the best comforter sets in Canada

The Best Comforter Sets in Canada 

A person who on average sleeps eight hours a night spends at least twenty-five years in bed (one-third of their life or 9,125 days). While it sounds like a lot or even a waste of time, proper sleep is crucial for physical and mental well-being. It is not enough to just lie down and close your eyes to get every benefit from nighttime rest. Sleep quality is impacted by such factors as temperature in the room, excessive light, how much caffeine one has throughout the day, and of course the comfort of the bed.    

One of the best ways to regulate your body temperature at night is to choose breathable bedding and a suitable comforter. A comforter is a cozy soft cloud that makes your sleep better (and harder to get out in the morning). On the other hand, a poor-quality comforter can disrupt your sleep by feeling too bulky on your body or rough against the skin.   

While we will investigate the difference between a comforter and a duvet, it is worth mentioning that a comforter set is an ideal choice for students moving into a college dorm, or in fact, anyone moving into a new place, and someone who simply wants to refresh the look of their bed without spending too much on it.   

However, finding the right comforter set is a challenging task. The available sets vary in material, weight, down type and construction. That is why researching the best comforter sets in Canada we included several options for down-alternative comforters, down fill comforters, comforters that come with pillow shams and more.  

Our Top Picks

Why Trust Us

To find the best comforters available in Canada, we spent at least fifteen hours researching the product and based our selection on the following factors.  

First, we focused on customers’ reviews, especially considering warm sleepers and people with allergies.   

Second, we analyzed what other buying guides (Wirecutter, The Spruce, Made in CA) had to say about the best comforter sets. Some of those guides even had a chance to test a few of those comforters.   

Third, we included only best-reviewed comforters that earned at least four stars on Amazon and other online retailers.   

How to choose a comforter

Comforter vs Duvet: 

Although you can use both a comforter and a duvet to cover yourself when sleeping, there are several key differences between them.   

The first difference is that a duvet always requires a cover while comforters come with one. However, that also means that the duvet is easier to keep clean, while the comforter might require more frequent washings.   

Another difference and reason why many people choose a comforter over a duvet is that duvets (especially king-size) are difficult to slide into their covers. Since a comforter is a single piece that does not require a cover, most users prefer to use it as-is.   

Third, duvets are generally fluffier than comforters. Unlike duvets, comforters have a quilted-through design that makes them flatter. Duvets also come with more filling (down or down-alternative) than comforters.   

Choosing between a duvet and a comforter is based on personal preference. A comforter is a simpler solution (it often comes with matching pillow shams) that does not require additional pieces to protect it, while duvet can provide more warmth and feel fluffier.    

Fill power:  

Before we explain more about fill power remember numbers 600 to 800—the higher number indicates more voluminous down which means a warmer comforter. High fill power also means higher quality down fill. Lower-priced or entry-level comforters typically use at least 75% down (for down-filled comforters) mixed with cheaper feathers.   

If you are someone who easily overheats while sleeping, then choose a comforter at 400 or below. 400-600 is a versatile number for all-season comforters. The closer you get to 800 the warmer and more appropriate for Canadian winters the comforter would be.  

Most comforters are available in several weights which makes it easier to choose between light, medium or all-season and heavy (the heavier the comforter the warmer you will stay overnight).   

Down type:  

Speaking of feathers, the most common type of down is goose or duck feather fill. Goose down is much fluffier than duck down because the latter one comes from small ducks with small puffs of down.   

While more and more people care about the footprint they leave on the environment, including refusing to wear down-fill parkas or sleep under down comforters, companies also take steps towards more humane production. It is still difficult to sort out whether down was collected by plucking a live goose or a duck. However, several companies that produce comforters are transparent about using humanely harvested down only.   

Look for the RDS (Responsibly Down Standard) sign which certifies products created with the use of feathers from certified farms. When you see this certificate whether on a comforter, a duvet or a pillow, you can be sure that geese or ducks down was derived in agreement with established criteria of animal welfare.   

The down alternative is another option you could go for if you are looking for a more sustainable comforter at a lower price. Basically, the down alternative is a polyester-cotton blend that varies from gel-fiber filling to a lightweight, breathable fill called PrimaLoft.   


No matter the brand, price point or materials, all comforters are constructed of two layers of fabric with an insulating down (or down alternative) between them. However, the way comforters’ stuffing is distributed throughout the entire blanket varies as baffle-box and sewn-through.   

Sewn-through comforters feature boxes or other patterns that prevent fill from shifting around. Those comforters are easier to wash because each small pocket does not allow the down to move around during washing and drying in a tumbler. The only downside to sewn-through comforters is the chance that cold air may get through seams making your sleep less toasty.   

Baffle-box comforters have vertical strips of fabric that create three-dimensional walls between the top and bottom layers of the comforter. Those baffles keep the down airy and help to retain more heat.   

