The Best Camping Stoves in Canada

If you are tired of eating the same dehydrated food while camping, then a camping stove is the appliance for you. With a camping stove, you can cook a variety of great tasting meals, like steak, scrambled eggs, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Once you start using our camping stove, you will never want to go back to the bland camping food you were eating before.

Knowing what to look for in a camping stove and which ones to buy can a be a long and tricky process. That is why we created this buying guide that lists the best camping stoves in Canada.

Our top picks

Things to consider with camping stoves

Power: The power a camping stove generates is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). The average camping stove has 10,000 BTUs of power. The higher the BTUs, the more powerful the stove will be. Camping stoves with high BTUs are best for cold weather camping or windy conditions since you will need a stronger flame.

Size: The size of a camping stove influences its portability, how much room you will have for storage and transportation. Smaller, lighter camping stoves are easier to transport. Heavier, bulkier stoves are best for camping with large groups.

Fuel Type/Capacity: Most camping stoves run on a gas source. Propane is the most commonly used gas. It is readily available and performs the bets. Butane is also used, but it performs poorly in colder temperatures. Other gases used in cooking stoves include kerosene, diesel, and white gas. Besides gases, some camping stoves use wood as the fuel source. You can also find electric camping stoves. Gas powered stoves are more powerful, but they can cost more since you have to buy the gas canisters separately. There are also more harmful to the environment. Wood powered camping stoves are environmentally friendly but tend to be less powerful than gas powered stoves.

Ignition: This is how you will fire up the stove’s burners. There are two ways you can ignite a camping stove. The first is by holding a lit match or lighter close to the burners once the gas is turned on. The second is through automatic ignition. All you have to do is push a button and the burners will fire up. Automatic ignition is easier and safer than using a match or lighter. For one thing, there is less chance of your hands getting burned.

Freestanding vs table top: Camping stoves usually come in two forms, freestanding or tabletop. Freestanding camping stoves have long legs and resemble barbeques. They are large and have a higher output. Freestanding stoves are heavier and harder to transport, but they provide excellent heat conduction. Tabletop stoves are compact and lighter. They are easier to carry and take up less space on the campsite.

The best camping stove overall

Camp Chef Everest

For the best camping stove overall, we had to go with the Camp Chef Everest. This tabletop camping stove has 20,000 BTUs per burner, making it extremely powerful. Each burner is designed to provide the highest heat while using the least amount of fuel. And to keep the flames going, the Camp Chef Everest has three wind barriers to keep the wind out. In terms of portability, the Everest has a “suitcase design”. All you have to do is fold the stove, lock the lids, and use the handles to carry it with you.

Customers liked that each burner on the Camp Chef Everest had 20,000 BTUs of power. Many remarked that the Everest had a higher output than most tabletop camping stoves. The stove’s cooking area was large enough for big appliances, and the temperature control was good. People also found that the auto ignition worked flawlessly. Overall, this was an efficient, easy to use camping stove. The only drawback mentioned was that the plastic clips for the lid lock felt cheaply made and were prone to breaking

  • Powerful, good heat conduction.
  • Efficient.
  • Lid locks are easy to break.

Best small camping stove

MSR PocketRocket 2 Ultralight Camping and Backpacking Mini Stove Kit

The MSR Pocket Rocket 2 is perfect for solo camping or back packing. This stove weighs 10 ounces and packs down to 4x4x5 inches. Even though this stove is small, it has good heat conduction. For example, the Pocket Rocket 2 can boil water in three and a half minutes. With this stove, you will get a .75 liter aluminum pot, 16 ounce plastic bowl, lid with straining ports, mini pot lifter, and a stuff sack.

The compact design and light weight of the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 was a big hit with people. Several people said that this stove was the perfect one for back packing. Many customers were surprised how powerful and efficient this stove is. However, some people said it was easy to knock off the pot from the stove.

  • Compact design and light weight, perfect for backpacking.
  • Pot can be easily knocked off the stove.

Best camping stove-grill combo

Coleman PerfectFlow Grill Stove

The Coleman PerfecfFlow combines a stove burner with a grilling are so you can cook more food. The stove surface fits a 10 inch frying pan, while the aluminum grill has plenty of room for hot dogs, hamburgers, or steaks. The Coleman PerfectFlow has several features to improve your cooking experience. First , the stove has PerfectFlow™ pressure regulators for consistent performance. Next the PerfectHeat™ feature improves cooking efficiency. To keep out the wind, the Coleman PerfectFlow has three panels, which can also fold down into side tables. Lastly, the stove comes with grease catch tray which is easy to clean.

Several customers liked the combination of a stove and grill. This let people cook all types of camping food. Other customers said that the Coleman Perfectflow saved them from buying/bringing their barbeque to camping. Many people said that this stove was convenient and efficient. One person said that they could cook up breakfast while brewing their morning coffee.

