The Best Coffee Maker in 2021

Everyone has their personal favourite type of coffee – iced coffee, espresso, cappuccino, black or anything in between. No matter what kind of coffee you’re into, there’s a coffee maker out there that’s perfect for youFinding the best coffee maker for your needs can be pretty overwhelming though – there are hundreds of different models available, all with several reviews. 

If you don’t want to spend your whole afternoon scouring through coffee maker reviews, don’t worry! No need to compare coffee makers on your own – we’ve compared the top-rated coffee makers and compiled all the best ones right in this post. Whether you want a coffee maker that can make you several cups of coffee at once or a coffee maker that can start brewing by itself each morning, you’ll be able to find a coffee maker that suits your needs below. 

Our top picks

How to choose a coffee maker

Here are a few things to look out for when you’re deciding on what coffee maker to get: 

  • Capacity – Checking for how much coffee a particular coffee maker can make should be at the top of your list. After all, you don’t want to find out that your coffee maker only makes one cup worth of coffee at a time in the middle of your morning coffee binge. Conversely, why spend extra money on a coffee maker with a huge capacity if you’re the type of person who only drinks one or two cups of coffee a day? 
  • Is it programmable? – If you have busy mornings, a programmable coffee maker can help make the load a little lighter. With a programmable coffee maker, you can set it to start brewing coffee at the same time every morning so that you’ll always have a cup of coffee ready once you’re out of bed. 
  • Does it have dishwasher-safe parts?  How much this matters really depends on if you mind hand washing the different parts of your coffee maker or not. On a similar note, you may want to check reviews for how easy the water reservoir in your coffee maker is to clean. 
  • Adjustable brew strength settings  Selecting a coffee maker with more than one brew strength setting is always a smart idea – if you find you don’t like the default brew mode, you’ll be able to change it to your liking. 

Our methodology

With so many options for coffee makers available, it can be difficult trying to narrow down which one is the best one for you. In this buying guide, we placed a high priority on the functionalities of each machine and placed pricing as a more secondary factor. However, we ensured that most of the machines listed in this guide weren’t extravagantly priced in order to make this guide accessible to as many people as possible.

Our team spent over 15 hours reviewing and selecting the best coffee makers in Canada by comparing their features and price points. We made our top choices according to verified online customer reviews as well as tester analysis from trusted websites like Consumer Reports. We’ve only taken into account coffee machines that have a rating of 4 stars or higher on Amazon and other product review platforms as part of our selection process. 

The review process for this article was both data and fact-checked, but also included our own personal views on what we think is important when looking for a coffee maker.  

Best 12-cup coffee maker

Braun BrewSense Touch Screen Coffee Maker (KF7370SI)

On top of being the best 12-cup coffee machine, the Braun BrewSense KF7370SI is our pick for the best coffee maker overall.

If you drink a fair amount of coffee, this particular 12-cup coffee maker could potentially suit your needs. Just because you drink a lot of coffee doesn’t mean you need to wait a long time for your coffee – this Braun BrewSense coffee maker can brew 12 cups of coffee in under 10 minutes. You can even remove the carafe mid-brew to get a cup of coffee early if you can’t wait for a brew cycle to finish in its entirety. 

Overall, reviewers on Amazon agree that the quality of coffee is great, meaning it is not compromised by a quick brew time. The carafe itself minimizes exposure to air so that your coffee tastes its best for longer. Plus, there’s a digital freshness indicator that’ll help remind you how long a pot of coffee has been sitting so you don’t accidentally drink coffee that’s been sitting around for hours. 

Something else to note about this coffee maker is that it has a charcoal filter. Charcoal filters help remove chlorine, calcium or any other impurities in your water that might affect the overall taste of your coffee. 

Speaking of calcium, this coffee maker has a builtin clean program for when calcium and other minerals form deposits in the water reservoir of this unit. You can check our tutorial below for steps on how to clean your coffee maker. Otherwise, the Braun BrewSense coffee maker has pretty standard features for a coffee maker. You can select from 3 brew modes (fast, regular or bold) and it features an easy-to-read LED display with a touchscreen interface. 

  • It brews plenty of coffee quickly.
  • It features a charcoal filter.
  • Built-in de-scaling program.
  • Some users find adding water to the reservoir difficult.

Best cold brew coffee maker

OXO BREW Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you’re not a fan of hot coffee, you will probably be a fan of this compact OXO coffee maker – it makes concentrated cold brew coffee that you can use in all your iced coffee drinks.  

