The Best Electric Kettles in Canada (2024)

In the day of Nespresso and Keurig machines, the electric kettle has seemingly lost its spot in many kitchens. What was once a ubiquitous appliance in households, essential during mornings and late nights, now has been replaced by all-in-one coffee makers, dedicated coffee machines, and a rise in cold-brew and other cold coffee drinks. However, I contend that the modern electric kettle still deserves its role for people who care deeply about their hot drinks and want precision and control over their pours. From optimally brewed teas to perfect pour overs, a dedicated kettle with temperature control, thoughtful spout design, and a stylishly modern design.

Read on for some of the best kettles in Canada, including reviews, pros and cons, and a guide on how to choose electric kettles in 2024.

Our top picks

What to look for in an electric kettle


Truthfully, capacity is a smaller factor than many of the factors listed below, but it is still factor. Unless you are offering tea to many guests, you might not find yourself needing to fill a kettle to capacity.


The controls of a kettle are generally pretty simplistic, with some having as little as two controls to turn on the kettle and open the top. However, with more technologically advanced kettles with temperature control and other features can come with more complexity. That is why we discussed the means of controlling each kettle, detailing if the controls are clearly marked and if the controls are intuitive.


Cleaning and descaling are processes that you will need to complete somewhat frequently, depending on your frequency of use and the quality of water you use. The ease of cleaning is greatly influenced by the size of the opening, but overall most kettles are comparable to each other with how they clean.


Hot water can be extremely dangerous. You want to ensure your safety when boiling water, especially when you might be operating the machinery before you are caffeinated in the morning. We made sure that the kettles we selected were not hot to the touch, had automatic shut-off and anti-boil dry features, and were overall one you could count on to be safe.


Sometimes you need to get that cup of coffee in you fast. We tried to figure out how fast each kettle could bring water to boil and bring that number to you in minutes. In this guide, we approximated that most kettles can boil a Litre of water in times between 2 and 5 minutes.

Pour quality

If you are upping your pour-over game, you want a kettle with a spout that offers you control over the pour. Gooseneck kettles specifically offer unparalleled control when pouring, and have become the barista’s choice for pour over coffee. However, there are non-gooseneck kettles that offer some strong control in your pours.

Temperature control

One of the biggest factors in modern kettles is the temperature control, which precisely heats water to a controllable temperature. Coffee and different varietals of tea require specific temperatures for optimal brewing, and having control over the temperature lets you achieve optimal results or experiment with different temperatures. We tried to report on the capabilities of the temperature control, how accurate the components are, and how easy the temperature control was to program.


Even if you pay more for a “better-quality” kettle, the longevity of any kettle is suspect. Even premium, top-of-the-line kettles can fail after continual use. The energy used in boiling water can be hard on the electrical parts inside. Instead, you should not consider longevity as much as you should consider a kettle with a comprehensive warranty. If you have a long-term warranty, you will have better protected.

The best gooseneck kettle

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Elegant. Elevated. Electric. All these words might come to mind looking at the gorgeous Fellow Staff Electric Gooseneck Kettle. If you care deeply about your brew in the morning, the Fellow Staff EKG is a kettle that we are sure you will appreciate.

For starters, aesthetically minded people will love the range of visual options the Stagg EKG has. The Stagg EKG is available in four different “classic” styles (ranging from sophisticated matte black and white options to elegant polished- steel and copper). There are additionally 6 variations of the kettle that utilize either maple or walnut wooden accents in the handle and lid.

Mechanically, the Stagg EKG proves to be one of the most impressive kettles on this list. The 1200-watt element in the base of the kettle heats water quickly, heating water quickly and consistently. A dial on the right-hand side calibrates the temperature, which is displayed on an LCD screen sitting on the left-hand side of the base. The temperature controls are to-the-degree, so you can precisely dial in the temperature you want. A 60-minute hold mode keeps your water hot long after the original boil. 0.9 Litre capacity is not ideal for heating up water for many people at once, but big enough for a household of two.

The Stagg EKG is our pick for those who don’t mind spending a little bit more for performance and aesthetics but does not offer too much that puts it ahead of some of the other Gooseneck kettles available. However, the 1-year warranty is less coverage overall than many of the other kettles we listed.

