The Best Bathroom Accessories

A bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in your home (after the kitchen, of course). Considering how much time you spend there every morning and evening, it only makes sense to surround the lavatory with countertop accessories, organizers, and fluffy towels. Adding drawers’ organizers, dispensers and cosmetic stands can empty countertop space, and make getting ready in the morning more efficient. However, along with decluttering bathroom cabinets and setting everything in order, comes the aesthetic side. Cohesive bathroom sets, floor rags, and shower curtains can elevate and refresh the look of the space turning it into an elegant boudoir or minimal comfort station.

To create a stylish space where you can take a relaxing bath at the end of a long day or instead get ready for the day ahead, consider the colour, material, and design of items you buy. Things like toothbrush holders, towel bars, liquid soap dispensers, cosmetic organizer stands, toilet brushes, and others do not cost a lot, yet they can upgrade your bathroom instantly.

With so many options, it might be confusing to select the right essentials that would correlate with each other and look agreeably together in a small space. That is why we created an assorted list of best bathroom accessories which includes both traditional and trendy sets, caddies, organizers, and other items. What we have for you today is the selection of bathroom must-haves. Call it some sort of capsule collection, but you will be pleased to find out how well all those objects look together. The bathroom accessories we selected would complement any type of bathroom, from a minimalist modern to a traditionally decorated space.

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Our Top Picks

What to look for in bathroom accessories

  • Style/design: As we mentioned previously in the introduction paragraph, cohesive elements in any interior allow you to create an atmosphere of elegance, simplicity and relaxation. Overall, while your living room might be more expressive and eclectic, we suggest avoiding bold colours and patterns in the bathroom: in the evening it might feel irritating and in the early morning too stimulating. Hence, whether you choose a floor mat, countertop set or a makeup organizer, pay attention to clean simple lines, neutral colours, and natural materials. Another factor which the design also affects is the ease of cleaning. The more complicated the shape of that soap holder is, the more challenging it would be to clean.  
  • Water resistance: Nobody likes the look of rusting shower curtain rod or soap dispenser pump. But not only metal bathroom accessories should be made from rust-resistant material. Some paints and faux-metal finishes are not so water-resistant and can easily wear off over time. To avoid an unpleasant appearance, choose accessories made of sturdy stoneware, ceramic, or plastic. Those materials can be easily wiped down. They also do not retain excess moisture.  
  • Size: The bathroom accessories you choose should also be based on the available drawers, cabinets and countertop space. If you do not have enough drawers, or the room overall is a limited area consider smaller size organizing vanities (especially if you are trying to fit not only soap and lotion dispensers but also a makeup stand). Besides decorative and organizing items keep in mind that you would have to fit in such necessities as an electric toothbrush charging station (if you use one), jars for cotton balls, a perfume station and more.   

Best bathroom countertop accessories

DKNY Highline Bath Accessory Collection

While there is no right answer to which bathroom set would satisfy every taste and fit every bathroom, this DKNY Highline is one of the best options on the market. It is a simple, yet elegant set.   

The Highline collection is made from a blend of sandstone and resin. This combination is not only durable and water-resistant but also has a modern industrial look. Besides, each piece has a nickel bottom with a rubber grip which keeps every jar in place on a slippery surface.   

What we especially love about this DKNY set is the fact that you don’t have to purchase the whole collection, unless, of course, you wish to do so. You can pick, mix and match from the toothbrush holder, lotion pump, soap holder, wastebasket, and the tissue box cover. 

  • Minimal, modern appearance  
  • High-quality material  
  • Durable and sturdy  
  • Pricey if buying a whole set.

Best bathroom countertop set (budget-friendly)

Essentra Home Blanc Collection 4-Piece Set

Compared to our number one choice (DKNY Highline) set, this Essentra Home Blanc collection comes at a much lower price. But, just like the Highline set, this collection can also add a certain chic and elegance to your bathroom. Although it has a somewhat luxury appeal, the Essentra set brings a subtle and modern accent to both types of bathrooms, a minimal and simple, as well as classic decors.  

The set comes with a white tumbler, soap dispenser, soap dish, and toothbrush holder. As some customers noted they also like to utilize those jars and holders for different purposes: toothbrush holders can be used as pen holders, while soap dish is used for dish sponge. Also, try a soap dispenser as a lotion dispenser. (Holds up 17oz.) If, for instance, you do not use soap bars, you can utilize the little dish for rings or other jewelry.   

  • Quality resin material.
  • Sophisticated minimal design.  
  • Versatile.
  • As per some reviews the soap dispenser pump started rusting after some time (however, if that happens you can just change the pump instead of getting rid of the whole jar).  