Using this coffee maker is pretty simple – you don’t even need to plug it into anything. It’s as simple as adding coffee grounds up to the marked line in the brewer, and then adding water. Since this unit is pretty compact (21.8 x 13.5 x 13.5 cm), you can easily place the brewer in the fridge. After letting your coffee brew for 12 – 24 hours, you’ll have up to 16 oz of coffee concentrate. To dispense, just attach the brewer to the carafe with the markings aligned so that you don’t get any spillage. 

One other thing worth noting is that only the glass carafe is dishwasher safe – you’ll have to clean the brewer manually. Overall, if you’re a fan of cold brew, Vietnamese iced coffee or any other variant of iced coffee, this OXO coffee maker will probably serve you well. 

  • Affordable.
  • Compact.
  • It uses more grounds than regular machines.

Best pour over coffee maker

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker With Permanent Filter

There’s a lot to appreciate about pour-over coffee  it tends to have more flavour than regular drip coffee and you can control how much water goes into your coffee yourself. What’s especially nice about this Bodum coffee maker is that it comes with a permanent stainless steel mesh filter – no more having to worry about losing some of your coffee’s flavour to a paper filter (and of course, no more having to buy paper filters at all). 

Since this pour-over coffee maker is made out of borosilicate glass, it’ll be able to withstand temperatures up to around 165 degrees Celsius. Coffee is typically brewed at temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius, so you won’t have to worry about the glass shattering. You won’t have to worry about burning your hands either when picking up this coffee maker – it comes with a removable cuff to protect your hands. 

One tip that Amazon reviewers have regarding this coffee maker is to use coarsely ground coffee if you’re going to be using the permanent filter. Otherwise, you might end up with coffee grounds in your coffee. 

Most pour-over coffee makers have a bit of learning curve to them. Making the perfect pour-over coffee involves a number of things: a proper coffee to water ratio, the right water temperature, pouring the water over the grinds evenly, and more factors. If you’re not up to some experimentation to find out to brew a cup of pour-over coffee that suits your tastes, you might want to stick with a traditional coffee maker. 

  • It doesn’t require coffee filters.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • It has a longer learning curve.

Best grind and brew coffee maker

Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker

If you’ve never been a fan of pre-ground coffee, you should look into coffee makers that allow you to grind your own coffee beans in addition to brewing coffee.  This Breville coffee maker allows you to customize the grind size of your coffee beans and gives you the option to dispense coffee either into the included carafe or into a mug or travel cup.  

With 8 brew strength settings, there’s sure to be a setting that pleases any coffee drinkers living in or visiting your house. Conveniently, the LED screen gives you real-time feedback on the water level, grind size, brew-strength selection, brew time and other selected settings. 

 Once you find out your preferred settings, you can enter them into the programmable auto-start feature so you don’t have to input the settings manually every morning. 

Things that reviewers on Amazon like about this coffee maker are that the carafe keeps your coffee warm for a decent amount of time, its water tank is easy to access and that the burr grinder is quiet. On the downside though, reviewers report that this coffee maker needs maintenance and descaling more than most other coffee makers. In general, freshly ground coffee can prove to be more flavorful than pre-ground coffee but whether or not you want to spend more time on maintaining a coffee machine with a built-in grinder is your call. 

  • Several grind sizes.
  • Multiple brew strengths.
  • Auto-start option.
  • It may require more maintenance than regular coffee makers.

Best Keurig coffee maker

Keurig K-Café Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino Maker (Special Edition)

We also think the Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition Coffee Maker is the best coffee maker with milk frother. 

This Keurig coffee maker has everything you need to make your plain K-cup coffee into a specialty drink. The special edition and the regular edition are essentially the same unit but with different finishes and colours (plus the special edition unit runs about $100 more than the regular edition unit). Click here to check the regular Keurig K-Cafe Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino Maker on Amazon

With the included milk frother, you can make hot or cold milk foam to add to your coffee to turn it into a latte, cappuccino or any other specialty drink you can imagine. This milk frother will work with pretty much any milk (including soy and almond), so lactose-intolerant people can enjoy a latte without wreaking havoc in their stomach. 

Don’t want a large cup of coffee? Don’t worry – you can choose from a range of brew sizes (177, 237, 296, and 355 ml) to suit your needs. There’s even a ‘shot’ functionality that will brew you a concentrated shot of coffee you can use in an americano or in any other drink you desire.  

