best junk removal services in edmonton

The Best Junk Removal Services in Edmonton 

A clutter-free home is satisfying to live in, and frankly, it is beneficial to your mental health and overall productivity. Depending on the size of your house, and the number of stored items, it might be time-consuming to get rid of all unnecessary junk. Although piles of bags filled with decluttered items might seem intimidating, pieces of old furniture or post-renovation junk are the hardest to get rid of by yourself. After all, large pieces of useless appliances standing around cause inconvenience. That is when junk removal companies can be of valuable assistance.   

Another reason to contact one of those junk removal services is the sustainability factor. Most of the plastic can be recycled, as well as electronics, instead of ending up in landfills. Sort out all the junk, put plastic aside with old TVs, computers, toasters and cell phones and trust junk removal service takes care of the recycling process.   

Edmonton’s best junk removal services offer the removal of exercise equipment, furniture, electronics, and construction debris removals, as well as residential and commercial junk. Most of them serve not only the city, but also nearby areas such as Beaumont, Leduc, Sherwood Park, St. Albert and others.   

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Why Trust Us

We selected the best junk removal services based on a few factors. The first, and most important one is customers’ reviews. All selected services earned at least 4.5 stars on Google and hundreds of positive reviews. Customers find each service reliable, professional and efficient.   

The second one is the fact that most of those companies offer junk removal in Edmonton, Beaumont, St. Albert, Leduc and further. Besides junk clear up they also cater to moving needs and even plumbing issues.   

Third, we made sure our opinion is not ours alone and checked what such websites as Yelp or Best in Edmonton have to say about junk removal services in the city.   

BYE BYE JUNK – Full Service Junk Removal & Dumpster Bin Rentals

Bye Bye Junk has been serving Edmonton for the last seven years and already earned hundreds of positive reviews from customers all over the area. Someone who had a lot of garbage to remove commented that Bye Bye Junk did the job way faster than they expected, and the price was very reasonable. The removal team was very upfront and honest about the amount of work that needed to be done and how much it would cost. They were very friendly and professional, a satisfied customers added.   

Bye Bye Junk does not only offer junk bin rentals, but also full-service cleanup, junk removal, scrap car removal, furniture and appliances removal, and even tree cutting.   

Another reason you would want to consider junk removal service is finished construction (or house renovation), where the only part that spoils the view is demolishing debris. Bye Bye Junk offers post-construction cleanup, and removal of sod, dirt and concrete.   


  • Bin rental. 
  • Tree and hedge pruning. 
  • Furniture/Appliance removal. 
  • Same day removal.  
  • No hidden fees.  


1-800-GOT-JUNK? started in Vancouver in 1998 and from a few small trucks it has grown to approximately 200 locations across three countries. While it is not a locally owned company and is already considered a full-scale chain, Got-Junk still earned the respect and appreciation of customers in Edmonton. They promise to remove anything from an unwanted sofa to clean up a warehouse full of junk. Got-Junk’s main focus is “keeping with our environmental goals to divert items from the landfill, wherever possible, we will donate items to charity and recycle.”  

Families in Edmonton, as well as business owners, say that 1-800-GOT-JUNK? helped, in a very efficient way, to reclaim storage space, and clear up garages so both cars fit again. The company uses the latest trucks and tools providing a hassle-free environment.   

In fact, as per satisfied customers, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? create very personable, friendly and fun atmosphere. They got busy and worked well together and got the junk loaded up promptly. Cleaned up all debris left behind when they moved the junk, he added. 


  • Exercise equipment/Furniture/Electronics removal. 
  • Construction debris removal. 
  • Free estimate.  
  • Same day service.

College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving

“At College H.U.N.K.S. we truly take our name to heart—Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable, Service. That means you can always trust our team to be courteous, friendly, and respectful of your property and belongings,” College Hunks say about themselves. It is another company that is widely known in Canada and the United States and trusted by thousands of customers.  

College Hunks is not only a premier junk removal but also a moving service. They are known for treating belongings with special care and respect when it comes to stress-free moving. As for removing junk, College Hunks is committed to providing expert service even if it is getting rid of an old mattress.    

“They are professional, courteous, and very helpful beyond what was expected,” noted a customer. She added that their prices are very reasonable and more affordable than other companies. 


  • Appliance/Furniture removal. 
  • Residential/Commercial junk removal.  
  • Full clean-outs. 
  • Upfront pricing. 

