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The Best Wireless Mouse in 2024

You will find below our favourite wireless mouse choices for 2024 based on the most common needs, from the top-rated mice for the office to the best vertical wireless mouse options in Canada.

While the mouse market is booming as PC gaming soars to new heights, more and more people seem to be using a mouse during their workday these days. As a result, there is a huge market for mouses not just designed for gamer-quality precision and performance, but for ergonomic and streamlined for improved productivity at the workplace.

More of a gamer? Find our choices for the best mice for gaming here.

Our top picks

What you should look for when buying a wireless mouse

Connection – Wireless mice either connect via Bluetooth, through a USB dongle that plugs into your computer, or both. Bluetooth and USB dongles have different advantages. Bluetooth saves USB slots to be used for other purposes, and can allow you to connect to different computers at once, however USB dongles typically have stronger connections with less lag.

Ergonomics – One of the most important aspects of your mouse is how it feels in your hand, and to use. The right mouse will feel natural and should not cause your arm or wrist to feel the strain. Many wireless mice available these days take ergonomics into account.

The perfect ergonomic mouse for one person might not work as well for somebody else. Consider things like positions that your arm or hand feels comfortable in, the size of your hands, and your handedness when shopping for the right mouse for you.

Battery – Every cordless mouse we reviewed on this list utilizes a battery in some way in another. However, you should consider this as it can have a huge impact on how you use your mouse. Does it use disposable or rechargeable batteries? If the latter, what type of cable does it need to charge it? How long of battery life does it have? How long does it take to charge? Is the rechargeable battery replaceable if it is damaged? All of these questions are worth asking yourself before clicking “buy now”.

Platform support – Not all mice work the same for all types of computers. While we aimed to gather a number of mice that would work for the largest amount of people, some of these mice have different limitations depending on what operating system you are on. We tried to identify these issues and highlight them, just so you do not buy a mouse with a feature set that will not be entirely accessible on your computer.

Programmable buttons – Programmers, video editors, graphic designers and more require expertise with hotkeys and shortcuts to perform certain commands instantly. Certain mice feature programmable buttons that you can route to certain functions, improving your workflow and boosting productivity.

Our methodology

In preparing this buying guide for the best wireless mouse, we focused on a number of criteria that we felt each mouse required for it to be a staple for use at work or at home. Aspects like how easy the mouse is to control (and adjust settings if the controls are not to your liking), features that improve productivity like programmable buttons, and how comfortable using the mouse is. We also considered factors like price, size, and compatibility with different kinds of computers out there, to help determine which mouse serves which purpose best.

We gathered our best mice from researching popular mouse models on the market, personal experience, and looking at other mouse reviews to determine which mice were prime candidates. We then looked at each mouse’s specs and user reviews to determine which model of the mouse would make this list. We only included models with an average online review of 4 stars or higher. We put over 16 hours of research into the creation of this list.

Best wireless mouse for the office

Logitech MX Master 3

The Logitech MX Master 3 is also our choice for best wireless mouse with side buttons.

With its futuristic ergonomic design, customizable options and precise controls, the Logitech MX Master 3 is a powerful mouse that is ideal for the office.

The Logitech MX Master 3 is a larger mouse with an ergonomic shape, with a thumb rest on the left side to improve comfort, making it the perfect companion for long days working in front of a screen. The mouse features an electromagnetic vertical scroll wheel, and the thumb rest features two programmable buttons, as well as a second, horizontal scroll wheel. Each button and wheel can be configured through Logitech’s Options software, which also lets you fine tune sensitivity to your liking. These features make the MX Master 3 a strong contender for the workplace for users in graphic design or other creative fields.

The MX Master 3 connects via a USB dongle (over 2.4 GHz) for seamless performance, with Bluetooth support as an option as well. The MX Master 3 allows for users to connect with up to three devices at once, switching between them with a press of a button – even allowing you to copy and paste between devices through Logitech’s Flow technology. The MX Master features a max DPI of 4,000, with the ability to adjust the DPI with a slider, which allows for versatility. However, one user mentioned the inability to dial in the DPI precisely, on top of its heavy size makes this not a strong option for a gaming mouse. The MX Master 3 charges via USB-C, with an impressive 70 days of battery life.

