best breakfast places in Edmonton

The Best Breakfast Places in Edmonton

I believe a satisfying set of dishes such as eggs Benedict, pancakes, Belgian waffles, croissants and a cup of coffee or a glass of mimosa take you further in the day than a bagel and a drink to go. Besides, brunch offers various choices, fancy combinations and interpretations of traditional food. Think crafted cuisine by local chefs, and dishes made of locally sourced ingredients. That is exactly what this list consists of: the best breakfast places in Edmonton that have it all, a relaxing atmosphere, chef-curated menus, vast selection of traditional and modernized, European and Canadian brunches.   

My husband and I recently returned from a road trip to the West Coast. On our way, we dined at various places and picked up breakfast to go, but our final morning at a hotel surprised us with enjoyable and overwhelming in its breakfast options. While it was not a typical restaurant one goes to for brunch, it made me think that the true satisfaction of a morning meal comes from having many choices. Ideal brunch offers a selection where you take time to indulge every piece of pastry from fluffy croissants to flavorful cinnamon rolls, to eggs, sausages, and bagels.   

Sure, breakfast can be taken to go, eaten in a rush before work, but brunch has the essence of relaxation in it. Breakfast that you share with loved ones in an ambient, pleasant atmosphere is a sequence of genuine conversations, friendship, good food and, of course, one of the best ways to start your day. You might be too busy to head to the nearest restaurant for eggs and bacon, or even set a table to enjoy it slowly at home during work days. Yet when the weekend comes, there should be no excuse for sitting down and savouring a long brunch. 

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Why Trust Us

Choosing a brunch place on Saturday morning can be more stressful than it sounds, (if you are going with friends, kids or your partner and each person has a certain diet request or difference of tastes). In such a case it only makes sense to pick a place with a vast menu that would respond to many diets. This article features exactly such places.   

The way those places were chosen, as the best breakfast restaurants in Edmonton, is based on three factors. 

First, it is the opinion of other blogs and magazines that review local diners (for instance, Avenue Edmonton). Second, each restaurant earned at least four stars on Google. And third, every breakfast place has hundreds of satisfied reviews from regular and new customers. 

De Dutch

Although De Dutch is a franchise, they thrive to create a hospitable environment in every restaurant across British Columbia and Alberta. Since the first restaurant opened in 1975 in Vancouver, customers choose De Dutch as their favourite brunch spot because of its high-quality food and service.   

What I especially appreciate about De Dutch is many signature meals such as Dutchman-style Benedicts, sweet and sour pannekoekens, and more. Based on many genuine reviews customers especially love Dutch pancakes that come in huge portions. “There is depth and richness to the pancake,” said one of them. The sweet ones come with fruit sauces, whipped cream and sour cream, which pair very well with each other.   

What you can also expect is a cozy, stylish interior that varies in detail from location to location. Instead of complete repetition of an indoor space like chain restaurants tend to do, De Dutch allows each member of the franchise to bring their individual view to the appearance of the restaurant. Thus, each location of the dinery (that originally was established by one European descendant), can resonate with neighbourhoods and customers.  

During my research I also noted how many customers praised excellent service. You might see that prices are on a little higher side, but as per regular visitors and newcomers, portions balance the price and the taste makes you come back.   

Average prices: 

Breakfast: $21-25 

French toast: $17  

Pannekoeken: $20  

Hours of operation: 

Monday – Friday: 7 a.m.—2 p.m. 

Saturday – Sunday: 8 a.m.—3 p.m. 

Address: 10030 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 1R2 

  • European inspired breakfasts.  
  • Long-established company.  
  • Vast menu.  
  • Typically, crowded and loud place. 
Photo credit: De Dutch

OEB Breakfast Co.

“We believe that breakfast should be bolstered by artistry and passion,” say OEB Breakfast and Co. founders. And I feel the same way. Thus, this list could not be completed without mentioning another chain of restaurants that could be found across Canada. Yet, what makes it different from a chain like IHOP or Cora’s (which I also recommend if you are looking for a traditional Canadian breakfast) is a chef-driven concept.   

