The Best Vacuum Sealers in Canada

From small business applications to the countertop of a home chef, we think vacuum sealers can be an important tool in the kitchen and can potentially save you its cost in food. However, finding the right vacuum sealer for you is the difference between long term food savings and frustration. That is why we made this buying guide of the best vacuum sealers in Canada, including pros and cons, and product considerations. 

Food waste is a major problem we are facing today. While savvy shoppers know buying in bulk can be the cheapest way to save on your grocery bill, having produce go bad or cuts of meat or fish get freezer-burned is not just throwing money away, but leads to methane production and contributes to global warming.  

Properly sealing your food before freezing or storing it is one of the best things you can do to prevent spoilage. And one of the best measures to properly sealing your food is by vacuum sealing. Vacuum sealers suck out the air from a special vacuum bag and seal them, creating an airtight enclosure that both improves the lifespan of frozen or dry stores goods, but also help retain the flavour of foods for longer as well.  

Read on for a review of the best-rated vacuum sealers in Canada.

Our top picks

What to look for in a vacuum sealer

Attachments: Some vacuum sealers feature compatibility to additional attachments, like vacuum hoses, marinating canisters, and other versatile components. If these seem interesting for your use as a home chef, or whatever other uses you need a vacuum sealer for, this is a definite benefit, but if you do not think you will need these functions, they are not worth shelling out for.  

Sealing Function: One of the most important aspects of your vacuum sealer functions is how well it seals the vacuum bags.  If a vacuum sealer struggles with sealing your food, the chance of food spoilage or freezer burn becomes far more likely.  

Size: Some of the better, commercial grade vacuum sealers are large units, that can take up valuable counter space, and are harder to store. Some of the cheaper units are easy to put away or move when not in use. However, beyond storage, size of your vacuum sealer can impact the type of vacuum bags it can seal, as units that are larger can handle larger bags, although standard sealing strips can work with most kinds of bags.  

Storage: Some units have storage space for bag rolls, as well as slicing components for cutting the bag rolls to size. This is handy to keep your vacuum sealing bags with the unit, but not essential in our opinion.  

Vacuum Power: The stronger the vacuum within the vacuum sealer isthe faster and more effective the sealer will be at removing the air from the bag, which is the name of the game in vacuum sealers.  

Our methodology

The most important measure we considered when ranking the best vacuum sealers in Canada was “how well does it vacuum seal?” Vacuum sealing requires two different tasks happening one after another, and so how well each unit vacuumed, and then sealed, were of our main concern. While the mileage from each vacuum sealer may vary, we tried to incorporate a variety of units, at a different price range, that accomplishes this central task well. Other factors we considered were storage options, compatible accessories and durability. While some users may have had issues with some units we incorporated, more than many other accessories, your success with each of these models rely on the level of care you put into operating these devices. Haphazardly sealing fluids, or repeatedly using units with no internal fan are a good way to end up with a broken machine quickly. 

We put over 16 hours researching different models of vacuum sealers in the creation of this list. We referred to factory specs, compiled trusted reviews from websites like NYMag’s The Strategist, and read through countless verified user reviews to determine which models we liked and why we liked them. We only included models with an average score of 4 stars or higher to ensure satisfaction with the purchase of your next vacuum sealer.  

Best vacuum sealer overall

Avid Armor A100 vacuum sealer

There are many vacuum sealers on the cheap end of things, with questionable durability, to high quality commercial machines that might be out of the price range of many home chefs. For a powerful vacuum sealer in the middle for people with serious vacuum sealing needs, the Avid Armor A100 is a trustworthy machine with strong quality and performance.  

The sturdy stainless-steel body is easy to clean and feels heavy duty, with one user claiming the build quality is “What [you] would expect from a commercial setting”. At the same time, this unit is not overly huge for your countertop space, with a footprint of 34 cm x 45 cm, but is slightly heavier than many of the units on this list, coming in at slightly over 6.5 kg 

This unit features a transparent lid and an extra wide vacuum channel, making loading your vacuum bags for the perfect seal easy and cleaning just as easy. With a powerful vacuum, up to 28Hg, that can remove air in about half the time as other vacuum sealers, and a wider seal so the vacuum packs are strongly sealed, this vacuum sealer does an excellent job of keeping your food safe from oxidization. The Avid Armor A100 includes a double piston pump and cooling fan inside, making repeated vacuum sealing a breeze. The Avid Armor A100 also features a juice tray, so you can use your vacuum sealer to seal moist foods like cuts of meat and fish without freezing prior or worrying that it will wreck the machine. 