However, bigger sections allow down to shift around making it unevenly distributed over time. (To prevent it make sure to shake your comforter well in the morning and evening.)  

Thread count and weave type:  

If you want a comforter that keeps down inside a comforter’s shell look for a plain-woven fabric (cotton cambric or percale) which is a dense and durable material. If you also want a luxurious touch, be prepared to pay a higher price for a sateen or jacquard comforter (made of soft and shiny cotton weave).    

(Look for OEKO-TEX—certified cotton that is free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde, heavy metals and plasticizers.)  

The ultimate thread count for a comforter is 300-400. It provides a pleasant feeling against the skin and is enough for down retention.   

Colour and design: 

Choosing a colour and pattern of a comforter set is based on personal preference, (unless you buy a plain white comforter that should be used with a duvet covet). Several comforters on our list are available in multiple colours and patterns to match your home decor. However, as per many reviewers, Amazon tends to show colours more vibrant than they are in real life. We recommend looking at user review images to see the colour you selected in a different lighting.   

If you prefer a pattern over a solid colour, but worry it would become tedious, you always have an option to use a duvet cover to refresh the look of your comforter.   


A comforter is an investment into your sleep. That is why it has to be properly cleaned and protected (especially if it comes without a cover).    

Many users of comforters share that to make it warmer during cold months they add a flannel duvet cover and take it off for spring and summer months. By doing that you can opt for an all-season comforter without worrying it won’t keep you warm enough.   

Other reviewers recommend using a duvet cover all year round to extend the time between washings and prevent feathers from sticking out.  

Overall, the down and shell of a comforter might decay much faster when it is exposed to body oil every single night. In that case, down-alternative comforters can be washed more often than the goose or duck-down blankets. (A down comforter is not recommended to wash too frequently. You can do that once a year, or every three years if the comforter is not stained.) Frequent use of hot water can damage the down and baffle-box walls and shorten the lifespan of the comforter.   

The Best Down-Alternative Comforter Sets

The Best Overall Comforter Set

Bare Home Comforter Set

With almost 30,000 reviews and 4.5 stars Bare Home comforter set is a stylish and cozy addition to any bedroom. The comforter is made with a comfortable microfiber cover and down-alternative, which makes it warm, lightweight and easy to wash: the box stitching keeps microfiber fill in place preventing it from clumping when in a washing machine.  

Bare Home Comforter is available in thirty-three colours including some patterned options and bright colours if you want to add a bright accent to the space or decorate your kid’s room.   

Another factor we love about Bare Home Comforter is the all-season comfort it provides. Of course, it depends on the weather and what type of sleeper you are, but this comforter has enough fill to keep you warm in winter and breathability to allow cooler sleep during summer.   

Based on one reviewer the material of Bare Home Comforter is very soft, and the comforter is lightweight. Since she is a warm sleeper, she would not be able to use it in summer. “It’s been good so far on cooler autumn nights and I’m hopeful it will do well in winter,” she added. The comforter is very easy to wash/dry in the machine and the colour does not bleed, the reviewer concluded.   

Speaking of the fill, the microfiber down alternative is hypoallergenic, which, as many reviewers with allergic reactions say, makes it easier to sleep.   

The Bare Home comforter comes with one or two pillow shams (depending on the chosen size). 

  • Hypoallergenic down-alternative.  
  • Durable material.  
  • Box stitching to keep filling in place.  
  • Available in thirty-three colours.  
  • All-seasons comforter.  
  • As per some reviewers the comforter feels too thin.

The Best Lightweight Comforter

HIG Three-Piece Down Alternative Comforter Set

If you are a warm sleeper or do not want anything weighing on you while sleeping, check out this HIG comforter set. The comforter is lightweight and breathable due to thinner down-alternative filling.  

As one reviewer noted, the HIG comforter is fluffy and soft without being too thick or heavy, the material is cool and breathable, but keeps you warm in the cold weather. “The quality is great so far, the colour is on point and it covers my bed nicely.” He added that HIG comforter features great quality for the price and is a perfect piece for home decorating on a budget.  

HIG Comforter set is available in twenty-six colours and is made of OEKO-TEX-certified fabric and hypoallergenic microfiber filling. The comforter also features box quilting that keeps the fill in place no matter how often you wash it. Speaking of colours, each comforter is reversible, meaning you can easily update the look of your bedroom.   

The HIG comforter set comes with two pillow shams and is available in three different sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, and King/California King.   

  • Available in twenty-six colours.  
  • All-season comforter.  
  • Hypoallergenic materials. 
  • Lightweight fill. 
  • As per some reviewers colours are lighter than shown on pictures.  

The Best Craftsmanship Comforter Set

Maple and Stone Comforter Set

The Maple & Stone Comforter Set features an impressive number of items included such as one comforter, two pillowcases, two pillow shams, one flat sheet and one fitted sheet. Together they create a luxurious sleeping experience and add a sophisticated touch to every bedroom.   

