The Best Boxers and Boxer Briefs in 2024

Everyone has a different preference for what goes under their pants. Underwear is a highly personal item of clothing that is often forgotten about, with the only time you may think about it during your day is if it is causing discomfort. But underwear has an important role in hygiene, style, and confidence. Maybe it is time to give your underwear a second thought.  

Boxer briefs seem to be favoured amongst men these days – the longer leg combined with the snug fit is a winning combo, especially when brands like Saxx and Calvin Klein are putting a lot of thought into the design of their boxer briefs. But boxers, trunks and even briefs could potentially have a place in your wardrobe – all depending on your personal preference. 

Below, you will find our list for our favourite men’s underwear – boxers, briefs and everything in between – for 2024.  

Our top picks

What to look for in men’s underwear

Style – Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, trunks – each style has different advantages that will appeal to different people. Boxers are highly comfortable and breathable, but offer little in terms of support for your nether region, so they are not ideal athletic underwear. Briefs offer support, and will not ride up, but can be uncomfortable for some.  Boxer briefs and trunk-style underwear are a happy medium, offering form-fitting support that people of all body types can enjoy.  

Size and fit – Looking at a sizing chart before buying underwear from a new company can be very beneficial, ensuring a comfortable fit. Briefs and boxer briefs, if too tight, can restrict proper blood flow – or worse. For ideal comfort, you should opt for underwear with a compatible size and fit. 

Material – The material of your underwear impacts how comfortable they feel, how breathable they are, and how they hold up over the day.  Cotton underwear is soft, comfy, and is solidly lightweight and breathable. However, they can be uncomfortable when wet, so they are not optimal for active underwear or if you perspire a lot. Some types of underwear feature elastic materials, like Spandex or Nylon, which are form-fitting and often optimal for boxer briefs and briefs. Material like spandex performs well in athletic underwear for its moisture-wicking and odour resistance. Wool is a popular choice for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, but we suggest opting for higher quality wools like Merino.  

Lifestyle – A person who lives an active lifestyle will likely have different underwear needs than someone who lives a casual or sedentary lifestyle. If you are active in your day-to-day, or you engage in athletic activities regularly, having a pair of underwear designed for active use makes sense, as it will make these activities way more comfortable down there.  

Aesthetics: Likely, there will be a lucky someone who will see your underwear at some point. For this reason, it is important not to have just dull or tacky underwear. However, since far more people will not see your underwear ever, this should be further down your list of priorities than aspects on the comfort front.  

Our methodology

When looking for men’s underwear, one of the biggest things to look for is comfort. For something that will be covered throughout your entire day, having your underwear feel consistently good or not noticeable at all is the end goal for many. However, comfort is subjective, so instead looked at criteria that influence comfort primarily – like what material it is made from, how they fit, and the quality of components that we only really notice if they are bothering us, like waistband and seams. Other criteria, like aesthetics and price, are of consideration, but considerably less so than these other criteria. We tried to gather a selection of underwear that would allow each user to find something that fits different criteria that they might be looking for in their underwear. 

We spent over 20 hours researching different brands and models of the different varieties of men’s underwear available for Canadians. We read through product descriptions, professional reviews, and verified comments from users to figure out which underwear was best. We only considered underwear with an average review of 4 stars or higher and prioritized the highest-scoring underwear for this review.  

Best budget boxer brief

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Coolzone Boxer Briefs

This set of Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs is the best-selling men’s underwear on Amazon. For a set of boxer briefs that are solidly comfortable and available at an inexpensive price, the Fruit of the Loom Coolzone is very worthwhile 

The Coolzone boxer brief is made from cotton primarily, with less than 10% polyester used in the fly and waistband to add an elastic stretch. With breathable mesh in the vented Coolzone flyFruit of the Loom provides both support and ventilation into this boxer brief Small steps like the plush-backed waistband and tagless label improve the feel of this underwear.  

The Coolzone boxer is designed to be comfortable all day, however, there are some variances within how users find these measures. For example, the legs are narrow – designed not to ride up – which works wonders for some, but one user who cycles felt the thin thighs in these Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs were overwhelmingly tight. Consider your body type when shopping for these boxer briefs, as the primarily cotton Coolzone will not be as forgiving as briefs with higher content of elastic material.  

