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With more people working from home, the demand for comfortable, customizable office chairs keeps rising. An ergonomic office chair can help to maintain the proper posture, reduce back muscle tension, and overall make an eight-hour workday easier. At the same time, an office chair without appropriate back support can cause shoulder and back pain and seriously damage your posture. An average office worker spends closer to 40 hours a week sitting on the same spot; and, without necessary lumbar, arms and back support, such a position can cause health issues.  

We created this buying guide not only basing our choices on the research of the best office chairs available in Canada, but also by considering a variety of budgets and demands. We compared different types from an executive office chair, best-rated ergonomic models to the most luxurious leather options. Besides that, you will find tips on what facts to consider when buying an office chair. Based on thorough research, we selected quality chairs that have essential features for a healthy office routine. 

Read on for our list of the best office chairs in Canada in 2021:

How to choose an office chair

  • Type   

Office chairs come in a few types, and each type suits different preferences and needs. For example, an executive office chair finished in leather is a modern, yet massive option designed to use in an office environment for as long as eight hours. A balance ball chair is a basic model that specializes in building better posture and providing comfort during the workday. An ergonomic office chair provides support features that can be easily customized according to your height. There is even such type as exercise bike office chair. With all that in mind, think of how adjustable, how many features you want from your chair. Also, think of how many hours a day you will spend in your office.   

  • Material/Durability  

The majority of modern office chairs are made either of mesh or leather/faux leather materials. While mesh is a more affordable and durable material, it is also more breathable and tends to keep your body cool. It is an ideal choice for hotter environments. Leather-finished chairs look more sophisticated than mesh ones. However, they tend to be more expensive, warm up easily, and if the chair is finished in faux leather, it is not going to be as durable as a mesh or a genuine leather one.   

  • Comfort (adjustability)   

It doesn’t matter if you spend eight hours or only five hours a day at your deska comfortable chair is essential for health and productivity. Keeping in mind your schedule, and body requirements, analyze whether you need an adjustable height of lumbar and neck support, customizable armrest and recline availability.    

Why trust us

We understand the importance of comfortable, quality equipment in any type of job you do, and an office chair is not an exception. That is why we spent nearly 15 hours researching and comparing office chairs to make sure to fill this guide with chairs that would fit a variety of requirements. We based our chosen products on customers’ reviews, other trusted publications’ opinions, and in-depth research.   

Best office chair (overall)

Herman Miller aeron chair

There is a reason why Herman Miller office chairs are considered the best ones on the market over decades. There is also a reason for their higher price point, and it is based on the quality and customizable features. The Aeron Chair is worth every penny, noted a satisfied customer. He was like most people in office environments have had issues with finding the right chair. Having a chair that is sized more for your height and weight, makes a huge difference by itself, as opposed to one size fits all, noted another person 

The chair has three different levels of recline, tension control and seat angle adjustable feature. More than that, armrests are customizable to incline and recline, as well as moving backwards and forwards. To maintain a healthy posture and imitate the shape of your spine, the Herman Miller office chair has adjustable individual pads to support the lumbar and sacrum.  

And the last, it looks sturdy, professional and sophisticated in any office environment.   

  • Fully customizable.  
  • Comes in different sizes.  
  • Modern sophisticated style.  
  • Durable/breathable mesh material.  
  • Pricier than most of its competitors.

Best ergonomic office chair / Best desk chair for posture

SIHOO ergonomic office chair

SIHOO made sure to create a chair with an ergonomic design that supports human body dynamics. As one satisfied customer noted, they bought the chair to help with lower back pain. Now, his lower back feels great and relaxed while sitting down. The chair, besides expected features of adjustable recline and lumbar support, has a proper headrest that allows the neck to lean back comfortably.    

As for materials and overall design, this ergonomic office chair is made of breathable mesh material that is durable and ideal for hot environments. An aluminum base is sturdy and can hold up to 330 pounds of weight. The SIHOO office chair was designed with comfort in mind, and a minimalist pleasing aesthetic; thus, this chair easily can fit any office, conference room or home office space.   

  • Ergonomic head/backrest.
  • Adjustable lumbar/armrest support.
  • Breathable mesh material.
  • Durable.  
  • Pricey (although still cheaper than the Herman Miller chair)
  • Some customers found the chair uncomfortable for tall people.

