The Best Hammocks for Camping in Canada

Hammocks are synonymous with relaxation. Imagine kicking back, coddled in the hammock’s fabrics, enjoying the sun and a slight breeze. Hammocks are a great place to relax, and sleep, making them not only a great backyard fixture, but an absolute indispensable part of some people’s camp and backpacking set-ups too. A camping hammock enables comfy camping anywhere that is lightly populated with trees, without the weight and size of typical tents.

If you are looking for new gadgets for your camp bag, or to shave some pounds off your bag before your next backpacking trip, we suggest checking out our other articles in our camp section.

Our top picks

What to look for in a hammock

Materials – While it might not be the most interesting or alluring aspect of your hammock, once you have narrowed down your options to a handful, you should consider the materials and construction of the hammock. These aspects will influence many of the main factors users look for in hammocks, including comfort, weight, and price. Most hammocks on the market are made from a nylon material, so your choices will usually be between different deniers (or the thickness of the fibres). The thicker the denier, the more durable and heavier the material, and the smaller the denier, the more lightweight the material. Thread count and coatings might also be factors you will encounter on your hammock search.

Hanging system – The hanging system of a hammock will really influence how easy it is to set up, and how stable the hammock will be once set up.  It is also very important knowing if a hammock includes the straps and other pieces of the hanging kit – many companies do this to make their hammocks appear cheaper, but also provides additional levels of customization. You should avoid rope hanging systems unless they come with tree protectors to prevent the rope causing tree damage.

Weight – The degree weight plays in your decision will really depend on your intended use of the hammock. The most important scenario where weight consideration comes into play is using a hammock as a backpacking shelter. Hammocks are a strong choice for backpacking when you know the camping destination allows hammocks and have plenty of trees to hang from. You should balance the weight of your hammock with the material and features that a hammock has. While a hammock without a bug net and a rainfly will be lighter, lighter is not always better.

Size – The size of your hammock will determine if you can stretch out and get comfortable or feel restricted inside it. Hammocks are somewhere between 2-3 meters long and 1–2 meters wide.

Accessories / Extras – Hammocks are a simple sleeping system – as long as you have two trees or other places to hang the hammock, you can get an incredibly comfortable sleep. But hammocks do not need to be simple. Hammocks have a selection of extra features that can improve your experiences, depending on your intended use. For example, bug nets and rain flies are two features that can really improve your sleeping experience, protecting against the bugs and weather respectively. Other accessories or extras, like pockets and storage space, might tilt the needle towards a specific hammock choice

Price – Price will always be a factor for diligent shoppers. Whether you want a hammock to string up in your backyard or to take out to the trails, you will not want to spend too much, either initially and down the line if the hammock starts to wear out. Depending on what your intended uses are, we recommend comparing different hammocks and finding one that will not require too many upgrades and will last long for your purposes.

The best ultralight hammock

ENO Sub6 Ultralight Hammock

Light and surprisingly light on budget, the ENO Sub6 Ultralight Hammock is a great choice for setting up a hammock in the back yard or to camp in clear conditions. If you want to cut down on weight this summer, packing this hammock can take a lot of weight off your back.

Coming in at 164g, or sub 6 oz, this ENO hammock is super lightweight. Constructed from a 30-denier nylon ripstop, the material is lightweight yet strong to be dependable and durable. The included components are designed with durability and lightness in mind – the cord loop is designed with Dyneema material, and the toggles to attach to the suspension system are made from Aluminum.

With dimensions of 2.7m x 1.2m, this hammock is able to accommodate most campers. Users notes that this hammock is narrow, so sleepers who tend to move around might need to look for a different, wider hammock. The ENO Sub6 can pack down into a 13cm x 15cm packable stuff sack that is included.  The stuff sack can also connect to the hammock to have it double as a hanging pocket.

One thing to keep in mind is that the lower price is in part due to the absence of hanging straps, which also will factor into the weight as well. Eagle Nest Outfitters offer a range of suspension systems on their site, however it is essential that you double check if a suspension system is compatible with a specific hammock.

