The Best Cat Trees and Towers in Canada

We all know how much our cats love climbing and scratching most things in sight. It can be hard to figure out which cat trees and towers are worth the price or if they’re too good to be true. There is an endless amount of cat trees and towers in Canada and we’re here to help you decide on brands and trees/towers that will make the stress much less.

Our guide below includes a tutorial on how to choose the ideal cat tree, the best options, their pros and cons, as well as answers to the most frequent questions about cat trees.

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What to look for in cat trees and towers


Cat trees and towers range from small sizes that are lower than a table, to large towers that are nearly six-feet tall. Be sure to measure out your home and the spaces you want to put your cat tree in to ensure that it fits and isn’t too small or too big. Most cats prefer being higher up and if you can afford to have a taller cat tree/tower in your home – it’s worth looking into.


Most cat trees are made from the same materials, such as wood frames with carpet and some type of rope wrapping around the tower pillars such as jute rope. Some are made from incredibly sturdy cardboard wrapped in rope, to make them just as stable as wood, but with less weight. Sisal rope is often better than jute since it is extremely tough and rough enough to help keep your cats nails happy, while holding up for years.


Cat trees and towers can be very heavy, especially the large ones. Be wary of cat trees that seem too lightweight though, as your cat can knock them over and possibly injure themselves or break something around them. Heavy and sturdy is important and often overlooked.


Cat trees and towers come in many shapes and sizes, and the styles vary just as much. From fun cactus or palm tree shapes to ‘regular’ trees that are a few platforms with a spot for your cat to relax at the top. Choosing a style and colour that matches your décor or blends in is easy.

Rabbitgoo 61” multi-level tower

Rabbitgoo is a very popular brand name, especially for their pet products such as harnesses, leashes, etc. This multi-level top-rated cat tower is no exception.

There are multiple things for your cat to play with, rest on, and nap in all day long. A deep hammock, hide in the condo corner, perch on the top tier platform, or play with the hanging ball and loop toys. The posts have sisal rope to act as scratching posts and the entire structure is covered in a plush carpet.

The full structure is made from heavy particle board and is reinforced on the bottoms to ensure that it doesn’t tilt or get toppled over when your cats are jumping and running onto it. The very top perch has raised edges for comfort, for your cat to perch and watch everything going on.

It’s easy to assemble and comes with everything you need.

  • Multiple platforms and designs included.
  • Sturdy. 61-inches/155cm/5’0” tall.
  • Very large cats may move this cat tree when jumping to and from.

Cactus Tree/scratcher

If you’re looking for a different cat tree or scratching post that has a funky design, this top-rated cactus tree scratcher might be more along the lines for your home aesthetics, while still giving your cat the outlet they need for scratching and resting.

Made from a soft plush fabric and naturally dyed green sisal rope for scratching, this small and sturdy cactus tower is a great purchase. It easily screws together within minutes and the top flower perches are great for cats that like to rest and lay on their scratching posts/trees during the day.

You can also decide where you want the flower or cactus topper and decide to put the perch on the taller pillar for added height or on the lower one. Feel free to switch it up for your cat every once in awhile or to whatever their preferences may be.

  • Cute design.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Natural sisal rope scratchers.
  • Smaller size than you may anticipate.
  • Check the size guidelines to match your room area.

PAWZ 54” cat tree

A decently sized cat tree, this highly rated cat tower from PAWZ has a hiding hole cubby for your cat to curl up and sleep in, a fun ball and rope to play with, multiple platforms to jump to and from, (and lay on), a deep hammock for them to lay in, and all the posts have sisal rope for scratching.

It’s easy to assemble, is a great value for the cost, and is durable. The only real downside is that according to some customer reviews – it is smaller than expected, and larger cats may have a harder time fitting the cat tree or they may make it wobbly. Be sure to check the measurements so that you can determine whether this cat tree suits your needs.