If you find that the regular brew strength of this coffee maker isn’t strong enough for you, there’s a strong brew button that’ll get you a bolder tasting coffee. Overall, reviewers on Amazon like the large water reservoir is (1.77 L – enough for about 6 cups worth of coffee) and how easy the milk frother is to use 

  • It comes with a milk frother.
  • Large water reservoir.
  • It fits any K-cup pod.
  • None.

Best single-cup coffee maker

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

We also think the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker is the best innovative coffee maker. 

If you like K-cup pod coffee as much as you do coffee made with grounds, this coffee maker lets you have both all in one machine. You can brew a full 12 cup carafe of coffee with coffee grounds or brew a single cup of coffee with either a K-cup or coffee grounds in the single-serve grounds basket. 

Something else that’s unique about this unit is that the single-serve and the full carafe side of this unit have separate water reservoirs that you can check from the outside via a water window.  

Other than that, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker features standard functions like a programmable timer, a 2-hour automatic shut off function and regular or bold brew strength options. It also has a storage area in the cup rest that can store the single-serve brew basket. 

Reviewers on Amazon love this coffee maker for its versatility and for how quickly it can brew a single cup of coffee. On the downside, some customers find that this unit is quite noisy, and the carafe side brews coffee slowly. 

Overall, this is a great option for people who don’t want to have separate machines for their coffee pod drinks and their coffee ground drinks or for people who want the best of both worlds. 

  • Single-serve compatible with grounds and pods.
  • Auto shut-off option
  • It can be noisy.
  • A bit slow on the carafe side.

Best budget coffee maker

Sunbeam Coffee Maker (BVSBTF6-033)

Did you know that it is possible to get a coffee maker for under $30? This Sunbeam coffee maker is usually priced between $25 and $30 on Amazon and other online retailers. 

While it won’t have as many other features as some of the other coffee makers in this post, it’s still a decent basic unit – features it does include are: being able to pause mid-brew to pour a cup of coffee, a water window to check on the amount of water in the reservoir and an on/off indicator light.  

If you are not-so-great with technology or if you’re on a tight budget, this simple coffee maker is definitely worth thinking about. If you drink a lot of coffee or have a large family though, you might want to choose a different machine – this one only brews about 5 cups worth of coffee at a time. 

  • Affordable.
  • Slow brew time.

Best Nespresso coffee maker

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville with Aeroccino Milk Frother (BNV250CRO1BUC1)

If you’re a fan of Nespresso coffee, the Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine might be worth considering. It offers two single-serve options  a 7.7 oz (227 ml) coffee serving size or a 1.35 oz (40 ml) espresso serving size. 

If you find that it’s a hassle adjusting your coffee maker settings according to what kind of coffee you’re making, you’ll be happy to know that this unit does all of that work for you. It automatically adapts the brewing parameters (coffee size, temperature, pressure and brewing time) based on the barcode rim of any Nespresso Vertuo capsules that you insert into this coffee maker. 

The process of starting up this coffee maker is hassle-free as well – it runs off a one-touch brewing system, with automatic capsule ejection after brewing is over. 

If you aren’t a fan of plain coffee drinks, not to worry. This coffee maker comes with a milk frother (the Aeroccino) that can make hot or cold milk froth for lattes and cappuccinos. Plus, the frother can even heat up milk for your coffee drinks. Overall, reviewers on Amazon love how easy it is to use this coffee maker. Plus, many reviewers are impressed by how well the milk frother works. 

If you don’t mind exclusively drinking coffee from Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods you really can’t go wrong with this unit. If you’re someone that’s environmentally conscious though, you may want to skip out on this unit since there aren’t really any 3rd party re-usable pods compatible with this unit. 

  • It automatically changes brew settings based on the type of capsule.
  • It comes with a decent milk frother.
  • Some users say the coffee is not hot enough.

Best tasting coffee maker

Zojirushi Zutto EC-DAC50 Coffee Maker

We also think the Zojirushi Zutto EC-DAC50 Coffee Maker is the best 5-cup coffee maker. 

Getting a coffee machine that gives you a great-tasting cup of coffee each time doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. This 5 cup Zojirushi coffee maker is a great option if you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise the taste of your coffee. It comes with a charcoal water filter that removes any impurities or odours that could impact the final flavour of your coffee. It lasts for up to two years under normal usage, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing your filter. 