Users overall really enjoy the Fruit of the Loom Coolzone boxer brief for their comfortable fit and budget price. Some users had issues with the material, with some users finding the cotton blend a cheaper feeling material – which is likely due to the inexpensive price tag. Available in a 7-pack, you get an assortment of colours – which you will not be able to choose. Some users were disappointed with their reality of a less colourful assortment than what was advertised. All in all, if you need lots of boxer briefs quickly and cheaply, the Fruit of the Loom Coolzone is a great choice.  

  • Supported and breathable fly. 
  • Comfy fit due to its primarily cotton material.  
  • This 7-pack of boxer briefs is cheaper than some pairs of boxer briefs.
  • For some, the material feels cheaper – not necessarily uncomfortable, but less comfortable than others.  
  • Some users were disappointed with the colours that they ended up getting.  

Best supported boxer brief

David Archy Men’s 4 Pack Bamboo Rayon Boxer Briefs

Our choice for the best pack of boxer briefs is also this David Archy Men’s 4-Pack Bamboo Rayon Boxer Briefs. 

If you are looking for a soft, supported boxer brief, David Archy makes some of the best. With soft material made from bamboo and a unique supported fly, this boxer brief is a favourite among people online.   

Made from a micromodal blend of 95% Bamboo Rayon with 5% Spandex for extra elasticitythese David Archy boxer briefs are a truly comfortable pair of underwear. The micromodal material allows for good air permeability and effective moisture wicking, while being silky soft to the touch. 

While many makers of boxer briefs these days are adding supports to the front to help boost the comfort, David Archy boxer brief features a highly unique design: dual contoured pouches for each part of the male anatomy, keeping everything supported and in place separately. Other features implemented for comfort include a softer and wider waistband and the one-piece cut in the back prevents wedgies from bunching up in the back. 

User overall find the David Archy boxer brief supremely comfortable, with some users saying they feel like the underwear is barely thereUsers are mixed with the pouch design: some love how comfortable the dual pouch is when in use, keeping everything separate yet comfortable while others feel strange as the pouch is a different compartment outside of the boxer briefsand the fly flap is situated in a way that strenuous activity can cause its intended purpose to fail.   

  • Silky soft material made from bamboo 
  • Smart design prevents wedgies or the waistband from bunching up. 
  • One piece cut in the back prevents bunching or wedgies.  
  • Some users are not fans of the innovative pouch, finding it uncomfortable or weird.

Best athletic boxer brief

Saxx Kinetic HD Boxer Briefs

For dudes that need high-performance underwear for high-output athletic activities, there are lots of underwear choices available, but you can count on Saxx for providing some of the best underwear available. The Saxx Kinetic HD Boxer Briefs is one of the company’s best athletic products, designed to aid your athletic performance instead of detracting from it.   

Made from a mix of highly soft and moisture-wicking nylon (88%) and flexible spandex (12%), the Saxx Kinetic HD boxer briefs feature a semi-compression fit for strong performance when you need it most. Flat-out seams eliminate the worry about chafing when you are on the trails, on the courtor in the gym 

Saxx implements support for your private areas with their patented BallPark Pouch, which reduces friction and keeps things in place with breathable mesh panels. With no-fly, you do not have to worry about anything coming loose while in the middle of a workout.  

For many, Saxx is the gold standard for underwear of all types, and the sentiment is strong among users of the Kinetic HDUsers are big fans of the fit and comfort of this underwear, especially for physical activities, where the Ballpark pouch and semi-compression fit keep everything in place. A change in design has made some users upset as a pair of underwear that they had once loved had its dimensions changed and made the underwear less of a fit for their lifestyle. However the majority of users – with no prior benchmark to compare these to – are still blown away trying this underwear on.  

  • Semi-compression fit & flat-out seams prevent chaffing and discomfort. 
  • BallPark pouch keeps everything supported in action.  
  • Breathable material keeps everything feeling fresh.  
  • Saxx are a costly underwear. 
  • Some users do not fit these boxer briefs fit as well as a previous design.  

The best athletic boxer brief runner up

Under Armour Boxerjock

Another quality athletic boxer brief, we like the Under Armour Boxerjock as everyday underwear that will not bankrupt you if you fill your closet with them.  

The Under Armour Boxerjock features a fit that is snug yet comfortable, perfect for physical activity or casual use. The Under Armour Boxerjock features a mix of materials of 57% cotton, 38% Polyester, and 5% elastane for a lightweight material that is moisture-wicking and fast dryingAdditionally, for those who are looking for an underwear for going to the gym, the Boxerjock is equipped with anti-odour technology, so you do not have to worry about stinking afterwards (as much).  

