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The Best Resistance Bands in Canada in 2024

In this guide, we compared top resistance bands in Canada that were not only best-reviewed by customers but also approved by fitness trainers. If all you want to train is your legs, we have reviewed such bands. If you are planning on a heavy body-building workout, well, we’ve gone through those as well.   

Our top picks

Home workouts have become more popular since gyms are still under restrictions. While it makes sense to invest in all necessary equipment like a yoga mat, weights, fitness ball, and treadmill, it makes even more sense to start small with one set of workout bands. The main reason why elastic bands gained such popularity for exercises at home is their ability to substitute a range of required weights and provide you with full-body training. Certified trainers all agree that due to external force created by resistant bands in musclesthey improve flexibility and strength better than working out with weights.   

Working out with tension bands can improve your body shape, as some fitness coaches noted, in five weeks. Depending on the type of exercise bands, and the results you want to achieve, you can train both, upper and lower body with equal success. While some resistance bands are better suited for glutes and legs, some focus on arms and back, and other types allow full-body training whether you stretch or exercise intensely.   


What to look for in resistance bands

Elastic bands come in a variety of sizes, resistance levels, and even colours. Yet, what unites them all is the fact that a resistance band set is the best equipment to exercise at home. They can provide enough resistance to tone the body, build muscles.   

  • Size & Thickness – With wide fabric resistance bands, you can engage your lower body for an intense leg and glute workout. With thinner rubber or latex bands, you can combine resistance levels and do a variety of fitness exercises for arms, back and upper body as well as lower. With all those differences and similarities in mind, you can know what to look for and pick the set that will suit your training preferences.
  • Material – Most resistance bands are made of latex, rubber or fabric. If you have a latex allergy look for bands made of synthetic rubber or fabric that won’t cause any irritation. Another factor is what kind of exercises you want to focus on. If lower body, legs and gluts are your main point then we would suggest fabric wider bands that do not roll up. However, if you are planning on full-body workouts, then a set of rubber bands with different resistance levels would allow you a wider range of exercises than fabric ones.   
  • What is included – Most sets we selected for the list come in two types: a set of bands only and a set of bands plus handles and a door anchor. Depends on the workouts you do you might want a set that comes with handles. Usually, those sets are used for strength and agility, and muscle-building training. Contrarily, wide rubber band sets are commonly used for yoga, Pilates and light body toning exercises. 

Why trust us

We understand that after the pandemic started many people were compelled to work out from home, and searched for ways to improve exercising in bedrooms and living rooms. Resistance bands are one of the cheapest ways to advance your training. That is why when we created this guide; we made sure to select only resistance bands that have at least four Amazon stars, and were approved by fitness trainers, many satisfied customers and other buying guides (Wirecutter, VeryWellFit, Tom’s Guide). We also spent nearly 15 hours researching different sets to make sure to fill this guide with bands that would meet a variety of training preferences and needs.   

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Best cheap resistance bands

HPYGN Resistance bands set

HPYGN resistant bands are not only affordable but are also approved by physical therapists. It does not matter whether you are trying to reduce joint pain or want to improve your body shape through working out, this set of three resistant bands can suit your needs just right.   

The set includes three latex-free bands that provide different resistance levels: light, medium and hard. With that variety, they are suitable for adults, children and older people. Each band measures five foot long and six-inch-wide; That length is optimal for any height making these some of the best long bands on the market; all you have to do is control the band holding it in your hands.   

You can also tie a knot when, for example, you focus on calf exercises, and untie it for arm workouts. As one customer noted rightly, you can tie bands together making them to perform like the looped ones when you are engaged into a lower body workout.  

Also, another customer observed, they are way more portable than the tubes. All three bands fit in a tiny black mesh bag it comes with. You can take them outside, to work, and to keep in your luggage during vacation. The flexible, high-quality material allows you a variety of exercises, and anyone from athletes to people in rehabilitation can find them useful during yoga, pilates, stretching, and other training sessions.   

  • Oneyear warranty.
  • Latex-free material.  
  • Suits variety of working out needs and types.   
  • Not ideal for hard training, some customers noted that bands snapped during training.  