Overall, users were satisfied with the ENO Sub6 hammock. Users found this hammock comfortable with a tiny packable size and ultralight weight.  While its size is a benefit for many, the total size is on the smaller, narrower side and so some users found this hammock ran on the small side for them to lay in – and the symmetrical design meant that this hammock is not great to sit up in. Overall, for a super lightweight hammock that can fit into any pack and provide additional sleep or lounging options, users seemed impressed with the ENO Sub6 Ultralite Hammock.

  • Ultra-lightweight design.
  • Affordable price.
  • Symmetrical, short shape is not ideal for certain people and uses.
  • Straps are not included.

The best lightweight hammock

ENO JungleNest Hammock

If you are looking for a lightweight and comfortable hammock, complete with a bug net, you should look no further than the Eagle’s Nest Outfitters JungleNest.

The floor of the ENO JungleNest is constructed from 40-denier NewWave Nylon, a material that is shared with lots of ENO’s other top hammocks. The bug netting is constructed from SkyWeave mesh, a highly breathable and lightweight material. A structural ridgeline running across the top of the hammock, as well as the DAC spreader bar that runs across midway, keeps the netting out of your face and creates an enclosed space that you can spread out inside. When the skies are clear from rain and mosquitos alike, you can also tuck the bug net away and enjoy an unobstructed view of the landscape or the stars.

The JungleNest has floor dimensions of 3m x 1.4m, which is a pretty average size for most 1-person hammocks.  Coming in at a weight of just 567g, the JungleNest is a strong choice for inclusion into your backpacking pack. The included stuff sack can be used to pack this hammock down into sizes as small as 25cm x 13cm x 13cm.

Like most ENO hammocks, suspension is not included. ENO offers many different suspension options on their site; just ensure you are picking a compatible suspension before adding to cart. Many users online recommended the Helios straps from ENO with the JungleNest.

Overall, users were impressed with the ENO JungleNest hammock. Users found this hammock was lightweight, compact, comfortable, and dependable. There are a few small downsides to this hammock, which are the result of a lesser price tag. In addition to the lack of included suspension, there are no hooks for connecting your underquilt to this hammock.

  • Light-weight option with an included bug-net.
  • Super comfortable design.
  • No included suspension.
  • No hooks for connecting your underquilt to this hammock.

The best hammock with a rain fly

Hennessy Expedition Asymmetrical Zip Hammock

If you want a dedicated hammock to sleep outside, you do not want the weather or the wildlife to interrupt your sleep. While many hammocks can be paired with rain flies, tarps, or bug nets, finding the right choice with your hammock is not always easy. The Hennessy Expedition features a detachable rain fly and an attached mosquito netting, making it an all-encompassing shelter for whatever conditions you might find yourself.

The base of the hammock is constructed with a durable 210-denier Nylon material, which offers enough support to safely load up to 250 lbs of weight. The bug net is constructed from a lightweight 30d polyester No-See-Um netting. The detachable rain fly is made from a 70-denier polyester ripstop, finished with a 3000mm Polyurethane. The components are carefully selected to ensure durability and protection from rips, tears, and the outer elements. Even the heavy-duty YKK zippers used in this hammock are designed to be durable. Many users commented they were able to sleep through big storms without getting wet.

With dimensions of 3m long and 1.5m wide, this hammock is large enough to comfortably shelter most people. The asymmetrical cut of this hammock improves mobility inside the hammock. At a total weight of 1.23 kg, excluding the weight of the straps, this is not the most lightweight hammock you can choose for backpacking or other camping, but this hammock is still much lighter than many tents.

Speaking of straps, the suspension system and support ropes are all included with the purchase of the Hennessy Expedition. The suspension features 107cm long “Tree Hugger” webbing straps to protect the trees from damage, although the option to upgrade to longer straps is offered by Hennessy. Users commented that people should familiarize themselves with set-up of this hammock before ordering and master it before taking it out, as there are many different parts to this hammock.

The Hennessy Expedition can be packed down to fit into the included stuff sack to dimensions of 10cm x 18cm x 23 cm.

