Home Decor Trends for 2021

When it comes to clothing, trends seem to pass too fast; however, when it comes to interior design, they tend to stick a little longer. After all, it is unreasonable to update flooring and kitchen backsplash depending on every new season. Yet, like anything else in life flows and changes, home décor trends experience gradual changes too.

Unlike any other year, this time, the latest trends came as a response to the pandemic. Living spaces had to be reorganized. There also was an increasing demand for colours and textures that would add comfort to daily routines while people stayed home. With all that in mind, the following ten new home décor trends emerged under current circumstances. Fashion, they say, always reflects what is going on in the world.   

Our top picks

Vintage items & antique art

Increasing interest in vintage furniture, antique artworks started growing even before the pandemic. However, throughout the last year, it acquired tremendous popularity and not only because of how sustainable is the way of reusing instead of purchasing a brand new, but because of how much sentimentally and comfort such pieces add to the home décor. Designers suggest avoiding diving completely into rooms fully decorated in vintage. However, touches of paintings, vases, accent chairs or China sets are a clever way to elevate your living-room to a whole new level of decor design.

Bold wallpaper

As trends shift and repeat approximately every quarter of a century, we now watch the return of bold colours, abstract shapes, and floral patterns in wallpapers. Designers predict fading stage for minimalism while people still have to stay, work, and entertain from home. Demand for home décor that evolves strong positive emotions, that is at the same time comfortable, yet eclectic is rising. Such an effect could be reached-even if the rest of the furniture is made in simpler design-by adding wallpaper that has a vibrant background and intensive prints. 

High contrast decor

Pantone named Illuminating Yellow the colour of 2021, as they said it “reflects what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for that colour can hope to answer.” Truly, people look for more vibrancy, for strong positive emotions to support them during lockdowns. Colour trends in home decor change under that demand, and instead of all neutral, we can see the rise of high contrast tones between furniture, artworks, and upholstery. Colours that have depth, that look in harmony with already mentioned bold wallpapers create spaces that are intriguing, attractive and have a sense of drama and excitement.   

Earthly shades

Taking a step away from all-neutrals or grey-on-grey, earthly shades can be a great option for those who still crave that vibrancy, yet not ready to commit to a combination of Classic Blue and Illuminating Yellow. Instead, deep reds, browns, rust and ochre can create a welcoming, soothing space without too much visual noise. The best way to implement those colours into your home décor is a Jude or wool rug on the floor in the nursery, a brown or deep orange throw on the couch, wooden bowls or clay vases as kitchen décor, and abstract artwork in mustard yellow in the office.   

Anything but a white kitchen

It is another trend that came instead of long-lasting white cabinets. Since kitchens became a place for dining out while staying in, popular before all-white ones were found too bleak, uncomfortable in their appearance, uninviting, and needed a drastic change. One trend that emerges slowly is the pop of colour in the kitchen. And, even though you might not be ready to repaint all cabinets into peacock blue, you can always apply some touches of colour through little details.   

Eco-friendly decor

The trend on sustainability and eco-friendliness did not bypass home decor as well. The main focus while looking for eco-friendly pieces is their durability, quality and the way they were made. While such pieces were crafted in smaller quantities and were made to last, they can be more expensive than massively produced furniture. However, those pieces are known for bringing comfort, serenity and connection to nature to the one who is surrounded by themHere, think of natural materials like linen, wood, clay, and shapes that are perfectly imperfect in their impression of nature. What are the best pieces in category, and in which room they look their best? We love linen bedding sheets, bamboo bathroom trays, a Jute rag on the floor and solid wood coffee tables.  

Curved furniture

As you probably noticed by this time, we are taking more and more steps away from strict lines of minimalism, and switching to furniture trends that have some visual curiosity in them. This trend takes its roots in the ’80s. However, modern reflection on it suggests a combination of architectural, strangely curved seating pieces and simpler design of the rest of the room. It is all about balance when inspiration is drawn from the past.   

Mixed textures

Nothing adds more style to a room than a variety of textures mixed in décor. When it comes to creating a comfortable, inviting room, this trend suggests that more is better. To achieve an effortless look when experimenting with materials, aim for mixing wool, leather and velvet in winter, and linen, cotton and wood in summer. Such a combination of at least three different textures will create a gradual flow from one item to another. More than that, unique textures can also be a part of art pieces. You can stick to traditional oil paint, yet can look for something like metal or glass that on the wall would look quite unordinary.   


