best tattoo shops in Edmonton

The Best Tattoo Shops in Edmonton

One gets a tattoo to remember a special person or a memorable day. Someone else decides to expand already existing tattoos to express their individuality. Whether it is your first ink or you plan to cover your entire back or arms, in both cases you can only trust a professional artist.   

For your tattooing experience to be safe and pleasant, we selected the best studios in Edmonton. Those tattoo shops were selected for their high rating based on the loyalty of many customers who trusted their skin to professional tattoo artists.   

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Why Trust Us

Your first tattoo is an important (and nerve-wracking) step that has to be taken with caution. That is why we selected only the best tattoo salons in Edmonton that earned at least 4.8 stars on Google. Besides, we reviewed what other clients had to say about their favourite tattoo shops and artists.   

We also considered the opinions of other travel guides such as Best in Edmonton and Scoop Canada who did not only collect information based on customers’ reviews, but also listed their favourite shops and discussed their experience.

What To Look For

Available services:  

While some tattoo shops offer piercing, that is not exactly what we have in mind. Before committing your time, money and body to a particular artist, make sure the tattoo shop provides a range of services. These might include cosmetic tattooing and laser tattoo removal. The latter one matters the most because a studio that offers this service means higher standards, an understanding of the epidermis and the ability to remove poorly done images.   

The second factor is a selection of merchandise that represent tattoo culture. Surely, it is not the only indication of a reputable shop, however, it shows qualification and seriousness of a local studio to fully welcome you into the tattoo industry. That might include clothing, accessories or body jewelry.   

Tattooist portfolio:  

Tattoo is permanent; hence you want to make sure an artist understands your vision. To make sure you will get the style, colours and overall image precisely the way you want, scroll through portfolios available on a studio’s website. Some tattoo artists specialize in cartoons and colourful images, while others work with traditional, realism and text designs. 

If you find yourself confused with a vast selection of available designs, a reputable studio typically offers customizable, unique tattoos created just for you during a consultation with an artist. However, it is best to be prepared and pick a few presented works that attracted your attention for a reference.   

Safety measures:

Health is a uncompromisable asset. Hence, you should only trust those tattoo studios that follow provincial and federal sterilization requirements. Such guidelines, first of all, ensure infection prevention. Better yet, if a tattoo studio uses disposable tools, and brand-new needles for each client.   

Respectful approach:   

Analyzing reviews of tattoo studios in Edmonton, we noticed that the main complaint customers raise is a lack of respect and arrogant attitude from reception staff and artists. The main concern came from newcomers who were treated with impatience. To investigate whether you would feel welcome, give them a call or walk in for a free consultation to experience professionalism and atmosphere at the tattoo shop.     

Phantom Avenue Tattoo

One of the newest tattoo shops in Edmonton has already earned the loyalty of many customers and a positive reputation. Phantom Avenue is a tattoo shop on Whyte where skilled artists promise to handle any, even the most ambitious designs.    

Phantom Avenue Tattoo studio, first of all, focuses on a personal client approach. They meet a request of a client for a unique design with professional guidance and artistic suggestions. Speaking of art, each tattoo master has a profound knowledge of different styles and can fulfill all your creative dreams.   

As one satisfied client noted, “Phantom Avenue is a GORGEOUS little tattoo parlour.” Taylor, an artist, looked at her reference photo for a tattoo and made an original version that was hundred times better.   

Someone else noted how knowledgeable and friendly the staff was. It is a beautiful studio — the ambiance and vibe are just cool, he continued. “While you are getting inked the staff are always there just trying to make your tattoo experience pleasant and fun.”  

And more, another client called Phantom Avenue Tattoo artists as those who delivers some of the best body art western Canada has to offer.  

Price range: provided upon contact   

Address: 10359 82 Ave NW #201, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z9  

Contact: (587) 520-7711  

Crimson Empire Tattoo

Crimson Empire is another tattoo shop worthy of checking out whether you are planning to get your first ink or increase the number of already existing pictures.   