Best resistance band with handles

GoFit ProGym

According to a satisfied customer what he appreciates most about GoFit resistant bands is that from the moment he decides to exercise and the moment he is ready to do so, it takes no more than 60 seconds. And even better, there is no large equipment taking up space in the house. Truly, you can take this set of bands to work, vacation or exercise outside and around the house. They come in a mesh bag and can be easily adapted to any lifestyle. More than that, the GoFit set comes with two door anchors that allow you to train back and arm muscles more effectively.   

Overall, the set includes four resistance tubes, that all together combine up to 140 lbs. resistance. And, of course, you can use them in both ways, altogether or separately. Those four tubes come with four resistance levels: 20/30/40/50 lbs. The set also includes two padded ankle straps, making this set ideal for home workouts. With the straps placed around your ankles for calf exercises, you do not have to worry about pain from rubbing during movements. 

  • One-year warranty. 
  • Includes: four resistance tubes, two handles, two door anchors, two padded ankle straps, one manual, one carry bag.  
  • Ideal for training and recovery.  
  • It comes with two handles only, and according to some customers they wished each band would come with such, so they would not have to reattach bands during the workout. 

Best resistance bands for glutes & the best fabric resistance bands

Te-Rich Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt

A few issues people find with rubber bands when training legs and butt is not having enough resistance, not feeling enough pressure on the muscles, and having to fix a band that rolls up during movements. In case you want to make your lower body exercises more challenging and add better resistance, those Te-Rich fabric bands can improve your workout. They are made of heavy, wide and thick fabric that prevents bands to slip down your legs. All three bands come in the same size, however with different levels of resistance. Thus, you could adjust it to a variety of exercises. As one customer noticed, he finds these bands targeting different muscle groups. You get a deeper stretch of the muscle in all the right spots.  

Besides targeting your lower body, those bands are easily portable. They are lightweight, and when you roll them together, they can easily fit into a backpack or luggage so you can exercise outdoors, in a hotel or at home.   

  • Three resistance levels.  
  • Built-in inner grips illuminate roll ups.  
  • Come with carry pouch. 
  • Some customers noted about odor coming from the bands when you open the box.
  • Not ideal for upper body workout.

Best resistance bands for building muscle

Serious Steel assisted pull-up, resistance, and stretch bands

While you can purchase each band from Serious Steel separately, we decided to include the whole kit that includes four bands that provide different levels of resistance. Most of the time people will choose to combine at least two or three bands for extra resistance. The lightest band has a tension between five to 35 lbs. and the strongest 50 to 120 lbs. so you can adapt and combine different bands to different types of exercises. Besides that, you can always purchase a few extra lighter bands to bring it to the tension your workout routine needs.   

Overall, the most famous ways to use Serious Steel bands for building muscles are pull-up training, resistance training, speed and agility training. As one customer noted, he attached a band to his dining bench and uses it for arm and calf exercises.   

  • Four levels of resistance.
  • Variety of exercises for upper and lower body.
  • Easily portable.
  • Smells of latex.

Best resistance bands for beginners

LetsFit resistance loop exercise bands w/ instruction guide & carry bag

LetsFit resistant bands set is an affordable option, ideal for beginners. They might not be the best choice for heavy tension work out, but for yoga, Pilates and other exercises that will keep your body in a proper shape, this set could make a proper addition to your home gym.   

The set comes with five bands that all offer different resistance levels: X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy. You can use them for a variety of workouts or combine two or three bands for more challenging exercises. Engage arms, thighs, calves and glutes during fitness sessions, rehabilitation, body shaping, resistant training and weight loss. Those bands are lightweight and easily portable. You can pack them all together and fit them into a backpack for working out at the gym, office, and outdoors.   

  • Ideal for light types of workout.  
  • Easily foldable and portable.  
  • Affordable and practical. 
  • Bands can get a bit slippery. 

Best thick resistance bands

TheFitLife resistance pull-up bands

With five stars on Amazon TheFitLife, earned the title of the best resistance band set. They are versatile and can be used for a variety of exercises, and made out of thick durable latex. With this set, it does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, various resistance levels can meet anyone’s needs. The lightest band comes at 15-35 lbs. resistance and the heaviest one at 120-175 lbs.   

Each out of four bands can be used for warming up arms, shoulders, legs, and back at the same time. You can also use them to train your lower body during CrossFit movements or squats. Heavy bands can be used to add resistance to your agility workouts.   

