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Best Duvet Covers in Canada

When it comes to bedsheets, blankets, duvets, comforters – it can be a little overwhelming on what to purchase. A duvet cover is much like a pillowcase is to a pillow, it’s a cover for your blanket/duvet. While some may argue it isn’t necessary, they are incredibly helpful in needing to only wash the cover and not your blanket every weekend. 
There are many duvet covers available, including sizes, textures, and colours to match your rooms aesthetic and personal tastes, while keeping it easy to wash and making the chores more tolerable. Below is a list of duvet covers that are sure to help you on your way into finding one that works best for you, your budget, and your style. 

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How to choose a duvet cover

Size: Size is the most important factor when it comes to getting a duvet cover as it needs to fit your duvet correctly. Standard sizes for duvet covers typically match their duvets and bed sizes, such as Twin, Double, Queen, and King. You can get larger ones if needed that has specific dimensions such as California Kings.  

Fabric type: There are various fabric types that make up duvet covers. Cotton is the most common, along with polyester and cotton-poly blends as of the last few years. Another material that is becoming popular is 100% silk as it works well for allergies, resists dust and pet hair, and is breathable for hotter, humid climates. It stays cool at night and warm when you need it to be.  

Closure type: Some duvet covers have buttons for closures and others have a zipper for opening and closing to take your duvet out of the cover and put it back in afterwards. Zippers are typically much easier to deal with and won’t be accidentally kicked open while asleep during the night.  

Construction: Duvet covers are typically sewn in such a way that the duvet inside doesn’t get bunched up inside the cover. Higher end duvet covers will have ties at each corner, allowing the cover to be attached to the duvet and also preventing any bunching up. 

Davenport 700 thread-count duvet cover set

With seven colours to choose from, this 700-thread count duvet cover has you covered and won’t wreck in the wash or become faded over time. It’s made from 100% ultra fine cotton and has a sateen finish. It can be machine washed and won’t fall apart or lose its shape as you use it. 

This duvet cover is a set bundle that comes with the cover and two pillow shams. It does only come in Queen and King sizes, so if you’re looking for a duvet cover for a smaller bed such as Twin, you may want to try a different cover available from this list for other sizes. This duvet cover resists any pilling or staining and is well-reviewed to be a quality build and comfortable, with a long-lasting guarantee. 

  • Multiple colours available.
  • High thread count.
  • Plush. 
  • Only available in Queen and King sizes. 

Amazon Basics Duvet Cover

This affordable duvet cover works great for anyone on a budget, guest bedrooms, or to have a secondary cover in rotation. It comes in three different sizes including Twin/Twin XL, Queen, and King, along with seven colours to choose from including black and a bright white, for those that might have a problem finding the darkest or brightest colourways. 

They’re lightweight, wrinkle resistant polyester microfiber, have a zipper closure, and also include internal ties for securing the cover to any duvet you’re planning on using this with. It’s easily machine-washable and able to be tumble dried on low for easy cleaning and care without any tearing or issues. It is also made in a OEKO-TEX factory, which is an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. 

  • Multiple sizes, colours, and two closure types available.
  • Affordable. 
  • May not last as long as more expensive options. 

Bedsure Duvet Cover

The Bedsure duvet cover is a budget-friendly ultra soft microfiber fabric that is breathable and easy to keep clean. It comes in over ten colours and comes with two pillow shams as well as the duvet cover itself. Eight corner ties allow you to secure it to your duvet without any real slipping or bunching. A hidden zipper is also sewn in, to seal everything up faster and easier. 

Effortlessly upkeep this cover by throwing it into the machine wash with the rest of your bedsheets, as it is machine washable and dryer safe, gentle washes and low heat tumble drying works best to keep it in its proper form without shrinking or wrinkling. It does come in several sizes and has a very high rating across the boar from customers for being great for softness, comfort, wrinkle-free, and durability. 

  • Many colours available.
  • Ultra soft.
  • Great durability.
  • Corner ties may come loose.
  • Colours may not be quite as shown.

JellyMoni duvet cover

This duvet cover from JELLYMONI is wonderful quality for a decent price point, and it looks fantastic on your bed. It comes in a large array of colours and sizes, so there is a good chance that you’ll be able to find whichever size and colour you need and want without much issue. 

