle up. You have your coat, balaclava, scarf, gloves and toque – but do you have a pair of quality winter boots to keep your feet dry and warm even at the coldest? 

Admittedly, growing up, I hated wearing my winter boots – promising my mom I would be warm in my sneakers only to run home off the bus with soaked shoes was a hard lesson learned. It turns outjust never had pair of winter boots that I loved. With that in mind, we set out to create a buying list that will help Canadians find that pair of boots they love and that will keep their feet warm and dry all winter.  

Find our picks for the top-rated men’s winter boots in Canada below.  

Our top picks

What to look for when choosing a winter boot

There are a few things aspects you should consider when looking for a winter boot: 

  • Warmth  Many winter boots available in Canada will have a temperature rating to help determine what kind of sub-zero temperatures they are best suited for. It is recommended you choose a boot that is rated a little lower than what is expected, just in case. It is important to note that these ratings should only be used as a guide, as each company ultimately decides what their boot is suited for themselves. 
  • Waterproofness – One of the more important features winter boots need for satisfaction is water resistance or waterproofness. Your boot should be able to keep your feet dry throughout the winter, as wet articles of clothing in colder temperatures pose the risk of hypothermia. If you live in warmer areas with slushier winters, waterproofness should be your number-one priority in choosing a winter boot. 
  • Height – There is no worse feeling than snow in your boot. A boot that come up your calf is generally recommended to ensure you can trudge through thicker snow without running the risk of snow making its way inside, however height is generally less important for city-living. 
  • Grip  Choosing a boot with solid grip will ensure your safety when it is icier outside.  

How we picked the best men’s winter boots

It was important to us in making this buying guide that we had at least one pair of boots anyone in Canada could love, regardless of climate they live in, price and styleWe prioritized warmth and waterproofness in this list, as we felt that these were the most important aspects in keeping your feet warm all winter. In our research for best Winter Boot in Canada, we only considered boots with an average rating of 4 stars or higher, to ensure only quality Winter boots made our list.  

Best casual men’s winter boots

Sorel 1964 PAC Nylon Boots

This is the best Sorel winter boot and one that’s sure to comfort your mother as she sees you leaving the house with them on.

Sorel is a Canadian mainstay for winter boots, and for good reason: the warmth and build quality of Sorel have impressed Canadians for generations, and Sorel’s 1964 PAC Boot bears that legacy strongly. 

The 1964 PAC boot covers most uses excellently, offering warmth, water-resistance and comfort without sacrificing style. Using recycled felt in their insulation, the PAC boot offers warmth with a temperature rating of -29 Celsius with a fully removable inner boot. 

Vulcanized rubber makes up the outsole, that combined with the water-resistant nylon upper provides adequate water protectionUsers have noticed this does not make for a completely waterproof boot, and if you are in the need of one, we recommend you opt for something a little bit more rubber and rugged. However, for most day-to-day applications, the 1964 Pac boot does its duty.  

Users on average are very happy with the build quality. One of the biggest gripes users have with the boot is that the sole is very thin. While it proves waterproof and provides traction, many users have felt the ground underneath their feet through the soleThat, combined with the fact this boot is outclassed for more extreme purposes, means this is a solid mid-range winter boot perfect for taking the dog for a walk or going on a grocery run – all without your feet getting cold.

  • High build-quality.
  • Durability.
  • Cozy up to -29℃.
  • Reasonably stylish.
  • Users noted feeling the ground through the soles.

Best inexpensive men’s winter boot

NORTIV 8 Waterproof Snow Boots

If you are looking for quality protection from the elements this winter without breaking the bank, the NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Winter Snow Boots got you covered. Providing most everything you need for Canadian winters at a budget price, this NORTIV 8 boot is warm, waterproof and has good traction in slippery conditions.  

With a durable rubber outsole and premium waterproofed upper layer, users are very happy with the quality of waterproofing this boot offers. 200g of Thinsulate cotton insulation provides comfy protection from the cold. This boot is listed as having a temperature rating up to -32℃, however some users noticed their toes getting cold below -15℃. Due to this disparity, we do not recommend this boot for colder places in the country, but it does well for city life.  