The Avid Armor A100 features a soft touch control panel with variable seal times (between 1 and 9 seconds) as well as a handful of specialized modes (Marinate, Accessory, Pulse Vac, Impulse seal) that adds an incredible amount of versatility. Accessory allow the Avid Armor A100 to connect to Avid Armor’s line of vacuum canisters, allowing for easy storage of dry goods like freshly roasted coffee or pantry staples like rice and pasta without going stale. The Marinade function allows for quick marinating within the vacuum canister, without the potential of the liquids in the marinade ruining your machine. The Pulse setting is designed to prevent crushing delicate items, and Impulse seal allows sealing of bags without using the vacuum functionality. Overall, this amount of versatility makes acquiring the vacuum canisters from Avid Armor a very attractive add-on.  

Overall, users have commented that this unit is a very dependable vacuum sealer that is well worth their price. There is a learning curve to this machine, maybe more so than others, as the variable timer on the sealer needs to be dialed in right for the bags you are using for perfect sealing. Avid Armor stands by their products, with excellent customer service and support, as well as including replacement parts like seals, heating elements and heat tape out of the box.

  • Strong vacuum performance, with cooling fans for continuous use and juice tray to combat moisture.  
  • Long list of additional modes add versatility to using the vacuum sealer in your kitchen. 
  • Strong customer service supports any issues your Avid Armor vacuum sealer might cause. 
  • May require some careful reading and practice before you get the most out of the machine.  
  • Pricier than most of its competitors.

Best automatic vacuum sealer

Foodsaver V4440 2-in-1 Automatic vacuum sealer

FoodSaver may be the brand most well known for Vacuum sealers on the market, and for good reason. The FoodSaver V4440 is definitely the most unique vacuum sealer on this list, with a handheld vacuum sealer component included, for 2-in-1 versatility.  

This FoodSaver unit is a larger model of vacuum sealer, that is 28 cm by 50 cm, but is also over a foot tall, and 4.54 kg in weight. While this unit is large, it does come with a wide range of features that make use of the size. The Foodsaver V4440 features fully automatic operation, that detects what type of bag, and food that you will be sealing, and adjusts to seal perfectly. With 20 hg of vacuum pull, this is a solidly powerful vacuum sealer, that should remove the air out of each vacuum bag quickly. The FoodSaver V4440 has a range of settings, including different settings for dry and moist food. This model also features a drip tray drawer that can be pulled out to dump any excess liquids vacuumed, keeping the unit and your countertops clean.  

One of the cooler features of this FoodSaver model is a retractable handheld vacuum sealer, designed to be compatible with Foodsaver’s own vacuum zipper bags, canisters and other Foodsaver accessories.  

The FoodSaver V4440 is backed with a 5-year limited warranty. Overall, some users found that this model is inconsistent at producing excellent seals, and every few bags, some air would make its way into the bag during the sealing process. Another flaw is that this model, like other vacuum sealers that are not equipped with an internal fan, are not meant for continuous use and a cool-down period is required between heavy use. If your use is limited to occasionally vacuum sealing one bag at a time, this model should suffice, but if you need heavier duty vacuum sealing, you may want to look at a different model.  

  • Features a typical vacuum sealer and a retractable handheld vacuum sealer for any add-ons you may buy.  
  • Automatically vacuum seals, with controls so it can be tailored to the food you are sealing.  
  • Removable drip tray protects from excess fluid and spills.  
  • Not designed for continuous repeated use.  
  • Not as consistent as other models in its price range. 

Best portable vacuum sealer

GERYON E5700 vacuum sealer

While the more expensive vacuum sealers are going to be more powerful and provide more consistent results, for people who only need to vacuum seal occasionally, shelling out two or three hundred dollars is a tall order. One of the cheaper options for vacuum sealers on this list is the GERYON Vacuum Sealer.  

The E5700 Vacuum Sealer by GERYON is slim and compact – slightly over 1 ft wide, and weighing slightly over 3 lbs, making storage easy and not taking much counterspace when in use. With easy-to-use automatic operation, vacuum sealing your favourite foods is incredibly easy with this unit. A hands-free light indicates when you can stop applying pressure to the device, and a seal indicator light lets you know when the process is almost done. One user noted that giving the sealer a few seconds after the light goes off will improve the seal’s strength. Another hack users online have come up with for sealing food with lots of moisture, like chicken breasts or salmon fillets, and recommend slightly is freezing these types of food to minimize the moisture being vacuumed.  

