The Best Camping Chairs in Canada in 2023

Summer is the prime time of year to enjoy the outdoors. Whether that is fishing on the lake, barbecuing for guests in your backyard or camping in Canada’s backyard, you are likely going to spend more time outdoors this summer than any other month. When it’s time to sit down and relax or eat, getting the right chair can make your time outside much more comfortable. Kick back with one of the best camping chairs in Canada.

Our top picks

What to look for in a camping chair

Chairs are an afterthought, sure, but not something you want to forget about. I keep a couple of camping chairs in the back of my car at all times. Usually, camping chairs have only four criteria that people care enough to talk about. Those are the following:



Comfort in a chair comes from a few different factors but is also the most important factor in terms of what people look for in a chair. Mostly, we find comfort comes down to your preference and how close your chair meets it. What angle do you like to sit in? Do you find cushions or fabric more comfortable? These are just some of the considerations you should think about when looking for a comfortable camp chair.



Durability means that you can use your chair summer in and summer out. Durability boils down to build quality and treating your gear right. Thicker materials and stronger frames will improve the durability. Treating your gear right depends on the type of chair too: some fabric chairs and all chairs with a type of cushion should be ensured dry before storage.



Cupholders, Coolers, Canopies and more. Chairs do not offer much more use than a comfortable piece of furniture that you can sit on, so getting a cooler on the arm that lets you store beers or a canopy that protects from rain is a unique bonus that might sway you over. At least ensure you have a cupholder if your chair has arm rests, because you can never have too many cupholders.



Balance the above factors against the price and how often you will use your chair. Chairs do not need to be expensive unless there is a reason for them to be. I have used cheap chairs for summers and abused them and while they are not the most comfortable, they do the job. However, my Helinox I have for backpacking is treated well because that is the one chair I need when the other chairs won’t do.

Our methodology

We rated comfort and durability highest, since these were the main talking points that customers are generally interested in. Bonus features are nice to have, but somewhat superfluous outside of the necessity of having at least one cupholder. Price was a consideration, with chairs included at a higher price point for improved performance.

We spent over 12 hours researching chairs for this article. We conferred with leading review publications, read through verified user reviews and meticulously went through the specs of each chair. We tried only including chairs with an average user rating of 4 stars or higher.

The best budget chair

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

This is perhaps the camp chair. The Coleman Quad is found in backyards and campgrounds everywhere during the summer months. Oversized for added comfort and packed with features, this chair is an strong contender for relaxing and lounging after a day on the lake or trails.

The Coleman Quad chair is a folding chair, that when set up measures 91 x 102 x 59 cm. The chair’s dimensions are a little short, and the seat back likely will stop short only partway up the user’s back. The ergonomics are lacking, but the cushioned seat is an upgrade from the Coleman chairs I grew up with. Some things remain the same however: the rubberized tabs that hold the adjustable armrests are not built for durability and are prone to slipping. The included bag is still not built to last either. When folded, the chair packs into a bag with a packed size of 14 x 13 x 96 cm.

Where this chair excels is the bonus features that Coleman included. A mesh cupholder, 4-can cooler bag built into the armrest, and a mesh storage pocket all add storage possibilities, so you can stock up drinks, snacks, and items you need for spending a night sitting by the fire. These components are certainly welcome, but does provide a disadvantage when it comes to packing.

Coleman chairs are popular for their price over their durability admittedly. From busted mesh cupholders to slash upholstery, Coleman chairs often take a beating, and this is an admitted flaw. The can be a little slouchy and unstable too. But for its price and bonus features that improve chill time, we still need to recommend this chair.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Included cooler, pocket, and cupholder.
  • Not durable.

The most durable camping chair

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong

Camp chairs are typically an afterthought, a necessity to the alternative of the cold, hard ground. But they don’t need to be. The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong is designed to absolve the camp chair’s two main weaknesses: discomfort and lack of durability.

The ALPS Mountaineering is an oversized chair made from a heavy-duty 600d Polyester. The backrest and the seat are both padded, improving comfort. The padding does absorb water, so these aren’t stormproof. With dimensions of 96 cm x 50 cm x 96 cm, this chair is quite large overall. With a sturdy powder-coated Steel frame, this chair is incredibly sturdy. Added together, it does weigh 14 lbs, which is heavy as chairs go. Packing down this chair into its convenient shoulder carry bag make transport easier.

