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The Best Monitor Stands and Arms in Canada 

When you’re working from home, at the office, or even just playing games – having a monitor stand or arm mount can make a world of difference in productivity and how your space feels when relaxing or being more productive. Unsightly cables, monitors being in the way of useable desk space, or having your screen too low can make work feel harder than it needs to be. 

With monitor stands and/or arms, you can raise your laptop up and type better, make space on your desk, and organize better with storage underneath your monitor with certain monitor stands. In our guide below, we can help you find something that helps you with better productivity and make your desk space a calmer, easy place to get things done. 

How to pick monitor stands and arms

Stands vs arm mounts – Monitor stands and arms/mounts are sometimes used interchangeably which can be confusing when you’re looking for a specific type of stand for your monitor(s) that works best with your space available and the ‘look’ you’re wanting. 

Monitor stands are what they sound like, stands for your laptop or monitor to sit on that will elevate it up and it is (usually) a static platform that doesn’t move. Some do have adjustable ‘levels’ or can be raised up as you’d like, but typically they are a static platform.
Monitor arms/mounts attach to your desk or wall and will essentially leave your computer monitors ‘floating’ while saving a ton of desk space and it will allow you to move your screens wherever they need to be. 

Size – Most monitor arm mounts have a weight limit or size limit for the monitors they can hold, while monitor stands only are limited by how much desk space you are willing to part with and the size that works with your laptop or screens.  

Materials – Monitor stands and arms are made from varying materials, though most are from durable metals such as steel.   

Weight management – Monitors can weigh anywhere from 5-10lbs to 45lbs. Laptops also have different weights depending on their model. Monitor stands aren’t as specific if the base can hold the weight without collapsing or slipping. With monitor arms/mounts though, the weight is incredibly important as a poorly balanced arm that can’t handle the weight will tilt downwards or even fail and crash your monitors onto your desk. Choosing the proper mount that can hold more weight than necessary is essential. 

Bracwiser Stand

If you’re looking for just a simple monitor stand that provides proper airflow for laptops as well as monitors, this budget friendly monitor stand is one to check out.

It has three adjustable heights from 10cm to 14cm, and it is easily put together by simply screwing the four legs into the base platform and it’s good to go! It has a ventilated design with holes in it to ensure that laptops won’t overheat, which is incredibly helpful as some monitor stands do not include that and they can get hot. 

The 370x235mm shelf will fit most monitors, laptops, printers, etc. that are up to 45lbs. Anti-skid rubber pads will prevent any slippage or damage happening to your work surfaces. It does only come in black, but according to some reviews, it can be easily painted over if you wanted to do some DIY to match your desk setup as well. 

  • Budget friendly.
  • Durable.
  • Adjustable heights. 
  • May not be big enough for larger/heavier monitors. 

FITUEYES Dual Monitor Stand

This dual monitor stand is perfect for working from home or gaming when you have two monitors that may need a bit of a boost. These stands also have space underneath to keep papers and other clutter out of the way, including your mouse or keyboard if they’re small enough, to give you optimal desk space. 

There are four colours available and the desk stand is made from wood. The height is 4”, and the stand itself is adjustable to whatever angle you need, as the two stands are held together by an adjustable ‘middle’ board that you can extend or keep closer together depending on where you want to put your monitors and what you would like to keep underneath. 

They are waterproof and stain-proof made from high-quality 12mm MDF and it’s easy to wipe clean without any warping or breaking. The thick wood is enough to hold laptops, monitors, printers, or even pet food dishes if you need to have raised dishes. 

  • Multiple colours available.
  • Sturdy wood.
  • Adjustable. 
  • If you overtighten the screws, you may damage the wood/strip screws that can lead to wobbly sides. 

SimpleHouseware Computer Monitor Stand Riser with Desk Organizer

This easy to assemble smaller monitor stand is perfect if you need extra organization and have a small desk or area to work with. An organizer tray, side caddies, and a tablet or smartphone slot is all included. The tablet/smartphone slot is built into the top of the monitor stand. 

The included adjustable organizer tray has six removable dividers, maximum of nine compartments. Easy for organizing pens, sticky notes, and any other office supplies that otherwise might get lost like paper clips. Side caddies can hold scissors, extra sticky notes, etc. it’s easy to assemble and is sturdy enough for most monitors unless they are overly heavy, wider, or ultrawide – otherwise it fits well for laptops and monitors from 13” to 25”+ easily. 

  • Seven colours available.
  • Sturdy.
  • Built-in organization. 
  • May not work best with large/heavy monitors.  

VIVO Single Monitor Mount

This highly rated VIVO monitor mount is for a single monitor and can hold up to 10kg/22lbs, which should hold and fit most monitors without issue unless they are wide or heavier. 

There are 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes on the backside that covers most monitors on the market from 13” upwards to some ultrawide monitors up to 38”. The adjustment bracket offers a +15-degree to -15 tilt, 90-degree swivel and a 360-degree rotation, along with a height adjustment along the center pole. It makes it easy to rotate your monitor horizontally or vertically while keeping your cables clean and out of the way without damage. 

An open slot VESA plate makes for easy installation, but you will most likely need a second pair of hands to ensure it goes smoothly and without a headache trying to balance the mount. It is made from steel and comes with a 3-year warranty. 

  • Comes in black or white.
  • Two sizes to choose from. 
  • May take more than one person to adjust/assemble initially. 

VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount

Just like it’s single monitor serving sister, the VIVO tabletop mount for dual monitors is the same build and quality ramped up to handle two monitors on one arm mount. 

This arm mount fits 13” to 30” screens, up to 10kg/22lbs each side with the same VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm backside mounting holes. Cable management clips are provided along the arms and the center pole itself, keeping your desk and cables free from clutter and dust. The adjustable arm offers a +90 and -90-degree tilt, 180-degree swivel, and full 360-degree rotations along with height adjustment along the center pole. Both monitors can be placed in horizontal or vertical modes easily. 

A heavy-duty C-clamp makes mounting it onto your desk easy, with detachable VESA bracket plates and they provide all of the hardware necessary. The C-clamp or optional grommet mount are available for what may work best for your desk/tabletop. The C-clamp works for up to 8.3cm thick. 

  • Comes in black and white.
  • Holds two monitors up to 30” each.
  • Sturdy steel. 
  • May not hold very large monitors well together. 

Our methodology

For this article, we chose the best monitor stands and mounts based on top rated user reviews, our own personal uses on these products, and other trusted review websites that are based in electronics that ensure that these will help any consumers looking for a new product or to upgrade their current setup and taking into account varying budgets and needs. 

Questions about monitor arm mounts and stands

Is having a monitor stand or mount necessary?

Not at all, but they do help quite a lot when it comes to working (and playing) easier on yourself physically. Most monitors can be too low when sitting directly on a desk, and depending on your chair, etc. as well – you may be looking too far down and straining your neck and shoulders without realizing. Getting a mount can also clear up most of your desk space, making it usable and much cleaner. Most mounts have cable management systems built in so no unsightly cable hazards or clutter to collect dust and pet hair. 

With arm mounts, you can also move the monitor (or several if you have more than one) in any direct you need, without accidentally damaging it or fighting with a stubborn monitor platform that has no adjustments allowed initially. 

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