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The Best Garden Hoses in Canada

Whether it’s for watering your garden, cleaning your car, playing with the dogs outside or anything in-between, a good garden hose can make or break doing chores outside your home. There are cheap options out there, but a great one can become essential once you find one that works best for you. 

The best ones will last season after season for years to come, and won’t kink, wreck, leak, or be too short for whatever size of yard you need to take care of. Our list below helps take the stress out of choosing when there are many out there that may not be worth the cost or quality.

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What to look for in a garden hose

When you’re looking to get a garden hose, not all are made equally. Here’s what to keep in mind:  

Expandable – Not all garden hoses are expandable, but many newer models are made to be. They will stretch out when being used, doubling their length and allowing you to use less storage space when not in use, but when doing so they will allow you to have extra length. 

Durability – A durable garden hose is very important, as a few tears or holes can easily ruin the entire tool and render it rather useless. A durable hose is made from good materials that won’t snag on rocks outside or get tangled up easily and tear. Many hoses now are made from tear-resistant micro-weaved fibers that are flexible and durable. 

Length – If you don’t need a 100ft length garden hose, you don’t need to get the longest hose available. Garden hoses tend to come in lengths starting at 25f, upward to 100ft. Don’t underestimate what length you may need as well but try to aim for a length in the middle if you’re unsure. Better to have a little more room than too little. 

Connections – Garden hoses typically use threaded connectors, coming in male and female threads. NPT is different from GHT, and there are couplings as well that are non-symmetrical quick connects. All of that said – unless you have a different than standard hook-up for your garden hose, any regular hose should work well. 

Be sure to always double check what you may need before purchasing a new garden hose. 

Pressure – Lighter-duty hoses have a rating at around 200 psi, while the heavier duty ones can go up to 600 psi. Your typical residential water pressure is anywhere from 45 to 80 psi. Depending on your needs, be sure to check what pressure rating your garden hose. You wouldn’t want to accidentally destroy your flowers with too high of a pressure. 

Best garden hoses in Canada

Stanley Fatmax Professional Hose

The Stanley Fatmax Professional garden hose is a lead-free, kink-proof hose made from a combination of polyurethane and PVC so that it can easily maneuver around trees, rocks, and along the grass without tearing, snagging, or becoming twisted. 

The couplings are forged aluminum with titanium coating, lead-free and crush proof. Under pressure the hose won’t kink up or stop flowing and has zero memory to get worn down or broken as time goes on. An abrasion resistant outer cover also adds to the overall durability. The entire hose weighs around seven pounds, making it lightweight and easy to use all around the yard for longer jobs or easy watering to pick up when needed without tiring out your arms. 

It maintains its flexibility in most weather conditions, up to -15-degrees, without tearing or snapping apart like some hoses can tend to do in colder temperatures. It can be used with pressure washers as a hook-up and the coupling is standard here to fit 5/8”, and this hose is 50-feet long, with 500 psi 

  • Lead-free hose. 
  • 5/8” connector. 
  • 50-feet long.
  • None.

Vorey Expandable Hose

The Vorey expandable garden hose comes in different lengths from 25ft to 200ft, ensuring that regardless of your yard size you can find a length of this garden hose that will suit what you require it for. 

It has 3/4th inch solid brass fittings that won’t rust or break in hot or cold weather, which is always a necessity for all Canadians. It is made from a high-density multilayer latex core and extra-strength polyester fabric that prevents breakage and leakage from occurring. Temperatures from 5-degrees to 45-degrees. (Celsius) The nozzle itself has a 9-pattern design that is constructed from durable ABS plastic and includes an ergonomic slip-resistant rubberized handle to ensure no slipping while in use or during rain. The easy flow control allows for a controlled stream from a delicate spray shower for your flowers up to a high-velocity jet stream for cleaning. 

No tangling, knotting, or twisting when this hose is in use and the expandable length material will allow users to clean the garage floors, cement outside, water the flowers, or even use it to have fun with dogs and children by hooking it up to toys in the yard or just playing with the spray misting settings. Altogether it is a 5-piece gardening set including the hose, the solid ¾ inch brass fitting, the nozzle, storage bag, and spare rubber seals in case they’re needed. A few customer reviews have stated that their nozzle was not up to par and needed to be replaced but was done so quickly and without fuss from the brand. 

  • 25ft to 200ft lengths available. 
  • ¾” connector. 
  • Expandable hose. 
  • None.

NGreen Expandable Hose

This premium quality latex expandable hose from NGreen is highly rated and comes in sizes starting from 25ft to 100ft, allowing you to choose whichever length you may need to water your entire lawn or if it’s just for cleaning the garage floors, car, and the dog. 

A 13-layer natural latex inner tube strengthens the durability of the hose itself, and the 3750D elastic outer fabric is more dense and rugged than other hose models. It protects against bursting, leaks, accidental snags or tears, and will hold up against the normal friction of dragging and being dragged on the ground or around the yard against pebbles. It will expand three times its length when in use, and is incredibly lightweight. 