Most of the negative reviews we read stated that the grill melted during cooking. This may seem like a major deal breaker, but there is an explanation behind the melting grill. Since the grill is aluminum, you are not supposed to put any cooking appliance on it, otherwise the grill will melt. This is stated on the product box. The correct thing to do is place the food directly on the grill, just like a traditional barbeque. So as long as you follow the instructions on the box (i.e. place food directly on the grill), then it should not melt.

We debated whether to include the grill melting as a drawback for the Coleman Perfectflow. In the end, we decided no to include it, the reason being that people did not follow the product’s instructions.

One minor complaint was that the temperature regulation was not exact, especially at lower settings.

  • Versatile.
  • Efficient heating.
  • Temperature control is not exact.

Best budget camping stove

Martin Outdoor Stove

If you want a budget friendly camping stove, then we recommend the Martin Outdoor stove. This single burner stove has 8,000 BTUs of power. It has an improved heat control that lest you choose between rapid boil and slow simmer. The Martin Outdoor stove comes with plenty of safety features. For example, there is a built-in feature that shuts off the stove when there is pressure build up. The Martin Outdoor has a sturdy design. The stove has a solid bottom enclosure with wide and sturdy legs. To prevent damage, the stove comes with carrying case. Not only does it protect the stove, it makes it easy to transport.

Customers found that the Martin Outdoor stove operated well. The stove effacement and many people said that it had good heat conduction. Overall, the Martin Outdoor stove has lots of value at a reasonable price. The one downside to this stove is that does not have wind protection panels.

  • Sturdy design.
  • Lots of value at a low price.
  • No wind protection panels.

Best wood camping stove

Solo Stove Titan – 2-4 Person Lightweight Wood Burning Stove

The Solo Stove Titan is one of the most popular wood camping stoves available. This stove has a unique design. The air intake holes at the bottom of the stove promotes optimum airflow. This makes the flame bigger with less smoke. To top things off, the Solo Stove titan has a compact, space saving design.

There were plenty of positive testimonials for the Solo Stove Titan. One customer said, “it never ceases to amaze me how well it worked”. Another person liked the stove’s compact build, saying that it was “the perfect hiking/camping stove”. Even though the Solo Stove Titan is small, several customers found that you can use it to cook for any number of people. And many were surprise at how easy it was to ignite the stove. One common complaint was that it was difficult to balance pots on the stove. One customer suggested that the stove come with clamps or grooves to hold pots in place.

  • Airflow design creates a strong flame with less smoke.
  • Can use it to cook for small or large groups.
  • Difficult to balance pots on the stove.

Our methodology

For this buying guide, we spent over eight hours examining various camping stoves. We only considered stoves rated four or more stars. We read countless customer reviews to determine what people look for in good camping stoves. Our team referenced articles from trusted websites when we needed further information on camping stoves. Lastly, we based our picks on the performance and design of the camping stove.

Frequently asked camping stove questions

Are camping stoves worth it?

If you want to enhance your camping experience, then a camping stove is worth the purchase. With a camping stove, you can cook a range of great tasting food in the great outdoors. On top of that camping stoves are worth it for their convenience, efficiency, and ease of use.

Are camping stoves safe?           

Overall, camping stoves are safe as long as you properly handle and operate them. There are many safety considerations for camping stoves. For example, make sure you use your camping stove in a well ventilated area outdoors. This prevents any buildup of carbon monoxide. When igniting your stove, make sure you do so on a firm, level, non-flammable surface. You should also check for any breaks in the connection between your stove and the gas tank. This will prevent any gas leaks or explosions form happening.

Check out this article for an in depth look at camping stove safety.

Are camping stoves safe to use indoors?

You can use a camping stove indoors, but there are two major safety concerns to consider. First, camping stoves produce carbon monoxide. Without proper ventilation, carbon monoxide levels will build up to a dangerous level. Inhaling large amounts of carbon monoxide can be fatal. Second, using a camping stove indoors poses a fire risk. This risk is heightened if you use the stove in a tent or in a log cabin.

Based on the safety issues above, you should not use a camping stove indoors. It is much safer to find an alternative, like using the camping stove under a makeshift shelter.

Which is better for a camping stove, propane or butane?

Propane and butane are the two most used fuel sources for camping stoves. They share some similarities. Propane and butane are flammable hydrocarbon gasses used to heat various appliances. They both are energy efficient and portable. But in terms of which one is better for camping, propane trumps butane. The deciding factor is that propane produces more heat. It can reach temperatures of 3,600 degrees F, while Butane reaches a maximum of 2,400 degrees F. So, if you plan on camping in colder weather, then a propane camping stove is the best choice.

With that being said, butane stoves tend to be more affordable. In that case, you can go with a butane stove if you are on a budget.

What are some good camping stove meals?

The best camping stove meals are ones that are simple and easy to make. However, you can cook up more complex dishes. Here are some links to great camping stove recipes:

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