Just Junk Edmonton

Just Junk Edmonton deals with unwanted or unexpected junk quickly and professionally. The team of experts promises to remove everything, do all the work, and recycle and donate.   

Whenever you contact Just Junk for an estimate price indicate the items that you would like to be removed and expect to hear the lowest price in the city. (Basically, you would have to pay for the space the items occupy in the company truck.)  

A satisfied customer who was happy with the team’s professionalism, noted they were able to get same-day service for no extra charge. These guys were punctual (called ahead as they said they would), accurate in their on-the-spot estimate, very fast and really efficient. After dealing with all this junk for so long, they had it loaded and gone in half an hour (and it was a full load!). It was a huge relief, a satisfied customer concluded.  

The most attractive part about Just Junk is their environmentally friendly methods during their junk removal process with further recycling.   


  • Electronics/Furniture removal.  
  • Lawnmowers removals. 
  • Scrap metal removal. 
  • Fully insured.

JUNKZILLA – Edmonton Junk Removal Service

Junkzilla Junk Removal is exactly what it sounds: professional, quick and powerful service. It is a locally founded and owned junk removal service based right here in Edmonton. In fact, they have been around for almost a decade.   

They earned a reputation for reliable service, client discounts and hassle-free process during junk removal. A customer, who used Junkzilla to help him with the removal of some junk, noted that Peter (the owner) came out to look at it in order to give an accurate cost. He was honest and very thorough. Peter had sent him a quote within hours and junk was gone basically the next day. Others note how hard-working, personable and very professional the provided service is.  


  • Furniture/appliance removal 
  • Construction materials/renovation junk removal  
  • Flexible terms 
  • Offers customers discounts  

Junk 4 Good

What makes Junk 4 Good special is its not-for-profit approach. They use the proceeds generated from Junk 4 Good’s removal services to fund local non-profit services. In addition, they create local jobs for marginalized workers. The core of their mission is to alleviate poverty through employment, besides professional junk removal services. Moreover, this fact alone attracts customers from all over Edmonton and nearby areas. Besides clearing your homes and warehouses of junk, you get to participate in a good cause.    

Speaking of customers, many of them highlight polite, professional, and friendly service. A satisfied customer noted that Junk 4 Good arrived on time and went above and beyond in helping them remove all the things their family needed to be gone. Junk 4 Good should be recognized and he will recommend them to everyone needing disposal removal service, he added.   

Someone who needed a couch removal noted how seamless and professional experience was: Junk 4 Good took care to not scuff the walls or doorways when removing the couch. The employees were friendly and very professional, she added. 


  • Outdoor junk and yard waste removal. 
  • Indoor junk removal. 
  • Electronics recycling. 
  • Online estimates.  
  • Nonprofit programs. 

Junk Kings

While it might sound a bit extreme to suppose, there are could be days when you need both a junk removal truck and a plumber. If such a case occurs, contact Junk Kings. They offer not only garbage removal services, but also handle all plumbing issues.   

Junk Kings has been in the business for over fifty years, catering to plumbing and cleaning needs. One of their clients mentioned that Clint and his team came and did the near-impossible job for them: they removed an old hot tub. Given the space constraints, she did not think it was even going to be possible, but Junk Kings made it happen.  

Others call Junk Kings for carrying out and removing old furniture, and clearing out garages. “They had absolutely no problem getting some big and bulky furniture out of the house and quickly had the garage cleared of garbage,” a satisfied client noted.   


  • Plumbing services.  
  • Outdoor/indoor junk removal.  
  • 24-Hour service.  
  • Commercial/residential junk removal.  

Sunshine Junk Removal Ltd.

It appears that most junk removal services in Edmonton have been around for between a decade and fifty years. Sunshine Junk Removal is one of those companies. They began in 2010 and since then continued offering junk removal services, garbage removal services, and furniture removal.  

One sincere review viewed Sunshine Junk Removal as easily accessible professionals whose service she used after her mum passed away. Her mother had hoarding issues, and they came in and helped haul away a good truck full of things from eco station to large furniture items.  

Besides general junk removal, they specialize in hazardous waste removal and disposal, electronic waste, and furniture removal.  


  • Hazardous waste removal. 
  • Electronic/Furniture removal. 
  • Donated goods pickup. 

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