While sitting in this chair is comfortable, it is also very convenient. Double cup holder and double-side pockets mean you can load this chair with snacks and drinks.

People are very impressed with the build quality of the ALPS King Kong. This large chair is incredibly strong and sturdy, which users really appreciated, but even more important, almost everyone in the reviews we went through felt this chair met or exceeded their standards of comfortability. While this chair is on the more expensive side, it is easily worth it.

  • Very sturdy, very durable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Padding absorbs water.
  • Expensive

The best double chair

Kelty Low Loveseat

A two-person chair can be great for sharing with your partner or family. The Kelty Low Loveseat is a well-designed chair for two that is sturdy and comfortable.

The Low Loveseat is a folding chair that counteracts the instability and bulk inherent to folding chairs with a low to the ground design. This position is comfortable for lounging, so we are all for it. However longer campers might prefer the Kelty Loveseat. The seat, back, and arm rests are all padded for extra comfort, constructed from a durable Polyester fabric material. All of these components together do add up, and the Kelty Low Loveseat weighs over 15 lbs. The Loveseat Low wraps up into an easily packable roll to bring out to your campsite.

The Kelty Low Loveseat features double cupholders in the arm rest, which is the expectation for a double seat like this. There is not much else in the way of features this chair offers.

Overall, users really seemed to enjoy this low lounging chair, noting the height makes it not great for eating at a camping table. Campers liked the comfort and quality of this camp chair.

  • Comfortable low profile reduces weight while still being perfect for lounging.
  • Two-chair-for-one value.
  • Heavy.

The most supportive camping chair

Kijaro Dual Lock folding chair

What a comfortable, non-slouching chair for bringing out into the wilderness? There is not a better angled chair for beating the slouch than the Kijaro Dual Lock folding chair. With a tall seat for improved lumbar support, this chair is unmatched in terms of ergonomics by our other choices on the list.

The Kijaro Dual Lock folding chair is a firm, supportive chair with an angled recline designed with comfort in mind. Made from a taut 600 denier by 300 denier Polyester ripstop offers comfort and durability. a ventilated mesh back panel stays comfortable even on hot, humid days. We would’ve appreciated this type of panel on the seat of the chair too.

The Kijaro features two locking mechanisms for locking the chair open when you are sitting in it or locking it closed when carrying it.

In opposition to the traditional folding bag, the Kijaro folding chair has a carrying strap that makes packing up the chair fast and ridiculously easy. The downside is that the Kijaro cannot become anywhere as compact as the chair and really reduces the packability. If you find your vehicle packed when you are going camping, you should think about how much room you really have to spare before buying this chair. Even when folded, the chair is still 1.1 metres long.

Double cup holders provide ample drink storage. Overall, this chair is pretty simple without too many other features.

Overall, this chair offers excellent back support. Users generally found this chair comfortable, with a long back support great for people of all heights. However, the adjustable strap is not the most popular method of transport, proving awkward for many, and the large, packed size makes this not an ideal chair for all.

  • Comfortable, supported design.
  • Easy to fold out and pack up.
  • Large, packed size.

The most functional camping table

Woods Watson Director Portable Folding Camping Chair

Perhaps one of the most functional chairs on this list, the Woods Director camping chair is a great chair for the campground, complete with a side table, cupholder, and handy storage pocket.

Director Chairs are a unique style of chair that folds sideways and sits with a 90-degree angle. With an unfolded size of 90 cm x 57 cm x 95 cm, this is a decently large chair. A folded size of 91 x 16 x 56 cm is rectangular, but ultimately packable. Constructed from an impressively durable 900-denier ribbed Polyester Fabric, and powder-coated steel frame, this chair is rugged.

The extras that this chair possesses are super nice for relaxing around the fire or going to fish at the lake. A cupholder is expected for any chair, but this Woods chair also features a folding side table and a handful of storage pockets too.

Overall, users liked this sturdy, functional chair for their outdoor uses. While users thought this chair was bulky, they generally felt it was comfortable and easy to set up too. Users did find the folding mechanism difficult to open and close, which can be the case when such a mechanism does not have any other way to remain open or close. We would maybe recommend this chair for people who will not struggle too much if the hinge does cause resistance.