Best bathroom makeup organizer

Sanipoe 360 Spinning Makeup Organizer

If you are overwhelmed with constant makeup clutter on your countertop, then you need a proper organizer. This Sanipoe 360 spinning organizer can solve that issue of cluttered space, and as a result, turn your morning routine into a more efficient and pleasurable session.   

The stand is made of high-quality, durable acrylic. Despite the common idea that transparent organizers look cheap, this Sanipoe organizer has the opposite effect. It easily fits into any bathroom décor. The organizer offers a clean and sturdy appearance, which serves as a podium for your favourite perfume, skincare and makeup bottles and jars.   

Obviously, the main part is the storage capacity. This professional vanity makeup organizer has seven layers of removable trays, so you can adjust the height in order to fit every bottle. What you can expect from this stand is compact size but large capacity. Based on customers’ reviews it fits up to 20 skincare products, 30 makeup brushes, a few lipsticks, eyeliners, brow pencils and other small objects.   

Another factor many customers appreciate about this stand is the rotation feature. Even if you place this stand in the corner you can easily reach for that serum or lipstick by turning the holder.   

As one customer noted, this organizer is exactly what she needed. Super easy to put together, assembly only involves placing small rubber stopper bands over parts of the shelves to secure them. If you think that might deter you because of sturdiness concerns fret not. She placed a 10lbs paper weight on one of the shelves and it held up fine even while rotating.  

  • Ideal gift option.  
  • 360 rotating.  
  • Easy to assemble.  
  • Washable.
  • Based on some reviews spinning is not smooth.  

Best bathroom mirror

Nitin Large Modern Wall Mirror

A satisfied customer noted how surprised she was to find out the Nitin mirror was of better quality than she expected. It has a thin modern aluminum frame and is well constructed. The hanging hardware was solid and even included a screwdriver. She would have been happy with this at twice what she paid for it: it’s an excellent deal.  

This large wall mirror offers simplicity and sophistication of design. But there is more to it. The Nitin bathroom mirror has an explosion-proof film which strengthens the glass impact resistance. Hence, it becomes resilient and not easy to break. Even if mirror glass cracks it will not be scattered.   

The mirror’s frame is made of aluminum alloy. It is a strong and durable material that also looks sleek, minimal and elegant in any room.   

  • Easy to install.
  • Sophisticated design.
  • Explosion-proof film.
  • Pricey.

Best makeup mirror

BHBL LED Backlit Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity Mirror

If there are days or moments when you head to a living room’s window to fix your makeup or do your eyebrows because the light in your bathroom is not bright enough, then you need this BHBL backlit mirror. As one customer noted, his wife uses all the features of the mirror. Also, it looks sharp and modern.  

As to the features, the mirror comes with a super-sensitive Touch Button. By using that button, you can turn on/off the light. The mirror also offers optimal brightness, accurate colour, and clarity which turns every makeup session into somewhat of a celebrity’s prep routine.   

Those LED lights that allow you to create flawless makeup are super white 6000k, copper-free with silvered reflection layer lights. Besides that, LED lights are energy-saving with lifetime of approximately 50,000 hours (lasts up to 40 years.) 

  • Safe and Easy to install.  
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Energy saving LED lights.
  • Expensive.

Best shower curtain

One of the easiest and fastest ways to refresh the appearance of your bathroom is to change the shower curtain. For instance, this Lush Decor Nantucket Shower Curtain can instantly complete the look. As one customer noted, this curtain has been a very nice addition to her bathroom and allows her to change up the look effortlessly in a matter of a minute. It is very nice and made of quality materials, plus it was very easy to hang. She definitely recommends it to others!   

The curtain offers a sophisticated, classy design with stripes and small tassels. Although it has a countryside/beach vibe, even a devoted minimalist would appreciate this décor addition: the curtain creates a cozy, soft feeling in the room.   

  • Sophisticated design.  
  • 100% cotton. 
  • Machine wash. 
  • Liner and hooks not included.

Best shower dispenser

Marcel Shower Dispenser

Another bathroom accessory we want to bring to your attention is this Marcel Shower dispenser. To avoid clutter in your shower, check out this minimalist dispenser as an alternative to multiple bottles. According to a satisfied customer, these dispensers look great next to his tub. They are big and can fit 2-3 bottles of product which is nice to not have to keep back stock. He is super happy with these.   

The Marcel dispensers have labels for easy identifying which exact bottle holds shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Besides the look, resin-made dispensers are durable and solid. It does not easily slip off a shower’s shelf even if you do not use an organizing caddy.   