Overall, users marveled with how well-designed, weatherproof, and comfortable the Henessey expedition was. Rain or shine, users were able to get a consistently good sleep in this hammock, although some users found this hammock could ventilate better. Users also heavily recommended getting the SnakeSkin stuff sack with the Expedition, which can be received for free if you purchase directly from Hennessy Hammocks. If you do not want to look at individual components, like tarps and bug nets, this hammock is your best bet.

  • Includes both a rain fly and bug net to protect from weather and bugs.
  • Very well designed for durability and comfort.
  • Not well ventilated, so this hammock can get very warm inside.

The best hammock with a bug net

Skeeter Beeter XT Mosquito Net Hammock

Bugs suck. Canada’s wilderness is a beautiful place to enjoy nature, yet nature’s pests can be a major annoyance. If you do not want to rub pure deet over your body before spending a night hammocking, finding a bug net for your hammock or searching for a hammock with a bug net included could save you from waking up covered with bug bites. For an inexpensive hammock with the bug net included, we suggest taking a look at the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter XT.

The base of the Skeeter Beeter XT is constructed from parachute nylon, with the bug net constructed from No-See-Um nylon netting. With unfolded dimensions of 3.2 m x 1.5m, this is a larger hammock that most people can stretch out in and be comfortable inside. Triple-lock stitched seams maintain the hammock’s durability. Coming in at 963g, this hammock is not the lightest, but still comes in at less at a kilogram, making it light enough to take wherever you want.

The bug net requires poles and ropes to use, both of which included. Double-sided zippers let you inside the enclosure while keeping the bugs out. With a knotless Cordlock system aiding suspension, you do not need to remember your knot tying days from scouts when you are setting up this hammock. When the bug net is set up, many users found the gear shelf was super handy. You can easily use this hammock without the bug net, but it is recommended you flip the hammock over and use the bottom side if you wish to do this.

It is important to note that this hammock does not feature straps before you click “add to cart” – but Grand Trunk does offer two hanging kits on their marketplace.

Users overall had a pleasant experience with this hammock. For a hammock on the lower end of the price point, users seemed to trust the hammock for use on the trial and the campsite during the summer. Other months were less ideal due to the lack of a rain fly and the thinness of the material.

  • Built-in bug net keeps you mosquito bite free.
  • Knotless Cordless system makes this an easy hang.
  • Inexpensive Price.
  • Not great for sleeping in during 3-season applications.
  • Straps not included.

Best hammock tent

Tentsile Connect 2-Person Tree Tent

If you want something in-between a tent and a hammock, while being a unique camping experience and a conversation piece, consider the Tentsile Connect. Essentially a tent that can attach to trees to hang above ground, this shelter offers an unparalleled experience.

The Tentsile Connect 2 uses quality components to ensure comfort and durability. The triangular floor is designed with a heavyweight 400D PU-covered Nylon Polyester composite, providing dependable support. The Insect mesh is made from a lightweight No-See-Um material, keeping mosquitos out while being very breathable and well-ventilated. The rainfly is a 70-denier PU-coated Polyester fabric with waterproofing rated to 5000 HH. The tent stands with two 8.5mm Anodized Aluminum Poles, which are both lightweight and sturdy – with a capacity to hold up to 440 kg of camper.

Assembly of this tent hammock is an involved process, utilizing thick polyester straps with heavy-duty ratchet buckles, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with the set-up before trying to set-up this tent up in the field.

When the tent is set up, the triangular floor has dimensions of 4m x 4m x 2.7m, easily providing two campers plenty of space. When the tent is fully set-up, the enclosure has a height of 1m. The entire unit weight comes out to 9.5kg, making it a heavier tent option – however, this tent hammock is really not designed to come onto the trail anyway. When the Tentsile Connect is all packed up, it fits into a Tent bag with approximate dimensions of 56cm x 33cm x 25cm.