Many reviewers on Amazon find that this affordable coffee maker makes great-tasting coffee with each use. In particular, reviewers find that you can use fewer coffee grounds than you usually would in other comparable coffee makers and you still end up with strong and very flavorful coffee. 

One other thing worth noting about this coffee maker is that it has a removable water reservoir – no more having to lug your coffee maker over to the sink to refill it and risk getting the cord wet. 

One little downside about this coffee maker though is that it doesn’t have an automatic off feature. While setting a reminder on your phone can help you remember to shut off this coffee maker, it’s still a bit of a fire hazard – especially when several other coffee makers come with such a feature. 

  • Charcoal filter.
  • Uses fewer grounds.
  • Great taste.
  • No automatic off feature.

Best coffee maker with thermal carafe

BLACK+DECKER Thermal Coffee Maker

We also think the BLACK+DECKER Thermal Coffee Maker is the best automatic (programmable) coffee maker. 

If you’ve always hated constantly walking back and forth from your workspace to your kitchen just to get another cup of coffee, this coffee maker from Black+Decker might solve your problems. Rather than keeping your coffee hot with a hot plate, this coffee maker uses a thermal carafe to keep your coffee hot for up to 2 hours. It’s a lot less of a hassle to take a carafe with you than to set up an entire coffee maker on your work desk. Plus, some people find that their coffee changes its taste due to being left on a hot plate too long – you can avoid that problem with a thermal carafe. 

The thermal carafe works much like an insulated water bottle does – it is vacuum-sealed, which limits how much heat transfer through convection, radiation, and conduction. Something else worth noting about the carafe is that its dishwasher safe – you can simply throw it into the dishwasher once you’re finished with your coffee for the day. 

Moving on, here are some features worth noting about this coffee maker: you can set this coffee maker to make batches of 1-4 cups, you can select the strength of your coffee (regular, strong or bold) and the LCD display lets you know much time has elapsed since you’ve brewed your coffee (up to 120 minutes) so you won’t ever get a mouthful of old coffee by accident. There’s even a 24hour auto brew function so you can wake up to a pot of fresh coffee. The thermal carafe makes hitting the snooze button a couple of times no problem – your coffee will still be hot after an extra 20 minutes of shut-eye. It also features auto shut-off, so you won’t have to worry about any accidental fires happening because you forgot to switch off your machine. 

Overall, reviewers on Amazon love how straight forward this machine is to use, as well as how the carafe keeps their coffee hot without dripping everywhere when you pour from it. 

  • Programmable.
  • The thermal carafe retains heat well.
  • It has an auto-off.
  • Some users say that the water reservoir is hard to clean.

Best compact coffee maker

Cuisinart DCC-450BKC 4-Cup Coffeemaker

If you’re short on counter space but need a coffee machine that’s a step up from a single-serve unit, this Cuisinart coffee maker makes four cups of coffee but is still relatively compact (17.1 x 22.2 x 27.9 cm). 

This is a pretty basic unit – it features a brew-pause function that will allow you to sneak a cup of coffee mid-brew without having it spill everywhere, as well as a 30-minute automatic shut off feature to help give you peace of mind. Plus, its stainless-steel carafe will ensure that you don’t get any weird plastic-y taste in your morning brew. 

Overall, reviewers on Amazon seem satisfied with how this unit run. However, a few reviewers have noted that this unit brews coffee slower than other units do (in particular, one reviewer found that their 12cup coffee maker made coffee faster than this unit). 

If you’re looking for extra features like freshness indication or multiple brew options, this probably isn’t the coffee maker for you. On the other hand, if you want an uncomplicated coffee maker without any bells or whistles, this Cuisinart coffee maker could be a good match. 

  • Easy to use.
  • Compact.
  • Affordable.
  • It brews coffee relatively slowly.

Best coffee maker for the office

Keurig K-Duo Essentials Single Serve and Carafe Coffee Maker

If you want the people in your office to have a choice about the kind of coffee they’re drinking without splurging on a fancy coffee machine with a billion drink selection options, this Keurig coffee maker is a good compromise. This machine allows you to brew coffee with either coffee grounds or K-cup pods. 

There’s a K-cup pod for pretty much any coffee or tea drink out there, so you will always have plenty of options to choose from for your morning coffee or tea. 

If the amount of coffee or tea your office needs changes from day to day, no need to worry. This coffee maker features multiple brew sizes (an 8, 10 or 12 cup carafe, or a single 8, 10 or 12 oz. cup) so you can brew as much or as little coffee as you need. It also features a large water reservoir (1.77 L or 60 oz), which should be more than enough to brew a full-sized carafe of coffee. 