The comforter itself is made from brushed microfiber and polyester down-alternative that is easy to maintain by washing it in a washing machine. The breathable material makes this comforter suitable for all seasons.   

The Maple and Stone comforter set is available in fifteen colours with a pinch pleat design that is both stylish and provides additional hold for the filling. Every pleat on the comforter has been measured to hit the best spots to prevent clumping.   

As one reviewer noted, “this bed set is amazing!” It looks just like the picture and is incredibly soft on her sensitive skin, she added. She will be buying all her sets from this company from now on.  

  • Elegant design.  
  • All-season comforter.  
  • Down-alternative which is ideal for people with allergies to down. 
  • As per some reviewers the quality of the fabric is not the most satisfying.  

The Best Warm Down-Alternative Comforter

Amazon Basics Ultra-Soft Micromink Comforter Set

Since winter in Canada is long and cold, many Canadians look for the warmest comforter they can get. Amazon Basics Ultra-Soft Micromink is one of those comforters.   

The cover is made with faux Sherpa fleece on one side and micromink polyester on the other which makes it fully reversible and cozy. (Use warmer fleece side during winter months.)   

As one reviewer noted, “I recently purchased this Sherpa bed comforter, and it has transformed my sleep experience into a realm of unparalleled comfort.” The comforter offers heavenly comfort, according to the reviewer, with incredibly soft Sherpa material.  It feels like a warm embrace, providing the coziest sleep environment imaginable, she added. She also finds herself looking forward to bedtime just to sink into its comfort.  

 The second reason is how stylish the Amazon Basics comforter looks in black. “The black colour not only adds a touch of elegance to my bedroom but also complements various decor styles. It’s a versatile choice that enhances the overall aesthetic,” she concluded.  

Besides a comforter, the Ultra Soft Micromink set includes two pillow shams. Just like the comforter the shams feature faux Sherpa on one side and micromink polyester on the other. You can easily rotate the pillows to refresh the look of your bed.   

Speaking of style, this Amazon Basics comforter set is available in fourteen colours, including plaids (an ideal pattern if you use this comforter during the Christmas season or keep it at your lake cabin).   

The set is easy to take care of—down-alternative fill allows you to wash the comforter in the machine and tumble dry on low.   

  • Reversible design.  
  • OEKO-TEX certified. 
  • Warm and cozy.  
  • Machine washable.
  • As per some reviewers it feels more like a blanket rather than a comforter. 

The Best Down Comforters

The Best Lightweight Down Comforter

Snowe Lightweight Down Comforter

If you are a hot sleeper or want to layer a few comforters on your bed, the Snowe Lightweight down comforter is a solution for both.   

This comforter responds to every criterion we mentioned earlier: it is constructed from OEKO-TEX-certified material such as cotton sateen shell and responsibly sourced down. The sateen shell offers a luxurious touch while the high-quality down allows you to sink into the comforter providing ultimate comfort.   

As per several reviewers, the Snowe comforter shows impressive performance over the long-term and continues to feel airy even after washing. If you choose to use a duvet cover the Snowe comforter has loops in all four corners so you can keep the cover in place.  

The only downside is that this Snowe comforter is not available in twin size, but you can still order it in standard Queen or King sizes.   

  • Luxurious sateen.  
  • OEKO-TEX certified.  
  • Responsibly sourced down.
  • Not available in twin size.  

The Best All-Season Down Comforter

Casper Lightweight Down Duvet

Unlike some other comforters, the Casper is available in two weights: a lightweight and a mid-weight. If a little pressure provides an additional comforting snuggle for you and makes it easier to fall asleep, pick the mid-weight option.   

The Casper comforter features 600-fill power and a cotton shell that provides proper airflow while you are sleeping. The sewn-in chambers are constructed to keep the down fill in place during washing (frequent washings are not recommended).   

Some reviewers noted that although the comforter feels on a thinner side it fluffs up over time. Others suggested using a duvet cover with the Casper comforter which would help this dense blanket to trap in heat better.   

One particular reviewer said that although this comforter is nice, it is on the thinner side. However, he gave it to his daughter for Christmas and she loved it saying that she feels like she is sleeping in the clouds with this comforter. The Casper comforter has the perfect weight and does not make her feel hot or cold when she sleeps.  

The long-term performance of the Casper comforter is impressive: it stays fluffy over time, especially if you protect it with a duvet cover.   

The only complaint several users had about this comforter is the crinkling noise the silky cotton material makes. It tends to reduce with time or with the use of a cover, however, if something like fabric rustle would drive you insane, keep this factor in mind. 

  • Two weight options.  
  • Breathable silky cotton.  
  • High-quality down.  
  • Available in three sizes.  
  • The outer shell makes crinkling noise.  

