The Best Dog Nail Clippers and Grinders in Canada

Keeping your pets’ nails trimmed and short are not only beneficial to them and causes less injuries or other issues – it can be helpful in keeping your floors and couches safe from scratches and other damages. Most first-time pet owners think that they don’t need to keep their pets’ nails trimmed, but if left unchecked they can grow into their paws, cause them walking issues that lead to worse mobility problems, injure them if they get snagged on fabric, etc.

Our list below can help point you in the right direction for where to start and take the stress out of figuring out which ones you may need by offering the top-rated dog nail clippers and grinders available on the market.

Our favourite dog nail clippers

How to choose a good nail clipper for you dog

  • Size: Since dogs come in all sizes, so do nail clippers. You don’t want to accidentally buy a large one when you have a small Chihuahua for example. Keep an eye out for the sizes and what breeds they tend to be used for. 
  • Style: There are standard nail clippers like what you tend to see more typically, and there are grinders that are Dremel nail grinders – but made for dogs. Your pet may prefer one over the other and they are both great options that aren’t overly expensive. 
  • Noise: Some dogs may not be bothered by any noises and prefer the Dremel dog grinders. Others are more wary and may never grow accustomed to it. Same with the nail clippers and the quick ‘snap’ sound they make. It’s best to associate their nail tools with positives, such as giving them treats and even things like peanut butter as a treat while you’re just keeping the tool near them or getting used to the sound of the grinder being on. 
  • Ease of use: Some are easier to use than others, and that also largely depends on the size of your dog and how you must wrangle them to get at their paws for nail trimming. Some are squirmy, some have no problem sitting sit, etc. It will come down to what you’re comfortable using and what your dog is comfortable with as well. 
  • Cost: Not all high price dog nail clippers or trimmers are worth their cost, and brand names are more important than price. They do essentially do that same thing – the only differences can be how smoothly and quickly clippers will work, how sharp they stay, etc. and things like safeguards for nail grinders that you don’t want to skimp on cost for. 

The best dog nail clippers in Canada

Millers Forge Clippers

Top-rated dog clippers for a reason, Millers Forge dog clippers are top of the line for simple plier-style dog nail clippers. A built-in guard protects your dogs’ nails from any accidental overcutting, and a great feature that holds the trimmers shut for easy storage and safety.

They can be used for most dog sizes, though any dogs that are on the very large or very small side may need to grab a different size. The red plastic grips are comfortable to hold without any stress to your hands and there is a spring-loaded mechanism that helps guide the trimmers in use.

One of the most prominent comments from users is that they cut the nail sharply, quickly, don’t dull, and most importantly – don’t make a loud snapping noise when the nail is cut. Making it much easier to trim any dogs’ nails, especially if they’re a bit skittish.

  • Comfortable.
  • Built-in guard.
  • Durable.
  • Very sharp and quiet.
  • Not all dogs will like plier-style clippers.

Portin 2-in-1 clippers and grinder

These 2-in-1 plier-style dog clippers and grinder are perfect if you’re not sure while style your dog might prefer, and/or if you have a multi-pet household. The plier-style clippers and grinder work for dogs, cats, and other pets that can benefit from nail trims and smoothing sharp edges.

The unit is very quiet while in use, which is great for anxious pets and works well for introducing your dog to the sound of it before trying to cut their nails. The grinder itself has a diamond bit for durability and smoother grinding without any additional tugging on nails. It also has a guard to ensure it doesn’t get used when unattended.

An LED light helps you see where your dogs quick is easier in the nail, avoiding any accidental clips too far in.

  • Perfect for trying both styles of nail trimmers.
  • Durable.
  • Great for multiple types of pets. 
  • Clippers could be sharper. 

Boshel clippers w/safety stop

Another plier-style top-rated pair of dog clippers, the Boshel is a simple design that gets the job done and is perfect for inexpensive, basic clippers that work well and result in sharp, clean-cut nails. 