“We get to talk art and life experiences with our clients, make amazing tattoos, and immerse ourselves in an environment that fuels creativity and improvement.   

 We’re very choosy about the artists we invite to work with us. Our priority is bringing people into the shop who love tattoos just as much as we do – if not more,” the owners say about Crimson Empire.   

Truly, the shop is a favourite among many Edmontonians. One of the clients got tattoos done at both the downtown and south side locations. She has been very happy with the work: the consultations were professional; the artists were able to take her ideas and translate them into a great-looking tattoo, adding elements that she would not have thought of. She added that the shops were faultlessly clean and the pricing was fair.  

This shop is an ideal place for anyone looking to get a custom tattoo. You can select an artist based on their portfolio even before you schedule an appointment (simply use a website to scroll through previously completed works). Someone who had Adrienne as an artist said she has never been happier with a tattoo. Adrienne listened to exactly what the client wanted (style/placement/size), that is why now she recommends her to anyone who wants a new tattoo.   

Price range: $200 minimum charge   

Address: 2333 90b St SW #101, Edmonton, AB T6X 1V8  

Contact: (780) 488-5070   

Bombshell Tattoo Galerie

Bombshell Tattoo Shop is another favourite among locals. Compared to other shops where artists work on a full-time base, Bombshell brings in guest artists. Those artists deliver unique tattoo designs including colour realism, contemporary, pop-culture, writings and neo-traditional art.   

Besides tattoos, the salon offers piercing services. (You can get a quick piercing or a small-size tattoo by walking in.) Bombshell Tattoo sets the bar for excellence, noted one satisfied client. From the moment you walk in you feel like you’re among friends, he continued. His artist Jess made sure the art he chose was perfectly designed and placed. “This is excellence in and of itself.”  

Another client who worked with Chanti, the artist, was nothing but impressed at the end. Chanti was constantly checking in on how he was doing through the four hours she worked on the piece. “Her colour work is amazing and the tattoo is simply stunning. I can’t wait to see it healed and will go back to her for future pieces,” he added.   

Price range: provided upon discussion of style, size and amount of work required  

Address: 3925 99 St NW Suite 200, Edmonton, AB T6E 6M4  

Contact: (780) 760-1950   

Urge 2 Tattoo Studio

“Life’s too short to rock bad tattoos”, say artists at Urge 2 Tattoo Studio. While you will get a unique, carefully done design on your skin, keep in mind that this shop is cash-only. Yet, unlike some other studios that only work by appointment, Urge 2 Tattoo welcomes walk-ins.   

Since Urge 2 Tattoo opened in 1999 it has been chosen by many customers. A client who got his first tattoo here a few years ago from Johnny said how stunning his tattoo was. The client told Johny, the artist, what he wanted and he recreated it identically. He added that everyone at Urge 2 Tattoo do not make you feel as much like a customer as they make you feel more like a friend.   

Price range: provided upon contact and consultation  

Address: 6551 111 St NW #2, Edmonton, AB T6H 4R5  

Contact: (780) 420-6252  

Odd Tattoo

Odd Tattoo is basically a one-person shop where Chris, the artist, specializes in both small and large projects. His portfolio combines black, grey, colour, and detailed images. However, he does not offer piercing.   

Everyone who reviewed Odd Tattoo studio noticed how sterile and clean the place looked. One of the satisfied clients noted that he cannot say enough good things about his experience with Chris: he has amazing attention to detail and a true artist’s eye. “Trust his vision, you won’t be disappointed!” 

Price range: $180 per hour   

Address: 2920 Calgary Trail NW #105, Edmonton, AB T6J 2G8  

Contact: (780) 701-8633  

Rabbit Rabbit Most Auspicious Tattoo

Rabbit Most Auspicious Tattoo focuses exceptionally on tattooing, (does not offer piercing). However, they understand how significant the decision to get a tattoo might be. Hence the artists make sure to walk each client through a range of questions so the permanent result would be to a client’s satisfaction.   

Keep in mind that Rabbit Most Auspicious Tattoo does not allow walk-ins. However, you could schedule an appointment for a free consultation or further tattooing on their website or via phone.    

