Best iPhone Cases in Canada for 2024

An iPhone is a smart device, a personal assistant that fits into a pocket, and a costly item that needs appropriate protection. It makes sense to protect it from scratches, bangs and cracks with a proper case. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, you might favour a bulky case with heavy protection, or a lightweight slick case, but either way, modern technologies equip both types of iPhone cases with shock-absorbing protection. However, it might be overwhelming to search for the right iPhone case with so many options on the market.  

That is why we did a thorough research of the available models including silicone, leather and other protective cases, and created this buying guide. We reviewed the best iPhone cases available in Canada and found those that fit a variety of budgets and needs. Check the full guide below.    

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Our top picks

What to look for in an iPhone case

  • Design/Material:  Your iPhone is a device that accompanies pretty much every step you take, so it only makes sense to pick a case that will be both protective and aesthetically pleasing. Several colours and textures meet different style preferences. You can choose a leather cover for a sophisticated look, a transparent case for minimal indistinct protection, or a heavy-weight shock-resistant one, but ultimately it is all about your lifestyle and design likings.   
  • Durability If you like to switch iPhone cases frequently according to seasons, fashion trends, your mood, or outfit, then thin leather or silicone options with a variety of colours or prints the best way to go. However, if all you need is a sturdy case that combines all possible protective features, the one you will use for an extended period, choose the one that is known for its durability.   
  • Compatibility Some models from our guide are designed to fit only one type of iPhone, while others can be found in a variety of sizes. Before purchasing a case, make sure to select the model that fits your iPhone perfectly. 

Why trust us

As we worked on this buying guide, we spent about 10 hours analyzing customers’ reviews, researching trusted resources (Digital Trends, Engadget, CNET), and comparing different iPhone case types. We are a buying guide that fact-checks every single product in order to deliver up-to-date information, and help to make your shopping experience easier.  

Best iPhone 12 cases

TORRAS Crystal Clear Case

Torras is a trustworthy brand that offers cases made of quality TPU material that stands for long-lasting clarity and durability. This clear case looks minimal, classy and simple enough not to steal attention from your device. It doesn’t add extra bulk and yet provides enough protection.      

The Torras case is a shock absorber, experiencing 2000 drop tests from four feet up, with no failure. Thus, no matter what activity you are involved in, you don’t have to worry about your iPhone, as the case performance prevents any unfortunate cracks.   

  • Raised edges for camera/screen protection. 
  • Compatible with wireless charger.  
  • Available in other colours. 
  • Available for other iPhone models.  
  • Some customers said that the camera protection lip is not high enough and almost touches the camera lens.

Otterbox Commuter Series Case

Whether hiking up a mountain or walking down the street, the Otterbox iPhone case will protect your device against drops, scratches and bumps. Otterbox is known as a brand that produces the most protective iPhone cases. 

The case does the job, as one satisfied Amazon customer said. Another one noted that they dropped the iPhone a lot, and nothing broke: the level of protection is on point even though the case is not bulky like other protective cases.    

The case also has raised edges that protect screen and camera lenses from bumps and scratches.   

  • Dual layer for protection.  
  • Compatible with wireless charger.  
  • Shock-absorbent.  
  • Available in variety of colours.  
  • Available for other iPhone models.
  • Some customers found the case overpriced.  

Snakehive Vintage Wallet

The elegant, timeless design of this case is the result of being handmade in Europe from fine nubuck leather. One customer stated that they got the case as a gift for a dad, and he loved it. The quality is top-notch, and it holds the phone great.  

This iPhone case has three card slots that are made for your convenience on days when all you need is a phone and do not want to carry a wallet or a purse.   

Even if we put aside the attractive appearance and soft touch of the outer leather material, the Snakehive Vintage wallet also features protective features including an inner plastic frame that protects against drops and scratches.   

The Snakehive wallet case also has a built-in viewing stand. It is a beneficial thing to have in your case that provides you with the convenience of watching videos without holding your phone.   

  • Fine nubuck leather.  
  • Three card slots.  
  • Compatible with wireless charging.  
  • Available in variety of colours.  
  • Some customers found it inconvenient that case flap has no magnet to hold it when the lid is open.

Best iPhone 11 cases

Torras Ultra-Thin Slim iPhone 11 case

Another Torras iPhone case on our list, this ultra-thin option is ideal for minimalists. Its design is simple, slick and the surface provides excellent grip without extra bulk. The case has a silky touch that has an anti-scratch texture and that reveals no greasy fingerprints.   

While this case might not be the best shock-absorbing one due to its ultra-thin frame, it has raised edges that protect camera lenses and screen from bumps and scratches. 

  • Compatible with all kinds of screen protector.  
  • Raised frame edges for camera and screen protection.  
  • Thin and light weight. 
  • Ideal minimalist choice.  
  • Not the best protective case against dropping.  

Spigen Liquid Air

With a phone like the iPhone 11, one customer was super paranoid of the back glass easily shattering. However, after a few drops, they were happy to see the case prevented dents, scratches and cracks and the phone remains damage-free. This Spigen model is an affordable iPhone case that, despite its low price, does the job to the maximum.   

A slightly rubberized surface prevents slipping the iPhone off your hand, and a flexible cover is easy to put on and take off.   

The Spigen Liquid Air case is equipped with a shock-absorbent frame, certified with air-cushioned technology and designed with raised edges to ensure complete protection from any accidents.   