Users seemed drawn to this unique tent/hammock hybrid, and overall seemed to enjoy their experience with it. The Tentsile Connect is well designed, with quality components. However, there are some downsides that we should discuss. Due to how this tent hammock stands when set up, some users found that getting inside could be difficult at times, especially if the weight balance was off between campers. The space inside is not ideal for taller users, and if you are taller than 6 feet tall, you might struggle getting comfortable in this hammock. Overall, this is a unique tent that offers some benefits that hammocks also offer. However, you should consider the need for a tent like this, and how some of the downsides compare to other tents and hammocks.

  • Unique hammock-tent design provides coverage while being off the ground.
  • Strong waterproof protection.
  • Durable materials.
  • Expensive.
  • Heavy.

The best backpacking hammock

Warbonnet Original Blackbird

If you are looking for a lightweight, well-equipped hammock for backpacking that will help you get the sleep you need before crunching kilometers of trail, we suggest looking into the Warbonnet Original Blackbird.

The Warbonnet Original Blackbird is available in a one-person hammock, as well as both a lightweight and heavyweight double hammock. The Warbonnet Original Blackbird is designed for travel in mind, being shorter and lighter than their XLC model. Measuring in at 3.2m x 1.6m, and weighing in at 446 grams, this hammock has a larger size than the one-person hammocks on this list with about half as much weight.

Warbonnet’s unique design allows for the entire width of the hammock body to be sleepable area, providing extra roominess and comfort, while keeping the weight down. Warbonnet’s Original Blackbird is constructed from create a fabric that has an incredibly comfortable feel while boasting a powerful strength to Warbonnet’s Dream-Tex fabric, a 40-denier traditional ripstop weave with a “bias-directional diamond grid,” to weight ratio. The Original Blackbird includes a No-See-Um mosquito net top, which fully unzips on one side and can be folded over the side of the hammock when not in use but is not fully detachable.

When shopping for Warbonnet’s hammocks, users get the choice to pick the Suspension option that suits your use. Offered suspension systems include webbing with buckles, whoopie slings, and becket hitch suspensions, or no suspension system included with Armsteel loops to add your own suspension systems. Unlike other hammocks, where the position of trees can dictate whether you are going to get a good sleep or not, you can set the Original Blackbird as a bug bivy on the ground, providing a lightweight shelter without trees (just do not forget a ground cloth and a sleep pad).

Sleeping inside this hammock is an incredibly comfortable experience. Elastic side guylines keep the bug netting getting in your bike. The Warbonnet Original Blackbird features a footbox to improve your maximum legroom. You can keep things you need to store with a storage shelf adjacent to the hammock. Overall, combined with comfortable materials, this hammock provides a fantastic sleep.

Overall, users were very impressed with this hammock. Users found this hammock was extremely comfortable when in use, and highly dependable. Users also have found that Warbonnet as a company are incredibly easy to work with, that offers a strong warranty and repairs when damaged.

  • Lightweight and super packable size.
  • Multiple suspensions systems are available.
  • Can be set up on the ground as a bug bivy as well.
  • Bug net is not fully removable.

The best double hammock

Bearbutt Double Hammock

For camping couples, sleeping in a double hammock is a comfortable way to cozy up. However, you need to ensure your hammock can reliably hold two without sacrificing any of the comfort. Our choice for the best double hammock is the Double Hammock from Bear Butt, however many other hammocks we have covered offer a two-person option too.

The Bearbutt Double Hammock is large to accommodate two sleepers, with dimensions of 3m long and 1.8m wide. Constructed from a 75-denier nylon taffeta fabric with a 210-thread count, the Bearbutt Double Hammock is strong and durable, yet soft and breathable. Reinforced triple stitching at the seams protect the hammock and sleepers inside from one of the most common failures of double hammocks. Rated for 500 lbs, this hammock can easily sleep two, or even sit 3-4 people if you are using this hammock to relax in. Weighing at just 544 grams, this hammock is pretty lightweight too.

The suspension system utilizes a strap and carabiner system for easy hangs. The end straps are made from Polyester and are listed to be rated with a weight bearing capacity of 1000 lbs – but some users who weighed a fifth of this or below found the straps failing and themselves on the ground.