With an articulated mesh fly panel and gusset, the Under Armour Boxerjock features support where you need it. For further comfort, the Boxerjock is designed with no side or back seams, which are one of the biggest culprits for bunching and wedgies. The waistband is snug fitting and wide, so it stays in place.  

Users like these boxers for a lot of reasons, loving how these boxer briefs fit and feelThe material is breathable, moisture-wicking and snug to avoid bunching and chafing. However, one downside to these athletic boxers is the tendency for the leg to creep up. Some users find that these boxer briefs run a little on the small side, but when users have opted for a size up, they find the Boxerjock fits perfectly.

  • Snug fitting boxer brief with elastic material that stretches well. 
  • Solid breathability and moisture wicking. 
  • Anti-odor technology keeps you feeling fresh all day.  
  • Legs are prone to bunching up.  
  • The fit runs on the small side, consider opting for a size up.  

Best stylish boxer brief

Calvin Klein Men’s Microfibre Stretch-Multipack Boxer Briefs

If you are looking for a sleek boxer brief that can snugly fit with any outfit or activity, Calvin Klein’s Microfibre Stretch Boxer Brief is exactly that.   

With a microfibre material made up of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex, these boxer briefs are very comfortable, with form fitting elasticityThe microfibre in this underwear is breathable with solid moisture wicking, making them decent athletic shorts, but also agreeable for all kinds of lifestyle.  

These Calvin Klein boxer briefs feature a flat seamed front pouch for added comfort and support, but ultimately lack a fly, which has turned some users off of these boxer briefs. Featuring an extended leg, and a smooth, soft waistband which stays comfortable, these boxer briefs provide day long comfort to users.  

Users overall are fans of this boxer brief, for its comfort and sleek appearanceThe soft polyester-blend is a hit for its breathability, its snugness, and especially its softness.  

One of the clearest complaints from consumers is the lack of a fly in the front, which seems to be a dealbreaker to some. One other downside other users have commented on was the tendency of the legs to ride up, which we would like to see improved.  

  • Silky soft Polyester blend feels great and is solidly breathable. 
  • Sleek design looks and feels nice.  
  • Flat seams keep friction low inside these boxer briefs. 
  • Lack of a fly may be a deal breaker for some.  
  • Legs have a tendency to ride up with these boxer briefs.  


Best wool underwear

Smartwool Men’s Merino 150 Boxer Brief

There are a number of performance boxers that made the cut on this list. One of the best is these boxer briefs from Smartwool. Made from the wonder-fabric Merino wool, these boxer briefs are able to regulate body temperature, manage moisture, and resist odor.  

Made from a material with 87% merino wool and 13% nylon, this combination of materials offers some impressive qualities to this boxer brief. Merino features excellent anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties, with the elasticity of the nylon to bolster the fit of these boxer briefs. With a next-to-skin fit, and flatlock seam for reduced chaffing, the Smartwool Merino 150 boxer briefs perform well for athletic situations. For long, strenuous activities, these boxer briefs are one of the best you can opt for.  

These Smartwool Merino 150 boxer brief feature a functional fly, however it features no support or pouches, so that means users might need to deal with the small annoyances like making adjustments throughout the day.  However, these boxer briefs do have other features to try to keep your day as comfortable as possible otherwise, like a wide elastic waistband lined with Merino. 

User’s report enjoying these Merino boxers immensely, even if the price tag is on the higher side of things. Users really enjoy the soft, smooth fit of these boxer briefs, and the moisture wicking, breathable, and antimicrobial aspects of the Merino wool keep everything feeling fresh – even after a long day out on the town or in nature. Users are really impressed by these boxers as they feel great on warm or cold days – perfectly warm yet breathable as to not result in a sweaty lower half. However, no fly support and the high price tag makes these boxer briefs more of an investment for occasional use than an everyday wear.  

  • Merino material is breathable, moisture wicking and regulates temperature excellently.  
  • Anti-microbial aspects of the Merino wool keeps these boxer briefs smelling good throughout the day.  
  • Ultra soft and cozy.  


  • No fly support or pouch for a boxer of this price range is unfortunate. 
  • Expensive.

Best athletic boxer

ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer

While not the first choice for many for athletic use, boxers can be a non-restrictive and comfortable underwear choice. These ExOfficio boxers are designed for athletic use but are supremely comfortable as well.  