Triple thread leakproof connectors ensure a good fit against leaks or pressure issues that could arise and will also never corrode. It has a non-slip grip and 8 patterns supports all needs from gardening, watering, pet baths, or cleaning your car or garage floors. 

  • 25ft to 100ft lengths available. 
  • 13-layer latex inner tube. 
  • ¾” standard fitting connector.
  • None.

X-Hose Pro Expandable

The X-Hose Pro Expandable garden hose is a highly rated hose that comes in 25ft upwards to 100ft. It is inexpensive and lightweight. The expandable and collapsible design automatically expands the hose to three times its size when in use, and will shrink back down when the water pressure reduces to make storage and weight a non-issue. 

Composed of micro-weave fibers, it remains flexible and tangle free, while also remaining 50% lighter than other commercial hoses. Kink-free, weatherproof, and able to withstand freezing temperatures and above normal temperatures in the summer as well. They state that this hose can withstand fires and storms without being destroyed. 

The easy nozzle attachment design allows you to attach any hose nozzle you’d like to the X-Hose Pro, as the end of the hose is surrounded by ABS high resistance plastic collars, making it universally compatible with any nozzle you’d wish to use. If there are any particular nozzles you’d like to use or if you just want to buy the hose without their nozzle, you can do so and it will still work. 

  • 25ft to 100ft lengths available. 
  • Extremely lightweight. 
  • 5/8” connection. 
  • None.

Hmil 30-foot 9-function hose

This double-layered latex core hose is made from durable materials and has a leak resistant design. It is expanding, like many others on this list, and as such it will expand to three times its size to ensure that storage and travel with it are easy to do. The 3750D polyester fabric cover prevents breakages and tears, along with protecting the hose from regular wear and tear such as being dragged on the ground or against rocks, snags, and kinks. 

It comes in 30ft to 150ft lengths, so depending on what your needs are around the yard or uses for it, there is a length that can suit your needs best. The company has stated that if it (the 30ft model) does not expand outwards to 30 feet to double-check your water pressure and that the faucet is at full blast. 

A 9-pattern rotating spray nozzle will meet all needs for watering and washing, such as lightly misting your flowers and plants to washing the pet, car, or garage flooring and sidewalks. It is slip-resistant and comfortable to use, and with it’s extremely light weight, you won’t get fatigued or have to deal with heavy hoses as you go about your day. It has a ¾ inch brass connector with a rubber washer and an on/off valve for whenever you need to switch between using it and keeping it off. 

FitLife Flexible/Expandable

Offering lengths from 25ft to 100ft, the FitLife Flexible and expandable garden hose can handle all of your gardening and washing needs without sacrificing water pressure or comfort. A unique design ThatFitLife has gone with, is an extended swivel connector, allowing the hose to rotated inside automatically and return to its natural position, while you carry it around the garden back and forth, reducing any chances of internal wear and tear caused by dragging, kinks, accidental rocks, or tearing. 

The 5.31 inch long sleeve feature makes it easy to connect to the tap without any sore fingers trying to attach a narrow metal connector. The brass fitting is corrosion and rust proof, and the rest of the connectors and hose itself are designed to work in hot and cold environments. The 100ft version only weighs 5.3lbs, light enough for most to carry. The shorter lengths are even lighter than that. The expandable design style hoses are great for storage as they compact back down when not in use as the water pressure leaves the hose. 

A fitted ¾ inch standard connection makes for an easy attachment to all garden faucets and can be attached with any nozzle of your choosing. 

  • 25ft to 100ft lengths.
  • SwivelFit connector. 
  • Extremely lightweight at 5lbs at the heaviest. 
  • ¾” connector. 
  • None.

Flexzilla drinking water safe

The Flexzilla garden hose with swivelgrip has a 5/8 inch connector and comes in a 50 foot length size. It weighs around 8lbs and is a heavy duty garden hose meant for all types of uses from watering gardens and flowers to washing cars, pets, and your garage floors. 

It was male and female SwivelGrip connections allowing you to connect it to whichever nozzle you’d like, including the attachment part to your water hookups. It is good from -40C degrees to 50C, making it superb for Canadian seasons all year round without breaking or falling apart. It has no memory, will lay flat, and coils easily without developing kinks or tears alongside the hose. The working pressure is 150psi and a great feature for those with kids or pets (or yourself) – is that it is drinking water safe, as the inner tube is safe from collecting bacteria and other harmful issues that can arise from most garden hoses left outside or inside all year. 

It can be attached easily to a sprinkler, and the SwivelGrip also reduces tension on the hose as well while it’s being used to resist kinks and tangles while you’re moving around the yard. Flexzilla has multiple types and styles of their hoses, with this being one of their top reviewed models. It is strong, lightweight, and holds up the best against Canadian seasons. 

Our Methodology

For this article we chose the best garden hoses based on quality, accessibility, and effectiveness. Considering budget and materials as well, including options, nozzles, and other features are what led us to choose the garden hoses we did – along with top-rated user reviews.

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