Overall, users love the aesthetics and design features of this kettle. While this kettle is quite expensive, you are not compromising on anything with this price. The quality of pours and accuracy of heat are high points on this, and the controls are exceptionally easy to use. Some users complained about the lesser quality of the components of the handle and lid, which is strange since these are the touch-points for users. Since the lid does not stay on well, avoid pouring this kettle at a steep angle.

  • Gorgeous aesthetics.
  • To-the-degree temperature control.
  • Spout designed for control of pour.
  • Touch-point components are not as high-quality.

The best gooseneck, runner-up

Cuisinart GK-1 Digital Gooseneck Kettle

Cuisinart has a very good Gooseneck kettle for those looking to ace those pour-over brews. The GK-1 combines the strong performance of their other kettles with a shape that provides control and accuracy you need for café-quality brews.

The GK-1 has a sleek, minimalistic design that is complemented with a matte black finish, which proves easier to keep clean in your kitchen. The spout of the kettle is shaped for precision in your pour. Combined with a relatively accurate temperature control mechanism, the Gk-1 is more than capable to help you get café-quality pour-overs. When the kettle sits on the base, the GK-1 fits to a space of 30cm x 14cm x 17.5cm. The GK-1 has a capacity of 1 litre.

A series of buttons and a LED screen line the front-side of the base component. Those buttons include (from right to left) a power button, (a middle button), increase and decrease buttons. Controlling the temperature with the GK-1 is very simple. The increase and decrease temperature buttons adjust in 5-degree Fahrenheit increments, with a temperature range from 140 F to 212 F.

Cuisinart is a company consumers generally trust, but running a kettle every morning can be a good way to fry it’s mechanical components inside. That’s why we are happy that the GK-1 comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Overall, users were very big fans of this kettle. The temperature control is wide-ranging and reliable, the kettle spout is great for providing controls in your pours, and the warranty is a nice cherry on the top of the cake. However, like most products out there, there are some aspects of this kettle that some users did not like. Some users complained about the repetitive beeping sound that the kettle emits when the machine does anything. Some complained about how the temperature range is only listed in Fahrenheit. But overall, users found this kettle to be an effective tool to help get their tea and coffee right.

  • Programmable temperature with a large range.
  • Strong control and accuracy of pours with the Gooseneck spout.
  • Long-term limited warranty.
  • Beeps get annoying.
  • Temperature is in Fahrenheit only.
  • Adjusts in increments of 5 degrees Fahrenheit only.

The best kettle for mornings

Cuisinart CPK-117 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

The Cuisinart CPK-117 is an obvious top pick for those who want speed and accuracy out of a larger capacity kettle. The reigning champ on many lists, this programmable kettle offers a little bit of everything, as long as a gooseneck is not a requirement for you on your next kettle.

From first glance, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp looks pristine, with it’s stainless-steel enclosure and large (22cm x 15.5cm x 25cm) stature. A 1.7L capacity is more than enough for most people, and the extra room will be great when guests are over. The handle is large, with users reporting that the handle is comfortable to hold. Along the handles are the clearly marked controls where your thumb would sit when holding the kettle in your hand. Beneath the handle is clear plastic, which shows the water level with markings denoting the water level all the way up the side.

In terms of performance, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp does everything you want a kettle to do and does it well. 1500 watts of power mean this kettle is fast heating. While results may vary, you can reasonably expect the PerfecTemp at full capacity to heat to boiling in just 7 minutes, and a litre in around 4. The PerfecTemp features six temperature presets, designed with different tea varietals in mind. With buttons to open the kettle and to keep the temperature warm, almost every function of this kettle is accessible with the touch of a button. Even if removed from its base, the Perfect Memory function of this kettle remembers the setting you programmed. We appreciate the overheat and dry boil protection, preventing you from damaging this kettle in some of the most common ways you can destroy a kettle.