It only makes sense that after all talking about textures, bold colours, and curves in interior design, we gradually came to one of the main trends of 2021. Maximalism in décor when done right (and we do not speak of a vulgar, tasteless way of placing pieces together, and collecting clutter), has harmonious flow in it. Rooms, decorated in that style are comfortable, unique, tell a lot about the owner, and they are an expected change after minimalism ruled for so many years. When homes used to be the places to sleep at and to return to in the late evening, the minimalist interior did make sense.

However, staying home longer than usual, people started thriving for objects in their surroundings that are soft to touch, engaging to look at, and interesting to live with. Maximalism is a longing for emotions. However, if you are not ready to go crazy with repainting, filling the place with unmatching furniture, but want to add a bit of the trend into your home décor, start small. Put mixed artworks on the wall. Refresh pillows on the sofa, and add some painted pottery to the kitchen.   

Garden decor

As we spent most days of the last summer in lockdown, it is no wonder gardening acquired new forms of interest. Even those who prefer apartment living found ways to plant little herb gardens in their kitchens. Gardening and landscape design took a new turn and became a trend that keeps expanding along with such trends as cottage core, and country chicThis trend does not only include flower beds wherever sunshine lands but wooden or wicker furniture, pool décor, lanterns and even specifically designed patio tableware sets. 

What to look for when buying home decor

There are a few factors that you might want to keep in mind when shopping for home décor.   

  • Style/Design: From modern home décor to country rustic vibe, we all have different visions and preferences on how our houses should look like. However, even if you find a few home interior styles and trends attractive, it doesn’t mean they will fit your space and lifestyle at their best. In that case, it only makes sense to focus on two-three interior design directions that suit your personality and the space you occupy. The same idea applies to all future house décor shopping: keep in mind a few selected styles and work towards them.   
  • Material: Whatever it is you are choosing, a throw or a dining table, keep the focus on natural materials. Such materials as wood, glass, marble or stone, wool and linen not only look better but last longer than synthetic fibres.   
  • Comfort: While it is your home, the safest place we are talking about, the comfort of chosen décor pieces matters as much as style and quality. Look for pieces that are pleasant to touch, warming to wrap yourself into, and cushy to dive in at the end of a long day.    

Why trust us

We are a buying guide that focuses on fact-checked research, and suggestions that were approved by many customers. In fact, for this particular list of décor trends you can implement into your house, we spent more than 10 hours comparing different products, websites and focusing only on the best options.   

How we picked

It was important to us to find products that suit a variety of budgets, styles, and that respond to current décor trends. We picked according to those factors, plus kept in mind shopping convenience for Canadians.

Frequently asked questions

 What are the best home decor stores in Canada? 

Shopping for home décor can be both entertaining and exhausting. The latter feeling is explained by the fact that choices are great, and each store has a selection of specific things to purchase, after which you would have to move to another store to find what the former one did not have. Our favourite places to shop could be broken into the following categories: Ikea is a great choice for space organizing, lamps and curtains, HomeSense is the place for rags, vases, kitchen supplies and seasonal like Christmas and Halloween decorStructube is filled with affordable and stylish furniture. Bed Bath & Beyond literally has the best bedding and bath essentialsSimons and Crate and Barrel have high-quality furniture options. Meanwhile, such places as Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie carry selections of modern, on-trend, and vintage-inspired home décor pieces.

Which online home decor shops ship to Canada?

All listed above shops ship to Canada — although HomeSense is a physical store only. Another well-known and loved place to shop affordable furniture online for the Canadian market is Wayfair. However, you have to be careful with shopping for big furniture pieces there. Make sure to read reviews, and does not matter how attractively low the price might be, it could also affect the quality.  

Home decor tips?

Know current trends, but follow your intention. Here is the thing, if you stick to trends too closely and take them too seriously, you might be quite disappointed when designers will name something opposite. To put it into one easy perspectivedecorate the house with solid, good quality basic pieces that suit your styles, and then add touches of current trends that you find appealing. In that case, you will be able to switch little things like curtains, cushions, beddings, vases throughout seasons, and basics as sofa and dining set only when, well whenever it falls apart, or whenever you decide on major redecorating.  

Where to buy Home decor?

As it was mentioned in the first question, chain stores as Crate & Barrel, HomeSense, Anthropologie and Ikea are great for finding good quality furniture or accent pieces. However, besides those known retailers, you can always head to the nearest flea market or antique mall, where the discovery of unique, aged pieces with character and history is guaranteed.

What is home decor? 

Home décor means harmonious, aesthetically pleasing co-existence of properly chosen furniture, right arrangement of objects, layout and colours for one particular space.   

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