At OEB Breakfast Co. you can expect to find on your plate a creative combination of classic, familiar breakfast ingredients served with a unique twist. First, they make sure to choose the freshest products from local farms. Second, a chef’s cuisine is all about an intricate mix of basic ingredients like eggs and bacon with spices, vegetables, bread and more. It is a place to relax and savour every bite of food that you simply would not cook at home.   

I suggest you try Treesome (Two free-run eggs any style, choice of hardwood smoked bacon, rosemary ham, chicken blueberry bangers, or maple pork bangers, and choice of waffle/crêpes/pancake/brioche French toast), Canadian lobster and shrimp crepe, gnocchi breakfast carbonara, and French toast trifle dessert.   

Based on some reviews, customers note that the pricey tag does not prevent them from coming back to OEB for brunch. The atmosphere of the restaurant and quality of food is worth paying a few extra dollars. 

Average prices: 

Breakfast: $15-20 

Poutine: $21  

Sweet: $18 

Hours of operation: 

Monday – Sunday: 8 a.m.—2.45 p.m. 

Address: 10174 100a St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0R6 

  • Chef-driven cuisine.  
  • Comfortable, stylish interior.  
  • High quality, fresh farm ingredients. 
  • As per some reviewers, price is higher than other diners.
Photo credit: OEB Breakfast Co.

Hathaway’s Diner

Based on reviews, locals are proud to call Hathaway’s Diver their own. Whether you are craving traditional Canadian breakfast or feel like eating out in retro surroundings, this place can satisfy both requests. (My personal choice number one at Hathaway’s Diner is steak and eggs, with a slice of lemon pie for dessert.) 

According to other reviewers who keep coming back to the diner, their favourites are coconut cream pies and pancakes. So, no matter sweet or savoury, the vast menu of the diner has it all.  In addition to your food, I recommend coffee with liquid if you feel a little fancy or a milkshake to accompany your breakfast. People keep saying how impressively generous portions are: something to keep in mind, especially now when so many restaurants have noticeably reduced the size of servings.   

Speaking of pies, a review that attracted my attention, and definitely made me plan another visit to Hathaway’s Diner was about a pie. “My belly was full and I had my jacket on and I had even paid the bill,” said someone new to the city, “the kind waitress looked at me and said this is your first time here, you can’t leave without trying the pie, I’ll give you a piece on the house.” So, she took off her jacket and ate some pie. “I have never in my life eaten pineapple pistachio pie and let me tell you, it was the best pie I’ve ever had!” Exclamation mark. Exclamation mark.   

Another factor that attracts many customers is the retro-inspired decor and intimate atmosphere. Overall, enjoying an old-fashioned pie, while surrounded by mid-century adornments gives a movie-like feel nonetheless. 

Average prices: 

Breakfast: $16-20 

Burgers: $14 

Hours of operation: 

Monday / Tuesday: Closed 
Wednesday – Saturday 8:00 a.m.—3:30 p.m.
Sunday 9:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m. 

Address: 13225 132 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 

  • Unique retro-décor.  
  • Vast selection of pies.  
  • Tight parking.  
Photo credit: Hathaway’s Diner 

Little Brick

We all seek convenience in our daily lives and the dining experience is no exception. Little Brick understood that demand and established a space which combines a café, general store and private event/office space in one building. Moreover, to preserve history the owners of Little Brick chose the house of J.B. Little, built in 1903, as their main location. “Love the fact that Little Brick has turned one of Edmonton’s historical homes into a general store and cafe. Their use of local and seasonal ingredients is one of the best features,” said Cindy Nguyen, (Let’s Om Nom) for Huffington Post.