The ExOfficio Give-N-Go boxer is made from a fabric of 94% nylon and 6% spandexwith a breathable mesh that feels cool and comfortable – even during athletic activities. The Give-N-Go boxer features their Aegis Microbe Shield – an antimicrobial treatment that reduces odor being kept within the fabric, making these an excellent for longer trips – like going on a backpacking trip or packing them in your ski bag – or just stay smelling good after a long day. These boxer shorts are also quick drying and easy to wash, perfect for the former applications as well. The ExOfficio boxer short is durable, with a wide, comfortable waistband that keeps its strength and elasticity after frequent use 

Users typically really like ExOfficio underwear for excellent quality and supreme comfort. However, there are some downsides that users brought up in their reviews. Firstly, ExOfficio is behind the times in not having a printed labelusing a tag that some users complained about being uncomfortable, and many users have had to carefully remove. Another complaint is the fly in the front is large, which decreases the amount of support these boxers provide for your nether region. Overall, these boxers are some of the best for athletic activity, but are generally excellent for whatever lifestyle you may have. Users who want a snugger fit that benefits rigorous activity can also look into ExOfficio’s Give-N-Go boxer briefs.  

  • Comfy, mesh-based boxer is great for physical activity or just hanging out.  
  • Anti-microbial treatment keeps your boxers smelling great all day.  
  • Impressive breathability.  
  • Features a tag which some users find uncomfortable.  
  • The large, functional fly is antithetical to some athletic applications.  

Best pack of boxers

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Cotton Knit Boxers 3-Pack

If comfy cotton boxers are all you are looking for, Ralph Lauren’s Classic Fit Woven Boxers are great budget choice, especially in a 3-pack with distinct, stylish designs.  

These woven boxers are basic yet comfortable and of solid quality.  With a classic fit made from 100% non-stretch cotton, these boxers are highly comfortable in casual settings. The material is lightweight and breathable, but since these boxers are loose fitting and feature a seam down the centre, we found these boxers do not suit physical activity very well, as they are prone to bunching up and can result in a wedgie pretty easily 

These Ralph Lauren boxers have a very little extra in the way of support or features, but we feel as if that does not detract too much from these boxers, as bonuses like support pouches are an added feature that has a higher price tag associated with them. Features that these Polo boxers do have include a functional fly and a durable elastic waistband 

Users enjoy the comfort and price of these boxers, although they are extremely basic. One complaint from users of these cheaper versions of Polo Ralph Lauren boxers is that they do not feature a covered waistband, and the elastic feeling on your skin can leave marks and potentially causes discomfort after a long dayFor this reason, on top of the loose-fitting nature of these boxers, makes them less than ideal for athletic users, but a perfectly comfortable set of boxer shorts for users with more casual lifestyles.  

  • Stylish cotton boxer with 3 different designs.  
  • Soft and comfortable.  
  • Budget price.  
  • Features a back seam, which could result in wedgies.  
  • Uncovered waistband may be uncomfortable for some.  


Best comfortable boxer

UnderGents Men’s Inspirato Boxer Short

If comfort is what you are looking for, there might be no better boxers for you than the UnderGents Inspirato boxer short. With its loose fit, longer leg length, and silky soft touch, these UnderGents boxers are a great pickup for any boxer-afficionado.   

Made from a combination of 95% CloudSoft micro modal fabric and 5% spandex, these boxers are super soft to the touch and highly breathable. Featuring a multi-panel design with Omni-stretch, these boxers are the opposite of restricting. The longer leg features a slight taper, so while these boxers feature a longer leg, they still feel like comfortable underwear instead of fitting like gym shorts do.  

Between the soft fabric of these boxers and the flat seams, these shorts are non-chaffingso they are comfortable for a long day of work, or a light workout. The microbial material is somewhat odor resistant and very breathable. Finally, these boxers feature a fully functional fly with a button, to ensure everything stays inside.  

Users are fans of this boxer short, for their extremely comfortable, loose fit. While this boxer is not what everyone will be looking for, if you like looser boxers, this might be your top pick.  

  • Silky soft material makes this boxer an incredibly comfortable choice. 
  • Flat-out seams and non-chaffing material reduces friction with this boxer.  
  • Features a fully functional fly with a button.  
  • Aesthetic design is not as snazzy as other boxers in this price range.  

Best men’s trunk

2(X)istStretch Core No-Show Trunk

If you are looking for underwear that is both attractive and comfy, trunks are a very solid option. The 2(X)ist Stretch Core No-Show Trunk is one of our favourite trunks, for their comfortable fit and attractive style in a wide array of colours.  