Best cheap office chair / Best office chair under $100

AmazonBasics Mid-back office chair

If you are looking for a simple office chair under the $100 price tag that will do its job, then, this Amazon Basics option might be the one. Surely, it lacks the fancy features of an executive chair, yet it still makes sure to give you the necessary comfort and maintain good posture while sitting all day. It has a smooth contour that will support your back, while mesh material will provide breathability.    

One satisfied Amazon customer who occasionally works from home (8-10 hours a day in the chair at least once or twice a week) found it reasonably comfortable for extended sitting periods. 

You can also control recline level, as well as adjust back height. Another way that this chair is considered comfortable for day-to-day office use is a generously padded seat.   

  • Adjustable height and recline.
  • Affordable.
  • Ideal for a small office space.  
  • Some customers noted that armrests set too low.  
  • Holds only up to 225 pounds.  

Best stylish office chair / Best home office chair

Mastery Mart mid-back office chair

Mastery Mart is a Canadian brand that takes pride in the quality and modern, thoughtful design of its product. This office chair in mid-century slick minimal style can add a sophisticated fleur to any home office or conference room. The chair is exactly as advertised in terms of the specs, appearance and feel, according to a satisfied Amazon customer.  

However, besides its attractive appearance, the chair has reclined mechanism for a comfortable angle and built-in lumbar support. With that feature, you can keep the proper posture during an eight-hour workday. As for the overall style, the chair will easily fit into any home interior design, be it a minimalist house or a glamorous creative space. 

  • Ergonomic design.  
  • Rocking control.  
  • Ideal style for home offices or conference rooms.  
  • Some customers found it not stable enough, some found it slightly wobbly.   

Amazon Brand – Rivet Bertha Mid-Century Velvet-Upholstered Swivel Office Chair

Another mid-century style chair that adds a fashionable touch to any office space, but unlike Mastery Mart one, this one is more glamourous. It is an ideal choice for anyone who setups a home office as a creative space with a touch of luxury, but a corner with a computer screen and piles of paper. As one customer noted, the chair material is a nice hunter green velvet fabric with a low pile, so it doesn’t catch lint. 

The Rivet Bertha chair, besides attractive velvety texture, has an adjustable height, casters, and a smooth swivel mechanism.  

Generously padded cushions provide everyday comfort, good back support; it is firm yet comfortable. 

  • Glamorous design.  
  • Padded cushions for proper body support.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Available in a variety of colours.   
  • Some customers noted that gold was more yellowish in person than in pictures.  
  • After some time of use, as others said, the chair started tilting.  

Best heavy-duty office chair

VANBOW Office Chair black leather

The VANBOW massive executive chair combines durability and comfort. Its style is impressive, and the price is attractive. This office chair is an ideal choice for gaming or office day-to-day duties; it features memory foam for ultimate body comfort.   

The whole structure is fully customizable. You can adjust the seat height and recline angle up to 110 degrees with a lock mechanism. More than that, the backrest has adjustable, built-in lumbar support that helps to maintain a proper posture, and neck/head support that relieves muscle tension.   

PU leather material is easy to take care of, plus, it looks sophisticated enough for a boss’s office.   

  • Fully customizable support. 
  • Lumbar, back, arms support for healthy posture.  
  • Can hold up to 250 pounds.  
  • Bulky.  
  • A few customers noted that the chair is not designed for people taller than 5” feet 10. 

Best leather office chair / luxury office chair

Meelano M347 office chairs dark brown

Certainly, for the same price, you can buy an ergonomic, fully customizable mesh office chair. However, how elegant this one looks like! A sophisticated, premium quality Meelano office chair is an ideal choice for a small office space. According to customers’ reviews, the chair works well when chosen for a conference room, or an open home office space. Because of a slick pleasing design, it does not interfere with the rest of the interior composition.  

It was designed with health and style in mind. The fine-grain leather seating is durable. A generously padded backrest and soft seating surface improve posture and relieve lumbar pain. The back repeats the natural contour of your spine, which makes the Meelano chair comfortable for the eight-hour workday. 

  • Padded seat and backrest improve posture.  
  • Elegant design.  
  • Genuine leather material.  
  • High price point.  
  • Little ability to recline.  
  • Some customers noted that the seat flattened after a few months of use.  