Besides offering convenient services of shopping and resting at the same place, Little Brick is known as a place with a passion for simple living, good coffee (they offer a rotating selection of coffee beans from roasters on the West Coast) and fine ingredients, whether it is a scone from the baked goods section or simple, yet delicious duck breast with crispy potato pave.   

Finally, the place is ideal for birthday parties. As one satisfied customer noted, her party at the Little Brick had it all: excellent food and beverages, and waiter’s service which was above and beyond any expectations. The atmosphere of the café and perfect weather allowed for an amazing event. Their outdoor canopy tents worked great for table seating, she added. 

Average prices: 

Breakfast: $13 

Sandwiches: $15 

Baked goods: $4 

Hours of operation: 

Monday – Sunday: 8 a.m.—4 p.m. 

Address: 10004 90th Street, Edmonton, AB

  • Three in one place.  
  • Locally produced ingredients.  
  • Convenient location.  
  • Limited seating space. 
Photo credit: Little Brick


Not so many places can boast of long-established history. Not so many, and Sugarbowl is one of them. Their unique, welcoming atmosphere and comforting, tasty food attract not only students and professors from the University of Alberta (the restaurant is located in Garneau), but also many other customers from all over the city. They opened in 1943 as a burger place and later in the 60s and 70s as a coffee house. Now, Sugarbowl is still a bustling full-service bistro.   

What they are most proud of, is being the first restaurant to offer Edmontonians a selection of craft and Belgian beers. And even now, Sugarbowl is the main destination for many to enjoy a glass of beer with a burger. (My absolute favourite one is a pulled pork sandwich with pickles).  

Speaking of food, other customers also testify that every visit to the restaurant lives up to expectations. Someone suggested a combination of mimosa paired perfectly with scrumptious chicken and waffles. Others returned for the omelet made with spinach and feta cheese. Overall, the menu is so vast you can definitely put this place on your must-try list not only for brunch, but even lunch and dinner.   

Finally, I do care about the aesthetic part of the interior as much as the quality of food and conversation. That is where Sugarbowl never disappoints. Ambient light creates an intimate atmosphere, while somewhat old-fashioned tables and chairs, along with the constantly buzzing crowd give you a feeling of an European bistro.   

Average prices: 

Breakfast/Lunch: $16-21 

Desserts: $9 

Hours of operation: 

Monday – Sunday: 9 a.m.—12 a.m. 

Address: 10922 88 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 0Z1  

  • Unique atmosphere.  
  • Selection of craft foods and beers. 
  • Long-established restaurant.  
  • Inconvenient parking. 
Photo credit: Sugarbowl

District Café and Bakery

Although District Café does not identify as a breakfast place, they do have worthy brunch options. I recommend traditional eggs Benedict and a croissant or a cinnamon bun on a side. And of course, pair it all with a cup of coffee (they use beans from Bows & Arrows Roasters, Rogue Wave and Monogram).   

Most of all, along with many customers, I want to highlight the versatility of District Café. As they say about themselves, “We’re all you need rolled into one. We are your pit stop to and from the office, the place you treat your friends and the space where you take time to relax.” For all those big and small events District Café offers dishes prepared from locally-sourced ingredients.  

Also, District Café, if you do not feel like eating breakfast, is a favourite among many customers for their selection of bagels, muffins, cookies and other baked goods.   

What I, however, keep coming back for, is minimal, yet cozy and inviting interior décor. You surely will feel comfortable there not only brunching with friends but also working or simply taking time to relax.

Average prices: 

Breakfast: $11 

Baked goods: $4 

Hours of operation: 

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m.—3 p.m. 

Saturday – Sunday: 9 a.m.—4 p.m. 

Address: 10011 109 St NW #101, Edmonton, AB T5J 0B9 

  • Wide selection of baked goods.  
  • Versatile space.  
  • Quality food from locally sourced ingredients. 
  • Inconvenient parking.
Photo credit: District Cafe and Bakery

Upper Crust Café and Bakery

Upper Crust Café opened in 1986 and up until now, they provide customers with excellent service and high-quality food. As a satisfied customer mentioned, “almost fine dining at a very cheap price”.   

