the best yogurt in Canada

The Best Yogurt Brands in Canada  

Yogurt is a healthy snack, they say. They, however, do not specify which particular yogurt has nutritional value and which one is a creamy sugar bomb. Every supermarket offers overwhelming variety of yogurts and every brand promises the creamiest texture and cleanest ingredients. Hence, choosing yogurt that would provide enough minerals and vitamins and a satisfying taste might be challenging.  

There is a thing or two you would want to know about types of yogurts on the market and their dietary benefits. From creamy and dense Greek yogurts to Balkan style and dairy-free alternatives, we are going to compare each type and help you find the one that would best fit your diet.   

Besides, Canada’s dairy industry is one of the leading in the world, where ‘made in Canada’ yogurt brands have gained widespread popularity. Due to its natural ingredients and distinguished taste Canadian yogurt became an essential part of breakfast in many households.   

Why Trust Us

We love tasty food and believe that knowing how it is made and where do ingredients come from is the key to choosing the best products for you and your family.

That is why we based our selection of the best yogurts in Canada on the following factors.

First, we analyzed how Canadians review their favourite yogurts, flavours, fat percentage and protein amount.

Second, we looked at what other buying guides, food blogs (Real Simple, Eat This, Not That! and others), and nutritionists say about the best yogurts in Canada.

Third, we chose only those brands that use 100% Canadian milk and have a reputation for caring about the quality and content of their yogurts.


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How to find the best yogurt in Canada


While all yogurt is generally made by combining fermenting milk with bacteria, there are several types that vary in texture, thickness, taste and amount of protein. 

  • Traditional yogurt has a thinner texture than other kinds (Greek, Balkan, Skyr) and a lower amount of protein (six grams per half a cup of serving). Yet, despite a thinner texture, traditional yogurt is a substantial source of calcium, vitamins A and D and iron.   
  • The thick texture of Greek yogurt is achieved through straining traditional yogurt, hence reducing the whey and moisture. The end product contains a higher protein amount (eleven grams per half a cup of serving) and is a source of calcium, B12, iron and vitamin A.   
  • Balkan yogurt, although thicker than traditional yogurt, is still thinner than Greek (depending on the brand) and has the same protein content (six grams per half a cup of serving). Its texture is achieved by adding bacteria to the milk, placing it in a final container and leaving it until ready to be consumed.    
  • Skyr has the highest protein amount (thirteen grams per half a cup of serving). It is similar to Greek yogurt, where the thick texture is achieved through straining. However, Skyr yogurt requires even more straining. Compared to Greek yogurt, Skyr has less tart flavour which is something that keeps many people from eating yogurt. Of course, just like other types of yogurt, Skyr is a source of calcium, iron and vitamins.    
  • Lactose-free yogurt is made with Lactaze which breaks down lactose without depriving product of its original taste and texture. Therefore, the nutritional value of lactose-free yogurt is equivalent to conventional products and provides as much calcium, vitamin A and iron.    
  • Non-dairy or nut-based yogurts are made through the same process of fermentation, yet with the use of nut base instead of milk. Keep in mind that most brands will add starches and gums for thicker texture, hence if you are looking for the cleanest product possible choose lactose-free yogurt instead. Additionally, nut-based yogurts contain a much lower amount of protein (three grams per half a cup of serving), and cannot be considered a rich source of calcium compared to milk-based yogurts.    


Probiotics have a therapeutic effect on digestive concerns, however, not every yogurt contains enough bacteria to provide those benefits. The probiotic content depends on the amount and type of strain and should be around 1.0 x 10^9 CFU per serving. Look for this number of active cultures if you are hoping to see a noticeable digestive health improvement.    

Fat content:  

This particular factor applies to dairy-based yogurts only.    

A source of fat included in snacks or full meals helps to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. When it comes to yogurt a certain amount of fat will contribute to faster absorption of vitamins D and A.    

