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The Best iPhone 12 Accessories Available in Canada

A switch from an older iPhone model to iPhone 12 might involve— besides satisfaction from owning a new device— the urgency of supplying a new mobile with a wireless charger, protective case and headphones. If earlier, chargers and headphones were a part of a package, with iPhone 12 models, it is no longer the case. Yet, what differs between iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 pro is built-in MagSafe connectors on their backs that make a device compatible with wireless chargers. Besides that, those built-in magnets allow you to take advantage of such accessories as a detachable wallet and a magnet car phone holder.  

It doesn’t matter if you just purchased a new shiny iPhone 12 and decided to support it with necessary accessories right away or if you want to make your life easier by adding items like a magnetic phone car holder, wireless earbuds, and protective cases – this guide is filled with best and must-have iPhone 12 accessories. We made sure to focus not only on classic Apple suggestions but include other brands that do the same job and sometimes at a lower price point.

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Our top picks

Why trust us

We understand how important it is to equip an iPhone with proper accessories that would support its lifetime and provide extra convenience for you. For that reason, we spent about 10 hours researching and selecting the best iPhone accessories on the market. We based our decision on customers’ reviews, other buying guides’ opinions (Best Products, CNET, Digital Trends) and continuous analysis of available products.   

What to look for in iPhone 12 accessories:

While we cannot put every chosen item under the same category of requirementsthey all serve a different purposethere are a few factors you might want to consider when surrounding your iPhone 12 with extensions.  

  • FeaturesNot every car magnet holder is compatible with MagSafe iPhone cases. You can buy a magnet holder that will successfully support any type of phone or chose the one that is designed specifically for the newest iPhones. The same applies to a wireless charger. Some chargers support any older model of an iPhone as well as Android devices, while others are created to work only with iPhone 12.  
  • Design– The Apple brand is known and loved for its well-designed product. Whatever it is your purchase from them, it always will look sleek, minimal and modern. With that in mind (and you probably already admire the appearance of your new iPhone 12) design of accessories matters if you want to support that indicated aesthetic.  
  • PriceAn iPhone 12 is not a cheap device, and if you think you have spent enough on the mobile itself and not ready to add extra hundreds of dollars to buy accessories, we prepared some affordable options for such additions as wireless headphones and chargers.

iPhone 12 ear buds

Apple AirPods with charging case

It no longer makes sense to buy a USB adapter for wired headphones. When you purchased your new iPhone 12, you might have noticed it does not come with any earbuds. Thus, it might be the right time to invest in a pair of wireless Apple headphones and enjoy their convenience and clear sound.   

The pair of headphones, that has five stars on Amazon, and many satisfied users, comes with a charging case. It is also a very compact accessory that you can carry around despite the size of your bag. Speaking of carrying around, AirPods are known for their comfortable fit that allows you to wear them all day long or at least four to five hours because that is how long the battery allows listening time on one charge.    

  • Bluetooth wireless headphones ideal for an iPhone user. 
  • Universal fit.  
  • Battery life is more than 24 hours.
  • Active listing time is 5 hours.  
  • High price point.  
  • No active noise cancellation.  

Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds with 4 Microphones

The different sizes of earpieces will ensure a good seal which contributes to the noise cancelling and sound quality, as one satisfied customer noted about those Anker wireless headphones. The option is much cheaper than Apple AirPods and is an ideal choice if you still want decent earbuds but don’t want to spend too much on them. However, despite the lower price they look stylish and slick enough to support the aesthetic of your iPhone 12.   

Anker Soundcore also promises three times clearer calls sound than other wireless headphones because of the built-in four microphones with noise reduction technology. Comparing to AirPods this pair gives you seven hours of unstoppable listening while the charging case extends it to 40 hours. Additionally, to all those factors the pair is waterproof. That means your headphones are protected in any weather condition, plus it could be an ideal choice for an intense workout routine.   

  • Affordable.  
  • Noise reduction technology.  
  • Seven hours of listening from a single charge.  
  • 40 hours with the charging case.  
  • Waterproof. 
  • Some customers found the sound of music muddy comparing to AirPods.

iPhone 12 wallets & cases

Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe

This little leather wallet was created for ultimate convenience when all you need is a credit card, driver’s license and your phone. You can gather your cards in one place and quickly snap them on the back of an iPhone 12 with a built-in magnet. The wallet is available in blue, black, brown and yellow poppy colours that can create a unique look whether you attach it to a clear or leather case.   

The only inconvenience this cardholder has is you would have to remove it every time you would charge your iPhone.   

  • Genuine leather.  
  • Compatible with any type of iPhone 12.
  • Strong built-in magnet. 
  • Have to remove it during charging.  
  • Some customers noted that it might slip off the case if you put it into a pocket in a rush. 

Apple Clear Case (for iPhone 12 Pro Max)

While you can see our selection of best-rated iPhone cases right here (add link to the: Best iPhone Cases if it will be published prior to this one), this particular case belongs to this selection of accessories because of its features. This transparent case is crafted from clear polycarbonate and flexible materials to ensure to protect your phone from scratches and drops. The case has built-in magnets that align perfectly with the MagSafe charger. That makes wireless charging even more efficient.   

  • Clear durable material.
  • Built-in magnets.  
  • Protective design.  
  • Not ideal protection for big drops.

iPhone 12 chargers & charging accessories

Apple MagSafe charger

Since iPhone 12 does not come with a charger, it makes sense to invest in a quality MagSafe charger that is compatible with any iPhone 12 models and many MagSafe cases. It ensures fast and easy charging. As one customer observed, they love being able to put a phone on the charger and feel the satisfying snap into place knowing it is charging even when the room is dark, and they are half asleep. And, as another customer added, they put the trust into Apple products, so it was worth the money.  