It comes with the tools you need to build it, nothing extra required, and most of it just screws onto each other, which makes the whole process much easier. It’s decently weighted to reduce wobble or any tipping.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great for smaller cats and kittens.
  • May be wobbly or too small for larger cat breeds.

PAWZ Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Climber Tower

This climbing cat tower from PAWZ is beloved by cats for the simple fact that they can climb even higher in your home and perch above the rest. This floor to ceiling climbing tower has three platforms attached to the main pole. It has an adjustable pole at the top that uses pressure to keep it in place – that is good for ceilings up to nine feet.

The carpet is smooth and sturdy enough to not fall apart easily, and according to reviews this tower can wobble when cats run at it at full speed and jump but is very sturdy otherwise and does not fall. Even with larger cats that love to climb and may not fit fully onto the platforms – cats seem to love just simply climbing and hanging out on the platforms.

  • Great for keeping cats active.
  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • May wobble slightly.
  • Larger cats may fit on the platforms less.

VETRESKA Hearts Cat Tree

If you’re wanting a cute change of pace when it comes to cat trees and the usual colours and designs, look no further than VETRESKA. A little pricey compared to other trees or towers, but the materials are lush, and they are very sturdy.

This one is their hearts version, and they do have a Fruit option as well, with platforms shaped like cherry and peach fruits. The only real downside – if you can even call it a downside – is that the heart shapes don’t leave a lot of room for cats to climb between them, but that doesn’t seem to be much of an issue for most cats.

The carpet is a very soft and plush material, and all four platforms are in different colours, with the top having edges like a three-sided box that your cat can lay in. The columns are wrapped tightly in sisal rope for scratching.

  • Cute designs.
  • Very plush carpet.
  • Sturdy and stable.
  • May not fit very large cats.

Lucky Monet Cloud Tower

Another very cute design for changing up the typical cat tree experience, this beautiful purple and pink cloud shaped cat tree/tower is a lovely addition to any home or space that could use a different colour scheme that departs from the usual fare.

It comes in three different styles and sizes depending on your needs, from a small two-tiered scratching post to a large four-tier tower that includes a hammock, hiding hole, box-styled top, dangly toys, and a covered area for sleeping. All columns are covered in sisal rope for scratching needs.

The cat towers come with all tools and parts needed, though according to most reviews the instructions could use an update as they can be a bit hard to follow. Otherwise though, the tree is sturdy and once put together it stays put.

  • Gorgeous design.
  • Great for all cat sizes.
  • Could be sturdier.
  • Instructions could be clearer.

Our methodology

For this article, we chose the top-rated cat trees and towers based on user reviews, personal use with our own pets, and other trusted review websites that are knowledgeable on pets and cats. We also took into account different sizes and styles for all budgets and heights for living spaces.

Questions and answers about cat trees

Are cat trees worth it?

Absolutely! Cats love to climb, play, scratch, and hide – cat trees and towers provide all of these things and it gives your cat a place in your home that is theirs to rest, play, and feel comfortable in.

Where should I place a cat tree?

Living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms are great places for your cat tree! If it’s near a window or placed near a balcony door for example, your cats get the added benefit of looking outside at birds and getting to rest in the sunshine.

What are the types of cat trees?

There are multiple types of cat trees, though most are similar in that they have posts holding the structure up that are wrapped in rope to be scratched. Some have hammocks, additional hiding holes, toys, etc.!

The sky is the limit. Some are tall, some are more like scratching posts with pedestals. The design and how much you want to get is up to you.

How high should my cat tree be?

Cat trees come in many heights, and the deciding factor is up to you! You can get a large tree that is over 61”/5’0” or opt for a smaller one that has additions closer to the floor such as a hammock.

There is no wrong answer for how tall or short a tree needs to be.

Why do cats like to scratch?

Scratching for cats helps to keep their claws in check and allows them to release steam and get ready to play! Cats inherently love scratching as it helps them mark their territory with scent, sheds old/broken nail ends, and sometimes it’s just to get a good stretch in.

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