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The Best Air Mattress in Canada

Air mattresses might not be considered as comfortable as your bed at home but when you’re out camping, have guests, visiting others, or are in the middle of moving and need something temporarily – they are great to have around and have come a long way since their beginnings. 

With our air mattress guide, we can help you decide what features you may need most or what works best for you while going through the array of options that are available online. 

Top air mattress picks

What to look for in an air mattress

When you’re looking for an air mattress, be sure to keep these factors in mind:  

Durability – Not all air mattresses are created equally, and durability is a big factor against holes, losing air while you’re sleeping, or otherwise getting damaged and being unusable. Most air mattresses are made a lot more durable these days than they were before, but keep in mind reviews and images to get a gauge on how thick the material seems and how they may hold up over time.  

Size – Air mattresses can come in the same sizes as regular ones do, such as twin, regular, double, queen, and even king sized. Keep in mind what fits in your spaces or what’s comfortable for you, including storage afterwards or fitting it into the car while camping.  

Single or double height – Air mattresses come in a single or double height measurement. Single height usually don’t come with or need an air pump and are easier for storing and camping. They’re lightweight and portable but may break or deflate much faster. Double height are generally sturdier, resemble a regular mattress, and come with an air pump to fill them. Some have a fuzzy texture on top or have a lip on the sides to keep sheets in place.  

Support capacity – Support capacity may not always mean better quality, but all mattresses will show their weight limit on the packaging. As an example, an air mattress such as the Beautyrest Hi Loft (queen sized) claims that it can support up to 700-pounds. Just double check what weight limit works for you.  

Pump or no pump – Most single height air mattresses do not come with a pump of their own and just a tube to blow into yourself or use your own manual air pump. Double heights generally come with an automatic pump to inflate and deflate the mattress. An electric pump is incredibly helpful to have, as it saves time and effort. If you’re going camping however and are short on space, an air mattress that only requires easy filling may make more sense for you.  

Ease of storage – Generally speaking, the larger the air mattress you have, the more storage space it will need to take up. Double height air mattresses resemble regular ones and take up more space as they also don’t tend to roll up as well as single height ones meant for camping, etc. As it also goes with king sized or queen-sized mattresses. Check to see how the mattress you’re interested in stores back down after inflating, if it comes with a storage bag, etc. 

Active Era Premium Queen Sized Mattress

Active Era Premium Queen Sized Mattress

Highly rated as one of the best air mattresses overall available in Canada from multiple sources and other trusted review websites, the Active Era Premium air mattress is a double height bed designed for support, comfort, and ease of use. It automatically inflates and deflates, inflating to full and ready to use within three minutes. A raised pillow is included and it’s easy to roll up and pack away the air mattress once you’re done with it. The inner air chamber and coils helps to support and evenly distribute your weight without ending up with a sagging section or deflating too much while you’re asleep. 

Features of the Active Era Premium Mattress: 

Built-in electric pump: The built in electric pump is the best point to this air mattress, as there’s no fuss or needing to do anything yourself. It automatically fills and deflates at the touch of a button and takes about three minutes to fully inflate to its maximum fill. 

Top coating: The flocked top coating makes it easy to put sheets on top and keep them in place. If you choose not to use sheets while out camping, it’s a soft top to lay on by itself and most importantly, is also waterproof and is easy to clean. 

Raised pillow: The raised pillow is a nice addition that most air mattresses don’t include. If you forget your pillows or if you don’t want to take up space bringing them, the three-inch elevated section helps to support your neck while you sleep. 

Best budget air mattress

Durabeam single-height standard air bed

If you’re looking for a budget air mattress that won’t break the bank and works easily for a simple nights sleep or while camping, the Durabeam single-height standard air bed may fit what you need. It has a soft flocked top coating, has a Fiber-Tech construction that creates a stronger and more durable bed. The high-strength polyester fibers won’t stretch over time and create thinner spots. 


Top coating: The soft top coating makes it easy to use sheets with this bed and keep them in place or on its own for a soft sleeping experience that can help to keep you warm or cool depending on the weather and how you’re sleeping. 

Durable: Their Fiber-Tech construction makes for additional support, comfort, and stability for the entire air mattress and helps keep it from getting thinner stretched sections or breaking easily like some other single-height mattresses can be prone to do. 

2-in-1 valve: The 2-in-1 extra wide opening valve makes it easy to inflate and deflate the air mattress when needed, and one downside worth noting is that this mattress doesn’t come with its own air pump, so you will have to get one separately. Otherwise it does inflate and deflate quickly for fast set-up. 

