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The Best Bidet Toilet Seat or Washlet in Canada 

Bidets and washlets are becoming more popular in North America over the years. Most well known in countries like Japan, bidets have been overlooked in North America until now. They’re convenient, save money, help avoid plumbing issues with tissue clogging, and help with hygiene. With so many now available on the market, our guide below will help you choose a bidet toilet seat or washlet attachment that will work for you and will help save money and encourage an even better hygienic experience. 

We’ve chosen the top rated and most easily available bidets currently on the market in Canada below, to take the stress out of your shopping experiences. 

Our top picks

How to choose a good bidet or washlet

When you’re looking to get a bidet of your own, it’s important to keep these key features in mind:  

Size – While most bidets are the same size, the toilet seat attachments and other things that come with it are different between styles/brands. Keep in mind that it will change compared to your usual toilet seat area depending on which bidet you choose.  

Temperature (Warm or Cold) – Not all bidets have a warm setting, and most cheaper ones will only have a cold water attachment that attaches to the toilet’s clean water tank. Thankfully bidets have gotten much more affordable over the last few years and can be obtained easily, such as on Amazon or Costco or Canadian Tire.  

Hookup/attachment style – This also will play a part in temperature. If you don’t own your home or don’t want to change your cabinet to hook up the hot water from the sink to your bidet, the easiest attachment style is the hookups that have a bidet attached to a toilet seat that will connect to the clean water tank in your toilet. Warm bidet settings need to be attached typically to the water lines that are underneath the sink and then they go to the bidet.   

Compatibility – As with any hookup attachments or new furnishings, etc. that you may be installing in your home, certain bidet attachments may not be compatible with your current toilet or water tank. That being said, there are so many versions and types now that it’s a lot easier to find one that will work, especially if you have standard pipes and hookups. 


To start off the list with a brand most people have heard of by now, the TUSHY brand of bidets are well known for their marketing, great design, updates, and customer service. Their bidets are easy to install, universally work with most types of hookups and toilets, and are easy to use. They’re self-cleaning too! 

The 3.0 has two versions available for purchase (along with their other types online) that include either a generic cold water one and the Spa version that has a hot water hookup available if you prefer and can do so in your own bathroom. The patented self cleaning SmartSpray nozzle rinses before and after each use for a better clean and to make sure that it stays hygienic, while automatically retracting when the Classic 3.0 is turned off. Universal fit on almost any toilet and it has adjustable seat fasteners that firmly secure the TUSHY between the toilet bowl and the seat so that it stay in place. 

New water pressure controls allow you to choose from a light to strong stream of clean water, the precision nozzle adjuster allows you to clean your back or front with a more targeted stream, a newer slimmer body style and shape seamlessly fits in without looking or being bulky, and the it has a buildup resistant design that ensures that it doesn’t get grime from the toilet as well. On demand support and easy customer service makes buying a TUSHY a great experience, if you’re not sure you can always contact them and get advice or chat with them. 

  • Great design.
  • Durable.
  • Good customer service.
  • Easy set-up. Self-cleaning. 
  • Set-up is easy, but can be a little finicky depending on your bathroom layout.

Yunslim handheld sprayer

This beautifully designed matte black toilet bidet nozzle is made from 304 stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and rust, while also being multi-use and not just as a bidet. If you only have a bath that has no removeable shower portion to rinse something down, this is a great way to have a multi-use sprayer. These styles are great for when you’re recovering from surgery, may have mobility issues, arthritis, injuries, pet washing, and more depending on the size of your bathroom and the hose reach. 

Pressing the bidet lever will control water pressure from a soft spray to a more powerful jet sprayer, pressing gently will give you a gentle stream for personal cleaning, pets, and pressing further will give you a jet sprayer good for more thorough cleaning and cleaning the toilet, spraying down the shower/bath, etc. It has a toilet tank/wall mount that is easy to install in around 10 minutes – just install the bracket onto your toilet or onto the wall next to it with the included screws. It comes with an instruction manual and always be sure to shut off your water supply valve completely before installing any bidet, as you don’t want to end up taking an accidental shower. 

Customer service is available in case of any missing parts or problems and they do offer a 100% money back guarantee in case something is wrong or you don’t end up liking it as much as you thought. 

  • Easy install.
  • Nice design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multi-purpose. 
  • May take some time to get used to the low to high adjustment settings for water spraying. 

SAMODRA non-electric bidet

Made from high quality ABS material, metal and ceramic, and a braided steel cold water hose, this slim bidet attachment will last for ages. It has dual spray nozzles for two modes – front and back cleaning, and the adjustable knob allows for precision control for the water pressure and pattern changing. 