Overall, reviewers on Amazon are happy with this unit – it has a rating of 4.5 for ease of use and a rating of 4.6 for how easy this unit is to clean. One minor dislike that a few reviewers share is that accessing the water tank is awkward since it is located in the back. 

  • Several coffee sizes.
  • Easy to use.-
  • The water tank is hard to access.

Best gourmet coffee maker

Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System (CP307)

We also think the Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System (CP307) is the best coffee maker for craft drinks. 

If you’ve ever wanted to have Starbucks-like coffee without having to actually go to one, this coffee might scratch that itch for you. It features individual coffee and tea baskets, as well as frother that can turn hot or cold milk into foam you can use to top your cappuccinos or lattes. With five different brew modes (including classic, over ice, 10minute cold brew and specialty), you’ll probably be able to make any coffee or teabased drink you desire.  

You can choose between a glass carafe or a thermal carafe (which is slightly more expensive than the glass carafe) for this unit. If you drink your tea or coffee slowly over the course of the day, a carafe can help keep your drink warm without having it stew on a hotplate.  If the amount of coffee or tea you drink on a day to day basis changes, that won’t be a problem with this coffee maker. You can brew anywhere between a single cup of tea to a full carafe of coffee thanks to the six different brew size options this machine offers. 

One particular feature of this coffee maker that Amazon reviewers like is that it is able to determine how much water to use in your brew based on the size selection, instead of using however much water you put in. Overall, this model is worth considering for aspiring home baristas or even for people who love both coffee and tea equally but don’t want to get separate equipment to brew both. 

  • It brews both coffee and tea.
  • Multiple volume settings.
  • Tall unit (30 x 25.4 x 38.1 cm).

Best espresso machine

De’Longhi ECP3420 15 Bar Espresso and Cappuccino Machine with Advanced Cappuccino System

This is like a miniature version of the huge espresso machines you see in Starbucks and other coffee shops. Wondering why you can’t use a regular coffee maker to make espresso? It really comes down to espresso needing pressure in order to be brewed properly – most regular coffee makers won’t be able to give you the 7-9 bars of pressure required to properly make espresso.  

Moving on to the actual machine itself, it features a manual frother (jug not included), a 3 in one filter holder that contains a holder for a single espresso shot as well as a holder for a double espresso shot and an easy-serve espresso pod. In addition to this, the bottom of the tray is adjustable and removable so that you can fit cups of all different sizes under the dispenser. 

Thankfully, the water tank is removable, so you don’t have to move this 4.54 kg unit to the sink every time you want to fill it with water. One last feature worth noting about the De’Longhi 15 Bar espresso and cappuccino machine is that it features a ‘rapid cappuccino system’ that maintains the optimal temperature to brew your drinks at so you don’t have to wait for this unit to heat back up to make a second cup. 

Something to note is that some reviewers find this machine finicky  if you use too few grounds or too many grounds when you tamp your coffee down, the pressure of this machine won’t be sufficient enough to extract an espresso. Once people get past the learning curve, however, they generally seem satisfied with this coffee maker. 

  • Removable water tank.
  • Manual frother.
  • Adjustable bottom.
  • It has a bit of a learning curve.

Best French press

Mueller French Press Double Insulated 310 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

French presses aren’t as intimidating as they seem – all they’re really doing is steeping coffee grounds in hot water and pressing the grounds out after a few minutes of waiting. They’re also a good alternative to other coffee makers if you don’t handle technology well. 

If not everyone in your household is into coffee, French press coffee makers can also be used to make tea or hot chocolate. 

Moving on, here’s why we think this Mueller French press coffee maker is a step above other French press style coffee makers: it’s double layered and made of stainless steel (which will help retain heat better). It also has a 4 level filtration system to ensure that you don’t accidentally sip on some coffee grounds or tea leaves.   

Overall, this 32 oz (~1 L) French press coffee maker is intuitive to use and is relatively inexpensive when compared to electronic coffee makers. 

  • Inexpensive.
  • Double-layered for heat retention.
  • It makes a variety of drinks.
  • None.

Best Italian coffee maker

GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot

If you love a strong cup of coffee or if you want a coffee maker without any bells or whistles, this Grosche Moka pot is worth considering. This Moka pot in particular is a stovetop model – it makes coffee via passing boiling water pressurized by steam through ground coffee.  