While the charger might not be as efficient as cable classic versions, it does the job well and prevents lint-packed lightning port that results in a loose connection.   

  • Compatible with all iPhone 12 models.  
  • Fast wireless charging. 
  • 100% recycled elements in magnets. 
  • Someone noted that it could scratch the back of the phone if it had no case. 

Native Union Dock wireless charger – [Qi certified]

This Native Union Dock charger is a truly versatile option for those who are looking for a device to be compatible with other phones besides iPhone 12. The charger of 10W power can quickly boost any iPhone models starting with the iPhone 8, as well as Android devices.   

Besides that, the charger looks stylish and can fit any interior. As your iPhone charges in a standing position, you can make video calls from an optimal viewing angle. One customer noted how they love the look, the feel, and weight of the charger that is perfect for your desk, and if you have facial recognition, it means you never have to touch your phone to read your notifications. 

  • Effective easy charging. 
  • Available in variety of colours.  
  • Optimal viewing angle.  
  • Compatible with other devices besides iPhone12. 
  • Even though it is advertised that the charger is compatible with any case, some customers noted that not every protective case works. 

Newanerfoldable MagSafe charger stand

This Newaner foldable charging station is designed for iPhone 12 models. The stand is compatible with MagSafe charger and it is angle adjustable; you can just put in your MagSafe charger, put your phone on charging and open the viewing angle as you like allowing you hand-free activities and convenience of video calls. One customer noted that she badly needed one for her online class, and always ran out of charges because of lengthy classes. The Newaner stand solved that issue.  

The charger also offers non-slippery and stability to keep your iPhone well placed even with a case on. Its minimalist design looks ideal with Apple products and surely will fit any type of room or office. 

  • Lightweight and foldable.  
  • Adjustable view angle.  
  • Anti-slippery. 
  • Does not come with a wireless charger.  

ESR HaloLock magnetic 7.5W wireless car charger

If you started noticing how inconvenient (and dangerous for driving) it is to have your phone away from your reach, then it is time to consider a wireless car charger and holder, two in one. This particular ESR HaloLock is a 7.5W charger and magnetic holder. Surely, it might not be as quick as a wall charger; however, it is more than enough to support the battery life of your iPhone 12 while you drive. You can easily adjust and rotate the angle of the holder which allows you to see the screen of your phone in a convenient angle 

One customer noted that this product is better for horizontal vents. It’s a bit flimsy on vertical vents as this can allow it to flop from side to side too much. But despite this, he continued, the iPhone12 Pro he has still charged well with it. 

  • Compatible with all iPhone 12 models.  
  • Magnetic lock.  
  • Wireless charging. 
  • 360 rotation.  
  • Some customers noted that it sits pretty far out from the vent. 

Seneo wireless charger, 3 in 1

According to one customer, she was looking for a charger solution to reduce the clutter required to charge a phone, watch and AirPods without having to spend a fortune on it. This Seneo wireless charging station is not only compatible with your iPhone 12, but also with AirPods and iWatch. It is an ideal option for those who are often on the road because you can combine charging all your devices at the same time. The station is easy to transport; it is foldable, detachable and lightweight. Besides that, the Seneo charging station allows you to reduce the number of cords on your office desk. It looks stylish and minimal.   

Comparing to the wall charger, this station has only 7.5W power, but many customers found it more than enough to charge all your three devices overnight.   

  • Compatible with iPhone, iWatch and AirPods. 
  • Wireless charging.  
  • Ideal charging station for an office desk.
  • Vertical and horizontal phone charging.  
  • Need to purchase QC2.0/QC3.0 adapter separately.  
  • iWatch Magnetic Charger is not included. 

Anker USB-C wall charger

This USB wall charger from Anker is an accessory to purchase if you are unsatisfied with the power of your wireless charger. It is loaded with 18W power, which means even more efficient and faster charging. It comes in a compact size and has universal compatibility with USB-C and standard USB input. 

The Anker 30W USB C Wall Charger is compatible not only with most iPhone models but also with some Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy phones, which is ideal if you have other non-Apple smartphones or plan to share it with someone else in your household.

  • Universal compatibility.
  • 18W power for quick charging.
  • Compact size.  
  • Some customers noted that it gets toasty while charging two devices. 
  • Does not come with any cable.  

How we picked

We started with products that have at least four stars on Amazon, then continued with analyzing customers’ reviews and comparing other guides’ opinions. Our list is based on products that are ideal additions for iPhone 12, yet it also includes some accessories that could be used for other iPhone models and Android mobiles. We made sure to oversee possible requirements not only for wireless chargers but also for other useful additions.    

Frequently asked questions

What accessories are in the in the iPhone 12 box?   

The only item that you will discover in the slick, white Apple box, besides an iPhone 12 of course, is the USB-C cable. That is all. To charge your new phone right after purchasing, you might want to make sure you already have an Apple power adapter or MagSafe wireless charger.   

What is Magsafe?   

MagSafe is a built-in magnetic technology that was incorporated into iPhone 12 to provide compatibility with accessories that allow easy wireless charging.   

Where to buy iPhone accessories in Canada?  

You can always buy the necessary iPhone accessories at the official Apple website or Apple stores. Besides that, iPhone accessories could be found on Amazon, The Source, Best Buy, and Walmart. 

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