World Adventurists: Tips for a Stress-Free Family Vacation

Debbie and Darcy Fettback live in Vancouver (BC) and are parents of four cute adventurous kids. Everyone in this family loves to travel exploring different cultures, cities, and ways of life, and they sat down with to share valuable tips with anyone who dreams of travelling as a family.

Europe, Africa, Mexico, and even within Canada and North America… The Fettback family has been to multiple countries and continents, and they are always busy planning their next adventure. On their blog called “World Adventurists”, you can check pictures, tips (such as the best things to do), hotel suggestions, hear about their personal experiences, adventures, and more.

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Trip Favourites

Favourite place to go with children

We love visiting National Parks with the kids. National Parks allow you to immerse yourself in nature at its absolute finest. A trip to a National Park can be an incredibly rewarding experience, providing a unique opportunity to get close and engage with our planet – something that is absent from everyday life. Spend enough time unplugged in one of these magical places and you will find relief from the stresses of modern times while forging unforgettable memories.


How to create a script before each trip?

Planning a family trip can be tricky, especially since adults and children have different ideas of what makes for a good time. To make sure everyone is happy during the vacation, it’s important to include some activities that cater to the kids’ interests. Not only will this make the trip enjoyable for them, but it also makes them willing to try the experiences that adults suggest that can be valuable in the long run.

To keep them interested, look for sites or attractions that have a pool (or if its warm out, a lake) they can swim in. Going for a swim is the best refresh after a long day exploring. If camping is an option, spend some quality time enjoying the campsite and use it as an opportunity to bond with your kids away from the hustle of everyday life.


Must-have items to travel with your family.

One of the biggest life savers is the “Seat To Sleep”. We bring it on every plane ride and road trip. The Seat To Sleep is a travel nest, a lightweight inflatable cushion, which adapts adult plane seats into a comfy space for children 3-10. It makes travel much more comfortable for kids, keeping them happier and relaxed. While they can’t be used in the car when it’s moving, it’s a great comfortable rest stop option, and the kids even blow them up in the hotel room to relax.

Their essentials:


Camping time: What you should bring?

We love camping! We spend a lot of time road tripping during the summers and a lot of those nights are spent in a tent.

We love our Outbound 8-person tent and our Coleman mattresses for a little extra comfort, as well as a Coleman camp stove for all of those camping food favourites. Both brands always hold up well.

S’mores are also always a camping must! We love to try out different varieties of s’mores. The crazier the mixture, the better! We never forget a s’mores kit and roasting sticks!

Their essentials:

  • Coleman Mattress Coleman Guestrest Plus Air Mattress 18″
  • Stove Coleman PerfectFlow 2 Burner Stove
  • Roasting Sticks MalloMe Marshmallow Roasting Sticks
  • Hershey’s Smore’s Kit Hershey’s 01211HSY S’mores Caddy
  • Tent Outbound 3-Season, 8-Person, 2-Room Camping Dome Tent w/ Screen Porch, Room Divider & Rain Fly | Canadian Tire


Tips for Busy Moms

With four kids, I like to keep things simple. I often do not have a lot of time to fuss over makeup.  I love the Coco Radiant Vaseline cream, Blistex medicated lip balm, and Volum’ Express The Colossal Waterproof Mascara. I stick to a nude color palette.

Debbie’s essentials:


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