As a satisfied client, who is clearly into his inks, noted that Natasha, the artist, has tattooed almost his entire back and he has always been impressed by the level of hygiene at her workstation and in their shop. Her attention to detail and how accommodating she has been continued to amaze the client.  

Another customer was impressed with an artist named Ben. “The colours are amazing and it healed beautifully. He’s a very talented artist, that took my ideas and created something special,” she said. Ben made her feel very comfortable, as she was nervous with it being her first time there.  

Price range: deposit can range from $100-$500, and the final price is provided after discussion of the size and style of a tattoo   

Address: 11611 107 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 0P9  

Contact: (780) 405-5001  

The Fountainhead Tattoo

The Fountainhead Tattoo combines over forty-five years of experience and a team of artists who dedicate their skills to creating unique tattoos. You can either pick one of their designs or ask them to come up with something that would meet your vision and allow you to express yourself. Whether it is an elegant writing, a smaller image or a bold full-back painting, those artists know how much a tattoo matters to your style.   

One of the clients described The Fountainhead Tattoo as a fantastic experience. An artist’s expertise in artistic design and diverse knowledge of techniques was very impressive and confidence-inspiring. Kevin has a professional yet relaxed personality which made the process reassuring, those clients added.   

The studio takes pride in an individual approach to each client. They do not just drop you off into the hands of a random artist but make sure you are comfortable in his or her presence.   

Another client, who worked with Raph, said that her new tattoo was absolutely beautiful. She added that the whole shop was very friendly and welcoming which is not always the experience at tattoo shops. 

Price range: from $100. The final price is provided upon contact and consultation   

Address: 3815 99 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6J1  

Contact: (780) 860 – 0900  

Shades of Grey Tattoo

“Integrity. Responsibility. Craftsmanship.” The Shades of Grey Tattoo studio owners use these three words to describe themselves. These are the values they present to every client whether they are working on a small or a large tattoo.    

The studio opened in 2010, and since then became a favourite tattoo shop among many Edmontonians. It is no wonder because Shades of Grey Tattoo believes in hiring only the best artists who are capable, not only of creating basic images on your skin, but also advanced, unique and expressive. Besides, they regularly rise their standards of safety and sterility by working closely with Alberta Health Services.   

A client who went in for a simple script tattoo (and booked another session for a back piece) said that Chris made him feel comfortable and made sure he was aware of everything along the way.  

Someone else who came to Shades of Grey with a friend to get their first tattoo, found Jodie, the artist, extremely open to their ideas. She also gave her input on things she thought could make it even better. The clients never felt judged and the final art for both of them was more than they could have hoped for!  

Price range: provided upon final decision on style and size of a tattoo.   

Address: 10442 82 Ave NW Second Floor, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A2  

Contact: (780) 756-0034  

Frequent questions about tattoos

What should I know before getting a tattoo?  

A few main facts to keep in mind before heading to a tattoo shop are price, pain and permanence. Getting skin art is an expensive experience where the complexity and size of an image only increase price, (on average a tattoo artist charges $100 to $250).   

At the same time, tattooing is a painful process. However, if you want to have as little pain as possible choose spots with fewer nerve endings and the thickest skin. If you are getting a tattoo on a bony area with thin skin, be ready for discomfort and further soreness of healing.   

Another factor to keep in mind is that, although tattoo removal is available nowadays, skin art is considered permanent. That is why choosing a studio and an artist is such a crucial step: you want to make sure you will walk out with a perfect tattoo.   

What is the most challenging style to tattoo?  

A portrait is considered the hardest style to perform simply because of the necessity to replicate facial features.   

How to speed up healing time after getting a tattoo?  

If you want efficient and smooth healing after getting a tattoo, refrain from picking or scratching it. Also keep your tattoo out of the water, especially from submerging it in a pool or a hot tub, for at least two weeks. Finally, do not expose it to the sun.   

What are the most popular tattoos?  

Most popular tattoo requests are typically hearts, words and quotes, roses, dragons and even insects such as butterflies.   

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