Users are typically highly enthused with using the MX Master 3 in their work environment. There are some issues that some users have – the slightest lift off from the mousepad may cause the MX Master to stop sending scrolling information, which can be disruptive if you are scrolling through spreadsheets. Other complaints include the button for device switching being on the bottom, the lack of a spot for the USB receiver, and the overall large size – the latter making this less than an ideal choice for people with smaller hands. Overall, users love the degree of precision, ergonomics, and customizable controls that the MX Master 3 offers. While it quite expensive for its price, it seems like for professionals who spend hours of everyday holding their mouse, the MX Master is one of the top choices available.

  • Large, ergonomic mouse with a dedicated thumb rest area makes it a strong contender for frequent use.
  • App-specific customizations allow for seamless workflow and boosted productivity.
  • Connect to up to 3 different computers and copy and paste from between them.
  • This premium mouse commands a premium price.
  • The slightest lift from the mouse pad can disrupt tracking.

Best wireless mouse for gaming

SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse

While many of these mice are perfect for work – all work and no play makes a wireless mouse article a dull read. If you are looking for our top pick for the best gaming experience during your after workhours gaming sessions, our favourite gaming mouse is the SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Even looking at the SteelSeries Rival 650, you can tell this is a powerful gaming mouse. Large Left and right clicks surround a central button and scroll wheel, and three thumb buttons line the right side. Like other gaming mice, the Rival 650 features a programmable RGB light that looks awesome day or night. Complete with rubber thumb grips to improve comfort, the Steel Series Rival 650 is equipped to perform.

One user on Amazon summed it up pretty succinctly: “This mouse was built with one purpose in mind. To be the most precise and consistent mouse for low sensitivity gaming. And it absolutely excels at it.” Part of the reason this mouse excels is the optical sensor TrueMove3, which provides incredibly accurate 1-to-1 tracking, with a secondary depth sensor to provide competitive control, suitable for e-sport pros. You can tune many of the settings you like, including CPI settings, button mappings and lighting effects via the 32-bit ARM processor. Inside, you can configure included weights to balance the mouse to your liking for optimal performance. The rechargeable battery can provide up to 24 hours of charge, and its quick charge option can give 10 hours of use in just 15 minutes!

There is one flaw we would really like to see amended: when the mouse or your hands get hot, the glue that holds the rubber grips on the side starts to weaken and the grips might slide down, even covering some user’s hands with glue. The sensor, weight and skates all function excellently, but if you spend long sessions gaming, you should consider if this is a deal-breaker for yourself. Many users did not have issues with this, but it is worth considering. Overall, many users think this is a powerful mouse dedicated for gaming performance.

  • Top-tier gaming mouse with excellent censors and optional weights for top-tier performance.
  • Fast charge option can charge 10 hours of battery in only 15 minutes.
  • RGB lights look great, day or night.
  • Glue that attaches rubber grips has melted on users in the past.

Best mini wireless mouse

Logitech MX Anywhere 3

The Logitech MX Anywhere 3 is also our choice for the best wireless mouse under $100

As you could tell from our glowing review from the MX Master 3, we are a big fan of some of the tech and features that Logitech includes in their models of the mouse. The Logitech MX Anywhere 3 shares many of the features of the Master 3, however with a smaller stature that makes it awesome for travel or for users with smaller hands.

The MX Anywhere 3 is a mouse with a classic, sleeker profile and smaller stature to some of Logitech’s other productivity mice. The MX Anywhere features standard button formations, including a vertical scroll wheel, two buttons on the left side. The scroll wheel features the ability to switch between click-style scroll and smooth scroll with a click of the scroll wheel. One user remarked that the scroll wheel has a different feel, describing the process of switching scrolling speed “using the momentum of the spin,” which they found cool but overall were not happy that the press-down action being converted to a third button, which they found was not effective.