 This GERYON vacuum sealer is relatively easy to use, with 2 buttons for changing the sealer’s mode of operation – normal or gentle mode, and dry or moist mode – and 3 other buttons for the device’s operation. Seal is perfect for bag rolls. Vac Seal is the most important button, using the automatic functionality of the E5700 to vacuum out the air, and seal the bag. Stop allows you to increase your control over the automatic functionality. 

While the price may seem to good to be true, there are a few flaws with this GERYON Vacuum sealer. While most of the vacuum sealers on this list are likely the result of outsourced production, the GERYON E5700 is a product of the modern desire for cheap, mass produced products that prioritize lower price points over longevity or impressive results. While the machine works overall quite well, some customers have received lemons, and some found issues with the sealer, which does not apply enough pressure on the vacuum bag for the seal to be reliable every single time. Overall, for a budget model, this is a fine unit, however it does seem to be on the cheap side in terms of construction.  

  • Budget price for a solid beginner or casual vacuum sealer.  
  • Automatic functionality makes this unit easy to learn and use. 
  • Small design makes storage or transport easy.  
  • Quality control is spotty, and you could receive a lemon.  
  • Some users complained about the reliability of the sealing components.  

Best beginner vacuum sealer

Nesco VS-12 130W Vacuum Sealer

If you are looking for a high-rated, mid-priced unit, the Nesco VS-12 Vacuum sealer is an impactful model we recommend. With impressive features like both auto and manual functionality and optional double sealing that are usually reserved for more expensive models, the Nesco is solid choice when shopping for a vacuum sealer.  

The Nesco VS-12 is a mid-sized unit made from durable stainless steel, with a size of 40 cm x 20 cm, and a weight around 2.7kg. The VS-12 features 3 seal settings – Dry, Moist, and Double. The sealer also allows you to effectively seal bags up to 11.8” or just under 30 cm, making it versatile to most types of vacuum bags available. 

The 130-Watt double vacuum pump ensures solid air suction, with Normal and Gentle vacuum modes, the latter perfect to prevent delicate foods be crushed. While the exact vacuum pressure was not listed by Nesco or other reliable sources, users online stated that this model packs a 24 hg of vacuum pressure, which while we cannot state is totally reliable, seems like a strong amount for a unit at this price range.  

The Nesco features a built-in storage for bag rolls, and a cutter so you can create custom bag sizes easily. The VS-12 also includes an 8-inch and 11-inch rolls for vacuum sealing. However, some users found the bag material can be hard to fit if the rolls are over 2 inches in diameter (many bags sold are 3 inches in diameter). 

While this unit has a solid feature set at its price range, there are some flaws to this device that may make it imperfect for your intended use. This machine does not feature an internal fan, so it is not recommended for continuous use, and cooldown time is required after each use.  Out of the three sealing options, the moist setting seems hit or miss. Also, several users have noted that the sealing components – which are two metal strips stuck onto a flat surface – have had issues and failed. This does seem to be one of the main flaws of this unit. 

  • Solid feature set, including multiple sealing modes including double sealing, and Gentle vacuum mode.  
  • Included bag storage and bag roll cutter for custom sized vacuum bags.  
  • Solid price for expanded feature set.  
  • Sealing component has been a source of sealing issues and in some cases, unit failure.  
  • Not intended for repeated use, as machine needs time to cool down.  

Best budget vacuum sealer

NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

The cheapest Vacuum Sealer on this list is the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer. While we do not necessarily recommend going for the cheapest option, many people will have budget constraints. For users who want a beginner model, or with a lower budget when looking for a vacuum sealer, this NutriChef is a fine, inexpensive machine that while it has its limitations, but is still fully equipped to start vacuum sealing out of the box.  

The NutriChef is a compact model, approximately only 15 cm x 36 cm, and only under 3 lbs, making it a great fit for home kitchens as it can easily be moved and stored. The NutriChef Vacuum Sealer features two sealing modes, a dry indication and a moist indication, so you can seal a variety of foods, with a small drip tray so foods with small amounts moisture do not pose such a large threat to your vacuum sealer. Fully automatic functionality takes out the guesswork. The vacuum is only strong for about 18 hg, which is on the lower end of this list, but does not seem to detract from the experience as users are still able to get tight seals. Despite its larger footprint, this device can still seal bags up to 11” wide.  

The NutriChef features a full starter kit, so you do not need anything else to start vacuum sealing: 5 vacuum bags 7.8” x 11.8” in size), and one extra long vacuum bag roll (7.8” x 79.0”) so you are able to seal a large amount of products right out of the box.  