They offer Canadian cuisine with a twist and dishes like Eggs Florentine, toffee pudding, Kaiser Filet and Chili Corn Carne only prove this point. Add a cup of coffee to your order if you are eating breakfast or a glass of wine if you stop by for lunch, and if the weather allows, take your order at the patio. 

Besides brunching (or lunching) at the Upper Crust you can always buy some bread and pastries to take home with you. The dessert display, placed at your right as soon as you walk in, looks too tempting not to get an extra bite of a pie or a square after finishing with eggs and waffles.   

The place is an ideal choice if you want to have brunch with a friend on a Saturday morning, feel like you are in European surroundings, or simply try out some new combinations of already known traditional dishes.   

Average prices: 

Sandwiches: $11 

Entrees: $19 

Breakfast: $14 

Hours of operation: 

Sunday – Monday: Closed 

Tuesday – Friday: 11 a.m.—8 p.m. 

Saturday: 10 a.m.—8 p.m. 

Address: 10909 86 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 0W8 

  • Selection of baked goods and breads.  
  • Unique ingredients combinations.  
  • Traditional interior.
  • Some customers found the interior too traditional, so if you are into minimal, more modern settings, you might feel a bit disappointed.  
Photo credit: Upper Crust Cafe and Bakery

Under The High Wheel

“If you go to Under the High Wheel, you aren’t going there because you’re in a hurry; you’re going there to enjoy some fantastic brunch fare that isn’t just slapped together. Look for traditional British favourites like bangers and mash, while crepes are available with homemade savoury or sweet fillings, made from locally sourced produce,” said Steven Sandor for “Best Restaurants 2018”, Avenue Magazine Edmonton.  

Under the High Wheel is a perfect combination of old-world comfort food, a hospitable atmosphere and dishes that are cooked with a chef’s twist from locally sourced ingredients.   

I come here for brunch only to leave satisfied. Along with many other pleased customers, I highlight excellent friendly service, and despite a small selection of brunch menu, outstanding quality of each serving.   

Another contented customer noted that she was surprised with flavourful and buttery texture of scrambled eggs, and a perfectly fluffy waffle.   

Average prices: 

Breakfast: $16-20 

Dessert: $8 

Hours of operation: 

Monday – Sunday: 9 a.m.—3 p.m. 

Address: 8135 102 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4A4 

  • Comfortable, stylish interior. 
  • Locally-sourced ingredients.  
  • Some customers complained about slow service. 
Photo credit: Under the High Wheel


When it comes to Pip, customers are ready to stand in line for an hour only to taste the excellence of famous eggs Benedict. “Honestly the best brunch I’ve had in a long, long time,” said a pleased customer who ordered the veggie eggs Benny, “the hollandaise sauce was perfection,” she continued. While Pip has a well-balanced menu of classic breakfast, brunch cocktails, soups, salads and more, they also offer some vegetarian options.   

They surely have many tempting dishes to try such as whipped feta and tomato toast, and short rib eggs benedict, I always come back for traditional eggs Benedict and affogato. The sauce is perfectly creamy and the ingredients, including coffee, are always fresh and tasty.  

As per Pip’s former location (their location 10335-83 Ave NW) it was tiny, cozy and classy. And despite limited space, they managed to establish a somewhat jazzy, yet intimate atmosphere at any time of day. Now, I am beyond excited to see what the new place would look like.   

Average prices: 

Breakfats: $19 

Cocktails: $10 

Salads: $12 

Sandwiches: $18  

Hours of operation: Check the website for updated hours. 

Address: 10335-83 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB  

  • Vast selection of food and drinks. 
  • Fashionable, cozy interior.  
  • The former location had limited seating space.  
Photo credit: Pip Food and Drinks

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