Best tall office chair

BestOffice Office Chair Desk Gaming Racing High Back Computer Task Swivel Executive Stool

It doesn’t matter if you are into gaming and need a chair for playing, or simply want a futuristic-looking chair for your home office because you like the style. This faux leather gaming chair is ideal for both purposes. A satisfied customer stated that they purchased this chair thinking it was going to be a cheap gaming chair, but once received it, they were surprised about how well it is built.  

Its ergonomic design relieves stress and muscle pain with adjustable height, and recline. It features a bucket seat, a higher backrest that allows ultimate comfort during the day. The heavy-duty metal base of the chair can hold up to 250 pounds.   

  • Affordable. 
  • Adjustable back/height/recline for ultimate comfort.  
  • High-density sponge cushions.  
  • Suits different needs from gaming to office routines. 
  • PU leather, as a few customers said, heats easily and wears out after some time of use.  

Best office chair under $300

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Chair with Nylon Base

It is an affordable option under the $300 price range with an ergonomic design, that will do its job properly during your workday.  As for comfort, according to an Amazon customer, the chair isn’t unnecessary plushy or cushiony, but it is very ergonomic. It helps to sit straight up and provides lumbar support.  

Truly, this chair has everything you need for a healthy sitting position. Especially, if you work from home temporarily, and spending a fortune on office equipment does not align with your plans. Dense cushions provide extra comfort to your hips, and padded flip-up armrests relieve tension from your shoulders.    

  • Durable and breathable mesh material. 
  • Affordable.
  • Adjustable lumbar/arms/back/height levels for ultimate comfort.
  • Helps to maintain correct posture.  
  • The seating area might be too snug for a large person.  

Best office chair for lower back pain

Ticova ergonomic office chair with adjustable headrest

According to an Amazon customer, price-wise it is not cheap but not overly expensive like those high-end chairs where you are paying double the price but not sure if you are getting double the quality.  

Yes, the Ticova ergonomic chair might not be the cheapest one; however, it is a highly recommended model to anyone with back issues.  

The adjustable elastic backrest repeats the shape of your spine and makes sure you maintain a proper posture during sitting. To achieve your personal most comfortable position, you can alter headrest height and angle, customize armrest height, setup tilting angle and rocking resilience up to 140°, and control seat cushion height. With all those features in mind, the Ticova chair was found the most comfortable office chair in Canada.  

  • Customizable arm/back/height/lumbar support.  
  • Durable and breathable mesh material.  
  • Slick professional design.  
  • As some customers note, the chair is not well-suitable for large people.  
  • Higher price point.  

How we picked the top office chairs

We started with products that have at least four stars on Amazon. Then, we compared features, studied customers’ reviews and made sure to bring you the guide with office chairs that are available in Canada, and that suit different needs and budgets. However, for some categories, such as “the best office chair overall”, we didn’t take prices into consideration, but only what office chair experts had to say regarding the best options.    

Frequently asked questions

What is an office chair?   

An office chair is a chair that is designed to provide comfortable back, neck and arm support while working at your desk.   

Gaming chair vs office chair: What are the differences?   

A gaming chair overall has more features than an office chair. It usually has a higher back, reclining, lumbar support, adjustable height, and armrest. A gaming chair is the one that puts a customized comfort level to the maximum.   

Do I need a mat for my office chair?   

Yes, you do need a mat, especially if you are planning to have your chair on the carpet, especially if it has wheels. The mat makes it much easier to move, protects the floor from coffee spills, and wheel marks.   

Where to buy office chairs in Canada?   

Any office chair models presented in this guide could be purchased on Amazon. However, office chairs are also available at such retailers as Wayfair, JYSK, IKEA, Structube and Staples.   

Why are office chairs so expensive?  

Quality office chairs start at the price point from $500 to $2000. The reason behind such a rate is in ultimate comfort and support that each chair has built-in. After all, when you spend eight hours a day sitting in one position, you have to make sure to have a proper back, lumbar, and arms support that would improve your posture and reduce muscle tension.   

Is an office chair worth it?   

You can find a decent office chair for around $200, however, the higher the price the better is the quality, and the ability to customize your chair for ultimate comfort. That being said, yes, office chairs worth the price, because the comfort and health of your back worth more and should be considered accordingly.    

What are the main office chair recommendations?  

The main recommendation when buying an office chair is to consider factors as how long will you spend at your desk, adjustability preferences and material choice.    

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