Overall, users were very impressed with this kettle. Users complimented the ease of use of this kettle, the speed in which it boils, and the list of features that make programming water to the heat you want. Some users found that this kettle leaked after long-term usage, which is unfortunate. However, if you shop from a seller who will honour the Warranty on this kettle, you are likely protected in the case of failure. Overall, we found that many users really appreciated this kettle as a top pick for those who want temperature control on a high-capacity kettle.

  • Strong temperature control.
  • Easy to use.
  • Limited 3-year Warranty.
  • Enclosure can fail and start leaks down the road.
  • Expensive.

The best budget gooseneck

Hario V60 Buono Power Kettle

An example of a gooseneck kettle at a more reasonable price is the Hario V60 Buono Power Kettle. While it lacks some of the advanced features gooseneck kettles are being equipped with these days, this kettle is a strong option that offers precision in your pours.

Hario has been a huge innovator in the coffee world – introducing the V60 coffee dripper, a staple in café’s for pour over brews. Hario also was an early adopter of the Gooseneck for optimized brews too. With these things in mind, it is clear that Hario can be trusted for your coffee-nerd and tea-aficionado needs.

The Hario V60 power kettle comes in two designs styles (Stainless steel or matte black) and has size options ranging from 800ml to 1.2l. The kettle has a bumpy surfaces, reminiscent of a beehive shape, with its spout and handle rising oppositional from either end like a mirror image.

Taking 5 minutes to boil, this is a decently fast kettle that is outperformed by many of the sub 4-minute boils that are available in this list. Just like most modern kettles, there are a few safety features, including boil-dry protection and auto-off. Like we mentioned earlier, the V60 does not have as many features as some of the more expensive gooseneck kettles on this list. The most obvious omission is any form of temperature control. While having precisely dialed in temperatures can help you get the most from a cup of tea and coffee, the average tea- or coffee- drinker is not super particular about brew temps. Even if you want to not scald your coffee, even baristas themselves get strong results by waiting a minute after the kettle has boiled before starting your pour-over. Not a bad way to save a hundred dollars are more, huh?

Overall, users really liked this kettle as part of their morning coffee ritual. While the lack of temperature control will understandably turn off many, the cheapness of this kettle and the name recognition of Hario are strong factors in its favor. There were a few factors that users complained about: some of these kettles are made in China – not Japan – as often advertised.  The difference between these kettles as discussed in the Amazon reviews are truly alarming, as the Chinese kettles are much more poorly constructed than the Japanese counterparts. We provided other retailers that have  more control over their merchandise

  • Stylish design.
  • Accurate, highly controllable flow of water from the spout.
  • Significant difference between Japanese and Chinese made versions.

The best budget kettle

Hamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel 1.7 Litre Kettle

Hamilton Beach is a company we like to turn to for solid quality at reasonably inexpensive prices. The Hamilton Beach 40880 stainless steel kettle is our top choice for a strong-performing budget kettle with a large capacity.

In terms of aesthetics, the 40880 Stainless Steel kettle looks like a budget item. The kettle itself is crafted from a stainless-steel coating, that stops on the bottom of the kettle where it meets the dock. The bottom, handle, and lid are crafted from a black plastic. A semi-transparent window on the side of the kettle shows the fill-capacity of the kettle.

The spout juts out at an awkward angle, undoubtedly lacking in control when poured. However, while Hamilton Beach claims the spout is drip-free, users overall did not find the spout design to be a strong aspect of this kettle. A 1 .7 litre capacity ties the 40880 for the highest capacity of water on this list. The 1500 watt powered heating element boils water fast. While we were unable to find how fast this kettle heats water when full, it heats water quite quickly – heating a litre to boiling in just 4 minutes. An auto-shut off protects you from the risks of leaving a kettle on for too long or boiling-dry.

Overall, for the price that this kettle is available at, we cannot complain about the feature set of this kettle. This kettle heats lots of water, quickly, and that’s about all you can ask of a generic kettle.

Depending on where you buy this kettle you can also get the piece of mind that comes with a warranty, but for the cost of this budget kettle, that might not be necessary. Please note that Amazon will not likely enforce any third-party warranty.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Large capacity.
  • Fast boiling.
  • Spout pours fast and rapidly, with no control.