Trunks are the slightly more attractive younger brother of the boxer brief, with the same snug fit, but with slightly shorter legs. These trunks – made from a comfortable combination of 92% cotton with an added 8% spandex for elasticity – fit extremely well and are highly comfortable. This combination of material is highly breathable without being restrictive. Featuring high seams for free range of motion and seamless back and sides to prevent bunching, these trunks are very mobile and can be great underwear for active lifestyles. 

The 2(X)ist Stretch Core features contour pouch for extra support for your nether region, which also improves the appearance and fit of these shortsThat, combined with the low cut of the waistband make for one of the sleekest, sexiest sets of underwear on this list.  

Users are very happy with the fit and style of these trunks. There are a few complaints regarding them: the short leg is a culprit of bunching, and if they ride up enough, their seamless back will not stop these boxers from giving you a wedgie. However, the support pouch, soft material and otherwise great fit make up for these shortcomings.  

  • Low cut trunk goes with any pant bottom and is attractive.  
  • Comfortable design complete with high seems make this great active underwear. 
  • Contour pouch improves support and fit of these trunks.  
  • As short as they are, the legs in this trunk sometimes bunch.  
  • You may have to deal with the occasional wedgie.  

Best men’s brief

Tommy Hilfiger Multipack Cotton Classic Briefs

By now, briefs have lost favour among many guys, opting for options with more leg over the classic brief. However, you can stop thinking about the tidy whitey with these briefs from Tommy Hilfiger 

Briefs feature a wide range of advantagesthey are comfortable, even paired with any type of bottom, and since they have no legs, you do not need to worry about the legs riding up with them. However, there is one thing holding briefs back in many people’s collective minds: how they look. This issue can be negated by Tommy Hilfiger’s history of style, as well as a sleek, form-fitting cut. Made from 100% cotton outside the waistband, these Tommy briefs are lightweight and soft to the touchWith a low-rise fit, you can wear these Tommy briefs with any outfit without the underwear being prominent through your clothes.  

The cotton used in these Tommy Hilfiger briefs is soft and comfortable, in a wide range of colours. Briefs are a naturally more supportive type of underwear due to their fit, so no extra supports upfront is not a knock against these briefs. The elastic waistband is comfortable, and each pair features a fully functional fly opening.  

Users typically found these briefs comfortable and stylish. Long-time users have found that this brief has gotten thinner over the years, but first-time users seem to still enjoy the quality and the fit. However, the quality is of lower quality, and these briefs will not last long term, with these briefs becoming damaged after heavy use. For a set of briefs that can be had at a cheap price, some may not mind cycling through these briefs relatively quickly. 

  • Not your dad’s tighty-whitey  sleek cut makes these briefs an attractive option.  
  • Comfortable, made from pure cotton.   
  • Cheaper price for designer brand name underwear.  
  • Durability of these briefs are a flaw, and heavy use will wear these briefs down significantly.  

Frequently asked questions

Boxers vs. briefs vs. boxer briefs: What’s the difference?  

Briefs are a very common style of male underwear, with a mid-rise waistline and leg holes that stop at your hips. Due to their typical tighter fit, briefs rarely bunch up and offer solid mobility. Boxers on the other hand are loose-fitting undershorts that are highly comfortable for their loose fit and lightweight design. Boxer briefs are (naturally) a combination of the two, combining the tighter fitting style of the brief with the undershorts design of boxers for a happy medium between the two styles. One other variety of male underwear we find worth mentioning is trunks, which are similar to boxer briefs with a shorter leg, making a comfortable, athletic and stylish hybrid.  

How do I prevent my underwear from bunching up? 

Bunching up of the material of your underwear is a common problem, especially for men who wear boxers. Trunks and briefs are two style of underwear that typically do not have these issues. However, if you otherwise love the comfort of boxers, there are two things you can try to prevent your boxers bunching up. Pulling the boxers a little lower may stop excess material bunching in the front. Boxers with two back seams running down the leg instead out one running down the centre also can help material bunching up in the front as well.  

How do I prevent chafing?  

Chaffing is the result of friction on your skin, from the garments you wear or even against your skin itself, which can be exacerbated by moisture. Looking for moisture-wicking underwear can prevent chaffing, as well as underwear that is looser fitting as it will likely rub against your skin less. You can also invest in products like baby powder, which can reduce chafing as well. 

What are the best boxer brief brands? 

Of people we talked to, Saxx was the brand that came up most  as one of the first companies to look at supported men’s underwear, the Canadian company has garnered quite the following. Other classic underwear brands include Hanes, Fruit of the Loom & Calvin Klein.  

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