Some users find the locking mechanism finicky to click in place, requiring extra pressure to ensure perfect sealing. There is over an inch between the edge of the door and the heater element, meaning at least an inch of bag space will not be used, making this NutriChef unit not the most efficient vacuum sealer. Finally, a device this inexpensive is not built to be durable, and some users found their mileage with this device was limited. Overall, it seems fitting that this is the cheapest vacuum sealer on this list, but if you are careful with it and do not overuse this model, we feel like you can get your money’s worth out of this unit, and then some.  

  • Highly affordable unit that can still save you money on your groceries by keeping food longer. 
  • Includes everything you need to start vacuum sealing.  
  • Small unit for easy storage or transport.  
  • Some users have reported that this unit is hard to close the unit properly, since it requires so much force.  
  • Not very durable.  

Best midrange vacuum sealer

Hamilton Beach NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer

Another quality midrange vacuum sealer, this Hamilton Beach model has a solid number of useful features and a solid user score for a lower price.  

The Hamilton Beach NutriFresh is smaller compact model that is ideal for home kitchens, with dimensions of 43 cm x 26 cm, and weighs 3 kgs. The NutriFresh features a range of vacuum options, with and high/low vacuum level and pulse mode, for delicate foods that could be crushed by the other modes. In tests, the NutriFresh was only to have a vacuum pull of 16.5 Hg. The sealing aspect of this Vacuum is also versatile, with normal seal working perfect for dry goods and the extended seal function designed to work with moist goods. Even with the extended seal function, users online encourage partly freezing moist foods to make sealing as easy as possible.  

The NutriFresh includes storage space for the 20-foot bag roll that is included, as well as a bag cutter which you can use to cut the roll to the length you need. The NutriFresh is compatible with the included bags, but also bags from larger players in the vacuum sealer game, like FoodSaver. The NutriFresh is a fully-fledges starter kit, perfect for new users, with over 20 feet of vacuum seal roll, with 4 gallon-sized bags and 6 quart-sized bags, so you can seal all types of food with this unit out of the box. The NutriFresh features an accessory port, which can connect the NutriFresh to add-on components like hose, zipper bags or vacuum containers, which are sold extra.  

Overall, users find using this Hamilton Beach model of vacuum sealer easy and the quality of each vacuum sealed bag high. However, we do have concerns with quality control of this model, as a number of users had issues with this vacuum sealer within only a few uses. One other thing of note is that users found this unit is not meant for continuous sealing. Overall, for a midrange unit, this is a fine vacuum sealer, but it does nothing to particularly stand out amongst the other midrange units.  

  • Different vacuum and sealing functions, for delicate and moist foods, respectively.  
  • Comes with everything you could need to start vacuum sealing all types of foods.  
  • Includes a bag storage and bag cutter.  
  • Not designed to continuously vacuum seal.  
  • Quality control is spotty with this model. 

Best vacuum sealer for sous vide

Weston 65-0501-W Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer

Weston is a respected name when it comes to vacuum sealers. If you are looking for a higher-range vacuum sealer with strong performance that can seal a freezer full of meat and produce effectively, the Weston 65-0501-W is a model that meets that description.  

With a stainless-steel construction, the Weston 65-0501 W is a solid unit, that is approximately 46 cm x 25 cm in dimension, and approximately 3.4 kg in weight.  The large seal included allows users to seal a variety of bag sizes. With 210-watt motor that provides a solid 23” Hg of suction strength making it a strong vacuum unit. With a powerful fan, the Weston 65-0501-W can do continuous cycles without overheating, making great for small businesses, or hunters, fishers, and gardeners who might need to fill a freezer up with the products of their labor. 

The 65-0501-W features a number of versatile options for vacuum sealing with automatic suction, including pulse sealing for delicate foods, and marinate and accessory buttons, if you want to buy additional canisters to expand the range of this vacuum sealer. 15 Weston vacuum bags are included so you can vacuum seal out of the box.  

While some cheaper units struggle with items with high moisture content, the Weston 65-0501-W has no issue with these struggles, as long as the bag is loaded correctly. There was not too much negative that online commenters had to say about this unit. Some wished for a storage for the bags, but we feel that this is not a necessity. The only specific complaint we encountered is that after a period, some users had the gasket to this machine wear out, and when it did, sealing became less reliable. All in all, we think this Weston vacuum sealer is a solid midrange choice for home chefs to sous vide in, or to help store food for longer.  