The MX Anywhere 3 features many of the great productivity features shared by the MX Master 3, including the Easy Switch button, which lets users switch between up to 3 computers, and FLOW, so you can copy and paste information between devices. The MX Anywhere 3 also features USB dongle and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as USB-C charging that offers up to 70 days of battery life on a single charge. The MX Anywhere 3 also features an impressive quick charge option, providing 3 hours of battery life while charging for only one minute. Similarly, to the Master 3, the Anywhere 3 features a DPI that ranges from 200 to 4000, but goes up in intervals of 50, making it less than ideal for gaming, but its lighter stature will likely make it perform better than the MX Master 3 in this regard.

People seem to love the MX Anywhere 3, for many of the same reasons as the MX Master 3. However, there are a number of advantages to the MX Anywhere 3 that may make users opt for this mouse. One of which is the MX Anywhere 3’s smaller stature, which contrasts to the massive MX Master 3. Some users find this size fit their hand better, while others feel that the smaller size puts more strain on their hand after long-term use.

  • App-specific customizations allow for seamless workflow and boosted productivity.
  • Connect to up to 3 different computers and copy and paste from between them.
  • Powerful battery with long life and impressive fast charge option.
  • Like other MX series mice, this mouse is pricy.
  • Some users found the scroll wheel configuration subpar.

Best mouse for WFH

Razer Pro Click

Razer is a big name in the world of gaming equipment, and they have a wide range of gaming mice that are near the top of the market in that regard. However, in collaboration with Humanscale – a top company in ergonomics – Razer has created something designed for productivity and ergonomics in the workplace.

The Razer Pro Click has a sleek, ergonomic form with a slight thumb rest to help provide comfort for those long days in front of the computer screen. Despite minimal white aesthetics, the Razer Pro Click features 8 programmable buttons, stretching what is possible without the mouse feeling overcrowded, as well as a powerful scroll wheel. The Razer Pro Click is designed to be durable, and has been tested to withstand 50 million clicks.

Inside, the Razer Pro Click features some top-of-the-line specs, making it one of the strongest productivity mice available today. The 5G Advanced Optical Sensor gives the Razer Pro impressive stats like a DPI of 16,000 and tracking accuracy of 99.4% – making it one of the most responsive mice designed for use in the office. For users with complex setups, Razer one-ups Logitech, with Multi-device connections for up to 4 devices. The Pro Click features both Bluetooth and USB connectivity, with space underneath the mouse to store the dongle when not in use. The Pro Click features an impressive 400-hour battery life, and easily recharges through the specialized Micro USB.

Users love the Pro Click – as both a gaming mouse or work mouse. Users love the functionality of this mouse, as well as the precision it achieves. One complaint is charging – with Razer using a specialized MicroUSB instead of a USB Type C connection like many other companies have switched to, some users question what happens if anything happens to the Micro USB cable. Another factor that may not make everyone love the Razer Pro Click is a sleep function that kicks in quickly during a period of inactivity and takes a second to start transmitting again. Users overall are mixed in terms of size, some finding the mouse is too small for comfortable use with big hands, but others find it comfortable, as well as very transportable, making it a great travel companion.

  • Powerful control features, including variable DPI up to 16,000.
  • Up to 8 different programmable buttons make shortcuts a breeze and improve productivity.
  • Able to connect to 4 different devices at once.
  • Specialized MicroUSB charging.
  • Another high-end mouse that ends up being pricy.

Best ergonomic mouse

Logitech MX Vertical

With its 3rd entry on our list, you might be able to tell that we are a big fan of Logitech’s MX series. With its ergonomic-driven design, and powerful performance, the MX Vertical is our favourite vertical mouse.

The most striking thing about the MX Vertical is its design. Like most vertical mice, the MX Vertical takes a standard mouse design and flips it sideways, with the mouse sitting at an ergonomist-recommended 57 degrees highlighted to improve comfort and reduce strain on your wrist. With a textured rubber grip, the MX Vertical is designed for comfort primarily. The MX Vertical features standard controls like a “right” and “left” click (although these controls are closer to an “up” and “down” click), as well as a scroll wheel, two thumb buttons, and a cursor speed switch, gives the MX Vertical incredible customization and control.

