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Sam Beetham is a writer who has accomplished his childhood dream of rating things professionally. When not gazing deeply into the LCD display, he can be found cooking, designing DND dungeons or working on music with his band.
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How to Make Your Tent Last Longer

Your tent is an investment. Maximize your tent’s lifespan with this guide.

Category: Kitchen & Dining

The Best Cookbooks You Can Find in Canada

Finding inspiration to cook is difficult – but these books offer recipes you will be excited to cook and especially eat.

Category: Printers & Scanners

3D Printers – An Overview and Buying Guide

The possibilities are limitless for what you can print with a 3D printer. Find out more so you can start creating!

Category: Camping Gear Reviews

The Best Camping Chairs in Canada in 2023

Whether camping, barbecuing, fishing or relaxing in the backyard, do so in comfort with these camp chairs.

Category: Kitchen & Dining

The Best Electric Kettles in Canada (2023)

Kettles aren’t a relic of the past! Enjoy bold coffee and aromatic tea optimally with the latest in high-tech kettles.

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Hiking Guide: Getting the Most out of Day-hiking and Backpacking

Hiking can be the best way to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. This guide will help you get started.

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The Best Hiking Boots and Trail Shoes for 2023

Boots and shoes are perhaps the most important piece of gear for any hiker.

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The Best Headlamps and Lanterns for Summer 2023

Visibility is important when the sky turns dark. These headlamps and lanterns will illuminate your summer.

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The Best Water Treatment Systems for Backpacking

Even when the water is clear, bacteria and protozoa may be hiding near.

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The Best Sleeping Pads in Canada

Sleep is important, especially when camping. Stay well rested with the best sleeping pads in Canada.

Category: Snow

The Best Balaclavas and Neck Gaiters for 2023

Whether looking for a balaclava or a neck gaiter, we got the best for the ski hill.

Category: Camping Gear Reviews

The Best Hammocks for Camping in Canada

Hammock camping can be one of the most comfortable ways to enjoy the outdoors.