  • Ideal for variety of workouts.  
  • Four resistance levels.  
  • Premium high-quality latex.  
  • Some customers found them a little slippery, and wished bands to be wider.

Best resistance bands for seniors

Peach bands

According to a satisfied customer Peach bands improved her stability and increased core strength. This set of adorable pink bands is an ideal option for beginners, seniors and those who prefer light workouts. Depends on the types of exercises you can build and tone your glutes, legs and arms. The set includes four bands that provide different resistance levels from light to extra heavy. Some customers noted that they combine light and heavy bands when training the lower body to achieve faster and better results. The 100% latex bands are easy to stretch, and they do not roll up during workouts. Using those bands in a variety of exercises you can do squats, hit thrusts, kickbacks and more. The bands can also be used for rehabilitation and strength restoration.   

The Peach bands come with a little carry bag so you can always pack the set and workout at a gym, outside or during travelling.   

  • Four resistance levels.
  • 100% high quality latex.
  • Portable and convenient.
  • Slight silicone smell.

Best high-quality resistance bands

Bodylastics Stackable tube resistance bands

While this Bodylastics set might come at a higher price, as one customer noted it worth the price comparing with other makers. It provides lots of workout possibilities; you can add your hooks to walls and increase resistance. The set comes with five anti-snap bands. Every band is supplied with an anti-snap cord guard that prevents damage and over-stretching; if a band snaps it will stay on the cord and won’t come into your face.   

Because every band provides different levels of resistance you can combine them to imitate stackable plate machines. You can use Bodylastics bands for strength and agility training, overall body toning, arms and legs exercises. We find this set as the best pull-up resistance bands. The set comes with five bands, two slip-resistant handles, a door anchor, an instruction book with exercises, and one pouch for easy transfer. According to a customer, easy portability allows them to keep with the training program even during vacation.   

  • Five resistance levels.  
  • Portable and convenient. 
  • Anti-snap system.  
  • Comes with handles and door anchor. 
  • Not ideal for squat exercises.

Polygon resistance bands

Made from natural latex, those Polygon resistance bands are durable and built to last. You can stretch them repeatedly without fearing they will snap. The set is also suitable for anyone from a beginner to a professional fitness trainer. Each band comes with a different resistance degree from 10 lbs. to 130 lbs. Thus, they can be used for a wide range of exercises to increase mobility, help with speed and agility, and during stretching. You can use those bands for both, lower and upper body workouts, for resistance training, assistance during pullups. You can also combine two or three bands to increase resistance. One satisfied customer noted that he has been working out and lifting weights for 30 years, and only recently tried Polygon resistance bands for the first time. He noted he wished he had known about these earlier, for it could have saved a lot of injuries, equipment and time. It’s a whole gym in a little bag.  

Those bands are easy to take along with you to the gym, vacation or outside; the set comes with a little carry pouch. Besides that, you will receive two foam handles and a door anchor, which makes working out more efficient. 

  • Set includes bands, handles and door anchor.  
  • Four resistance levels.  
  • Easily portable and convenient. 
  • Intense rubber smell.

How we picked

We selected resistance bands that were approved by fitness trainers, had at least four stars on Amazon, and many satisfied customers’ reviews. We tried to oversee and include sets that would meet the workout needs of many: professional athletes, bodybuilders, seniors, and those who simply want lighter body toning exercises.   

Frequently asked questions

What is a resistance band?  

A resistance band is an elastic band made either of fabric, latex or synthetic rubber, that is used for strength training, rehabilitation, pilates and yoga workouts.   

How does a resistance band work?   

Elastic bands that vary in size, and resistance levels add external force without having to lift extra weights. They can be used to build muscles as they involve certain muscle groups and provide extra intensity during body-weight exercises.   

Why use resistance bands?   

A set of resistance bands is one of the cheapest options to improve your workout routine wherever you are. They cannot fully substitute heavy weights lifting; however, resistance bands can support during rehabilitation, strength workouts, and overall body toning exercises.   

Where to buy resistance bands?   

You can buy resistance bands at Amazon, and any stores that offer fitness gear like SportCheck. Retailers such as Walmart and Winners also sell exercise equipment, resistance bands included.   

What are the most common resistance band materials?  

The two most common resistance band materials are latex and synthetic rubber. Some resistance bands are made of latex-free materials, suitable for those with latex allergy, such as fabric or rubber options.

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