You’ll want to note that this coffee maker won’t work very well with an induction stovetop  it’ll heat far slower than if you use a gas or electric stovetop. You can even heat it over a campfire. The model we’ve listed makes 15.2 oz (~450 ml of coffee), but there are other units in the same listing that make less coffee. 

This coffee maker is a little more involved than putting a coffee pod or some coffee grounds in the machine and pressing the on button. Fortunately, there are only four steps you need to follow: filling the base with water, filling the funnel with ground coffee, re-assembling the pieces and placing it on your stovetop on low flame, and then removing your Moka pot from the stove once it stops gurgling. 

You won’t be able to throw this coffee maker into the dishwasher, so you’ll need to manually clean it after each use.  Overall, reviewers on Amazon find that after a bit of a learning curve, this coffee maker is easy to use, plus it is easy to clean. 

  • Straightforward to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Affordable.
  • Stainless steel. –
  • The silicone seal needs to be replaced regularly.

Best nice-looking coffee maker

Smeg Retro Style Coffee Maker Machine

Most products from the Smeg retro line are eye-catching and well designed, so we weren’t surprised when we picked this coffee maker as the most nice-looking unit available in Canada.

Coming in a wide variety of colours, this Smeg coffee maker is very aesthetically pleasing. It captures a retro vibe without being outdated itself – it has all the features any other coffee maker would have, such as multiple brewing size options, various brew strength settings, a 60 minute keep warm function, and an auto-start mode so that you’ll always have a cup of coffee waiting for you when you get up. It even features a reusable filter – no more having to constantly buy new filter paper for your coffee maker. 

Unlike a lot of the other coffee makers on this list though, this unit is quite pricy. Depending on which retailer you purchase this unit from, it costs about $300 or more.  

If you’re looking for a coffee maker based on aesthetics alone, this one is hard to beat. But if you’re taking functionality into account more than looks, you can find plenty of coffee makers that still look decent and have the same functionalities for less of a cost. 

  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Reusable filter.
  • Expensive.

Frequent coffee maker questions

What is a coffee maker?

A coffee maker is an appliance that makes you coffee from ground coffee 

What are the types of coffee makers available?   

There are several kinds of coffee makers including (but not limited to): pour-over coffee makers, drip coffee makers, Moka pots, capsule coffee makers, percolators, cold brew coffee makers, espresso makers, grind and brew coffee makers and French press coffee makers. 

Where can I buy a coffee maker in Canada? 

Several physical retail stores and online retailers have coffee makers available for purchase such as (but not limited to): London Drugs, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy. 

Which coffee maker makes the hottest coffee? 

Pretty much all coffee makers brew their coffee under 100 degrees Celsius – any hotter and your coffee would be burnt and bitter tasting. However, stovetop coffee makers/Moka pots (such as the GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot) can get your coffee to a high temperature relative to other coffee makers. 

Moccamaster vs Nespresso: Which coffee machine is the best? 

Let’s start off by defining what type of coffee machines these brands are. Moccamaster coffee machines are drip coffee machines while Nespresso coffee makers rely on coffee pods and pressurized hot water to make your coffee. From an environmental standpoint, you’d probably want to go with the Moccamaster, since pods create a lot of waste. However, if you like to have and try a wide variety of drinks, Nespresso coffee machines may be the way to go since their pods provide a wide selection of drinks. 

Another thing to consider is how much coffee you need. Nespresso machines typically make one cup of coffee per pod at a time while Moccamaster coffee machines make anywhere from 1-15 cups of coffee depending on the model. If you don’t drink very much coffee, a Nespresso machine is probably better the choice. On the other hand, if you’re in a household that consumes a lot of coffee from day to day, a Nespresso machine probably isn’t going to cut it. 

Finally, let’s consider the price. Moccamaster coffee makers generally go for upwards of $300 on Amazon while you can find a Nespresso coffee maker for as low as about $150. If you’re on a budget, a $150 single-serve coffee maker from Nespresso is probably more justifiable than a $300 single-serve coffee maker from Moccamaster. 

Overall, neither one of these brands is really better than the other – they suit different needs and lifestyles. If you don’t drink much coffee but you like to have a variety of different coffees to choose from, a Nespresso coffee maker is probably the way to go. Otherwise, a Moccamaster coffee machine would probably be the better choice. 

 How to clean the coffee maker? 