  • Loaded with features.
  • Durable construction.
  • Mechanism can be hard for some to closer or open.
  • Bulky.

Best cushioned camp chair

Woods Strathcona Bucket Chair

If are like me, you like cushions. In terms of comfort, the soft cushions of the Woods Strathcona Bucket chair cannot be beat.

This bucket style seat with oversized cushioning is perfect in terms of comfort. Constructed from a durable 600-denier polyster fabric, the cushion is designed to last. The powder-coated steel frame gives this chair a capacity of 136 kilograms.

At dimensions of 87 cm x 76 cm x 92 cm, this chair is a little wider and longer than average chairs are. Packing down to a somewhat larger packed size of 30cm x 25cm x 105cm and weighing at 6.12 kilograms means that if space is tight this might not be the chair for your next trip.

There is only one cup holder on this chair, draping haphazardly on the one side. I’m not a particular big fan on how the cupholder on this chair hangs, in part to how clumsy I am, but you might not be too worried about this.

Overall, this must be a very comfortable chair, as that’s the first thing everyone talks about. You can check the reviews for itself! Users liked the large size, admitting it is a little big and heavy when folded up and set up. Other than the cup holder design, we think the picture of this big-cushioned chair can speak for itself.

  • Super comfortable bucket design.
  • Large, oversized size.
  • Heavy and bulky.
  • Cupholder design leaves room for improvement.

The most compact chair

Travel Chair Ultimate Slacker 2.0 Chair

Another lightweight and super packable chair for outdoor concerts and backpacking trips, the Travel Chair Ultimate Slacker is a great chair for when you do not have much space.

The Ultimate Slacker looks has a small footprint, with unpacked dimensions of 43.2cm x 38.1cm x 76.2cm, resembling a stool with a short back rest. The seat comes to 43 cm off the ground, which will be too close to the ground for some. When packed up, the Slacker fits a compact 10.1 x 11.3 x 76.2cm, making it a great option to bring anywhere. Made from a breathable mesh, a polyester ripstop for improved durability and stainless-steel legs, this chair is surprisingly durable for its lightweight frame.

For what the chair is, the understand the lack of any extra components. Whether or not you will find this small chair comfortable is really subjective, but do keep in mind the seat is quite small, and comes to an edge at the front. There might be some stability issues, since the chair only has the one leg in the front.

Overall, this chair ranks low in means of comfort, but is easy to set up, compact and inexpensive.

  • Compact
  • Inexpensive.
  • Not stable.
  • Not everyone will find this stool-chair comfortable.

The best backpacking chair

Helinox Chair One and Helinox Chair One Mini

Backpacking is one of my favourite forms of camping, but one thing that is less than ideal is when you get to your site and there’s no good seating around. I’ve sat on rocks, logs, and the ground when there’s no benches around, until I got one of these. Helinox makes some of the best compact and lightweight chairs on the market, designed for tucking away in your backpack until you are ready to set up camp.

The Helionox One Chair is comprised of two components: A 600 denier Polyester fabric that comprises of the chair, and an anodized DAC aluminum frame. The frame holds the chair tensile, making for a comfortable seat you can take with you. The components can be detached, folded up and combined for easy packing.

The Helionox One Chair is 65 cm x 52 cm x 50 cm when assembled, and packs down to the size of 35cm x 10 cm x 12 cm. It weighs 850 grams (just under two lbs). The Helinox One Chair Mini is 40 cm x 34 cm x 44 cm when assembled, and packs down to 26cm x 8 cm x 10 cm. It weighs 490grams or just over 1 lb. Both sizes have their advantages: the larger will likely provide more comfort and back support, but the Mini is lighter and more packable. Please consider how big and tall you are before choosing the Mini!

These Helionox chairs are an accessible way to bring a comfortable seat out into the backcountry. It is worth considering how much you want the typical camp chair experience over other seat options – this chair still adds some considerable weight and takes up some considerable space in your bag. Consider if the lumbar support is worth the weight and consider a sit pad for a lighter alternative.