The Logitech MX Vertical features a wide range of settings, making it a powerful mouse. Like others in the MX series, the MX Vertical features the same productivity tools, like being able to control 3 different devices (via the button underneath that switches the connection) and access to Logitech Flow to copy and paste between different computers. The MX Vertical has 4 programable buttons that you can tune to different settings for different applications. Connections are generally strong, with both Bluetooth connectivity and USB connectivity through 2.4 GHz.

Overall, some users have felt a huge improvement in productivity and comfort using the MX Vertical. It is important to state that the MX Vertical is not a miracle cure, like every ergonomic mouse out there – if you feel pain after using a mouse throughout your day you should consult a medical professional. Users once acclimated to the different layout of this mouse greatly enjoy using it – even after long periods of time. However, the mouse does not have the weight behind it to be a precise mouse for gaming or careers like graphic design. Additionally, the customizable and productivity features shared among the MX series make it a great mouse for professional use.

  • Unique ergonomic shape that tilts mouse 57 degrees for a natural “handshake” position.
  • Productivity features like Logitech Flow and connecting to 3 computers.
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity.
  • Like other mice in the MX series, this mouse is expensive.
  • Getting used to the grip and how the mouse adjusts the cursor might take some time.

Best vertical wireless mouse

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical

While there are some radical-looking mouses in the name of ergonomics on this list, the Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse is perhaps the most interesting looking. Between this mouse’s prioritization of comfort in use and budget price, this Anker mouse is a great tool for prolonged work.

This Anker ergonomic mouse features a unique design that is supposed to feel more natural, with smoother movement and less strain on your arm or wrist. While this mouse seems taller with an odd shape, this type of ergonomic mouse is essentially a typical mouse at a 45-degree angle, complete with a thumb rest. The Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical mouse features a range of buttons including a scroll wheel, 2-side buttons designated for changing pages, and a DPI switch button to adjust the tracking settings.

The Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical mouse has a range of features making it a powerful productivity mouse. This mouse features Resolution Optical Tracking Technology for improved sensitivity over some other optical mice, and a variable DPI between 800 and 1600. Overall, the connection is steady, over a 2.4 GHz connection. In order to preserve battery, this mouse sleeps after 8 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery. However, like many cheaper mice available on the market, this mouse requires disposable batteries – 2 AAAs – for strong performance.

This Anker mouse is a budget choice for users who want a more ergonomic feel from their mouse. In this regard, users seem to find that the Anker mouse works if it is the right fit for your hand. Ergonomics will vary for different people and find different things more comfortable.  There are some flaws with this Anker mouse that are worth talking about. One user pointed out that mouse movement does not correspond very well with the cursor, having about a 20-degree difference between your movement and the cursors, and there are no drivers or settings to adjust. Users on Mac OS X will not be able to use the thumb buttons. Another flaw unique to this style of mouse is its lightness – which due to how this mouse is designed, causes instability with use, which for some people is counterproductive. This mouse is also on the larger side of things, so people with smaller hands might not see the same benefits.

  • The mouse is slanted at a 45-degree angle for a more natural feel.
  • The budget price for this ergonomic mouse means you do not need to pay too much for comfort.
  • Variable DPI.
  • Some users report a slight difference in angle between mouse movement and cursor movement.
  • Requires disposable batteries.

Best wireless mouse for Mac

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Users in the Apple ecosystem know the brand’s love for synergy and will likely love the Apple Magic Mouse 2. While it is not the most precise or feature-rich product, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 has some interesting features that might be attractive for Apple users.

The Magic Mouse 2 is incredibly slim, with an incredibly minimal design. The Magic Mouse 2 features no buttons, and no scroll wheel, instead featuring a Multi-Touch surface – which allows for scrolling via sliding on the Magic Mouse 2 when used within Apple’s ecosystem, combining some of the best aspects of a mouse and a trackpad together. Some will hate this layout, but the simplistic design might impress others.