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that each dispenser is sold separately. Although, we find it a convenient option for those people who do not use body wash or conditioner, for instance.   

  • Minimal, sleek design.  
  • Durable resin material. 
  • Labeled bottles.  
  • Sold separately.  

Best bathtub caddy

Utoplike Bathtub Caddy Tray

What we all need at the end of a long productive day is a warm bubble bath. But relaxing is not going to be as efficient as expected if you accidentally drop a glass of wine off the tub edge or if book pages will keep getting wet from being held too close to the water. That is when we believe you will appreciate the Utoplike bathtub caddy.   

This caddy has everything you need for an ideal relaxing bathing session with a book, a movie and a glass of wine. The tray has support for a book or a tablet, a slot for your phone and another one for a glass. Yet, what makes it unique is a slide-in slot for a wine glass that prevents slipping over. A customer noted that the caddy is very durable. She accidentally dropped it twice, with no damage. It holds a lot, her cell phone, tablet, snack and her beverage, (it does not tip or bend or warp under the weight).  

Finally, the caddy is made to last. The Utoplike tray is made of pure bamboo material which is a naturally beautiful, durable and eco-friendly material.   


  • Ideal gift option.  
  • High-quality material.  
  • Versatile.  
  • Absence of suction cups for increased stability.  

Best shower caddy

Umbra Barrel Wood Shower Caddy

Crate and Barrel is the shopping destination for unique interior items with a thought-through design. Just like that the Umbra shower caddy offers two convenient hooks for loofahs or washcloths.  

It is a practical bathroom accessory to organize shampoo bottles, soaps and other essentials without the necessity to drill holes. You can simply put it on the shower faucet.   

The caddy is made of rust-free aluminum and durable and aesthetically pleasing bamboo. All you have to do to keep it in the top shape is wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner. 

  • Practical design.  
  • Rust-resistant material.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • None.

Best bathroom shower mat

GOBAM Large Bath Mats Shower Mat

You can head to the closest Walmart and purchase a basic set of bathroom mats, and that is why we want you to check out this unusual, unique bamboo shower mat. The main advantage is how much easier it is to clean compared to cotton rags.   

The Gobam bamboo mat features an anti-slip design with twelve silicone gaskets which create a slip-free product ensuring safety. Moreover, five spaces between each bamboo slate allow quick drying. Here is what a satisfied customer noted, bought this bathmat because she is sharing the bathroom with her cat who tracks litter on the floor. She figured this would be cleaner and easier to maintain than a cloth bathmat.  

Another customer noted the ease of cleaning. To clean it he just wipes it down with a damp sponge with a little bit of bathroom cleaner sprayed on it. If you wanted to do a deep clean you could easily rinse it off in the shower or hose it down, he added.  

Finally, the combination of a tile floor and natural wood can give some sort of a spa feeling to your home bathroom. And isn’t it something we all want from our personal rest space?  

  • 100% Bamboo.  
  • Sleek and classy design.  
  • Anti-slip feature.
  • Requires regular cleaning.  

Best towel set

Beautyrest® Plume 100% Cotton Feather

If there is one thing that could make one feel luxurious it is the touch of a soft, fluffy towel on the skin after a shower. The Beautyrest Plume made from 100% Cotton provides that feather touch due to its 750 GSM premium quality. 3PLY zero-twist construction is responsible for long-lasting softness without the use of PVA. That factor makes it an economical and eco-friendly choice.   

Each one of those six towels was Intellifresh™ treatment powered by SILVADUR™. It is antimicrobial technology which protects from odor-causing bacteria. This technology also keeps towels newer for a longer time.   

According to one review, a customer was not thrilled with the off-white colour choice, but after 5 years of smelling musty towels, hand towels and washcloths, she gave up. She got sick of washing, boiling, and bleaching old towels. These sold her on an anti-microbial property, plus the fact they are used in upscale hotels. The result did not disappoint.  

Set includes:  

  • Two 30″ W x 54″ L bath towels.
  • Two 16″ W x 28″ L hand towels. 
  • Two 13″ W x 13″ L wash towels. 
  • 100% high-quality cotton. 
  • Soft feather touch.  
  • Intellifreshtreatment. 
  • Pricey.  

Best bathroom plunger set

Simply Essential™ Metal/Plastic Toilet Brush

“It is probably the nicest toilet brush and plunger set I ever owned”, noted a customer. It looks very deluxe. The silver handles on it are really nice. The plunger and brush are fully enclosed, so it keeps it sanitary, no more plunger sitting directly on the bathroom floor, he added.   