Overall, users were very happy with this compactable, lightweight chair. Despite its lightweight, foldable design, users frequently complimented this chair for being stable, durable and comfortable. I have the full-sized Chair One myself, and while getting lightly ribbed for chair up the mountain, I had the last laugh as I sat back into my chair to enjoy my surroundings. If there is a downside, that would be the price.

  • Packable, lightweight design.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Expensive.

The best luxury camp chair

Nemo Stargaze Luxury Chair

The Nemo Stargaze is a chair to hang out in. The suspended chair sits like a hammock, with a pressure-point-free seat that is perfect to relax and watch the stars.

The Nemo Stargaze is a luxury chair with premier comfort at a costly price. Constructed from nylon and a non-absorbent waterproof mesh with a geometric aluminum frame that holds the chair in place, the chair feels quite similar to a hammock, as your body sinks comfortably into the mesh. The hanging motion lets you recline to a level comfortable to you or lets you gently rock in the breeze. Lifted legs allow you to sit on uneven terrain without feeling unstable. The chair measures 92cm x 65cm x 116cm when set up, which has a narrow yet long footprint, similar to hammocks too.

Weighing in at just 2.86 kg, (that is a little over 6 lbs) this chair is surprisingly light compared to chairs that were similarly as comfortable. The aluminum support on this chair does an effective job while being impressively light.

Of course, our review on this chair wouldn’t be complete without talking about our favourite part: the bonus features. A cup holder and storage pocket keeps all your items and drinks within reach. The armrests are padded for extra comfort.

Overall, this chair proved super comfortable in our analysis of the online reviews. Hammocks are a comfortable method of sleeping, so taking inspiration from hammocks for this chair is a stroke of genius. A few notes: This chair is not fire resistant, so be careful taking it to campouts and stay a distance away from the fire. It is also very expensive. Worth it? Those commenting seemed to think so.

  • Super comfortable
  • You can rock and recline in this chair.
  • Light.
  • Expensive.

The best fishing chair

Bass Pro Shops Lunker Lounger Fishing Chair

If summertime means going to the lake to cast, then a fishing chair like the Lunker Lounger from Bass Pro Shops might be the perfect chair. Combining all the versatility a fisher could want with comfort and durability, this chair is great for long days fishing.

Designed with a lightweight nylon mesh, water-resistant ripstop and a strong steel frame, the Lunker Lounger is durable chair. With a size of 58cm x 45cm x 106cm when set up, this chair is tall, with footprint somewhere in the middle of the road on this list. The chair packs into a pretty typical size which you can carry with you via the included carry bag.

A padded headrest and padded armrests improve the comfort when sitting on this chair. The duck feet this chair features are designed not to sink in sand and mud, which is an impressive feature on this chair.

Where this chair will really appeal to fishers is the number of features designed for fishing. First, the Lunker Lounger has two fishing rod holders on either side. Two cupholders allows you to double up on drinks, a side organizer pocket can store snacks or bait, and an under-seat mesh pocket that can hold a 360-sized tackle box. All in all, this chair offers all you need at the lake or river.

Overall, users thought this chair was a must have for fishing.

  • Loaded with features for frequent fishers.
  • Comfortable.


  • Don’t get this chair if you don’t fish.

Questions and answers about camping chairs

Where to buy camping chairs?

With summer around the corner, camping chairs will be popping up in stores everywhere. Whether it be Walmart, Canadian Tire, Costco or Superstore, there’s nothing wrong with the generic camping chair. However, these cheaper chairs do not last nearly as long as many of the chairs on this list.

How to clean camping chairs?

Whether your chair accumulates dirt from outside, or ketchup stains, maintain the cleanliness of your camping chair is always a decent consideration. Stains and dirt are suspectable to typical household cleaning mixtures and scrubbing – dish soap, vinegar and even baking soda can be scrubbed out by a toothbrush or other bristled brush. Otherwise, we advise always ensuring a chair is completely dry before storing.

How to store camping chairs?

Ensure the chairs are dry, by air drying in the sun. Store dry in its bag out of direct sunlight.

What material are camping chairs made from?

Typically chairs are made from a high-denier polyester or nylon ripstop and a powder-coated steel for the frame. These materials are resistant to corrosion that can result from adverse weather conditions.

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