  • Shock-absorbent.  
  • Affordable.  
  • Compatible with wireless charger.  
  • Light, flexible materials.  
  • Some customers noted that the case is not well-protective for big drops.  

Mujjo Full Leather Case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

This Mujjo iPhone case is all about a sophisticated minimal look, with full-grain leather that ages naturally. Mujjo is a Dutch brand that stands for quality and thoughtful design; they introduced leather iPhone cases even before Apple did. This case is evidence of how luxury material as leather can be accessible to everyday use.   

This simple, yet elegant iPhone case was created with protective features in mind. It has raised sides for camera lenses and screen protection. The frame protects from everyday knocks and bumps.   

  • Available in other colours.  
  • Ages well.
  • Raised edges for camera/screen protection.  
  • One customer said that the volume and lock buttons require forceful push.  
  • Higher price point.

Best iPhone case with card holder

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

The second Mujjo case on our list, but this particular iPhone case features wallet pocket. With this feature, you can leave your wallet and purse at home on days when all you need is a credit card and your cell.  

This Mujjo wallet case is rock solid yet super soft to the touch, said one satisfied Amazon customer. Your iPhone is protected by the raised frame that leaves no edges exposes and genuine premium leather that ages naturally. The inside is lined with luxurious Japanese microfiber that feels like silk, which prevents any inner scratches on the back.   

  • Elegant design.  
  • Raised edges to protect camera and screen.  
  • Wallet pocket.  
  • Complete drop protection. 
  • Available in other colours and for other iPhone models.  
  • A few customers noted that it was hard to put more than 2 cards in it.      

Best silicone iPhone case

Neon Orange Silicone Case for iPhone 11 Pro

It is an affordable, stylish and far from boring silicone iPhone case. The case was designed with style and protection features in mind. With dual-layer construction, it protects an iPhone from drops, scratches, and bumps. Flexible Silicone material absorbs shock and prevents possible cracks and bumps. The case also features a raised frame that protects camera lenses and screen to make sure those delicate parts don’t touch any surface.   

Besides protection, the available selection of colours and bright appearance of the case can be an attractive eye-catching statement and part of your bold style.   

  • Affordable.  
  • Bright design.  
  • Shock-absorbent.  
  • Premium quality silicone.  
  • Available in variety of colours. 
  • Matte surface might scratch easily as some customers said.  

Best Apple iPhone case

Leather iPhone case

Designed by Apple to complete an iPhone, provide required protection and add a sense of style to your device. Apple knows how to feature the best qualities of their products, and this leather case is not an exception. The exterior of the case is made from specially tanned and finished leather. It protects your phone from cracks and scratches. Besides protection, leather material ages naturally, and it is pleasant to touch.   

The frame of the case snugs an iPhone and protects it from drop consequences, while raised ages protect the screen and camera lenses without adding bulk.   

  • Genuine leather.  
  • Raised edges for screen/camera protection.  
  • Available in other colours. 
  • Available for other iPhone models. 
  • Not the best shock absorbing case.  

Best waterproof iPhone case / best shockproof iPhone case

Lifeproof Series waterproof case for iPhone 11 Pro

Have you ever drowned your iPhone and in a rushed, panicking manner, had to Google how to restore it? With this LifeProof case, you can no longer worry about such accidents. The case was tested to make sure it will protect your phone when fully submerged to 6.6’/2m for 1 hour. It is all season-proof; you can take walks in both types of weather, rain and snow without hiding your iPhone from wetness.   

Besides waterproof features, this LifeProof case has a built-in scratch protector and shock absorbent. The brand promises it can withstand drops from 6.6’/2 M, while raised edges protect the screen and camera lenses. 

  • Has protective camera cover.  
  • Built-in screen cover.  
  • Waterproof.  
  • Slim and stylish.
  • Compatible with wireless charger.  
  • Available in other colours.  
  • Available for other iPhone models.  
  • As one customer noted, the only issue is the bottom cover for the charger port: is hard to open.  

How we picked the top iPhone cases

We focused our attention on iPhone cases that had at least four Amazon stars. After that, we took time to research and consider a variety of types that suit different lifestyles, fashionable preferences and protection needs. Thirdly, we only chose iPhone cases that are available to Canadian consumers at the moment.   

Frequently asked questions

Where to buy iPhone cases?  

You can buy iPhone cases at the official Apple store, on Amazon, and at such retailers like Staples, BestBuy, Walmart and London Drugs.    

What’s the average price for iPhone cases?  

The cheapest iPhone case on our list doesn’t cost more than $15. However, if you are looking for a genuine leather case then the price can be around $70. Overall, the price of an iPhone case depends on its material, protective features and the reliability of a brand.   

Do cases protect my cell phone?   

Yes, they surely do. Most iPhone cases are created with protecting features in mind that prevent devices from bumps, scratches and cracks. However, even if a case is not the best shock-absorber, either way, it comes with raised edges that protect the screen and camera lenses.   

What are the top iPhone case brands?   

Among well-known top iPhone case brands are Otterbox, Torras, Spigen and Mujjo. 

Spigen vs Otterbox: Which one is the best?  

The main difference is the price point. Spigen cases are relatively cheaper than Otterbox. Also, to other differences, Otterbox cases were found to be bulkier and more durable. At the same time, Spigen cases are less tough.   

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