Best air mattress for camping

Etekcity upgraded camping air mattress

Air mattresses built for camping are in their own category of bed. The Etekcity upgraded camping air mattress is no exception and is highly rated as one of the best for a reason, as it offers some of the best features around. The waterproof and comfortable top layer will keep you warm throughout the night and while the height is 18-inches high, it’s the perfect vertical height for most tents without taking up too much space or seeming like you’re too close to the ground as well.  

The thick PVC material it’s made from will keep the mattress from being punctured accidentally by most things, and it has a quilted-wave design that looks and feels like a quilted mattress. A built-in pump and lighter weight makes this easy to carry while hiking or needing to carry about for longer term backpacking. It’s ideal for anyone looking to elevate their camping bed.  


Wave-beam design: The wave-beam design internally changes the game for air mattresses, making this feel just like a quilted mattress, as opposed to a beam structure or coil design like most may have. It also keeps it sturdier and less prone to breaks or deflating as much as other beds might. 

Insulated flocked top: The soft flocked top makes for a comfortable sleep whether you want to put sheets on top or not and is waterproof, which makes it perfect for camping and carrying around. The extra flocked layer makes it insulated, like you’re sleeping on a real mattress more than an air mattress. 

Resistant: This mattress is puncture-resistant and anti-skid, has no obnoxious squeaking sounds when being moved, and is waterproofed. It’s made from 20% thicker PVC than most other beds and doesn’t contain cadmium, phthalates, or lead.  

Best double-height air mattress

Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe

Double-height air mattresses are great when you want a more ‘realistic’ mattress experience and not so noticeably resting on an air mattress. They’ve come a long way over the years with some air mattresses now feeling like normal beds. The Intex Dura-beam is a great middle ground that allows for a more comfortable sleep while not breaking the bank. 


Edge-support: The edge support adds in a little bit more room for sleeping and for keeping sheets and blankets in place more without sliding off as easily.  

Dura-Beam: Dura-beam construction makes this air mattress top-tier in that I doesn’t dip down like traditional airbeds, it won’t sink during the night while you’re laying on it and asleep. They claim that it’s 100% more durable than other air mattresses, 35% more supportive, and 15% lighter. 

Built-in pillow: The built-in pillow rest can work well if you’ve forgotten pillows to let you get a comfortable sleep still. A detriment is that it could be more of a pillow shape rather than a lip/ramp style section, but it does work all the same if necessary. 

Internal pump: Worth noting is the internal air pump that automatically inflates and deflates the mattress, without needing any extra pump or tool, or even fighting with it while deflating. It takes a few short minutes and takes away the stress of fussing over pumps. 

Best luxury air mattress

iDOO air mattress

The iDOO air mattress brand shows up in a lot of review lists as a dependable and cost-efficient air mattress available in multiple sizes and different types for your needs. This one is more on their luxury side and comes in several sizes. It has an automatic pump making it easy to plug-in and inflate or deflate within a few short minutes, and also has an interesting feature most don’t – where it also includes a manual pump, so if you take it camping and want to use a manual pump, you can do so easily enough.  


Large carrying bag: One thing that most air mattresses could use more of are large storage bags when you deflate the mattress again and have a hard time getting it back into place. This mattress comes with a wonderfully sized carry bag. 

Built-in pump: Always worth stating, the automatic built-in air pump makes it easy to inflate and deflate the bed without needing any extra pumps or carrying them with you. 

Waterproof: The top is flocked and waterproof, keeping it soft and comfortable for sleeping on and fine for camping or accidentally spilling things onto without a worry. 

Cord storage: The built-in pump uses a power cord and this mattress has its own cord storage compartment near the pump valve itself. It’s just large enough to roll up and keep the cord stored away within the mattress itself, without needing to keep it separately or accidentally ever losing it. 

Best air mattress for kids

Sleepah Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Pump (and others) included: This air mattress comes with an included electric pump, carrying case, pillow, patching set, and even an added stuffed animal. If you’re needing to grab an all-in-one set-up for sleepovers or camping with your children, this isn’t a bad set-up at all – especially for the price. 

Extra-high sides: The sides/bumpers of this bed help to ensure that your child won’t roll off and to help them feel safe while sleeping. The Sleepah mattress has extra high bumpers to help ensure that your toddler or child will stay in place. 

Durable: Sleepah ensures that this bed is 50% thicker than other air mattress beds in the same category for children, and stays inflated properly throughout the night. The seams are also reinforced and the valves are made heavy duty for extra durability. 

Our methodology

For this particular article, we chose the best air mattresses available in Canada based on sizes, functions, price, and most importantly user reviews and reviews overall from other trusted review websites to ensure the best for our readers and to help find one that works best for you. 

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