The Bearbutt Double Hammock packs down into an included stuff sack with dimensions approximately 7” x 4” x 4”. The stuff sack, when not in use, can attach to the side of the hammock to double as a gear pocket for your phone, headlamps, and other things you might need in the middle of the night.

Users overall were happy with the comfort of sleeping and lounging inside a Bearbutt hammock, as well as the quality and dependability that they felt with their hammocks. However, some had issues with the included straps, with Bearbutt recommending you buy their upgraded straps and use them instead of the poor-quality ones that do not offer the same quality. Additionally, hammock is super basic, and without the options that many other companies offer – like a rainfly or a bug net – this hammock seems more suited for casual use. Since this hammock is on the cheaper side, you can purchase a dedicated bug net or other type of protection to pair with this hammock, however if you are taking a hammock out of the backcountry, this would not be my recommendation.

  • Large size for two yet supremely lightweight.
  • Material is both reliably tough and comfortably soft.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Included straps are of mediocre quality.
  • No options to be protected from the elements.

Best customizable hammock

Dutchware Chameleon

If you have specific specs or needs that need to be met with your next hammock, consider working with Dutchware. The Dutchware Chameleon is a highly customizable hammock that allows you to choose between a wide selection of options so your hammock is perfect for you.

At 11 feet long, this hammock is on the longer side of many of the hammocks we’ve included. The Chameleon body is highly customizable, with a wide range of body and fabric options. You can choose between a single layer or double layer hammock, the double-layer designed so you can put a sleeping pad or underquilt in between. For materials, you have the choice between 2-3 different forms of the Hexon materials: Hexon 1.0, 1.2, 1.6. Each layer has multiple options for colour just like the Chameleon’s namesake, with tonnes of patterns for personalization.

If you are looking for a hammock with a built-in bug net, or a top cover to keep the weather off you, the Dutchware Chameleon has options for both, on both symmetrical and asymmetrical options to suit the choice of shape.

If storage space is a necessity, Dutchware offers two storage options – a “side car,” a narrow pocket that runs along the length of the pocket, or the “side sling,” a much more expansive pocket that can be positioned either left or right, at the head or the foot of the hammock. You can also add a “peak shelf” that connects to the peak and can add even more storage to your hammock set-up.

In terms of suspension systems, the choice comes down to two that Dutchwear offers – a buckle suspension system that uses grade 5 titanium to be both lightweight and sturdy, and a whoopie sling suspension system that proves even lighter, with included “tree huggers”. Included standard with every Chameleon hammock are adjustable tie outs to secure your hammock even further.

Overall, users are very happy with the customization possible with the Dutchware Chameleon, as well as the company’s customer service. The level of comfort and durability across the board is highly impressive as well. The only downsides are that regardless of what options you need, you will not be able to go without the ridge-line. Additionally, like most customizable gear from American cottage companies, prices can be quite high, depending on which choices you make, and where you are shipping to. Overall, for hardcore hammock enthusiasts, the Chameleon stands out as the best customizable option.

  • Multiple customizable options allow you to create the hammock you want.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Add a bug net and/or a top cover for all kinds of conditions.
  • Can run expensive.

The most versatile hammock

BE Outfitters Campo Utility Hammock

Multi-purpose gear is coveted for dedicated backpackers and campers – the more use you can reasonably get out of a piece of gear, the more you can justify bringing it out when room is limited. The BE Outfitters Campo Utility hammock is great for users who might want to spend an evening or clear night hanging, but also provides exceptional utility as a Poncho and more.

The Campo is designed from a tensile 70-denier Nylon ripstop, completed with a waterproof DWR finish. With total measurements approximately coming to 2.3m x 1.2m, this is a shorter, thinner hammock. Coming in at 480 grams, this is a pretty lightweight hammock overall, with strong packability to boot.

Versatility can be a great way for you to save weight and space in your camp bag, and the Campo impressively delivers in terms of versatility – doubling as a poncho. Featuring a hideaway poncho hood with cinch tabs, and a waterproof YKK zipper to zip up, this hammock is very well suited for keeping the rain off you. BE Outfitters also suggests this piece of gear can work as a tarp or ground cover in a pinch.