Some coffee makers come with dishwasher safe carafes while others don’t – be sure to check your coffee maker’s manual before putting your carafe in the dishwasher.  

To descale or clean off the mineral deposits that have built up in your coffee maker, add a 1:1 ratio mixture of white vinegar and water to the water reservoir. Put a filter in place and then run the brew setting (or clean setting if your coffee maker has one). 

 It can help to pause your coffee maker mid-brew cycle so that the vinegar has a chance to break up calcium deposits. After your coffee maker has completed its brew cycle, remove the filter and pour out the vinegar water that’s in the carafe.  

To make sure that your coffee doesn’t taste like vinegar, put a new filter in and run at least 2 brew cycles with clean water, discarding the water in the carafe each time. If you still find that your coffee maker seems backed up, you can try running a brew cycle with the vinegar and water mixture again. 

Are coffee makers worth it? 

There are a number of reasons why coffee makers can be worth it. If you spend $5 every workday on a latte, that’s about $100 a month or about $1200 a year spent on coffee – you could potentially save a large chunk of change each year if you made your own coffee.  

Whether you want to cut down on your sugar intake by reducing your visits to Starbucks or whether you just want a cup of coffee waiting for you when you get up, you could probably benefit from having your own coffee maker. 

How long does a coffee maker last? 

That really depends on the type of coffee maker that you have. Some units can last as few as 1 to 3 years while others can last over 6 years. 

How do I know if I need a new coffee maker? 

To put it simply, you should get a new coffee maker whenever your old one stops working and you can’t seem to find and/or fix the problem. One common problem that people have is that their coffee maker seems to produce coffee very slowly. That problem is often fixed by descaling your coffee maker – we covered how to do that earlier in this FAQ section. 

One last thing – before you pull out your wallet to buy a new coffee maker, check if your old one still has an active warranty. Chances are, you’ll be able to get a new machine this way if you’re still within the warranty period, or at the very least you’ll be able to get replacement parts. 

Who invented the coffee maker? 

There’s not really a clear answer to this question – it also depends on what you count as a coffee maker. Early on, people added coffee grounds to pots or pans with hot water to make coffee – later onpeople began using filters (with paper filters being invented by Melitta Bentz.) Eventually, percolators became common in use after the development of filters. 

Can I make tea in my coffee maker? 

You should be able to make tea by just putting tea leaves where you usually put your coffee grounds. There are some coffee makers that are specially designed to make both coffee and tea, such as the Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System (CP307). 

Other coffee makers

Here’s a list of coffee makers that didn’t quite make it on our main list for one reason or another. We’ve evaluated them here so that you can still learn more about them. 


Makita Coffee Maker (DCM501Z)

Although most of us know Makita for their power tools, you might not know that they also make coffee makers for on the go use. This coffee maker can make up to 3 5 oz coffees on one battery charge (using an 18V LXT 5.0Ah battery). With a 4.0Ah LXT battery charge, you’ll be able to make 2.5 cups of 5 oz coffee and with a 3.0Ah LXT battery charge, you’ll be able to make up to 2 cups of 5 oz coffee. 

Regardless of the battery type you use, that’s not a lot of coffee to be had. Plus, this coffee maker doesn’t come with a battery. That’s an extra cost to add to the already high price tag if you already don’t have a battery.

If you’re going to be somewhere without electricity, you might be better off bringing coffee in a large vacuum-sealed thermos or bring a Moka pot so you can make coffee over a fire instead of relying on a battery and a coffee maker with a very limited coffee making capacity. 

Aerobie 83R01 AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Another option for making coffee without the luxury of electricity, the AeroPress is a coffee maker that meets the approval of coffee enthusiasts to camp cooks to anyone in between. The AeroPress can make coffee, cold brew, or even “espresso-style” beverages, in one quick press.

The AeroPress is easy to set up and use: the filter goes inside the screw on filter cap, and then follows your fine ground coffee and water. Stir the coffee, and insert the plunger. Press the plunger downward and the coffee will filter out the bottom into your cup. When you hear the hiss of the airtight seal, you know you are finished. Unscrew the cap, push the grounds and filter out, and rinse. Not only do you have a delicious cup of java, but a totally clean AeroPress as well!

Unfortunately, the AeroPress requires some method of heating water for hot beverages, so this handy device is not for everyone or every situation. But due to it’s simple components, easiness of use, and surprisingly delicious coffee, the AeroPress is certainly worth giving a try.

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