Another reviewer added how attractive and high-quality the set looks like. The brush and plunger have a polished appearance, and both work very well in their respective functions. She likes that both cleaning ends are hidden in their base.  

The Simply Essential plunger set is a sleek two-tone combo with a silver finish that would look good in any bathroom, while durable plastic and metal would last a long time.  

  • Minimal design.  
  • Comes with a blush and a plunger.  
  • Durable metal/plastic material. 
  • None.

Best bathroom towel bars and holders

Streamline Towel Bar

If you are getting further and more seriously into upgrading the look of your bathroom, customizing towel bars and holders is the next step. In fact, such a minor, at the first glance, switch, can change the atmosphere in a room immediately. For instance, this set of towel bars from Anthropologie is an example of sophistication and simplicity.  

According to a review of a satisfied customer, the heft and quality of this product were nice and he liked the finish and sleek curvy shape.  

Based on other reviews, customers love how the Streamline Towel Bar “flows” with the style of any bathroom without being a clunky piece. Its size, weight and overall look were exactly what she needed, added another customer.  

We especially love the matte finish of this set. It offers sophisticated design, yet simplicity of colour and lines. Fit it into your traditional, minimal or eclectic bathroom décor and enjoy a unique design touch in the space.   

Another factor, which is important for towel holders is sturdiness. And according to the majority of reviews those bars are very solid.   

  • Elegant, minimal look.  
  • Sturdy construction.  
  • Available in three colours.  
  • Have to buy separately.  
  • Pricey.  

Best bathroom waste basket

Sedona Honey Tapered Waste Basket/Trash Can

Finally, we saved one of our favourite bathroom essentials for last. If you love handcrafted, artisan items in your décor as much as we do, take a look at this wastebasket. This Sedona Honey looks nothing like a standard garbage can. The natural, made of 100% rattan basket does not have to be hidden under the sink, instead, you can place it near the toilet or a bathtub. The rustic, yet minimal appearance, and warm honey brown colour can add a stylish countryside accent to your bathroom.   

As one reviewer noted, she was looking to upgrade her bathroom with some nice essential items (both practical and classy) and this versatile wastebasket hit the spot. No matter what she decides to do design-wise in the bathroom, this basket will match. Highly recommend. She also received several compliments on the Sedona Honey from friends visiting.  

The tapered wastebasket was handwoven of sturdy rattan, which makes it a durable storage/garbage bin to serve you for years to come.   

  • Handcrafted in The Philippines.
  • 100% rattan.
  • Pleasant appearance.
  • None.

Why trust us

Whatever topic we work on, be it the best TVs or best bathroom accessories, we put equal time into research, and only select products we would buy ourselves. As we analyzed the market, and spent at least 10 hours researching bathroom accessories, we came up with a list of products that would satisfy most tastes and would look good in any bathroom. We covered up such requests as countertop accessories, shower curtains and caddies, organizing on budget as well as high-quality bathroom essentials.

Of course, besides our own research, we also based our choice on other buying guides’ reports (BuzzFeed, The Spruce, The Strategist and others), and customers’ reviews. Speaking of customers’ reviews, we only made sure to select bathroom accessories that were approved by many users and earned at least four stars.

Frequently asked questions

Where to buy cheap bathroom accessories?  

The best part about refreshing your bathroom is that it does not have to be out of your budget. You can find all necessities like shower curtains, caddies, countertop organizers and more at Ikea, Amazon, Walmart, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.   

Where to buy luxury bathroom accessories?  

If you want to take your bathroom upgrade to the next level, and add some luxury touch, check out such places as Crate and Barrel, Simons, The Bay and Anthropology.   

How to arrange bathroom accessories?  

There are a few steps you could take to organize your bathroom. After decluttering the space, take some time to think about what organizing accessories you might need. The most important thing is to keep the counter space clutter-free while keeping daily essentials at the hand reach. That is why we recommend a matching set for soap and brushes and at least three-tier makeup stand.   

How to match bathroom accessories?  

To begin with, you do not have to worry about matching bathroom accessories. What you want is a cohesive flow between every décor element. However, if you do not want to spend time looking for pieces that work well in one space, and would rather buy all at once, follow a few simple steps. Choose a colour palette, and purchase a matching set that includes a soap/lotion dispenser, wastebasket, and brush holder. Add metal/wood/marble accessories like caddies and trays. Choose floor mats in a saddle pattern (if you want some eclectic accent) or in a more neutral colour. While you keep most of the décor as natural and neutral as possible you will be able to mix and match each element (or add more colourful accents like towels) depending on the season and your mood.  

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