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The Best Indoor Garden Kits & Herb Gardens

Indoor gardens were popular even before the pandemic hit and such activities as gardening, bread baking, painting, became hobbies for many. As the Persian poet Saadi used to say: “A garden is a delight to the eye and the solace for the soul.” Truly, it has been proven that working with soil and plants can relieve stress and help you to organize your thoughts. While some can apply a rather psychological view on gardening, others simply observe it as a convenient way to have fresh herbs for pasta or salsa. It does not matter if you find greenery essential for indoor space or want to try something new, growing herbs and vegetables can be beneficial in both ways, for stomach and soul alike.

However, the main issue many people find with taking care of indoor vegetable gardens is the lack of sunlight (especially for those who live in smaller apartments with no balconies or wide windowsills). In that case, if your kitchen does not get enough sunlight for the countertop garden to grow vibrantly, it makes sense to invest in a kit that comes with LED lights. After all, growing plants indoors should not cause inconvenience, dust and withered plants at the end. It can be a pleasant process where, after seeding the soil, you get fresh scents of basil, oregano, arugula and many more other herbs.

To make the gardening process even easier for you, we’ve selected the best indoor garden kits available in Canada. All selected grow kits can satisfy both a professional and a beginner gardener. They are convenient to use in smaller spaces, on a balcony or a kitchen countertop. We also made sure to include a fun planting kit for kids and smart garden kits that have a built-in auto watering system.

Our Top Picks

What to look for in an indoor garden kit

  • Size/Style:  Depending on the available space in your apartment, you might be able to fit a vertical, bigger indoor garden. Otherwise, there are more compact such options as countertop gardens. The other question is about style. Make sure you like the appearance of your inside pot (especially if it includes light at the top), and that it fits into the overall interior design. You do not want to overwhelm the appearance of your kitchen with a bulky indoor garden. Instead, you want to find a space to fit the garden where it would light the room with fresh greenery, yet would be available at a reachable distance when you are cooking.  
  • Features: You might not be the most committed gardener and still have successful growth with an indoor kit. It all depends on the amount of work you are willing to put into it. Some kits you purchase come with a few pots and seeds only. In that case, the rest is up to you: you would have to make sure to water it and keep planted sprouts at the sunniest spot. Meanwhile, if you want to do as little work as possible and get satisfying results, invest in an indoor gardening kit that comes with built-in features like automated self-watering, and LED lights that imitate sunlight.  
  • Type of herbs:  Some kits come with a set of seeds, while others allow you to experiment and add other kinds. However, most importantly is to decide ahead what types of herbs you will grow. If, for example, you love and prefer cooking Italian dishes, then the kit should include oregano and basil. If your focus is on Mexican cuisine then such herbs as cilantro and chives should be the primary choice. 

Our methodology

We prepared this guide keeping in mind two types of consumers: those who live in apartments and have no available piece of land but have a desire to grow healthy foods in their kitchen, and those who have outdoor gardens, yet want to have freshly grown herbs all year round, thus they look for ways to implement it into life. That is why when we selected kits for easy plants to grow indoors, we considered small apartments and spacious houses alike.   

Besides that, we spent nearly 10 hours researching, reading other buying and gardening guides, analyzing what satisfied customers said about one or the other herb grow kit. Even though we did not test them by ourselves, we, after thorough research, were able to tell which exact indoor gardening kits deserve your attention. All selected kits (unless available elsewhere) have at least four Amazon stars and were approved by hundreds of consumers.  

Best raised indoor garden kit

Triple Family Garden

Perhaps, we should not have started with the most expensive kit, yet this one is something unique and deserves the attention of all those who want to take their indoor gardening to another level, and grow not only herbs but a variety of vegetables as well. This Triple Family Garden kit from Rise Gardens features three levels on which you can plant herbs, carrots, tomatoes, and other healthy goods. It comes with five gallons watering system (overall this garden needs about 4 gallons of water per week), and custom LED light panels that imitate sunlight. That means you do not have to worry about watering the garden, plus all your herbs and vegetables will grow well even in the darkest spot in your house. Speaking of features, because of built-in LED lights, fertilizing, and watering systems leafy greens and vegetables can be grown all year round without depending on the weather or season.   