The Magic mouse only has a DPI of 1300, which is not very precise and with this number is unchangeable, which provides a host of issues – including large movements to navigate between screens in multi-monitor setups and no real precision for any tasks that require finesse. The Magic Mouse 2 features a long-lasting battery rechargeable via Lightning cable, however, frustratingly the cable connects to the bottom of the mouse, not the top as you would expect.

Apple users like the intelligently designed controls of the Apple Magic Mouse 2, with improved functionality over the previous model like a rechargeable battery. However, some users do not like how the mouse feels: its small, sleek stature proving unergonomic for many users after using it for long periods of time. Between its size and different controls, users will need to adjust how they use their mouse to get the most out of the Magic Mouse. Another flaw is the price – like many Apple products, the Magic Mouse commands a significant price.

  • The intriguing design combines the best part of a mouse and a trackpad.
  • Rechargeable battery via lightning cord, the very same cord as your iPhone.
  • Expensive for overall functionality.
  • Very small and for some users, uncomfortable to use.

Best wireless mouse under $50

HP Wireless Mouse X4000

If you are looking for a Wireless mouse without spending significant money, the HP Wireless X4000 is a strong budget mouse. Despite its low price, the HP X4000 is a strong contender for its surprising amount of features.

In terms of design, The HP X4000 is a simple mouse, without additional buttons outside the bare minimum: left and right clicks and a clickable scroll wheel. Users seem to enjoy the streamlined feel of the mouse; however, the mouse does not do anything to put it above other mice for users that want an ergonomic mouse.

The X4000 has strong performance features for a cheap mouse. The HP X4000 features USB connectivity via a dongle, for advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. The HP Wireless Mouse has a laser sensor of 1600 DPI, which is not as precise as some of the other wireless mice on this list but is not bad overall. HP’s Link-5 technology allows for connections to 5 different HP-compatible devices, with just one receiver, which is the largest number of connections to different devices for one mouse. LED Indicator light verifies connection and lights up when the mouse’s battery is low – however with a claimed battery life of 30 months, you might not be seeing the low battery indicator for a long time. This is an incredible battery life that makes up for taking AA batteries, instead of being rechargeable like most of the wireless mice we have covered so far.

Overall, users are impressed with this HP mouse for its apparent quality despite its inexpensive price. While it does not have all the features that high-end mice have like programmable buttons, other features like the ability to connect to 5 different devices and extremely long battery life easily make it the best mouse in its price range. Users did not have much to complain about: some suggested a spot underneath for storing the USB dongle would be nice, and some others wished it was a little bigger, but neither of these are deal-breakers in our opinion.

  • Impressive battery life.
  • Link-5 technology connects to up to 5 different devices with one receiver.
  • Budget price.
  • Bare minimum amount of buttons.

Best cheap wireless mouse

Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse

If you are looking to spend as little as possible for an effective mouse, one of Amazon’s favourites is the Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse. This budget mouse is minimal but effective, perfect for casual use around the office or home.

The Jelly Comb mouse features a smaller, slim design with minimal controls, with right and left clicks and a scroll wheel. The surface of the Jelly comb features an anti-sweat and anti-fingerprint surface to maintain its grip and look after even long-term use. Speaking of long-term use, the Jelly comb has strong durability, designed to withstand over 5 million clicks.

Even at its low price, the Jelly Comb has many features that make it a perfectly capable mouse. Its wireless connectivity is through a USB dongle, which the Jelly Comb has a storage spot for underneath, making it perfectly suited for a travel mouse. The Jelly Comb runs off only 1 AA battery, which is expected for a mouse of this price range. The Jelly Comb features a DPI of 1,600, which is quite average for mice in this list.

Overall, users seem content with the Jelly Comb Slim Wireless mouse as an effective mouse for its price. Users find the mouse solidly responsive and easy to use and are generally fans of how quiet this mouse is. There are definite detractors from this mouse, most of which are a result of the low price – Bluetooth connectivity and variable DPI would be nice but would drive the price up.

  • Inexpensive – the cheapest mouse on this list.
  • Very quiet.
  • Limited features.
  • Requires disposable batteries.