Another reason to choose yogurt with a high-fat percentage (at least five percent) is to stay full longer. Fat digests slower than protein which means you would not have to snack too often.       

Fat also adds flavour and creates a creamy texture which affects the taste making it more enjoyable.    


Besides various fruit combinations and flavours such as chocolate, vanilla and others, yogurts come with two types of sweeteners: sugar and non-caloric sweeteners.  

Most yogurts on the market come sweetened with sugar. If you eat yogurt every day and do not want to add extra sugar to your diet, choose plain yogurt without any sweetener and mix in some fresh berries, fruits or honey.     

The alternative to sugar, Sucralose (Splenda) is still a controversial topic. Although it contains no calories, Splenda can impact hunger without providing enough satisfaction, which means increasing food cravings and disbalancing gut microflora.    

Dairyland Yogurt

Operating from British Columbia, Dairyland produces probiotic-filled yogurts. The brand states that there are no artificial colours or flavours in yogurt, every product is packed with nutrients and uses fresh locally produced milk.    

Dairyland yogurt is available in several size packs from a 650-gram tub to a multipack of twelve individually packed yogurts. Each pack contains protein, calcium and iron, and comes in flavours like strawberry, vanilla, vanilla mango, vanilla peach and vanilla raspberry, making it a favorinte snack among both children and adults.    

Liberte Yogurt

The famous Liberte Yogurt dates back to 1936 to Montreal. It was inspired by the Statue of Liberty and the idea of crafting exceptional products from simple ingredients.  

Each Liberte yogurt is created with traditional Greek methods where straining with cheesecloth plays a crucial role. The result of such precise following of old-fashioned methods is an incomparably rich and creamy product. Liberte also has the reputation of one of the healthiest yogurt brands in Canada.    

Another factor that sets Liberte’ aside from other yogurt brands is that production requires three times more milk, which leads to twice the amount of protein compared to traditional yogurt. 

Astro Yogurt

If you find Greek yogurt’s texture, such as Liberte, too thick, give a try to Astro Yogurt.    

Astro Yogurt is one of those brands in Canada that produces Balkan-style yogurt. 

Their commitment is to use simple, locally produced ingredients from Canadian farms such as milk, cream and cultures. (Astro uses milk that does not contain any hormones or antibiotics.) That allows them to maintain the high quality of each product and stay transparent about what goes into every pack of yogurt.   

Astro yogurt is available in five variations such as Original Balkan, Original Indulgent Flavours, Smooth’n Fruity, and BioBest.   

Hewitt’s Dairy Yogurt

Another Canadian dairy brand with a long history is Hewitt’s Dairy. Established in 1887 in Ontario, Hewitt’s Dairy offered a variety of dairy products including goat milk-based yogurts, milk and sour cream.   

Today they are still committed to producing yogurt with pure Canadian milk without using any artificial additives and preservatives. Despite the high price of Hewitt’s yogurt, consumers understand the importance of high quality and find much satisfaction in taste and texture.  

Hewitt’s Dairy yogurt is available in four different flavours Goat Plain Yogurt, 2% Plain Yogurt, Skim Milk Yogurt, and Whole Plain Yogurt.   

iOGO Yogurt

A union of Canadian-produced milk and real fruits, iOGO yogurt is a favourite among many people as a tasty snack or addition to their breakfast. As iOGO say about their yogurt, “nor will you find gelatin or artificial colours or flavours of any kind.”   

iOGO yogurt also offers a balanced combination of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals that are essential for proper digestion and overall health.    

This brand adds BB-12 Bifidobacterium Lactic probiotics to their yogurts and makes sure that every 100 grams contains over one billion probiotics. As to other ingredients, iOGO yogurt is made from milk, cane sugar, fruit pure, cream, corn starch and active bacterial culture.   

iOGO yogurt is available in such variations as Creamy, 0% Perfectly Balanced, Greek, and Nano.   