To make it even more attractive to home gardeners, this Triple Family Garden kit can be connected to your phone via the app so you know exactly when to add nutrients and water, manage lights, and track the progress of your plants, and harvest at the right time.  

Besides trays, lights, and watering system, the kit includes six Salad Mix Box (Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce, Parris Island Cos Lettuce, Astro Arugula, Red-Streaked Mizuna Mustard), Three Herb Mix Box (Super Sweet Genovese Basil, Common Sage, Forest Green Parsley, Santo Cilantro), Three Variety Pack (Little Bing Tomato, Starbor Kale, Swiss Chard and Snackable Red Pepper). With all that we can easily declare that this is the best vertical indoor garden kit.   

  • Completed home garden.
  • LED lights/watering system included.
  • Fairly compact in size for a vertical home garden.  
  • Not budget-friendly.  

Best indoor herb garden kit

AeroGarden Harvest Elite – Stainless Steel

AeroGarden Harvest Elite kit is a stylish-looking garden that fits into any modern kitchen décor. With included LED lights you can grow herbs all year round at a fast speed. As one customer noted, she planted six basil pods in this, and they sprouted within a couple of days and have grown into lush, healthy basil plants. Built-in sensors provide you with information about when to add water and plant food, and the automatic system turns the light on and off. You can also customize ‘light-on’ times to optimize growth for different plant varieties. For example, herbs, vegetables, lettuce and flowers can grow faster with a light cycle adjusted to their needs.  

This top indoor hydroponic herb garden also allows you to create a little garden with no mess: all plants grow naturally in water with no soil. Plus, herbs grow faster, getting everything they need from the water and plant food than in standard garden soil

  • Customizable LED light.  
  • Kit includes gourmet herb seeds of Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, and mint. 
  • Reminder when to add water.  
  • As per some customers, the light turns off after five hours which might not be convenient if you are away from home. 

Best indoor garden kit for apartments

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Indoor Gardening Kit

In this Click and Grow best indoor vegetable garden kit you can grow tomatoes, lettuce and basil. However, besides the standard seeds that comes with the kit, one of the customers noted that she bought three-pack of strawberries, and planted that instead of the lettuce: thanks to energy-efficient LED lights, it worked wonderfully.   

The kit comes with Smart Soil-based plant pods that gradually release necessary nutrition, while automatically stabilizing pH levels and oxygenating the roots even when wet. The automatic watering works via capillary action, which makes for it a completely silent unit. Thus, if you are living in an apartment with poor soundproof this Click and Grow smart garden might be the right choice for you.   

The Smart Garden comes with a set of plant pods. In the package, you will find three mini tomatoes, three basil and three green lettuce plant pods. To start growing put the plant pods into their cavities, fill the water reservoir and plug in the power adaptor.   

  • Self-watering tank.  
  • Built-in timer.  
  • LED lights.  
  • As per some customers, it is inconvenient that there is no control panel with a clock to program the garden. 

Best indoor garden kit with light

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden

This is another indoor garden kit from Click and Grow; however, this one is a bit smaller: it includes only three pots and is suggested to use for herbs only.   

The kit has built-in energy-efficient LED grow lights to ensure your plants thrive no matter the weather, self-watering tank, and water level indicator. It also includes complimentary basil seeds; however, you can choose from over 50 pre-seeded plant pods for your herb garden like lavender, strawberries, thyme, cilantro, basil, and chilli peppers and order them from the brand 

As one customer noted, this is a well-built product that looks great in any space. However, one complaint a few users had was that the product should not be considered a ‘smart’ product – the light is on a 16-hour timer and that is it. Also, it cannot adjust the timer or monitor anything about the planter. 

  • Compact and stylish-looking unit.  
  • Energy-efficient LED light.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • No ability to adjust the timer or monitor. 