As far as Winter Boots go, the NORTIV 8 is generally a better-looking boot than some of the other boots on this list. In six different styles, there is likely a NORTIV 8 that is suited for you 

Users overall were happy with the comfort this boot provided, as well as the quality of waterproofing. Some users complained about ankle support, but if this not a concern for you, you should be very satisfied by the NORTIV 8 Snow Boots.

  • Solid waterproofing.
  • Six different colours.
  • Affordable.
  • Doesn’t seem to hold up to the -32℃ rating listed.

Best winter boots for the city

Ugg Butte Snow Boots

Winter boots have a reputation for being clunky and unflattering. But if you want a pair of stylish men’s boots that are decently warm, waterproof and comfortable, the Ugg Men’s Butte Snow Boot checks all the boxes.  

Rated for -20℃, The Ugg Butte is not the warmest boot on this list, but it should prove warm enough for most of the winter in the milder cities in the country. With high-tech moisture wicking and waterproofing, your feet stay dry in any conditions the city can throw at you. The Vibram sole provides great traction for icy surfaces like frozen sidewalks.  

Users liked the styles available, and the leather / faux fur design of these boots were overall very popular online. Users were generally very happy with the warmth and comfort these boots provided. It is recommended ordering half a size larger than you typically would, as users reported this boot runs on the smaller size. 

  • Warm.
  • Waterproof.
  • Vibram sole provides decent traction.
  • Expensive.
  • Runs small.

Best winter boots for college students

bravo! DEAN with Fur Lining

The bravo! DEAN with Fur Lining is also our choice for best men’s winter boots with zipper for those of you looking for something easy to put on. 

If you are looking for warm winter boots for trudging across campus between classes, bravo! has an awesome boot for you. The bravo! DEAN Winter boot offers warmth and tread in a look that suits dressier to casual looks, while being ultimately affordable to boot. 

600g of insulating faux-fur line this boot, keeping feet generally pretty cozy, but as the boot is only rated up to -24, it is not recommended for colder uses. The durable rubber sole provides grip suitable for walking icy or snowy surfaces. Users noted some level of water-resistance. 

The DEAN boot has dual zippers for ease putting them on and taking them off, however the boot is ultimately nonadjustable due to bravo! opting for zippers over laces. It is recommended you look at getting the boot anywhere from half to a full size bigger if possible, as this boot runs on the smaller side of things.  

Users generally likes the DEAN’s look, warmth and comfort. These boots are perfect if you are walking outside between classes and to and from school but will probably not be suitable in more sustained outdoor uses.   

  • Faux-leather makes for a stylish dress boot.
  • Keeps warm up to -24℃.
  • Affordable.
  • Zippers means boot size is non-adjustable.
  • Runs small.

Best snow boots

Baffin Titan Snow Boots

The big brother of the winter boot is the snow boot: designed for colder temperatures, wetter conditions and longer use. If you are looking for a pair of Snow Boots that can take whatever is thrown at them, our choice is the Baffin Men’s Titan Snow Boot.  

Looking more like a rain boot than the other boots on this list, the Titan is made from full-molded rubber for guaranteed waterproofing – even in fully wet environmentsFor certain applications, like sledding or ice-fishing, this is optimal in a snow boot.  

Baffin offers some incredibly warm snow boots, and the Titan is no different, as Baffin claims this boot has a rating of -100. You read that right. Negative one hundred. While no users have reported if this rating is accurate, users generally have said the boot is warm, with some reporting the boot is warm up to –45 or even -60The liner is removable but unlike some boots, the liner does not come out every time you take your foot out.  

Some users report the boot seems clunky, and the grip leaves something to be desired. However, overall, users are thrilled with the quality, warmth and comfort the Titan provides. Users recommend you opt for a size or two bigger for this boot, as it runs on the smaller side, but that might be due to the insulating liner inside.  