The best glass kettle

Cosori Electric Glass Kettle

This is a modern kettle at a budget price with an all-glass construction so you can watch your water boil. That’s it. If you want something with extra features or high-tech capabilities, this is not it. But at this price, this is a decent choice with none of the bells or whistles.

The Cosori electric kettle features an almost entirely glass enclosure, a stainless-steel metal base, and either a black or white plastic handle. Along the side is marking for different levels of water. A button along the handle at the top opens the kettle, and a button on the bottom of the handle are the only controls on this list.

In the product description for the Cosori Electric Glass Kettle, the company estimates that this kettle comes to boil in 3 minutes. User reviews did support that this kettle boiled water fast. Auto shut-off and boil dry protection improve the safety of this kettle.

The Cosori Glass Kettle is also available in an upgraded version with temperature control for an upgraded price, However, we should mention we cannot vouch for the functionality the temperature control option provides.

  • Cheap.
  • Transparent design.
  • Simple.
  • No extra features.
  • Suspect quality.

The best retro kettle

KitchenAid Electric Kettle

Like retro-styled aesthetics on your appliances? We think the KitchenAid Electric Kettle is that kettle. With its gorgeous design and decent price, this retro-styled kettle has the others beat

There are many kettles out there (some with gross-sounding name) that sell you “vintage style” kettles that offer just the basic functionality. While I can appreciate the aesthetics of a product and can understand why you might go for an option because “it looks nicer”. But the price that these items are sold at can be insulting. The KitchenAid is about half as much money as some of these retro-style kettles, with all of the same functionality.

The KitchenAid Electric Kettle comes in five colours in various shades of nostalgia (including a snazzy pistachio green). The silhouette of the kettle is retro too, with a flatter top and more traditional coffee-pot shape. A stainless-steel lid, handle and spout complement the mono-colour lustre of the kettle nicely.

Like we said, this is a very bare bones kettle without really any of the bonus features many modern electric kettles have. You are paying for the aesthetics firstly, and secondly, some strong durability and dependability. With just on simple on/off switch and an indicator light, the controls are the simplest you can get. You do not even get a boil dry shut off with a capacity of 1.25L, this kettle is somewhere on the medium-range in capacity. According to users, a full kettle can be boiled as little as 2 minutes.

Overall, this kettle seemed to be a nice piece of nostalgia for many users. While the kettle functionality is not the best nor does it offer many features, neither do competing retro style kettles, and this one will likely be cheaper.

  • Retro style.
  • Durable enclosure.
  • Cheaper than it’s direct competitors.
  • Still expensive for what little it offers.

Our methodology

When looking at a kettle, you either care about A) the price primarily, or B) the temperature control, spout, and bells and whistles. The former are people who want a cheap appliance that will help prepare hot drinks and soup, and the latter are people who greatly care about the minutiae of brewing tea or coffee.  We made sure to include options for both these types of consumers.

We spent 10 hours in researching for kettles to create this list. We looked at the complete specs of each kettle, read competitor articles and reviews, and scrolled though countless user product reviews to come to the choices on this list. We only considered kettles with an average online rating of 4 stars or higher.

Common electric kettle questions

How to clean an electric kettle?

Cleaning an electric kettle will be something that you will have to do from time to time. Due to deposits of minerals commonly found in tap water being the main thing you will need to clean from your kettle.

Dilute vinegar with water to a 50/50 ratio and pour it into the kettle. Turn the kettle on and let it boil, unplugging the kettle when the water/vinegar solution is boiled. Use a cloth or microfibre cloth to clean the outside of the kettle, and use a brush to clean the inside – the heat of the kettle will help deposits break down. Rinse the kettle, and then run the kettle with just water one last time.

What is the purpose of gooseneck kettles?

A number of kettles in this list have long, curved spouts called “goosenecks”. These kettles are the go-to for many coffee and tea enthusiasts, and so you might wonder “why is that?”

Well, the gooseneck shape really aids the control of the pour, controlling the rate and accuracy. This shape lets you control the saturation of your ground coffee beans when pouring your pour-over. This could result in richer, tastier drinks.

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