Best indoor garden kit for kids

Back to the Roots Water Garden Fish Tank

Back to the Roots water garden is an ideal choice for kids: it is entertaining and educational. The kit is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic sprouts and herbs. The closed-loop ecosystem Water Garden kit comes with all necessary items: three-gallon, shatter-resistant fish tank, gravel, organic seeds, grow stones, and natural d-chlorinator. It works in a cycle: fish releases nutrient-rich waste into the water (in regular fish tanks released waste builds up and becomes harmful), the plants eat the nutrients as food at the same time filtering the water to go back down to the fish. Thus, you can make it a fun activity of feeding the fish, planting seeds and then watching together with kids how plants grow. 

  • Ideal gift choice.  
  • Sustainable ecosystem.
  • Includes free access to interactive aquaponics curriculum. 
  • The pump makes a loud noise.  
  • Time after time you would have to clean the tank.  

Best lavender indoor garden kit

Environet Hydroponic Herb Growing Kit Set

This self-watering growing kit requires very low maintenance: the wick pulls water from the jar to the plant root which means you will not need to water it frequently. All you have to do is refill the jar when there is not much water left.   

The Environet Hydroponic Herb Growing Kit includes pot (with wick), three preseeded grow plug of lavender, oregano, rosemary and three mason jars. So, you can start planting right away, and in about seven days enjoy fresh sprouts.   

To start planting just add two cups of water to each mason jar, and then place the net pot and the band back to the mason jar. Then, remove the plug cover in seven days or when the seeds begin to sprout.  

This artistic herb mason jar can lighten up any home: you can put it on your windowsill, your kitchen counter or anywhere you like. As one customer noted, it is a great system for a beginner or someone with little space: easy to set up and fun to watch sprout. 

  • Aesthetically pleasing set.  
  • Easy to grow and maintain.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Some customers had ussie with mould growing on the soil surface.  

Best indoor greenhouse kit

Mini-Greenhouse with Grow Lights

This mini-indoor greenhouse is a compact system that provides optimal conditions for seed development and plant growth: a transparent cover made of a 300-micron thick silicone film protects plants from sudden changes in temperatures, wind, and insects. (The perfect place to keep this mini garden is at a balcony or patio.) The transparent cover is also provided with a folding canopy door with a zipper, that allows easy access to plants for watering and care. Overall, it creates an optimal microclimate for plants; hence, you get excellent results.  

This mini garden consists collapsible frame structure of durable aluminum tubes with a diameter of 12 mm that can withstand a total load of 20 kg. You can place pots or trays with a variety of herbs and vegetables planted on the shelves. As one customer noted, this far exceeded her expectations, it is perfectly fitting in the closet and does exactly what she needs it to do. 

  • Compact.  
  • Ideal for balconies.  
  • Durable structure.
  • Comes with LED lights. 
  • Does not include instructions.  
  • No watering system included.

Frequently asked questions about indoor gardens

How does an indoor garden kit work?  

It all depends on the type of garden kit. You can purchase a kit that will only include seeds and a few pots, but in that case, you would have to make sure to set it up at the right place with the required amount of sunlight. However, if you purchase a kit that comes with light, seeds, pot, and some of them come with a built-in watering system, that indoor gardening kit would work by itself. All you would have to do is plant seeds and watch them grow.   

How easy is it to maintain an indoor herb garden?   

Again, it all depends on the type of kit you have. Firstly, indoor gardens need to be watered regularly. Secondly, plants need sunlight or LED light to maintain healthy growth. And finally, some plants like tomatoes require replanting into bigger pots as they grow. With all that in mind, indoor gardens require some minor work. Make sure to keep the soil wet and light shining, and youherbs and vegetables will nourish in that environment.   

What are the best herbs to grow indoors?   

The best and easiest plants to grow in your indoor garden are chives, mint, basil, cilantro, oregano, lemongrass, and all other hers you pretty much can think about. They are unpretentious, easy to take care of, and most of all, they all can make your meals taste much more vibrant.   

Can I grow fruits indoors?  

Growing fruits indoors requires more works than taking care of common house plants or herbs. However, with proper lighting and watering system you can grow such fruits as the dwarf apple, peach, and plum trees, also citrus, avocados, strawberries, and even figs. Just remember that they all need enough sunlight to bear fruits and that overall fruit trees that were brought to a colder climate, are capricious and require constant care and knowledge.   

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