  • Fully waterproof.
  • Extremely warm, even in the coldest temperatures.
  • Removable liner.
  • Also the best waterproof boots.
  • Clunky.
  • Not really grippy.

Best extreme cold weather boots

Baffin Impact Snow Boots

Like the impressive Baffin Titan, The Baffin Impact Snow Boot is temperature rated to an astounding -100. If you are looking for some of the warmest winter boots for extremely cold conditions, Baffin most likely has you covered.  

The secret to the boot’s low-temperature performance is the insulating foam found in the inner boot, which combined with moisture-wicking and thermal layers, provide unparalleled warmth with comfort and high-quality waterproof performance. The inner boot is removable for drying off after a long day in the cold.  

Users find the Impact Boot warm, comfy and lightweight. A few users questioned the validity of the temperature rating, stating they felt their toes get cold nowhere near -100, but on average users were happy with the overall warmth these boots provided. It is recommended you go between one and two sizes up for finding the perfect fit, as the liners of these boots take up significant space in the boot.

  • Comfortable.
  • Designed to perform well in extreme cold.
  • Expensive.

Best everyday men’s winter boot

Kamik Greenbay 4

The Kamik Greenbay 4 is also our choice for the best wide men’s winter boot. 

Another long-standing Canadian brand that knows winter well, Kamik’s Greenbay 4 Cold Weather boot is a welldesigned winter boot that is solid in most winter applications.  

The Greenbay 4 has a temperature rating of -40, thanks to the full-felted interior. The thermal lining is removable, perfect for airing-out after a day’s use. With a 13-inch side, these boots can keep even the deepest snow out. Despite the insulation and height, these boots are lightweight and comfortable, perfect for everyday use.  

While some users note that this boot is not completely waterproof, but the level of water resistance the Greenbay 4 offers suits most applicationsIf you spend lots of your time outdoors hunting, sledding, or ice-fishing, try the Baffin Titan Snow Boots mentioned above 

Users recommend referring to the Kamik sizing chart and going half to one full size up from their usual shoe sizeKamik designed this boot widerwith straps that can adjust the fit of the boot. Users with wider feet found larger sizes of this boot fit better than other boots they had tried.  

  • Warm up to -40℃.
  • Also the best wide fitting winter boot.
  • While water-resistant, not waterproof.

Best active winter boot

Columbia Bugaboot™ Plus IV Omni-Heat™

There are many ways one can enjoy the Canadian wilderness in winter: ice fishing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and winter hiking are just some of the more popular ones. If you lead an active lifestyle year-round and are looking for something more athletic in a winter boot, the Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat is worthwhile your consideration.  

The Bugaboot IV delivers on everything you need for more athletic applications, like winter hiking. For starters, the Bugaboot is warm, with 200g of insulation and Omni-Heat technology designed to retain heat while being breathable. The TechLite sole absorbs the impact of each step, expanding during push-off to improve performance and comfort. Columbia collaborated with Michelin on the outsole, that provides the Bugaboot a firm grip in temperatures up to -30. The boot overall is waterproof, and temperature rated to -32. 

Users were satisfied with the light-weight durable construction and warmth of these boots. For hiking or long walks in the winter months, these boots come out on top for their comfortable, breathable lightweight design that does not sacrifice waterproofness or warmth.  

  • Omni-Heat™ keeps the boot breathable & warm.
  • Waterproof.
  • Techlite sole provides comfort and support while walking.
  • Some users questioned the accuracy of the -32℃ rating.

Best light winter boots

YIRUIYA Trekking Boots

If you want a boot that suits a variety of purposes, while ultimately being lightweight, YIRUIYA Trekking Boots are a solid option. While they do not have the winter protection as the other boots on the list, these Trekking Boots are light weight enough and breathable they can easily be worn year-round. 