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of clippers that are basic, these are a sure bet to try. They have ergonomic handles and are comfortable to hold and use (click here to see how it works). This pair is for medium to large sized dogs (and cats) and is made from stainless steel to avoid rust and making them easy to clean. 

  • Great for medium to large dogs and cats.
  • Clips sharp.
  • Has a safety stop. 
  • May have a hard time trimming very hard nails.
  • Can be loud.

The best dog nail grinders

Casfuy Upgrade nail grinder

Available in a few colours and sporting an easy to use cordless design – this Casfuy nail grinder is top-rated for any pet owner. With a diamond-bit design for the safest and most effective trim, it’s a great start if you’re new to using a Dremel-style pet nail grinder. 

It is rechargeable and cordless with an indicator light on the bottom that changes when the battery level is low. It has a low vibration and buzzing noise, though once you start to trim your pets nails the sound may startle them – so do keep that in mind when using this style of trimmer. 

It’s ergonomic and designed to be used either right-handed or left-handed. The battery lasts for around two hours or more, after a three-hour charge. Advanced two-speeds and three grinder ports make this easy to use and adjust for your pets nail types and preferences. 

  • Multiple colours available.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cordless.
  • Slow progress if you’re only using this without clipping nails first.
  • Buzzing can be a bit loud.

Lucky Tail dog nail grinder

The Lucky Tail dog nail grinder is lightweight, well-balanced while running, and comfortable to hold. The rechargeable battery works for four hours on a charge, and runs at 30-50 decibels, making it one of the quietest nail grinders on the market. 

Two different speed settings, 8,000 and 10,000 RPM can handle most dog nails, and should be more than enough power unless they have rather hard or difficult nails. The lights on the bottom make it easy to see what you’re working on, and can indicate if the battery is low. 

It comes with three ports for different pet sizes, including cats. 

  • Lasts four hours on each charge.
  • Whisper quiet.
  • Adjustable two speeds.
  • Vibration/buzzing may still make some pets anxious.
  • Can take a long time to grind down hard or difficult nails.

Important to include

Kwik-top styptic powder

When it comes to clipping your pets’ nails, sometimes we may accidentally go too far and hit the ‘quick’, whether by your pet squirming or pulling away at the wrong time, or we just misjudged the nail length. Professionals do it, we all make mistakes. It’s always good to have some styptic powder on hand for any accidents, and Kwik-Stop is highly rated as one of the best to have in your first-aid kits. 

It works instantly and isn’t aggravating to your pet. It will stop any bleeding, and everyone is back to being happy. Kwik-Stop is one of the more expensive powders, but a little goes a very long way and it doesn’t need to be replaced sooner than later.

Our methodology

For this article, we chose the best dog nail clippers and grinders from top-rated reviews and other reputable review websites. Top Amazon user reviews and other factors such as different budgets, sizes, and styles were also considered a wide array of products for dogs of any size. 

Questions and answers about dog nails and clippers

What is the best type of dog nail clipper? 

The best type of nail clipper or grinder will depend entirely on what your dog prefers and which style you choose to go with. They are both fantastic options and no one brand or style is better than the other – it all comes down to the least amount of stress for your pet and yourself.  

Is it better to cut or grind dog nails? 

It depends on the dog and what you’re looking for. Grinders can be helpful if you’re looking to trim and shape your dogs’ nails down, and clippers can get the job done for quick trims without any extra fuss. Some dogs prefer the Dremel nail grinders, and some don’t like the noise or feeling so you may have to experiment at first if your dog is really against nail clippers, etc.  

The best nail clipper safety tips 

  • Make sure that your clippers or grinders are sharp and are cutting smoothly. If they are not and you have a harder time trimming your pets’ nails, it’s time for a new pair of clippers or a new grinder tip. 
  • Be sure to take the time to introduce your pet to the clippers or grinder first, and associate it with positive things such as treats so that they view nail trimming time as a good thing and not a stress. 
  • Be patient. Somedays and especially at first if you’re not used to cutting your dogs nails, you might only be able to get one or two done. Dogs have their bad days as well and forcing them through it may make it all more stressful for both of you in the future. 

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