A self-cleaning feature ensures that it’s always ready to go and stays sanitary, and makes cleaning your toilet much easier down the road as it doesn’t attract any grime. Telescopic nozzles automatically retract behind the movable guard gate for additional maintenance. This bidet is non-electric, as most are, and the knobs can be adjusted easily by kids and the elderly alike, and the knob + buttons can make it easier to use. Easily installed in upwards of 5-10 minutes, and this one has three different modes to use. 

  • A few colours available.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Dual spray nozzle. 
  • May not fit certain lower seating toilets. 

PIKETS bidet attachment

Another easy to install and slim designed bidet toilet attachment, this one comes in three differently colourways, including a black and white option, silver chrome, and a white version that you can match to your bathroom appliances/toilet. 

The knob switch of the bidet has been upgraded to a button design that allows for switching between modes a lot easier. Each mode is distinguished by a simple and easy to recognize symbol so that you know which mode you’re choosing and then from there, the knob will adjust the water pressure to your liking so that you can better curate your experience with the bidet. Easy to install, it takes about 10-15 minutes depending on your bathrooms configuration, and PIKETS offers a 20-month warranty in case there is anything missing or if it doesn’t meet expectations.  

Unfortunately no hot water hookup with this one, but if you just want a simple bidet that’s easy to hookup, are renting, and etc. it’s a good model to test out the waters. 

  • Easy to install.
  • Slim design.
  • Adjustable knobs for pressure.
  • No hot water hookup.

Clear Rear hot/cold bidet

The Clear Rear bidet attachment has a sleek design, easy install, and has a hot and cold function that makes for an even better experience. 

Installation takes about 15-20 minutes depending, and it is compatible with most toilets including smart toilets and Japanese styled ones that may be different than other North American styles. The dual nozzle attachment allows for comprehensive front and back cleaning and it is all adjustable with the water pressure control knobs on the bidet, offering both comfort and precision where you need it most, while helping reduce toilet paper use and upping the hygiene game. 

Like other bidet toilet seats, this one has a slim design that goes underneath the toilet seat and tucks away for easy cleaning and is grime resistant, rust resistant, and makes it perfect for setting it and forgetting it while not having to worry about cleaning. 

  • Nice design.
  • Hot and cold attachments.
  • Easy install. 
  • Double twist dial controls may be a bit harder to get the hang of at first. 

SAMODRA ultra-slim bidet

Another SAMODRA bidet toilet seat attachment, this one has an ultra slim design and a minimalistic style that comes in a few colour ways, including rose gold, silver, white. 

The dual nozzle cleaning mode offers a front and back cleaning functionality using the rotary switch that’s easy to switch between and adjust the water pressure as needed at the same time with one easy knob adjustment while in use, no buttons or extra dials. This bidet attachment is approximately 60% thinner than most other models available on the market currently and the improved/upgraded edge design ensures a more perfect fit with most standard toilets, so there is less of a worry about a mismatch or bad fit between the bidet and toilet seat. 

An easy installation that takes around 10-15 minutes, and it comes with Teflon tape, the braided hose, T-adapter, and detailed instructions. There is no hot water hookup with this one, but there are other models from the same brand that do have that function if you want it/can do so in your home. The nozzle also has a concave downward design that prevents the nozzle from being broken when the toilet is in use and the adjustable water pressure works with a slim rotating controller nozzle that starts spraying water at 15-20 degrees and reaches maximum pressure at 90-degrees. 

  • Ultra slim design.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Easy to install.
  • Great customer service
  • No hot water attachment.

Our methodology

For this article, we used top rated user reviews on Amazon and across other peer trusted review websites, and our own personal use with products. We took into account availability, cost, features, and varying factors such as size to ensure that the products featured here are the best available within Canada for bidets and washlets. 

Common questions about bidet attachments and washlets

Do bidets actually make a difference?

Yes! Bidets can make a much bigger difference than you would initially think, especially when it comes to wasting and using toilet paper/having to buy more. Using a bidet can greatly reduce the amount that you need to use and it’s more hygienic in the long run as well. It also really helps with any plumbing issues that can arise over time with using large amounts of toilet paper.   

Will a bidet fit my toilet?

Most bidets that attach directly to the toilet seat will fit most standard toilets. If you have a different design or a non-standard toilet in your home, check that the bidet model you’re looking into will fit that. Overall though, most will fit into your bathroom without issue and if so, most brands/companies are good at refunds or helping you adjust it so that it will work out in your favor instead of having to go through the hassle of fighting with it to get it to work or return it and wait for refunds. 

Why were bidets ‘taboo’ in North America?

Bidets and other toilet attachments for cleaning weren’t mainstream or considered until the last few years in North America, even though many other countries and areas around the world use them and have for centuries. The earliest recorded/known use of a bidet is from the early 1700’s in France and they were used to clean the body in-between full cleans, such as long baths. Hygiene is important and using a bidet instead of just solely toilet paper can and does help improve hygiene practices and keeps you feeling cleaner until a shower or bath. 

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