The YIRUIYA Trekking Boots provide solid warmth and water protection into the winter months. With a Breathable fur lining, your feet will stay toasty, while not getting too warm and soaking the boot with your sweat. The water-resistant upper helps prevent water and snow getting in while the rubber soles provide grip and abrasion resistance  

These winter shoes are lightweight and durable for most things thrown their way. With a protective toe cap, these shoes got your health in mind, but it should be noted these shoes are steeltoe and suitable for construction and other potentially hazardous workplaces.  

Users were very satisfied with the price and the durability these shoes offered. However, users noted that in wetter climates, you need actual waterproof boots, which these boots do not hit that mark. Users recommended buying a half size up if possible, as the fur-lining made these on the tighter side.  

  • Also the  best winter boots under $100.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Light water-resistance not ideal for some parts of the country.

Best winter work boots

Baffin Icebear Winter Boots

If you work a job where you need more protection in your bootsyou should consider the Baffin Icebear for your next pair of winter work bootsBaffin’s legacy of quality winter protection combined with a CSA approved safety toe equals a durable work boot that keeps you warm and comfortable throughout the winter months.  

The IceBear is designed to provide winter comfort for people on their feet all day. The Thermal PU compound that insulates these boots is light and long-lasting, providing the Icebear with an impressive 50 temperature rating. The polyurethane construction and the rubber sole provides excellent waterproof protection. The Icebear’s rubber is also oil and acid resistant, for job sites of all kinds  

Users are happy that a work boot that provides so much protection from the elements and the workplace also provides a high level of comfort and warmth. Many users reported being on their feet in the Icebear all day while maintaining comfort. Users reported that these boots do need to be broken in, so wearing them around the house with them at first is recommended.  

  • Durable with composite material toe protection.
  • Waterproof rubber construction.
  • Temperature rated to -50℃.
  • Pricey.

Why trust us

With so many winter boots available on the market, choosing the right pair for all your winter needs can be time-consuming. Our team spent over 10 hours reviewing and selecting the best reviewed winter boots for Canadian winters. We carefully curated this buying guide by comparing verified customer reviews, as well as trusted online winter boot reviews from other reputable sites to collate a list of frequently recommended products. 

While we tried to provide objective information, our opinions had an impact on what we felt Canadian consumers are looking for in Winter boots. Ultimately, we prioritized warmth and water-resistance as aspects Canadians are looking for most in good men’s winter boots.  

Frequently asked questions about winter boots

How do winter boots work?  

Winter boots help keep you warmer than your average shoes in winter through combining warmer, insulated interiors with waterproof or water-resistant exterior, higher sides and grippier soles. This combination both warms your feet but also keeps them dry, which is essential in colder temperatures.  

Where to buy men’s winter boots?  

Most stores that carry shoes in Canada will also carry winter boots starting in fall through the winter months. Mainstays for winter boots in Canada include The Bay, Walmart and Canadian Tire, however online retailers like Amazon also carry a wide range of winter boots. 

Do I need winter boots in Canada?  

We highly recommend owning a pair of winter boots if you live in Canada. You may not need them every day, but you will be thankful the moment the thermostat dips well into the negatives. A good pair of winter boot ranges from a necessity in the colder provinces and the territories to highly recommended for warmer provinces and cities. 

Do I need winter boots if I live in the city?  

It is possible to get through a Canadian winter without a solid pair of winter boots in Canada, however if you spend any amount of time outside in the winter beyond walking to your car/bus, we highly recommend you buy a pair of boots. Be warned you will have cold feet if you have cold feet buying winter boots.  

What are the best winter boot brands? 

We recommend getting a pair of boots made by a company with experience in making winter boots specifically. While getting Timberland, Doc Marten or Blundstone winter boots may be more fashionable, we found that these brands were often unsatisfactory for warmth, durability and waterproofness. Some brands that have a proven track record for quality winter boots include Sorel, Baffin, Kamik, Columbia or Helly Hansen.  

How to wear mens winter boots? 

To keep your feet comfy even in the coldest temperatures, we recommend pairing your winter boots with socks that will help keep your feet warm and dry. Other than that, we recommend wearing your boots on your feet, but hey, free country.

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