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  • Strong motor for solid vacuum pull. 
  • Interior fan allows for continuous use without the quality of the seal dropping.  
  • Wide range of automatic features. 
  • Some users had issues with the gasket wearing out.  

Best commercial vacuum sealer

Weston Pro-2300

If you are a restaurant or small business owner, you might need a vacuum sealer with a lot of power for your day-to-day use. The Weston Pro-2300 is a commercial grade vacuum sealer that while being on the expensive end of vacuum sealers (and being the highest costing vacuum sealer on this list), has the power and durability to be a workhorse for whatever you need to vacuum sealer. 

Made from durable stainless steel, the Weston Pro-2300 is a large unit like what you could expect at a restaurant, being 58 cm wide and 9.98kg, however this may be too big for the kitchen. The Pro-2300 features a tinted lid, so you can monitor the seal as you are using the machine. The sealing bar is 38cm long and 5 mm wide, designed for creating airtight seals and fitting almost any vacuum bag. This sealing system will work with whatever types of seal you need to create. With 935 watts of power, and a fan for cooling, this vacuum sealer can effectively and continuously vacuum seal, with an impressive 28hg of vacuum strength. Overall, this is one of the strongest vacuum sealers available. 

 The Weston Pro-2300 features both automatic and manual operation, both easily started by the touch of a button. The digital control panel features displays for Seal Time and Vacuum Progress let you know when the vacuum sealing process is going to start.  

In terms of user response to the Weston Pro-2300, for the most part, users are very favourable. Some users have had issues with this product, which is bound to happen with almost every product. However, what is more concerning was Weston’s lack of customer service for these users. While this unit does have a 2-year limited warranty, but one users was surprised when the heat strip – an integral part of the sealing mechanism – was not covered by warranty. On top of the high price, this unit is best for small businesses or users who are avid vacuum sealers. You will be easily accommodated with a more midrange model otherwise.  

  • Strong vacuum draw for commercial quality vacuum sealer.  
  • Powerful fan keeps this machine cool, even after repeated use.  
  • Easy automatic and manual controls.  
  • This unit is so large and bulky for kitchen use and storage. 
  • The most expensive unit on this list.  

Frequently asked questions

How to use a vacuum sealer? 

Vacuum sealers are used to remove the oxygen from a storage bag and seal the bag with a heating component. Your vacuum sealer will likely come with bags for vacuum sealing, but bags are available for when you run out. Some vacuum bags are able to be cut to size, and require sealing the other end before vacuum sealing, others come at a specific size. Load your food (or whatever you will be vacuum sealing) into the bag, and ensure you have extra space – at least 2.5-3 inches of room for sealing. Then load your bag into the vacuum chamber of the sealer according to your model’s specifications. Your vacuum sealer will suck the air out of the bag, then seal the bag with a heating bar. Keep note of foods that contain fluids or moisture, as this can be sucked up with the vacuum and cause issues on some models. For more detailed instructions applicable to your specific purposes, we recommend reading the included instructions of your vacuum sealer. 

How much is a vacuum sealer? 

Like many kitchen appliances, vacuum sealers are available at a spectrum of prices – some as low as $80 CAD, and some easily in the range of $500 CAD +. What you are paying for is quality and longevity – many users of the cheaper machines have complained about not getting long term use from their vacuum sealers. While we selected the best vacuum sealers in each price range, a cheaper unit will not be able to compete with the high suction power and build quality of a more expensive unit, but for causal vacuum sealing, these units might suffice.  

How do vacuum sealers keep food fresher for longer?  

The element that allows us to exist – oxygen – is also a catalyst for the process of oxidation, which causes the degradation of cells. The presence of oxygen in storage allows for the breakdown of cells in food we eat, and can allow bacteria to grow. Vacuum sealers work to extract the air out of the container before airtight sealing the package, reducing the rate of oxidization and bacterial growth (but watch out for anaerobic bacteria found in soft cheese, garlic and mushrooms). This allows for your dry goods to keep longer and allows for frozen goods to last up to 5 times longer, without running the risk of freezer burn.  

Where can I buy a vacuum sealer? 

Vacuum sealers can be found in stores with a wide range of kitchen appliances: Walmart, Home Depot, Canadian Tire and any speciality kitchen store should carry vacuum sealers. If you want a vacuum sealer delivered, all the models we listed are readily available on Amazon.  

Where to buy vacuum sealer bags? 

You can buy vacuum sealer bags on Amazon, or most stores that sell kitchen appliances and sell vacuum sealers.  

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