Best wireless keyboard and mouse combo

Logitech MK825

If you are looking for a powerful mouse and keyboard combination, we think you cannot go wrong with the Logitech MK825. We use this keyboard and mouse combo for our days of writing and research, and we are impressed by its ease of use and ergonomics.

Each component of the Logitech MK825 is thoughtfully designed. The Logitech M585 mouse is small, with ergonomics in mind with a slight contour out the side for a more comfortable thumb position. The M585 features a number of buttons: right and left clicks, two thumb buttons, a device switching button, and a scroll wheel with left and right clicks. The Logitech K850 Keyboard is sleek and similarly ergonomic, with keys that are satisfying to press yet quiet, and a comfortable soft palm rest.

Both the mouse and the keyboard connect via Bluetooth or USB dongle, that latter having a storage space underneath the mouse. Both the keyboard and the mouse can be connected to different devices, even on different operating systems. You can type or scroll on one screen and switch to another with the press of a button. Neither component is rechargeable: the keyboard requires 2 AAA batteries and the mouse requires 1 AA. While having two different battery requirements is unfortunate, a long-lasting battery life and pre-installed batteries make this an easier pill to swallow.

Users are very impressed with the value of this keyboard and mouse combo, with the nice feel, ease of use and comfort that it provides. There are not many bad things you can say about this keyboard and mouse duo. Non-rechargeable batteries of different types is annoying and we would prefer both components take the same battery if we are going to need to use disposable batteries, but this is not a deal breaker. A personal nitpick is that the bottom could glide more smoothly. All in all, we highly recommend the Logitech MK825 as a value pick of both a quality mouse and keyboard.

  • Both mouse and keyboard are decently ergonomic.
  • Each can connect to several computers at once and easily switch between them.
  • Solid value for price.
  • Requires two different types of rechargeable batteries for the set.
  • Mouse does not glide very well.

Common wireless mouse questions

How does a wireless mouse work?

Wireless mice use radio frequency technology to receive and transmit input data. There are two main ways that a wireless mouse can connect to your computer: via Bluetooth or a USB dongle. USB Dongles plug into your computer’s USB port and can perform better, as a trusted USB Dongle will have less lag. Bluetooth, on the other hand, frees up USB ports but can have a spottier connection at times.

How to connect a wireless mouse to a laptop?

It depends on whether your connection is Bluetooth or via a USB dongle. A Bluetooth mouse should be discoverable in your computer’s Bluetooth settings when on, while a USB dongle usually only requires that you insert it into one of your computer’s USB ports.

Are wireless mice faster than wired mice?

No, a wired mouse will be faster than a wireless mouse – which could impact your decision, especially if you are a gamer. A wireless mouse will be more prone to lag or interference while a wired mouse will likely not have these issues. However, some will prefer the versatility that a wired mouse will provide, and a premium wireless mouse will still perform very well.

What are the wireless mouse benefits?

The wireless mouse has come a long way since the early days of computer mice, and is easily superior to its corded counterpart in 2024. The easiest benefit to notice is that the wireless mouse is not connected to your computer by a cord, reducing clutter on your desk, letting you use your mouse anywhere within range, and giving a wider range of movements than the wired counterparts.

What is DPI?

DPI, or Dots Per Inch,  refers to the number of pixels your cursor moves per inch of movement from the mouse. DPI is important in gaming mice, where precise movements from your hand are important to ensure you are hitting your target in the game. Gaming mice often have presets for DPI levels, so you can figure out what DPI works for you.

What are the mouse grip styles?

When holding your mouse, there are a few ways to grip your mouse that have a different result. These grips can impact how you game or even potentially how you work.

Palm grip is the most common grip, and one that you probably already use. Palm grip is where your palm and fingers rest on the curvature of the mouse, leading to a relaxed, comfortable grip.

Claw grip is where your fingers are hooked, with the only part of your fingers that touches the mouse is your fingertips, which allows for improved clicking precision.

Fingertip grip is where your fingertips are the only point where the mouse touches your mouse, with the rest of your hand floating above the mouse. This grip provides the greatest control but is more tiring than the other styles.

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