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Sam Beetham is a writer who has accomplished his childhood dream of rating things professionally. When not gazing deeply into the LCD display, he can be found cooking, designing DND dungeons or working on music with his band.
Category: Camping Gear Reviews

The Best Sleeping Pads in Canada

Sleep is important, especially when camping. Stay well rested with the best sleeping pads in Canada.

Category: Snow

The Best Balaclavas and Neck Gaiters for 2022

Whether looking for a balaclava or a neck gaiter, we got the best for the ski hill.

Category: Camping Gear Reviews

The Best Hammocks for Camping in Canada

Hammock camping can be one of the most comfortable ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Category: Camping Gear Reviews

The Best Sleeping Bags and Quilts in Canada

The best thing after a long day in nature is a good night’s sleep.

Category: Snow

The Best Ski Gloves & Mittens in Canada

When you ski, are your fingers cold? Keep your digits warm with these gloves and mittens.

Category: Snow

The Best Ski Jackets and Shells for 2022

Stay warm and dry on the hill with the best ski jackets and ski shells.

Category: Hobby & Crafts

The Best Guitar Strings of 2022

Guitar strings are integral to how a guitar sounds and plays. Choose the best strings for your axe here.

Category: Snow

What to Carry on the Hills: A Skiing and Snowboarding Guide

Whether you are a weathered alpinist or new to the slopes, we are here to help you find the ski and snowboard gear you need.

best windshield wiper blades in canada
Category: Car

The Best Windshield Wiper Blades in Canada

Wiper blades are an underrated piece of safety equipment for your vehicle.

best thermal shirts in canada
Category: Snow

The Best Thermal Shirts in Canada

A thermal shirt is one of the bests ways to stay warm during the cold weather.

best Bluetooth speakers in Canada
Category: Audio

The Best Bluetooth Speakers in Canada

Bluetooth speakers provide a high-quality audio experience wherever you go, from adventures outdoors to staying in.

Category: Projectors

The Best Pico and Portable Projectors in Canada

Whether projecting a movie night or a slide show – these projectors go where you go.