Their covers are 100% cotton fiber that resists fading and retains softness throughout its lifetime. It will also get softer after each wash and stays cool and warm throughout the year as you need it to be. No need to change your sheets every night during the summer. A hidden hassle-free zipper closure makes it easy to get your duvet inside the cover and it has corner ties to keep it all in place as well. It’s wrinkle resistant and doesn’t show well even if there are a few wrinkles, on any of the colour choices. 

The duvet cover comes with two pillowcases, a 1-month return and replacement service if something is wrong, and a lifetime customer service that according to reviews, is great and easy to use. 

  • Comes in a large array of colours and sizes.
  • Great customer service. 
  • May be thinner than some expect.
  • Pillowcase shams may be smaller than anticipated.

Utopia bedding duvet cover

This Utopia duvet cover bedspread and pillow shams set is a soft brushed microfiber that is lightweight, easy to clean, comfortable, and has a softness that won’t change while being washed. 

It’s wrinkle-resistant, breathable, fade resistant, and won’t shrink after washing and drying at all, even if you accidentally turn the wash to warm instead of cold. It does only come in a Queen size most of the time if the rest of the sizes aren’t available, but according to customer reviews, it’s worth buying if you need the size and they’ve had wonderful experiences with them. 

  • Brushed microfiber material.
  • Very strong.
  • Large amount of colours. 
  • May only be available in Queen size. 

Distinctly Home Romantique Duvet Cover

The Distinctly Home Romantique duvet cover from The Hudson’s Bay Company comes in two colours and three sizes, from Twin, Double/Queen, to King sized. 

It is a thicker, heavier duvet cover that is perfect for winters in Canada. The pillow shams are sold separately for this one, but the duvet cover is at a good price point for the quality. It does have a crinkled cotton design with a French-inspired matelassé weaving that brings a rich texture to the duvet cover, with subtle stripes as well. 

It is all 100% cotton, made in Portugal, and is machine washable without any issues with shrinking, tearing, or fading. Some reviews have stated that depending on your dryer, it may take longer to dry than anticipated – just as a note. 

  • Good price point for quality.
  • Looks great.
  • Thicker material.  
  • May be too heavy (and hot) for some users. 

Pure Parima Ariane Duvet Cover Set

The Pura Parima duvet cover set is a soft sateen fabric blended with Egyptian cotton has a silky smooth finish that washes well without any distortion. This duvet cover set includes one duvet cover and two shams, in either a Full/Queen size or a King/California King size. 

Made with 100% certified extra long-staple Giza Egyptian cotton, and oeko-tex certified to have non-harmful chemicals, sateen weave, 400-thread count, and hidden zippers for an ease of use with flap enclosures. It comes in eight different colours, including white, several beige/tan shades, light peach, and two blue/green shades. 

  • Multiple colour options.
  • Zipper closures. 
  • Sizes may not fit all duvets. 

Our methodology

Some people may miss some major brands, such as IKEA, Simons, and Pottery Barn, or a more diverse range of stylish items in this guide. Instead of focusing on trendy duvet covers, such as boho or minimalist options, we looked for chic options that would be more neutral and would fit the taste of wider audiences. It was also important for us to focus on availability and/or affordability, which are major concerns for consumers this year.

For this article, we looked at the best reviewed duvet covers available in Canada, from Amazon users, Hudson’s Bay, and also other trusted review websites that specialize in testing out various products, including linens and blankets.

Questions about duvet covers

What is a duvet cover?

A duvet cover is akin to a pillowcase for your pillow, except it’s a cover for your duvet. Unlike comforters that are thick and fluffy that need no external case, duvets are typically thinner and are used best with a cover. It also makes it easier to wash – much like if you needed to wash a whole pillow vs just the case each time you do laundry.  

Duvet vs comforter?

Duvets and comforters often get touted as the same thing, when they are not. Comforters are generally fluffy and thick blankets that can be used on their own without any sort of cover needed. A duvet is a thinner blanket that requires a cover to help it be its best, and to keep it clean/easier to clean. 

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