While there were not very many user reviews of this hammock, we like this hammock as a unique piece of gear that adds lots of versatility into your camping kit.

  • Waterproof material.
  • Four-in-one versatility.
  • Does not excel at being either a hammock or rain protection.

Our methodology

When looking for a hammock, knowing what your intended use will be is extremely important. We decided that for the sake of simplicity, we were only going to discuss camping hammocks, or hammocks that would be suited for taking to a campsite.

During our research, we learned comfort is king – everybody knows what sleeping in a tent is like, and so people usually migrate to hammocks for some improvement in comfort. Other factors that we heavily considered included weight and packable size, bonus features, and price.

We put over 12 hours into researching this article. We read through the specs of 30+ of the top rated hammocks, checked in with review blogs like OutdoorGearLab and GearJunkie, and read through countless online reviews in making our decisions. We prioritized hammocks with an average review of 4 stars or higher to ensure our reader’s satisfaction.

Frequently asked hammock questions

Are hammocks good for your back?

From anecdotal evidence, hammocks can be great for your back if sleeping in them. However, there hasn’t been a lot of scientific research on adults to definitive say whether or not sleeping on a hammock has positive impact on your back. A properly set up hammock should reduce pressure in your back due to the absence of pressure points on a properly set-up hammock. However, if you sleep awkwardly in a hammock, you can easily wake up feeling bad.

However, studies have found that rocking in a hammock can improve how fast you fall asleep and how much REM sleep you get.

Are hammocks comfortable?

Hammocks can be remarkably comfortable granted you are in a hammock suited to your body, and the hammock is set up correctly. The reason is that when in use, hammocks more evenly distribute your weight than a typical mattress would, which often cause pressure points. While hammocks will not be comfortable for all users, most people are surprised how comfortable sleeping in a hammock can be.

What type of padding or sleeping bag should I use with a hammock?

Hammocks are unlike different forms of bedding where the hammock itself should support your back and provide some comfort. You can pair a sleeping pad with some hammocks; however, some will not be compatible. In terms of sleeping bags, you can pair a hammock with almost any sleeping bag, but we should mention one type of sleeping bag variant that are designed with hammocking in mind: the quilt.

The hammocking quilt comes in two variations: the top quilt and the underquilt. The top quilt is like a sleeping bag but lighter weight and can be used as a sleeping bag or unraveled like a blanket. The underquilt is designed to add padding and insulation from the bottom, which other sleeping bags do not provide, since compression on most sleeping bags from laying on it can reduce the efficacy of insulation.

How to hang up a hammock? How to hang a hammock without trees?

Hanging up a hammock for your campsite is a little different than hanging one up in your backyard. While the principles are going to be the same, the ability to identify a strong hang location is essential for hammock camping.

First things first, you will need to identify where the ideal campsite is. You will need to find an area with healthy, sturdy trees, and find two that are between 10 and 15 feet away from each other, depending on your hammock.

You also want to consider some other qualities of each prospective site, including maintaining a walkable distance from water sources, distance from common trails, avoiding vegetation and wildlife you could threaten, and avoid things that could cause injury like jagged branches underneath the hammock or sudden drops within walking distance.

Once you have found a camp and have laid out your hammock and all your components, it is time to start the hanging process. Use tree-saver straps to protect the tree from the cables you are about to place. Follow the hammock’s instructions to hang the hammock, aiming for a 30 degree angle between the strap and the ground, and 18” from the hammock and the ground.

Hanging up a hammock without trees proves challenging, and unless you have some other large, heavy physical object that you can connect to – like a rock or a cliff face – you will be unlikely to set up a hammock.

Where to buy hammocks?

You can buy a hammock from stores like Canadian Tire and Walmart, and online marketplaces like Amazon. However, if you plan on camping in your hammock, are you are looking for a hammock with a bug net or rain fly attached, you will want to look at more dedicated camping stores like MEC and Atmosphere.

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