The Best Splurge Down Comforter

Silk & Snow Canadian Down Comforter

A true splurge, but so worth it, this Silk and Snow down comforter is an investment into a good night’s sleep. The 100 percent Hutterite duck down was sustainably sourced and collected locally in Canada. To protect the down from shifting around, and provide a proper airflow, the comforter is constructed with baffle boxes.   

Besides feeling like a cloud above you, the Silk and Snow comforter comes in two weight options. The lightweight version is ideal for those who wake up sweating in the middle of the night no matter the temperature in the house or outside. Meanwhile, the all-season comforter is designed to keep you warm during colder months (700-fill power) and provide enough breathability in the summer. A reviewer who is sensitive to temperature and weight noted that this lightweight down is working perfectly for her.  

Not only because the price of this comforter is fairly high, but also to avoid frequent washing (only spot treatment or professional cleaning), we recommend protecting Silk and Snow down with a duvet cover.

Silk and Snow Percale Bed Sheets  

The best part is that Silk and Snow comforters come with 100-night risk-free trials. You probably will be in love with this soft and fluffy comforter the first time you sleep under it, yet this option allows you peace of mind in case you are not fully satisfied.   

  • Extensive insulation.  
  • Sustainably sourced down.  
  • Two weight options.  
  • 100-night trial.  
  • Not machine washable.  

The Best Overall Down Comforter

Brooklinen Down Comforter

Another comforter that offers outstanding quality and performance is the Brookliner Down Comforter.  

As one satisfied reviewer noted, he was unsure about getting this comforter as anyone who lives in the South. After a month of use he confirms that Brookliner comforter is very well balanced for weight, does not make you sweat, and yet keeps you warm this time of year. “Do take into consideration that everybody’s body is different so do this information as you please, but for me, it has been great,” he added. The reviewer also worried that after washing the Brookliner comforter would lose its fluffiness. Nevertheless, it puffed right back up after drying and felt like it got even softer.  

The baffle-box construction protects and keeps in place the ethically sourced downfill. And despite 650 to 750 fill power, it is a lightweight comforter with a soft texture.   

Other reviewers, hot sleepers particularly, say their favourite part about the Brookliner comforter is that it does not trap body heat. The cotton shell (OEKO-TEX-certified) is fully breathable and is treated with antimicrobials (keep that in mind if you are suffering from allergies).   

Wirecutter’s staff who had a chance to test the Brookliner comforter for its durability and liquid absorption said that “it performed well against a coffee stain. It didn’t soak up any of the coffee, and any residual moisture was easily cleaned up.” 

  • Sustainably sourced down.  
  • Baffle-box construction.  
  • Available in two weights.  
  • Shell is treated with antimicrobials.  
  • Expensive.  

Questions and answers about comforters

What is a comforter?

A comforter can serve as both a bed covering and a blanket. It is a single-piece unit constructed of two pieces of fabric shell with a down or down-alternative fill in between. 

Comforters are placed on top of a flat sheet or a duvet that you use to cover yourself. However, comforters also can be used instead of duvets. They often come as a set with one or two pillow shams included.   

Why get a comforter set in Canada?

Comforters are not only cozy and warm (which is essential during wintertime in Canada), but also provide you with an affordable and quick way to refresh the look of your bed.   

Generally, comforters are lighter and less expensive than duvets which makes them ideal for covering your bed in the morning and sleeping underneath during the night.   

Comforter vs duvet: which one is better?

They are similar, but a comforter can play both roles as a covering blanket and a bedspread, making it more versatile than a duvet.  

A duvet is generally fluffier than a comforter and comes in white or cream colour, requiring a cover to protect it from stains and body oils.  

 Meanwhile, many comforters already have an attached cover which is both decorative and protective.   

Should I use a duvet cover with my comforter?

Yes, in fact, that is what we recommend. A duvet cover can improve the lifespan of a comforter and help to reduce washes.  

 A duvet cover is also a quick and affordable way to change up your bedroom decor whether you are putting it on a comforter or a duvet.   

Are down comforters better?

Down comforters are fluffier and offer a more luxurious feel. However, modern down alternatives can be as warm and pleasant to touch as down comforters.   

Quite often people who are allergic to down, concerned about the way feathers are collected, or simply do not want to pay too much for a blanket, will choose down-alternative comforters.    

What is a sham in a comforter set?

Shams are decorative pillowcases that are colour/style coordinated to match the comforter or a duvet cover. Those are rarely slept on and instead used to add a designer-like touch to a bedroom.   

What size comforter set should I choose?

Simply order a comforter that matches the size of your mattress. While it could sound like a good idea to order a larger size to let corners and sides drape over the bedframe, you would have to deal with unfitting pillow shams. (Example, ordering a king-size comforter set for a queen-size bed.)   

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