Organic Meadow Yogurt

Since 1989 Organic Meadow has produced yogurt and other dairy products with the slogan “Keep it Simple. Repeat.” They also were the pioneers of the organic dairy movement in Canada, who brought farmers together and established the production of clean, simple and natural dairy products.   

The same mission continues today, as Organic Meadow crafts yogurt from 100% Canadian milk. Their yogurts are not only an excellent source of calcium but also contain enough probiotic cultures to support digestion and overall gut health.   

Organic Meadow yogurts are available in such variations as Whole Milk Greek Yogurt, Partly Skimmed Greek Yogurt, Fat Greek Yogurt and Lactose-Free Yogurt.   

Vitala Foods Yogurt

Vitala Foods is all about focusing on the family and returning to the traditional approach to the production of food. As they say, “We want people to discover where food comes from and to make a strong connection between the farm, the farmer, and the food.”  

That is why commitment to craft products from natural ingredients with healthy benefits is at the core of the brand’s philosophy.   

As per several reviewers, Vitala produces one of the best yogurts in the country, and by the taste and texture, you can tell they do not compromise when it comes to quality.   

 Vitala Foods yogurts also contain a significant amount of probiotics which helps to support good health.   

Beatrice Yogurt

Beatrice, established in 1969, is another Ontario-based dairy brand that has been providing Canadian families with a variety of quality products. Just like previously mentioned brands, Beatrice uses 100% Canadian milk and is committed to delivering nutritious products to consumers.   

Beatrice is also one of those dairy brands with a wide assortment of flavours and products. They offer several multipacks of fruit and berry-flavoured individual yogurt packs, as well as 175-gram tubs with fruit bottoms. Besides, Beatrice’s selection includes fat-free yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, milk and more.  


Siggi’s Skyr

It is not a surprise that since Siggi’s released their advertisement “Simple ingredients. Not a lot of sugar” the interest in their Skyr yogurt grew. High in protein and low in sugar, this yogurt features a thick texture which, as some reviewers say, can substitute sour cream (if you choose plain flavour).   

This extra creamy Icelandic-style yogurt is crafted based on traditional Skyr-making methods which end up as a packed-with-protein snack. Crafted from cultured skim milk, Siggi’s Skyr yogurt contributes to gut health benefits.   

Siggi’s yogurt comes in several taste variations including Skyr Rich and Creamy, Drinkable, Plat-based, Pouches, Keto, Non- and Low-Fat and more.   

Activia Yogurt

Activia yogurts are known for their high amount of probiotics that provide health benefits such as proper digestion.

All their yogurts are made with Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactococcus lactis and probiotic culture, BL Regularis.  

Besides, many reviewers noted that after consuming Activia yogurt daily they noticed reduced heaviness in the gut and improved digestion.   

Activia yogurt also contains protein, minerals and vitamins which makes it a worthy addition to breakfast or a separate snack throughout the day.   



Frequently Asked Questions

What makes yogurt considered healthy?

A properly prepared yogurt contains vitamins A, D and B, calcium, phosphorus, several minerals and live bacteria that have a positive effect on gut health. It is also a common belief that by consuming yogurt daily you can minimize the risk of obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.   

What is the healthiest type of yogurt?

Both traditional and Greek yogurts contain probiotics, yet the latter one has twice as much protein and less lactose. It could be suggested that Greek or Skyr yogurts are healthier than traditional, however, it depends on what you are looking for in yogurt. If you wish to increase your intake of probiotics, then look for yogurt with 1 billion CFU. Those who want to stay full longer and increase their protein intake, could switch to Greek yogurt with at least 8.5 grams of protein per serving.   

What is the healthiest brand of yogurt for gut health?

Yogurt, just like other fermented foods, is one of the healthiest choices for gut health, and with so many variations on the market, it is challenging to name just one brand or type. When shopping for yogurt with gut health in mind, look for such labels as “Lacidophilus” or “live active cultures”.  

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