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Sam Beetham is a writer who has accomplished his childhood dream of rating things professionally. When not gazing deeply into the LCD display, he can be found cooking, designing DND dungeons or working on music with his band.
Category: Kitchen & Dining

The Best Sous-Vide Machines in Canada

Cook a juicy steak everytime like a gourmet chef with this selection of sous-vide machines.

best bread maker in canada reviews
Category: Kitchen & Dining

The Best Bread Makers in Canada

From master bakers to newbies, getting the right bread machine will make your life easier.

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Category: Finance

How to Save Money: 25 Top Money Saving Tips

Learning financial literacy can be hard, but we all need to start somewhere.  

Category: Kitchen & Dining

Best Espresso Machine to Start Your Day Right

Skip the corner coffee shop and get the full bougie-latte experience at home.

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Category: Finance

The Best Credit Cards in Canada in 2021

Low interest? No fee? Cash back? Find the ideal credit card for your situation.

Category: Kitchen & Dining

The Best Vacuum Sealers in Canada

Whether cutting your food waste, or upping your food game, these vacuum sealers can help!

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Category: Cycling

The Best Car Bike Racks in Canada in 2021

Explore bike trails outside of your city’s outer limits with these racks.

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Category: Accessories

The Best Wireless Mouse in 2021

For some, your mouse is your livelihood. Pick the mouse perfect for you.

Category: Printers & Scanners

Upgrade Your Office With The Best Laser Printer

Get all your documents ready to go.

Category: Fashion

The Best Boxers and Boxer Briefs in 2021

The best men’s underwear – from boxers, briefs, and everything in between.

best camping tents in Canada
Category: Camping

The Best Camping Tents in Canada

Camping is one of the best ways to get into nature, but without the perfect tent – your trip can go downhill fast.

Category: Decor

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers in Canada

The best stylish, affordable, and effective essential oil diffusers for your home.